Ace Hardware MODDED 2022


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Offering great hardware products.
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Welcome to the helpful place right on your smartphone. Take your Ace Hardware shopping and rewards experience to the next level and get a $5 bonus* available the day after you download the app.


See your Ace Rewards status and take advantage of your monthly offers. Premier members can see their exclusive deals and all users can see what’s new at Ace.


Get your rewards faster and earn points in more ways. Track your points easily and invite your friends to get 1,000 bonus points. See recommended items to get you to your next reward and how close you are to Premier status. Check out your annual Ace Rewards savings too!


Locate your preferred store and contact it easily with one click calling and mapping capabilities. Check out your store’s local ad, hours, services, brands and events.


Shop thousands of products like grills, power tools, and home improvement products. Then, choose how to get them, in store, store pickup, curbside pickup, or delivery.


– Access your Rewards and offers in one place and add them to your digital wallet with ease
– See your purchase history to easily reference products
– Your inbox will house all your past notifications in case you missed them
– Store other purchases in My Products to easily access warranty, additional parts, or paint colors and sheens.

Exclusions apply. Limit one bonus coupon per Ace Rewards member. Bonus Coupon will be available the day after an Ace Rewards member downloads the mobile app for the first time. One time offer valid for first download. Visit the mobile app for details.

When you download the Ace Hardware mobile app, you are agreeing to the following:

i. Ace Rewards Terms & Conditions –

ii. Mobile App Terms & Conditions –

iii. Privacy Policy –

Download the mobile app for more information.


4 comentarios en "Ace Hardware MODDED 2022"

  1. Shortman812 dice:

    I just downloaded the app, so I don’t want to rate it yet. The problem I have is when I’m looking for a specific part. Ex: I was looking for a 1/2×1/2×1/2 T with push connectors. Not wanting to look thru 300+ fittings to find it, I went into filters. The first attempt, I made about 3 selections and the app crashed locking my phone up. The next few time just selecting 1 filter made everything crash and lock up. Its suppose to save time, I could go to the store faster th looking thru 300+ fittings

  2. Michael Acela dice:

    Only use this app to manage rewards, it’s really good for that, and use the mobile site to shop or find product – pretty much everything else. Nearly unusable in most other circumstances. This app runs at 3 frames per second in most of the UI and is extraordinarily slow searching and finding products.

  3. Spidey Shaver dice:

    Ace reward app is junk. It’s funny how they can find the info at the register, but the app says I have to create a new account. So, I attempt to create a new account, then says that the account already exists. The app won’t let me log in to my account that I’ve had for ten years or better. Just send me the paper coupons, since the app doesn’t work, and if you don’t believe me, look at your many failed feedbacks. I not calling a number, or customer service. I have to go into the store anyhow.

  4. Steve Rothe dice:

    Below average searchability in some areas. Search for a specific bulb and get over 2,000 items to browse through, with no filters like wattage, element type, quantity in a pack, base type…. Search for a lag screw, however, and get many filter choices that should take you right to it. But after every filter set, it goes right back to department filter fully expanded. Annoying sometimes.

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