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Welcome to the GNC Live Well app—your on-the-go destination for all your health and wellness goals!

Search and Shop

– It’s easy to shop all your favorite vitamins, protein, wellness essentials and more from the GNC Live Well app. Quickly select products for FREE IN-STORE PICKUP or get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49.

myGNC Rewards

– FREE TO JOIN: Get a $5 Cash Back Reward just for signing up and get 3% Cash Back Rewards on every purchase—plus a $10 Cash Back Reward birthday bonus. Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend.
Check your points and redeem rewards—all in one convenient place!

Easy Checkout
– Ordering online is even faster using your saved information and you can quickly checkout using PayPal.

Manage your Subscriptions

– Make It a Routine and save 10% on every order! GNC Routines help manage all your subscriptions directly in the app—making it simple to get your products when you need them.
Check out our Featured Routines or build a complete routine that supports your unique health goals.


– Unlock our most premium perks with a PRO Access membership. PROs get member-exclusive savings during PRO DAYS, FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING on all orders, PRO BOXES with the hottest samples and swag—plus extra benefits like PRO-exclusive giveaways, discounts and pre-sale access to our newest products before anyone else!


Enhancements and bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "GNC MODDED 2022"

  1. The app used to be wonderful. It worked smoothly, and one could access everything. As a former store manager, I’m utterly upset that the issues that popped up in the app a few years ago have yet to be fixed. One can’t sign in to access their account. I would have thought this issue would have been rectified not only quickly, but BEFORE starting a sweepstakes campaign that requires being signed in on the app.

  2. Sauce Boi dice:

    Genuinely, uniquely terrible. This app is an absolute maze of nonsense with no clear way to navigate it. It’s almost like there’s 2 separate apps with certain features that may or may not work the same on either one. Borderline unusable, even simple tasks like looking at what I have subscriptions is an entire process, I’d rate 0 if I could, and it’s incredibly unfortunate that I have to go with this broken interface just to get gnc products

  3. This app used to be extremely useful. I can no longer check my reward point status, see anything with my account, activate points, etc. Instead it tells me to sign in at check out (you can’t even get to check out!). I’ve considered canceling my pro membership because of issues with that. Now I can’t access my account on an app that was made specifically for that purpose. Fix this before you lose customers altogether.

  4. Great idea, but they apparently moved sign in to the checkout page. It still shows on the front end to log in, that makes no sense. You can’t even favorite an item unless you log in, which again is moved to the checkout page, so what is the point of having a favorite option if you can’t get to it until you check out. Poorly organized. Uninstall. Just go to the website it will save you the hassle.

  5. Simon dice:

    Great app to quickly search products sold by GNC, but it is limited with only 1 picture per item. The regular site, not on the phone app but on a computer browser, has various pictures per item. So if you want to buy something, the app will work, but if you want to see the ingredients… You will have to cross reference it on the standard website.

  6. please fix your app. we used to be able to order through the app, keep lists, and check our rewards. Now it shows all inventory as out of stock, doesn’t display some items at all, and shows discontinued items. I notified help desk people after my last order, since I had to call because of an item missing (which they fixed right away with no issue), but it is getting worse, not better. I prefer the app to the webpage so I really hope this is eventually fixed.

  7. This app is not very user friendly. I try to log in when i first open the app and i get an error message. Its not until i am prompted at checkout that i am able to login in. Additionally, the barcode scanning feature never works. When i use it, it says the product cannot be found. When i type in the name, it pops right up. Honestly, i would not use this app if another option were available; once the stores open up again i will just go deal with the people.

  8. the problem is they changed the means you check points for rewards. the only way to see if you have reward points to identify buying something is to buy something online, then go check if you have points for it. I dont want to buy it online I want to use my points at the franchise near me, that gets better flavors, because it makes it’s own product decisions. the app went from very helpful, to pathetic, in one swoop.

  9. App is unusable. I click on “sign in or create an account”, it takes me to a website outside the app (which is ridiculous) and sign in. When I click “sign in”, it says”successfully logged in”, I close out of the browser and app, open the app and I am still not signed in. The deals are shown right up front which is nice.

  10. D Cameron dice:

    I downloaded this app on 11/25, I was entering the GNC Wellness Wonderland Sweepstakes daily. I haven’t been able to enter for about 5 days, the app crashes every time I try to use it. I have uninstalled it several times and as of today it is doing the same thing. Please fix so people can enter the sweepstake.

  11. Ellie Mac dice:

    My app doesn’t even work anymore. I try to open it and it keeps crashing even after I reinstalled it. Disappointing since it isn’t even an app when it still sends me into a browser.

  12. The app is unusable. When I tried to create an account, the app could not figure out I a human, insisting I was a bot. When I tried to find a store, I received an error message that something was wrong, go back to shopping. These were the first two features I attempted to use. I’m not wasting any more time. Please develop something that works and is properly tested, before releasing it to the public.

  13. App will not open. Just immediately crashes. Crashes like a drunk driver on New Years Eve.

  14. Reece dice:

    The app won’t even open, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times to no effect.

  15. CCH dice:

    App just immediately crashes as of recent update?!? Used to work just fine before, please fix asap trying to order

  16. As others have said. App closes by itself. Tried uninstalling and restarting my phone but nothing works

  17. App will not open. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, it still will not open.

  18. Can’t log in. Been trying for three weeks. Seem to be reoccurring issue with other customers

  19. Downloaded app for sweepstakes. The app won’t open once downloaded.

  20. P Vargas dice:

    App sucks. Get to the payment processing for an order and just spins trying to process. If I cant order kind of defeats the purpose. Also happens on your website no matter what broswer I use on my phone or PC.

  21. Samsung galaxy s8+ the app crashes repeatedly on my phone

  22. The app developers for this program are laughable at best. You are unable to manage the Auto and Deliver service on the app and can only be done from their website (what’s the point of the app then if you can’t manage your account??) Highly inconvenient and borderline suspect in creating unnecessary difficulties to skip or cancel orders. I’d write more but I’m running out of room. GNC, fix your app. Waiting for another service to offer similar prices and then I’m out. ✌️

  23. Kobold dice:

    App works however. It has a huge backend problem. It fails to remember your logged in. You cannot control payment information. AutoDelivery just says comming soon but it works on site. Orders sometimes don’t go through or get stuck in a eternal “processing”. Cancelled or declined orders don’t show up. Which they should, if I placed a request I should be able to see the status of that request at all times. I feel like the largest issue with the app is the back end they are using. It is buggy.

  24. Horrible app. I cannot login unless I add something to my cart and try to checkout? I am unable to get an accurate status of an order either, like if it was shipped and a tracking number. It is so hard to figure out their billing. I just have to check my cc statement to see if they billed me correctly. I would not recommend the app and don’t join their rewards/pro club. It is not worth the headaches.

  25. Terrible app and terrible retailer. Why even place login buttons at the first screen of the app if you can’t login until you checkout? What if I want to check my rewards points? I have to buy something whenever I want to check my rewards points? Also their stupid policy that order cannot be changed or cancelled once placed doesn’t make sense. They claim it’s to “fulfill the order as quick as possible” but it’s all too obvious they don’t want shoppers changing their minds.

  26. Bobby is the best. He always very helpful. I do recommend going to that store

  27. This app is awful. It was crashing and locking up my Galaxy phone. I uninstalled/reinstalled it several times. Same result. I even waited 2 weeks and tried it again. Same result. I’m done with this app. Update on 9/7/2019: App is still garbage. I enabled all of the permissions like some of the reviewers recommended, APP STILL LOCKS UP!!!!!

  28. They told me I would get free points if I downloaded but it was false

  29. I don’t like the layouts of some of the items. You can’t just select the brand you want and cycle through flavors. You have to search the brand and scroll through the page and you might not even see all of the available flavors. First world problems I guess…lol. Other than that…solid app.

  30. Just downloaded the app. Apparently a recent change is you cannot log in until checkout. This makes it impossible to see any reward or personalized information until you buy something! VERY BAD FIRST IMPRESSION!! I also see a response to another reviewer that you can go to the website to log in…. I am on the app.. why should I have to go somewhere else to log in? Update to your response: You are not correct. I just tried to log in at the cart as you suggested. It does not work!

  31. This app has the worst search engine I’ve ever encountered. I’ve been shopping at GNC for decades, so I thought maybe I’d skip the drive and try the app. Several products that I know for a fact are available don’t show up when I type their product-names. When I clicked on the “Men’s” category, it brings up a blank search query and says no items available. Seriously, this is pathetic. The unprofessional presentation of your ecommerce storefront leads me to question your overall integrity.

  32. Slow and continuous black outs!! This app clocks badly and when searching for a product the screen blacks out and does not recover. You have to close out and reopen for it to happen yet again. Might as well walk into the closest store and grill the employee!!

  33. Super laggy. It’s bad. It’s like when you were a kid and you were waiting for that 80 year old cashier to make her way back to the register, so you just stand there watching her shuffle and stop every couple of seconds to pop her hip back in. Then she shuffles a few more feet and stops. But you kind of want your crack and she’s the best dealer in your town. The app is kinda like that.

  34. This app sucks. It loads nothing and just spins for minutes. I have tried both 5G and my home wifi with 200+mbps speeds and same result each time. I have worked with and sold cell phones for ten years and can assure you it is not user-error. Sorely disappointed in this app.

  35. You can’t log in until you check out. Which means you cant see your rewards or points. The reply to all of these complaints is to check your status on the web browser. The whole point of downloading the app is to avoid navigating a web browser. This app is useless.

  36. love love love gnc but this app is garbage. It freezes on the first page and when it isnt frozen it takes it forever to react to me clickn on another page this is the only app i have this issue with. ive deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times to see if thatll fix it and no luck. please fix!!

  37. Ordered product that never shipped and they are holding my money hostage. Auto-delivery is a horrible experience. Sent wrong items and had to go in store to get my supplements twice because they didn’t come on time. Don’t waste your time go in store so you don’t have the same issues.

  38. I think a 2 is fair considering I haven’t tried the app yet. I was going to for the convenience and to explore the app i didn’t even know you had, but Reviews are everything and it isn’t worth the Hassel even attempting given the pretty consistent reviews. Still a loyal customer but a smooth well working app could make “living well”a bit easier 🙂 thanks for the supps

  39. I managed to log in ~once~. the app auto logged off at some point and now you cant log in at all. You get redirected to a webpage and it will “load” endlessly. Surprised this many people have said something about it and it hasn’t been fixed.

  40. I have been a loyal customer for many years and can’t understand why you can’t get back to your customers in a timely manner. Can’t login to transfer points so I can use at my local GNC. Your App has been saying ” making app better for months and months. I have emailed about this issue weeks ago and have gotten no replies. Your customer service really need improved. I have talked to other people with same issues

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