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Fuel your ambition with Myprotein. Whether your aim is to build muscle, lose weight or get fit we have got you covered. This app allows you to browse your favourite products anytime, anywhere. Shop for vitamins, protein, creatine, snacks and clothing. That’s not all, with a touch of a button you can access free healthy recipes, workouts for every ability and lots of nutritional advice from our top nutritionist. Have you tried the newly established Myvegan range?

✅ Shop products
✅ Find free healthy high protein recipes
✅ Nutritional guides tailored to you
✅ Access to The Scoop fitness podcast
✅ Customer service chat

✅ Protein
✅ Creatine
✅ Supplements
✅ Vegan Range
✅ Clothing
✅ Recipes
✅ Nutrition advice and guides
✅ Customer service chat
✅ Exclusive offers

No matter what level you are or what goal you have, we offer research-backed supplements and expert-approved advice to power your progress.

Need clothes for a workout? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you. Myprotein has clothing ranges to cater for all. Whether it’s lifting weights, running, yoga, whatever takes your fancy we have clothing that will get you through your workout.

Have you tried the Myvegan range? These are top quality vegan products. Including vegan protein, vegan supplements, vegan snacks and much more. If you’re feeling stuck with your nutrition, we also offer a vegan nutrition guide.

Myprotein allows you to access recipes on the go. A range of healthy and high protein recipes can be found ranging from easy meals, budget meals and mood boosting meals to tasty desserts and snacks.

We have articles that will keep you informed on the most popular fitness trends, with a team of dieticians, nutritionists and personal trainers on hand to bust through the fads and myths, ensuring you have facts backed by science.

Exclusive access to offers. Sign up for push notifications to receive tailored discounts you won’t find anywhere else.

Myprotein’s mission is simple — to fuel your ambition, regardless of age, gender, or ability. No matter what level you are or what goal you have, we offer research-backed supplements and expert-approved advice to power your progress. Head to our blog for the latest nutritional studies, goal-specific workouts and trending fitness topics.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply be the healthiest, fittest possible version of yourself, Myprotein will help you to realise your fitness potential and provide you with a range of recipes, workouts, nutritional advice and supplements.

Myprotein are a world-leading sports nutrition brand operating in over 70 countries, delivering a huge range of high-quality supplements to aid your nutrition, tasty and innovative snacks, comprehensive vitamin formulas, as well as performance & athleisure clothing.

Using the finest-quality ingredients from trusted suppliers and state-of-the-art facilities, we’re able to guarantee award-winning quality while cutting out unnecessary costs — passing the savings on to you. Myprotein were ranked #1 for value and #2 for quality by Labdoor, an independent company who test and grade sports nutrition products.


General Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "Myprotein: Fitness & Nutrition MODDED 2022"

  1. Ordered the creatine monohydrate on January 24, 2023. The item was in stock and it cost me ₹1199. After successful payment, the app showed that payment could not be authorised. Although the amount was deducted from my account, there was no update under ORDERS section. I have received no EMAIL or SMS about order confirmation or failure. I hope they return the amount as they can.

  2. A Johnson dice:

    frequently telling me nothing is in the basket, when I go back to the item and add it, it says there’s multiple qualities. go back to the basket and it says it’s empty again. seemed to work in the end after multiple tries

  3. ryan dice:

    Items have a good value as they mostly are all discounted all the time. When you put any item which has a discount into your basket, it now loses the discount and is back to full price. What a waste of my time creating a basket to find that out when I go to checkout. And no the discount codes are separate to this issue.

  4. Saira dice:

    Slow app and it didn’t reload for the 1p protein. Opened the app at 9 and waited and then 6 minutes kater the 1 p protein thing comes out. I spent 2 minutes doing it and it kept saying it was invalid Wasted ny time. Slow notifications get sent. Double checked on my mums phone too notification was sent at 9.03 and she trired to use it. Double checked on the website and it says it expired at 9.08. Scam defo

  5. Worst customer service| Order not delivered even after 40 days I have experienced how bad a customer experience can be with this brand. I purchased whey protein almost 40 days back but didn’t receive till now. I can understand if there are any issues during shipment but everytime I reach out to their customer service, they just don’t take any action, they just respond saying we will do the needful but they never would. I even requested for a refund and they are ignoring that as well. Worst!

  6. V Mahan dice:

    Untrustworthy. The app offered free items if you spent x amount, the inducements never arrived so they were just gaming the customer to spend more. The supplements that arrived were absolutely filthy on the outside packaging. Customer service took over 4 days to respond and then basically told me to go jump.

  7. Allows scammers after order Myprotein allows for genuine scam offers to show to a customer after a sale. Once the sale is completed you are reverted to a webpage to save “X” amount on your next order after signing up. Only to find out that your account will be charged €15 every month thereafter. Obviously myprotein cares more about money they get rather than looking after their customer. Whether it’s a total scam company or not probably paying them to be put in customers faces. Embarrassing.

  8. Worst company and app. Ordered my product but didn’t receive it it’s been threw days past delivery date no body reponses. No contact details. All emails got my them are not vaild. No contact number for customer service. Live chats is unavailbale. All means of communications are cut off. I can’t reach them. Some emails of thek have blocked me for unknown reasons. The product is said to be dispatched but they haven’t delivered it yet. Worst worst worst app. My 47 pounds are wasted.

  9. DON’T ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY I have had no definitive information about the status of my order, receive only auto emails unless. When I do receive an email from a person they have either lied (saying my order was already dispatched), or said they can’t process a refund. This is literally the first time I’ve ever writren a review like this and its only because at this point I’ve requested a refund, and need a response.

  10. Totally downgraded products. Mobile application claims to give x grams of protein but when received the package, it’s something else. Pathetic customer service and very poor quality. Even after raising same issue on multiple social medias and with customer care, It’s 60+ days that there quality team couldn’t able to resolve the issue. Poorest quality.

  11. when your buying bundle it does not show you the size/ weight of the items! poor really and easily fixable but i bet no one checks from protein team as there making so much money also it says up to 80% off prices and discounts should be a lot clearer!.. only plus is that the stuff you buy is good quality!

  12. Works but could improve. It worked well to search and buy. Could be optimised on dual screen devices. Region switching settings are confusing. Language lock for regions is an issue.

  13. Improve your app quality…. it’s pathetic… management and sevice is very bad… had bad experiences and lot of trouble while ordering something…. most of the time the products are out of stock….while we order they dnt show us in the cart that it’s out of stock…but after payment you come to know that your product is out of stock…. and we have to wait very long for the delivery….

  14. I bought 4 items on sale and still haven’t received them. There is no phone number where I can contact them and the in app customer service gives you an answer back every 2 days, and every 2 days they ask you the same stuff without actually helping. I wanted to ask them if I could get a refund and haven’t heard from them since.

  15. S M dice:

    I placed an order at the start of the year, due to arrive by 4th Jan. I waited until 15th. Contacted customer support and since then I’m going round in circles. Told I would get an update in 48 hours. Nothing. I chased for an update, I was told to wait another 48 hours. By 19th Jan it’s confirmed the order is lost in transit. I asked for the order to be resent, someone else has now replied to say the previous order may still arrive and to wait another 5 days. Absolutely unacceptable.

  16. Worst app. My order is pending since 20+ days, no updates. Even customer care is not responding to my messages and there is no option to call them. Guys please don’t buy from here, it’s a fraud company. App is worst too — logs me off everytime I close it. Similar issue for my other friends as well.

  17. I ordered from them for the first time, the measurements did not fit and I found that the return cost quite a lot. Honestly, I don’t feel like giving that amount anymore just to exchange the products with another size, it’s like their price is double. As a result, I will see to whom I will donate the clothes…. Very disappointed! Never ever My Protein!!!

  18. I purchased whey protein and creatine on 26/01/23 and my money got deducted from my account but never received any order and not even under order section my order is showing. I have chased customer service so many times but never received any update it’s just they asked me to wait as they are checking my payment from past 10 days idk what to do as my whole lot of money is stucked and I don’t even know what to do @myprotein team please help

  19. Can’t complete the checkout part, it wont allow to select state which was given by you. It shows characters are too long and if i shorten the characters length given by you it shows wrong country. (Dadra and Nagar havel and Daman and Diu) state

  20. Customer experience is pathetic. Order delayed with 3 months and my 5393.35rs deducted but no order got placed, I raised my concern but nothing worked. Please do work on your customer support.

  21. The checkout bag section is too buggy. It timed out when I was going back and forth. Sometimes it does not display all the things I’ve put in the bag. Fixed only by fully closing the app and reopening it.

  22. only been using myprotein for a couple of weeks but have no problem with the service. the product I have received has arrived on time and in perfect condition. Their whey protein isolate is really good. I just ordered a pre-workout. would recommend

  23. Worst customer service i have ever experienced. Absolute joke, two weeks late on my order and still don’t know where it has been sent!!?On the time of ordering they will show to me that delivery within 4-6 days or before any specific date but once ordered & paid to them they will show only processing.

  24. Overall everything in the app is good and easy to use but the customer support is very pathetic,it’s been 3 days I am unable to connect with them.My order is stuck for one week and still no tracking details available on the app….

  25. Anurag dice:

    Fraud company. My order is stuck in processing from 4 days, no updates, no one replies on customer service. Pathetic app and pathetic company. Save your money and don’t order from here. App keeps logging out everyday Update: They cancelled my order without even notifying or taking confirmation from me, totally fraudelent app and services.

  26. It’s been more than a week that my order is showing in processing stage. When i had a talked with the executive he informed that the product is out of stock. If the product isn’t available then why are you taking payments. Very disappointing.

  27. Rob Bayes dice:

    App works fine for me, discounts and offers all the time. can’t stop ordering from here! don’t have any problems with it, never have. Keep up the good work! 👌👍🏃🏋️🏊

  28. Payment gateway really pathetic . From last two times having payment issue . Not able to use account credits . Referal policy is trap got the points but not able to make payment through it . Customer service is really bad .

  29. One of the worst apps I’ve ever used.they cancelled the order saying it’s out of stock and still haven’t refunded my amount it’s almost been 3 month’s. Please do not order through this app it’s a waste of time. I would give them 0 stars if i had an option.

  30. honestly, considering how reputed and premium the brand is and how long they have been in the market. Their app and delivery is one of the most disappointing experience you would have from a premium seller.

  31. I ordered whey protein from the app, they kept me waiting for 1.5 months and after that they cancelled the order without even asking. Such a pathetic service.

  32. When I changed the region to Eire, the basket just won’t load. Apparently I can add stuff to the basket, but I can never see what’s in it or check out. Guess I won’t be getting the app exclusive discount 🙁

  33. They cancelled my order without my consent due to stock unavailablity. I subsequently sought a refund, but it has been more than 4 months and I have still not received it. Worst experience with MyP.

  34. App opens wrong items all the time instead of what you select. Can’t even access certain items. Fix the links please!

  35. Very poor order management and customer service Order was placed and not delivered even after waiting for a week. Then I got my order cancelled and they said refund is initiated but have not received my refund even after 10 days. Customer service response is very poor.

  36. they are the best in their segment, amazing products and genuine products offered. Also best for the ones who are trying to get into fitness. Loved it

  37. neil. dice:

    App is so bad. Wouldn’t show the basket and let me order. Anytime I checked the wishlist the app would bring me back to the main page.

  38. Deshwal dice:

    Customer support has been really depressing. With almost daily contacting via email, message, live chat , I am done with the brand. It has been pathetic.

  39. This app used to be great, now it doesn’t work anymore and neither does the Myvegan app. Maybe a but in the latest updates? Neither won’t open :/

  40. Leo dice:

    Worst app, I was not expecting this thing from one of a top brands. Can’t you even afford a good programmer👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

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