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Sam’s Club
Enjoy all your membership perks with the Sam’s Club app.

Save time and shop easier every day with the Sam’s Club app. Make the most of your membership with these best-loved exclusives, including free Pickup, Scan & Go, Pharmacy and Free Shipping for Plus members. Save even more with Instant Savings and track your Plus Cash Rewards. Use the tabs at the bottom to find Home, Scan & Go, Account and more.

Scan & Go™ Checkout
Now you can pay for gas with the Scan & Go™ feature to save time at the pump. In the club, shop contact free and skip the checkout line. Just shop, scan and pay, all in the app.

Shop in the app, then schedule a free Pickup time that works best for you. We’ll have your order ready when you arrive.

Your Lists
Start your cart and easily reorder your favorite products, directly in the app.

Transfer prescriptions, request refills and manage prescriptions for the whole family for maximum convenience.

Membership Card
Quickly find your membership card in your account and access other membership details.

Shop and ship directly to your home or workplace – Plus members get free shipping.

Download the app and get the most from the club today.


Enjoy Same Day Delivery right to your doorstep! Shop whenever, wherever and have your order handpicked with care. Get it fresh and fast with no hidden fees.


40 comentarios en "Sam’s Club MODDED 2022"

  1. The only thing decent and reliable is the scan& go feature. Don’t trust their inventory and think you can place orders for pick up, they just end up cancelling the order without an explanation, and if they deliver something you can bet it will not be the one you selected specifically (color, size, etc.). Until they get their inventory under control, don’t bother to trust it, it lies.

  2. Frustrating! This app makes me sign in at least once a week! I literally use this app every week. Idk if it’s just for the Samsung z fold? I have issues with the scan and go like everyone else who owns this phone does (but I can work with that), but on top of having to remember my password constantly. Changing it cause I get locked out, then remembering the new one! Frustrating! Idk about you but my password hard drive memory is full!

  3. Ever since this last update, I have not been able to sign into the app. When shopping at Sam’s, I utilized the app to scan and go, but every time I tried to input by login credentials, it didn’t recognize my password. When resetting my password, it takes me to the browse, which already showed me logged in. Tried it multiple times by installing and uninstalling the app, and still nothing changes. It’s very frustrating.

  4. Since Dec. update, app kept crashing, kept getting error messages, no longer showed product images, would not open, was accessible only thru my e-mail, now thru play store? Now, the app no longer responds. I can not open it at all. I have uninstalled and re-installed it at least 7 times. It was the best user-friendly app, a joy to shop with. NOW, if zero stars were an option I’d be all in. Please fix this, as I have no problem with my other apps, or I will be forced to shop elsewhere. Thank you

  5. I live about an hour and a half away from my nearest retail location. The app doesn’t show all the options actually available in store. It will be like “437 results” and after a couple of scrolls it just ends like I’ve seen all the results which isn’t accurate. I would like to know what I want to purchase before making the trip OR have the same access I would have in store to be able to be shipped to my door. Unfortunately not being able to access all available options makes both inefficient.

  6. Ab Sentia dice:

    Turns on auto renew if you turn it off. Love the scan and go feature only thing that makes Sam’s superior to Costco. But it’s a big thing. However, in Jan. of 2023, hours have been spent trying to scale back to a regular membership from Plus. No employee knows how to do this, finally recommending to let it lapse and start fresh. The next day, the app re-started auto renew and billed me $110! I dont let anything renew on its own, I’m smart enough to figure out if I want to renew something.

  7. App works great, however, the only way I can access the app is by going into the Play Store, searching for “Sam’s Club” and opening it from there. I have the app installed and updated to the latest version but it doesn’t show up anywhere on my phone’s home screen or under my Apps folder. It’s like it isn’t even installed on my phone unless I access it through the Play Store, and then it works just fine. This is a giant problem for something that should be accessible with one touch on the screen.

  8. Rodney B. dice:

    Necessary for the convenience of scan and go or checking prices in store. However, this is by far the most aggressive app for tracking all sorts of metrics about you. It runs in the background regardless if you clear it and regardless of telling Android not to let it. An extremely sneaky background collection of a myriad of information while making it look like it’s not running. Check it with duck duck go blocker. I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of collection attempts a day.

  9. Pros: Scan and go is helpful when there are long lines. Cons: (1) App seems to forget the password, which is a huge pain if you don’t use the same password for everything. The App cannot pull the password from your Google password manager either. My local Sam’s club has poor cell reception and no wifi that reaches the gas pumps. It is impossible to retrieve the password at the gas pumps. Probably better of carrying the card and not bothering with the app. (2) App is very slow to start up.

  10. I want to love this app as it has lots of useful features, but unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to use the scan and go feature on the fold 4 when its opened up to the main large screen. Scan and go feature only works when the fold 4 is folded closed and running on the smaller front screen, please fix this!

  11. When I go to narrow my search and say in club only and it brings up shipping only. This is irritating. I don’t order online. I know these items are in store. And if the app can’t keep updated then y’all need to rid it. Because I won’t pay extra to get the higher membership to get scan and go if you can’t make sure your app can’t make sure it’s keeping up to date on stock. I shop in store only!

  12. J dice:

    I don’t see the advantage of having this on my phone and wasting enormous memory. I can either scan it at the self checkout, or scan each individual item as I put it in my cart, only to spend another 5 minutes at the door waiting for the employee to rescan everything. My biggest complaint is NO receipt. I can go home and pull it up in my email, but the only way to print it is with the annoying Google header, and it ends up printing 3 – 4 full pages. We need to be able to open in separate window.

  13. The absolute best feature in this app is the ability to self-checkout without ever getting in line. It makes it truly possible to just pop in for that 30 pack of orange jarritos soda and be back in your car in ten minutes because you scan the code, swipe to pay, and head for the door. It gives you a QR code that the person by the door scans and checks. You can scan as you go, so even a full cart can still be checked out this way. I never stand in line at Sam’s anymore.

  14. “Help us Keep your account safe” has broken the app to where you can’t scan and go, pops up a few times initially and you can get through it and scan but halfway through shopping it pops up so much that you can’t get to any other screen. Ridiculous. Left a full cart sitting in the middle of the store and left. Don’t carry the card as I use the app so can’t even go through the extremely long checkout aisle. Useless.

  15. Very convenient for me since I can store multiple credit/ debit card information on it as well as it having my membership card/ number, seeing your Sam’s cash balance, previously bought items, discounts on prescriptions. The scan and go app is extremely convenient since it only takes a few seconds to pay for hundreds of dollars of items compared to people standing in line for 10+minutes. It is also nice to be able to scan the code at the gas pump and use the card connected with your account

  16. Only use the app to check items or prices. Its legit good discounts on certain items. Only certain items. They do not accept coupons. Wait lines just to get your reciept checked at the end? Also, you will never get a $4.98 cooked chicken unless you set up camp for one, too many people make a makeshift line and expect you to follow it. Toilet paper cheap is the reason i signed up. Honestly, the only reason i will ever go, if they actually ever have any left.

  17. Its an ok app, I like the scan and go feature in store or at the gas pump. It’s really convenient when it works. I’m near areas with limited cell signal and the app can be uncooperative at times and causes me problems. At other times I go into the app to do something quickly like scan my card at the register and it has completely signed out. Happens on my phone as well as my wife’s phone. Happens on both IOS and Android phones. Great app when it works. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  18. 10-15-2022. Just left a Club. 60% of the time, the app works every time. The associate said it has been trouble lately. I love scan & go. However, the failures lately are not endearing to a positive relationship. Why do I have to reinstall this app to make it work? This is a critical failure in the customer experience.

  19. On my new Samsung z fold this app does not have scan and go. I have reinstalled it several times but there is no scan and go on this app. I later found out that for some reason as long as I keep my phone folded when I want to use the app it works just fine. Now I love it and will change my rating to 4 stars

  20. The “New” scan and go pay with EBT feature worked last time I used it. Today, after scanning everything in my cart, I kept getting an error message’ “something went wrong” when trying to pay for my eligible food items. I force stopped the app, cleared the cache, deleted the app and reinstalled it, deleted my card and added it again. Still to no avail, the pay with EBT would not work. I asked an employee for help, they had no clue. I ended up having to go through check out anyway. Waste of time.

  21. I was a beta tester for this app. It worked great. I recommended it to all of my friends and family, but for the past 2 years it has hidden the scan and go option from me unless I renew my membership 1 year earlier than is due. Store managers cann9t help and technical support just reads from a script. Too bad. They have lost a faithful customer.

  22. I like the app and the idea behind it. I find the items that I am looking for and combined with apps from other stores, it’s nice to be able to price compare. The biggest issue that I have with this app is the loading times. I build my cart smoothly. If something needs to be removed from the cart, no problem. If I click “save for later” or “check out” it sits there on the loading spinner forever. I’ve kept the my screen on for up to 10 mins hoping that it will finish loading. It doesn’t. Even if I shutdown the app and restart it. Those two functions set it into a loading spinner marathon. I have a Galaxy S9, so it’s not an uncommon phone. I will continue to attempt to use this app while really really hoping for that issue to be fixed.

  23. Most of the Instant Savings items don’t have pictures or descriptions. I have to click on each thing to see what the savings is for. Then I can’t swipe to go to the next item in the list, instead I have to back out, scroll, and select the next item. When I find something I want, I can’t just add to a shopping list without clicking on each item, adding, select a list to add too, then back out and repeat. In addition, items appear in a random order. Is it that hard to organize by department or something? Seriously, why isn’t the app intuitive and easy to use? Surely such a big company has a budget for this. Costco got theirs right.

  24. I’ve been using this app on and off for about 2 years. it’s absolute trash. Half the time it cannot even find the store when you’re inside the store. And sometimes after you scan a whole basket of groceries it forgets them and makes you start over. And then on those really fun occasions you’re already at the door and everything is scanned then you press check out and it freezes and then it won’t find the store again so it won’t let you scan and you have to go back in line to check out.

  25. Scan option no longer works on galaxy s9 plus. I have updated, reinstalled, factory reset my phone the whole lot. It is incredibly frustrating. The app is useless to me without the scan option. I keep looking for a working update but have yet to find one. This has been an issue all year. I’m reconsidering my business membership all together. With a small business and a large family, my local grocery store seems to be more able to accommodate and keep up with technology.

  26. App is real good, scanning and paying on the phone is awesome. Only complaint is with drive up. I’m the one who always picks up the groceries and hubby never wants to come or is at work. The account being in my husband’s name makes this difficult, since they want the person who’s name the account is under present. If there was an option to add a pickup person it would be 5 stars. I’ve had to be turned away for pickup.

  27. I earned a few rewards on my first trip to Sam’s Club. There should be ONE button I can press to find them, but they’re mixed in with the 400+ other “Instant Savings” offers. This is annoying and makes no sense. Also, like so many others, I had to go through about 10 Captcha screens to simply get back into the app, even though I hadn’t actually signed out.

  28. The app downloaded quickly and was easy to use. I used for the first time today and I’m so glad I did. Two small issues were that you have to hit the scan button each time before using it. The second issue was that they have a separate scan card for bread so I had to ask someone for the it. Overall, it scans really fast and keeps Tally. Someone asked if I was in line but i wasnt because we were trying to get someone to help with the bread barcode and we were done before him.

  29. I’ll never go back to the old way of shopping at Sam’s Club. Only downside is it’s a little heavy on battery use, but you can reduce that with turning off screen in between scans. But the app is great, when in-store you can scan stuff as you go avoid the lines and even get quick price checks. Has several other nice features, including never worrying about forgetting your membership card enter payment info can be stored directly on app. I would highly recommend for anyone who shops at Sam’s Club!

  30. Ryan K dice:

    At first I was skeptical, then I tried it. This app has one of the best barcode scanners that I have ever used. I’ve scaned the package (not even near the barcode) and it picked up the item. Plus you skip the checkout line. You cannot purchase some items with the app (anything with an age requirement) and a few items that I’ve run into, but other than that awesome!

  31. Tbis low rating is to bring attention to a problem that I’m personally having, ans maybe others as well. I have a Galaxy S8 and cannot for the life of me get the scan and go feature to work. Every single time I attempt to open the scanning feature, the app crashes. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling, the app continues to crash when attempting to use this feature. Hopefully, it can get fixed soon, because it has been like this for about 2 weeks

  32. As others have already mentioned, for over 2 months now this app is broken and completely crashes when you swipe to approve the transaction. No matter what you do (including deleting cache, uninstalling, and reinstalling) the app will be unresponsive while you’re at the store. This has caused me to have to check out at a regular check out lane where I know I will be double charged. If you have your Sam’s Club card, just have them scan that when you walk out of the door instead of ringing it up!

  33. Horrible Upgrade!! I LOVED the old Scan ‘n Go App, but the function integrated in the Sam’s Club app is awful! I used to split my screen with the app in one half & my list in the other. Now I can’t even though the option is there. Anytime I tried it would empty my cart & I’d have to scan everything all over again. When I went to check out at the door, it froze. I had to close the app & open again; at least it opened to the QR code. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  34. Works like a charm. You might want to consider connecting to the store Wi-Fi so you don’t have an issue with the scanning go for checking out. You can have a few check out issues if you have a poor signal. Once I accepted the Wi-Fi and said to connect automatically I’ve never had an issue. Last time the line to check out would have taken me longer than my grocery list of 17 items and I could walk right by everybody and go. I highly suggest using the app for scanning go especially in covid-19 era

  35. The user interface could use an over haul. It’s pretty clunky and browsing through menus is difficult. Searching for a specific item works well, checkout is easy enough and making lists is a great feature. I just wish the UI was as easy as just walking around the store looking at different items, browsing like you would in a store is definitely more difficult in the app than irl.

  36. I have used this app for years now, and it is amazing how much time it saves us in the store – Just Scan & Go! Plus, the specials offered are good. My big complaint on this app is the fact that I Can’t install it on my new phone – it seems that the app won’t work on phones with anything newer than Android 5. My new phone has 7, and they say it’s not compatible. But I solved this by digging out an old phone & installing it on there – inconvenient, but it works – so far.

  37. My husband and I use this app for the scan-as-you-go self-pay, and it has saved us so much time instead of waiting in line. It has been especially beneficial during the holidays. It’s super easy to use, and almost always goes perfectly. We’ve had one instance where it added duplicates, but luckily we caught it before paying. Other than that one mishap, it’s been a phenomenal experience! ☺️

  38. Y68 G. dice:

    Gerally I like this app a lot, especially the scan and go feature. there are a couple of annoy things. One is if I start it up at the club it would start up a summary page. Why? I don’t want to do anything else beside the scan and go! The 2nd thing is sometimes if I close the app then I can’t open it up again, it just show the logo. Tried clear the cache, force it to close, nothing helps until a phone restart. I have not seen many app do this, and this app is the worst offender. Fix it!

  39. The Scan & Go app for Sam’s Club is ideal for getting in and out of the store faster. You will, however, still need to have your purchase verified by the associate at the Exit. That’s still one less line to wait in, though. An excellent new feature is that you can now purchase alcohol through Scan & Go. You just need to show a valid ID to be scanned at the Exit. All of your receipts are stored in the Scan & Go app memory, which is extremely convenient.

  40. This app is very user-UNfriendly. I have ordered groceries from my desk top before without any problems. However, trying to place an order from my phone ends up being a huge time-consuming ordeal. Depending on what you order, it may be unavailable for pick up and will have to be shipped, making your order a 2-part order; a list of items to ship and a list of items to be picked up, requiring 2 separate transactions, instead of one simple order. Although time-consuming and inconvenient, on my desktop it goes through both pay transactions without problems. For some reason on my phone it never allows me to pay for the pick-up portion of my order, and instead says that it must be paid for in the store. Now if I’m going to have to go in the store anyway, why would I go through all this trouble to order it online and pick it up at my car?? Isn’t the whole point of pick-up to make it more convenient instead of less? I might as well grab a cart if I’m going to have to go in anyway. It’s ridiculous. I’ve never had this kind of trouble with any other store I’ve ordered online from.

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