Vancamper: Buy Sell Campervans 2022


A classifieds marketplace to buy & sell camper vans, DIY campers & tiny RVs.
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Vancamper is a fast, free & easy to use classifieds marketplace dedicated to buying and selling camper vans, class B RVs and many other hand-crafted camper conversions, including skoolies, buses, ambulances, overland rigs, minivans, car campers, truck campers and more!

Got a campervan or DIY camper to sell? You’ll feel right at home. Listing your camper takes only a few minutes and is 100% free.


– Ad-free, free to list & free to use.
– Safe & secure in-app chat, with picture messaging and notifications for new messages.
– Save your favorite searches and track your favorite listings.
– Powerful filters and search tools to find the camper that is right for you!
– GPS aware searches. Find campers near your location, within X miles to any other location or by state.
– View listings on an interactive map – perfect for getting a nationwide view!
– Watch video tours of campers.
– One click sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

Posting Policy:

We accept campervans, class B RVs and many other conversion vehicles, such as skoolies, ambulances, buses, overland rigs and some truck campers. As a general rule, if it’s custom built or remodeled – we’ll probably allow it. Please note we do not accept mass manufactured RVs (class A/C or towables) or cargo vans without any build work done.

Enjoying the app? Please support us with a 5-star rating or review. We really appreciate it!

Features and feedback are welcome via email ([email protected]) or in the comments below.


You can now easily delete your Vancamper account within the app.
Improvements to keyword searches.
Bug fixes and UX improvements.

Enjoying Vancamper? Please take a moment to leave a rating or review -- they really do help!


38 comentarios en "Vancamper: Buy Sell Campervans 2022"

  1. This was an amazing experience! Got the most traffic and highest quality contacts from this service, and end up selling the van here. The only suggestion would be to improve web based version of chat. To be more specific, it is impossible to click on or copy links inside of messages on the website. Otherwise, all was amazing. thanks 👍🏻

  2. Lacks basic and essential functions. You can’t attach pictures from specific folders, just from a mix of all the pics on your phone. Your pics have to be in your camera roll and all next to each or else you’ll be doing a ton of searching. And the pictures take a while to even show up. Either way without this feature the app doesn’t deserve more than one star. If you’re going to create an app where pictures are uploaded do it right, with current needs in mind.

  3. I can’t use it! I can’t sign up or sign in with Google. I also can’t use Facebook to sign in or sign up. I thought well maybe I already signed up and went to “forgot password”. They don’t recognize my email as a valid one so I’m out of options at this point. I’m done. This app sucks!!!

  4. I have had nothing but scammers all claiming they are “out of the country and will have a friend do the paperwork for them” waste of my $50!!! I will not be renewing my listing

  5. Edit: I am responding to the developer’s comment. I know that there are trackers, would you like me to list them off for you and everyone else? I am a computer engineer who specializes in cybersecurity and programming. Don’t lie, its a bad look. Too many trackers for what it is supposed to do, plus is only shows white stereotypical vans from 2015 and newer. I was hoping to look for more vintage vans from before 1995. Had to make an account just to be extremely disappointed.

  6. Ray Cay dice:

    App is clean and works well. I haven’t made a purchase of anything I’ve found on it (yet) but the app itself seems to work great.

  7. Joe Moore dice:

    Good app for finding used campervans for sale. The filters work well. Would be nice to save searches though! Hope more people start selling on here

  8. Very nice site!! Great Format.

  9. Jessica dice:

    Cool app… Can someone set me up with a free working van to use for a camper. That would be great.

  10. Easy to use, great features! Hope more people start selling on here.

  11. seems to be a very well run want ad for camper vans… better then Craig’s… list

  12. Great app. Easy to use and a decent selection of vehicles.

  13. great app to sell your camper van! quality service too!

  14. M Burnam dice:

    love I am a traveler not a tourist

  15. Help i cant get this app to open its stuck on update

  16. This is the coolest invention I’ve ever thought anybody would think of!!

  17. Downloaded all but never used it

  18. Requires registration for browsing.

  19. Great idea was actually thinking about doing this but trailing

  20. good app to sell your rv..

  21. Don’t have anything in rv’s

  22. Great day 💕☺️😊😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️💖💖😊❤️ 😊❤️💖😌

  23. Sold my Van on this site. Good user base!

  24. 🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍💪🏽💣

  25. excited about this app!

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