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Progressive Leasing’s mobile app simplifies your shopping experience by providing the convenience of applying at home or on the go. We understand that less-than-perfect credit shouldn’t keep you from getting the things you need, and with over 30,000 retail locations nationwide, finding your next upgrade can be as easy as finding a store near you.

Our simple and flexible lease-to-own purchase option means you get your items now and pay for them over time. It’s that easy. Download our app and apply for an instant decision today.

You know what you need. We’ll help you get it.


Getting the items you need has never been easier. You know what you need. We'll help you get it!


40 comentarios en "Progressive Leasing Mobile MOD"

  1. Great company to work with. Truly. The app is secure, simple to use with a simple design which anyone should be able to read, follow & understand clearly. It gives you all the info you need up front in your face & there’s nothing extra that doesn’t have anything to do with your loans to confuse you in any way. Plus you have the option to apply for a new loan at select stores in their app. It’ll even tell you the stores that are physically around you, that you can use progressive leasing in!

  2. I do not normally rate apps but here we go. This app is super easy to use. It shows your balance and your scheduled payments and the due date. It can be setup to remind when and how much is coming out. No need to search through paperwork or call and speak to a rep, if you lose your lease id, the app makes it simple to get that info. It shows “buy-outs” and gives you the option to choose to buy-out early. I wish all bills had apps this easy!

  3. Chase M. dice:

    I’ve done three leases over the past 2 years with Progressive and I am pleased with the amount that was loaned to me. I managed to pay them all off within the 90 day period so no interest was charged. Definitely recommend them if your trying to buy something, but can only do payments every two weeks on the item you want. I love it.

  4. Progressive leasing is absolute trash. I made a payment early when the pandemic hit. They then charged me again and refunded the last ik installment payment back into my account. Which is due this month. I acquired the money to pay the last installment of the early buy out option. And during a pandemic they changed the policy back to the 12 month plan which now states it’s more than twice what I owed and twice the value of the actual product. After this is fixed I’ll never use you again.

  5. I was approved for $700 the first time & leased a S9. I paid it off & decided to apply for something new & was approved for $1,100 the second time! My only complaint is the amount I overpaid for the S9 because I couldn’t finish the early buyout option. I paid probably over double than the item was worth. I get having to pay a little more for the full lease option but the amounts Progressive is overcharging made me feel cheated. I wish prices could be redetermined to be more fair & affordable.

  6. Terrible app and online login. I can almost never login to check my balance. Will not use the service again. I want to payoff with the 3 month option they offer but it’s always extremely difficult to check balance. Maybe this is a strategy they use to keep ppl on the lease long term so they get double the money. Anyway needs a major upgrade.

  7. Michael D dice:

    This app is starting to piss me off. I have been using this app for a little bit and never had any issues. Now all of a sudden when I try to log in to make a payment I have to get emailed verification code EVERY DAMN TIME!!! Even if I hit remember me I have to do it everytime. Idk what the issue is, but it needs to be fixed

  8. The app is amazing and easy to use but I had major issues with the company towards the end where they take money out of my account and then refund the money a couple days later. I got emails telling me my lease was paid in full and then almost a month later saying it actually wasn’t. I will never use progressive again.

  9. Progressive Leasing is one of the most frustrating institutions I’ve ever had to work with! Not only was I lied to about it by the sales associate that signed me up for it but the ONLY way to change anything or get answers is to call them where I get put on a 42 minute wait hold. Not efficient, not user friendly, and adds to stress rather than helps ease it.

  10. Absolutely rediculous trying to add items! Got approved, I am in the store. I have the item number but it won’t let me add the item to my lease. It keeps sending me to a new window requiring me to log in AGAIN. I know I am already approved, I don’t need told that 20 times. I am trying to add the item I want to buy. No help from the progressive website. This app and process needs to be looked into. I do not recommend at this time due to the unorganized manner in which this application runs.

  11. I thought this was a great thing to do but it didn’t turn out that way.Got approved twice and paid items off in 3 months.I made early and on time payments. Went to reapply for a new one and got denied.Spoke with customer service and all I was told his to try again in 30 days.2 stars for me getting approved twice.

  12. I have been using this app for 2+ years and i haven’t had any issues but for some reason when i open the app it always send a verification code even though i have the remember me option enabled. Its frustrating that i have to input a code every time. When i started using this app i didn’t have to do that. Hopefully they fix it soon cause its annoying

  13. The app is fine WHEN you can actually log in. But it creates this viscious circle where it sends you a code to your email. IF you minimize the app to check your email for said code and come back the page reloads instead and forces you to start over signing in before asking to send a code to your email YOU CAN’T CHECK without a 2nd device to do it from or face restarting….again. Fml

  14. Just downloaded it, tried to make a payment twice and both times it’s stuck submitting. Useless garbage.

  15. Really useful app. Been using for a long time and never had an issue, until now. That’s why I can only leave a 3 star rating. I wanted to push final 2 payments by one week due to not getting paid that week due to family emergency the previous week. Or even combine them into the last payment. But got no response even when I called.

  16. My credit isn’t shot I just don’t like using it. The loan increase can definitely be a bit much and should have a optil if you go over terms. But to be able to get things you want at that time with out credit. This is beneficial.

  17. This used to work well but after the change having to input password everything and wait for a verification code is very frustrating

  18. Absolutely one big scam. You’re better off getting a credit card. This program doesn’t help your credit score. You have 90 days to pay off the loan. if you don’t, it switches to 12 months and you have to pay double. I highly advise avoiding this program if possible.

  19. This app currently does not work correctly for in store purchases at certain stores. It redirects back to the main landing page instead.

  20. Rates for people with bad credit like me a staff that’s extremely friendly and easy terms on the leases even for people with bad credit like me, the staff at Progressive is amazing and the least terms are flexible that’s what I like the best and if you have issues you can return your leased equipment at any time with no penalties Progressive Leasing rocks!

  21. poor experience!! I downloaded the app and opened it. Once it opened it prompted me to update the app. Well I just installed it from the playstore so I went back in to the play store and there is no update!! Never used the app at all, first impressions last a lifetime

  22. It is a great leasing program, but it would be nice for it to be a little easier to use in store, most stores are clueless on how to use it (Lowe’s) but I was able to figure it out !!

  23. Chad Cook dice:

    It’s good app to have to manage your balance & make payments. It would be even more great if you could mange your lease terms from 12 month to 90 day. Just a simple virtual signature add on & the app would be even more useful. Just my two.

  24. Never really had an issue except when I go in stores to make purchases and no one knows what I’m talking about with progressive leasing but now yall have lowered my credit that I was getting. It use to be 1200 at lowes and now you’ve lowered it to 675. I don’t understand why. If you can please fix this

  25. Higher approval amount then dropped!? After I finished a term of my lease, I was approved for a higher lease spending limit, something happened and I had to reinstall the app, now I’m approved for a lower amount than previously applied for. How does this happen? I’m giving 3 stars because it might be an error on my end and I haven’t figured it out.

  26. Jesus E dice:

    Paid my for products under 3 months for no interest and they didnt seem to take it and charged me pretty much almost three times as much. Anything you can do to avoid this app, you should. Try sezzle or klarna. Also yes, that email 6 digit code everytime to get in is pretty annoying.

  27. D J dice:

    Does not build credit…. theres no real incentive if you can wait to get item.

  28. Eswift G dice:

    The app told me it needed an update before I can continue, I updated it, but the prompt to update won’t disappear. I cannot review any of my account information. Please fix the glitch!

  29. Terrible experience, no merchandise and 10 days later no refund yet. BEWARE THIS COMOANY!!!!!

  30. I click remeber me and it constantly still asks to verify and when i pay its just constantly says processing

  31. Whoever is behind the coding of this app needs to be fired. Opened the app to be told “You are running version 4.0.8 and need to update to 5.0.1 before you can use this app.” No updates are available from Google Play. Uninstalling and Reinstalling does not fix the problem either.

  32. Will not let me open the app to pay off my debt…always says i need to update to the newer version, but then there is no newer version. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app..also, the website will not accept my password, ever…so thats awesome too.

  33. Was running just fine until I saw there was an update and installed it. Now the app won’t open, says I need an update, play store says there isn’t another update. Guess I shouldn’t have updated. Not to mention this company charged me an extra payment. Will not be using this app or this company again.

  34. 3rd time user and totally satisfied! Thanks for your service.

  35. This is a great way to buy items but it’s better to pay off as soon as possible or you will pay double or in some cases more than double for products.

  36. The app is good, the company is GREAT! Thanks so much for helping me with my musical dreams.

  37. They are awesome to work with I needed to change my due date to the 3rd of the month and they changed it for me.

  38. Sick of having to verify over and over and over again my identity when I have already signed in, and sick of all the verification codes you have to keep putting in the app through multiple emails at one sign in.

  39. I like Progressive leasing. If it wouldn’t be for there leasing program, we wouldn’t have the oportunity to have nice things. Customer service representatives are very nice and work with any change you need. Thank you Progressive Leasing.

  40. Absolutely awful progressive leasing is a scam just trying to drain people of there hard earned money. Tricking and forcing them into staying in the long term lease. One by not allowing for applicants to get online to make payments early and pay the whole thing off. Two the app is worth zero I recommend highly that no one goes through this company it is horrible.

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