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Online shopping with wholesale prices shouldn’t feel like a risk. At Wholee it doesn’t. With over 100,000 manufacturers supplying inexpensive shopping, we’ve carefully selected the quality products and ensured the lowest prices. And our cutting-edge 3D tech even offers you a brand new shopping experience. Downloaded by 3 million+ customers in just our first year, our app provides a variety of trendy fashions, including high-quality women’s & men’s clothing, blags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, home decor, baby kids & mom, electronics, sporting goods, beauty and everything else you want, all at affordable prices. Consider our app as a shopping paradise for everything fashion and style to inspire you! We even offer the lowest prices from $1.

– Quality products at wholesale prices
-3D actual product views
– Browse by New Arrivals, Trends, Categories, Best Sellers and more
– Fun, easy shopping that’s 100% secure
– Shorter shipping times and better tracking information
– Exclusive 7/24 Customer Service

Please kindly contact us if you have any questions or advice, we highly value your feedback and we will take time and effort to offer you a better shopping experience at Wholee. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube&TikTok to find more!

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40 comentarios en "Wholee – Online Shopping App MODDED 2022"

  1. I received my order in just 9 days and the items met or exceeded my expectations! I just wish the descriptions were more detailed ie: how many pieces per package, what fabrics are made of, more detailed sizing charts for clothing. Minor things, I know, but would help a lot when ordering. Other than that, I’m enjoying shopping, browsing and have just placed my 2nd order. Hope it comes as quickly as the first one. 🤞

  2. It’s hard to shop, when I’ve scrolled down, quite a bit, and click on an item I’m interested and decide to go back, it starts all over from the beginning, a the top, instead of where it was left off before I clicked on the item. It makes me give up and stop looking when I have to keep seeing the same items over, and over again to get where I left off and look at new items.

  3. Everything you want can be found available on Wholee. It can be a bit hard to figure out what this shopping platform has called it, but I’ve found everything, even parts for my clothes. Even the shipping fee is rather awesome, it costs me only $2.99 and everything can be delivered right to my door. The price is reasonably pretty, but the quality sometimes doesn’t exceed my expectation. Anyways, the quality is still in good condition. A nice app.

  4. I like to shop on this online shopping platform because it has a variety of products, and I get what I need easily. Still, sometimes there is a delay in the arrival of items (of course, in most cases, my packages arrive within the given time). Their prices are really reasonable, which I can buy whatever I want and I need. Their shipping fee only costs me $2.99, and I think it’s the best part of this app. Will order more items from this app in the future.

  5. I usually like to buy some small accessories with a sense of design. The brooches and cufflinks on Wholee are very good. They have a unique sense of design and are at relatively cheap price. So it is very easy and reliable to buy from Wholee. It is also easy to return something if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit. I recommend buying confidently on Wholee.

  6. By far my favorite shopping app. Better than Wish simply because the shipping price remains the same no matter how many items you buy. The prices are really low and the quality is mostly great. Get lots of compliments from the items I’ve purchased. Only downside is sometimes the material might be a hit or miss but you honestly gain a lot more than you lose, probably didn’t pay much for it anyway. The average product takes about a month to arrive but for the price, it’s well worth the wait.

  7. Apart from the cheap price, the various collections and the high quality of products attract me to use Wholee. In addition, I love to go through various items when I am free. I have been using Wholee for several months already. It’s easy to use. The order tracking process is completely transparent. So the overall experience is great, and I’m quite satisfied with items I ordered.

  8. The prices of items are extremely affordable on Wholee and the shipping fee is very reasonable, it only takes $5.95 for everything. Also, the real time shipping details can be tracked easily, which is very convenient for people like me. And Wholee seems to have endless new arrivals all the time, and it covers all kinds of goods, so that most of your shopping needs can be achieved here. If you are looking for the perfect app to shop this is the one to do your shopping.

  9. I bought a sports backpack on Wholee. I like it after receiving the goods. The storage volume of the entire backpack is larger than I thought before, and it looks very nice. It is very comfortable while climbing mountain, without the feeling of being stuck. The only drawback is that the delivery is a little delay. I hope the they can make the improvement next time.

  10. The best thing of this shopping app is the way of the great convenience it presents. Almost everything can be done within fingertips, even the shipping details can be tracked easily through the app. Bravo! As a customer, I want to buy the perfect item with comparatively affordable price, and here on Wholee, this need can be fully met, meanwhile, there are many various categories here. Therefore, it seems hard for me to quit this app. Highly recommended.

  11. This app is really interesting, I bought a headset before. In this app, you can see the three-dimensional renderings. Every detail of the headset can be seen clearly, and the text and pictures are also very detailed. More importantly, the price of this headset is too affordable, and I really love this feeling that I am surrounded by all kinds of bargains!!!! The shipping fee is fixed even though you buy many items and everything can be delivered right to my door! And the shipping details can be tracked easily, the only thing I want to complain is that I hope the delivery can be faster next time.

  12. Great must admit I was sceptical at first but very pleasantly surprised. Had some really good items. The printed wallpaper I bought on the Wholee app is really good. The price of the wallpaper is really affordablel. It has strong adhesiveness and is not easy to fall off. Although it was delivered to my home within the given time, I think the overall delivery speed can be improved. Good experience anyways.

  13. I’ve been using this app ever since it has come to my sight…. To be honest, their workers have made a great difference, and the experience of the app is also constantly optimized. I see the price has been cut down a lot, and the delivery speed has been improved, they even developed the tracking system for consumers’ better shopping journey…. At least, they have tried their best to improve service. I myself definitely support this app.

  14. I had the app for about five minutes before it started wigging out – I was able to like one item, but every time I tried to look at something else, the page would revert back to the last item I looked at or went to a completely blank page. And the last time it did that, the app closed itself. I have enough headaches in my life without having to fight an app to even look at stuff. Bye bye, Wholee!

  15. It simply doesn’t work… I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app 4 times, and every time I open it, it just says “something went wrong” and doesn’t show a single listing. I’ve tried over wifi, mobile data, and even Ethernet via an Android OS raspberry pi and I have had zero success. I want to try the app but if I can’t use it, I can’t rate it. Any suggestions? Or am I just plum outta luck? Please help me devs.

  16. Not very happy at all. My stuff didn’t get here on time, so they issued a $1 refund. When I actually paid $10 for my items. Try to contact them, so far have not had any response. I always order something cheap from a website if it’s the first time, that way I don’t loose too much if it’s not worthy. Gonna give another week, if nothing happens, definitely deleting this app. Very disappointed, since I had my basket full to check out.

  17. My experience with this app has always been smooth! I’ve never had a problem with my orders. It always came on time and I got exactly what I wanted. Sometimes my package would come earlier than expected which is very great. I am satisified with the products’ quality. Customer service is very kind, they reply me the inquiry quickly when I need to track my order. So everthing is great. Just love this app.

  18. Initially, I faced size fitting and quality issues, but I have noticed that Wholee has made efforts to improve it. The size chart is more detailed now and consistent with international benchmarks. The quality is acceptable given the prices are incredibly low. My review is based on shopping multiple times on Wholee. The jewellery collection is something I like to scroll through every day and can always find something new. This is the strength of Wholee.

  19. I ordered a sweatshirt in a large and it looked very nice, I really enjoy wearing it and getting outside, and the free gift is awesome, I like it very much. By the way, the price of the total is much lower than my expectation. The trick is using the new customer coupon, lol. Given that the price is acceptable, now I have placed another two orders for my dearest father and my brother. They have been shipped , and I can track the status via the tracking system set on the app. Everything here is very convenient, great job!

  20. Amazing products and equally amazing price!!! I was surprised to download this app and found the amazing products!!! Therefore, I bought few things and very happy using it. They have really made my life more convenient, their items are not easy to find at other platforms, but are rather practical, especially some little items for home decoration. It is a great place for some of the fantastic products range offers at through way prices which nowhere we can get. Great going Wholee. Love it.

  21. Wholee is now my first go to when I’m looking for anything. Wide variety of products and addordable prices, so i make sure to check out a few stores on each item. Most things come earlier than expected. I’ve never had a problem with my ourchase. I would definitely recommend this to everyone looking for fast and affordable items.

  22. What I love about Wholee is that the products on it are at cheap price and of high quality. The entire shipping process can be tracked in real time on the app or website, which is very friendly to “lazy people” like me. Shopping online has made my life more interesting. It helps me choose the right products with confidence all the time. Thanks!

  23. Their price is affordable!!! In addition to their prices, I also like their app. It works so smooth and I like the way it presents to the public, nearly anything I need can be found on this app. It feels so good to select goods from the wide variety, and it’s also good to track my items in real time. I have just downloaded and explored this app a little bit, it’s so interesting. I’ll come back to add more words once I have received my packages.

  24. It feels so good to use this app, everything works smoothly and the recommendations are of great help. I extremely like the prices they offer me and it’s super affordable. I swear that the prices of the products on this platform are the most acceptable ones I have ever seen. The quality of the products is so so good. So, do not hesitate and place orders now otherwise, you may miss the bargains you could have got.

  25. This is a shopping app to rival Wish! Easy to navigate, prices clearly marked, very few ads, & lots to choose from. This wide variety isn’t garbage like I expected for such tiny prices; with only a few item exceptions, all the clothing, accessories & home decor look department store classy. Im placing my 1st order so will follow up with shipping details soon.

  26. Wholee is an excellent platform. Consumers definitely can get what they want in a lower price. However, never lower the quality of the service that you provide us today. Greetings. I found some interesting lamps on Wholee recently, they have different shape and colors, that’s really amazing. And after I received it, the quality is very great, and I love it very much. It is really fascinating.

  27. Takes forever to get products but only paying $2.99 for multiple things in your order is sometimes worth it. I don’t expect the everything to be high grade items but they do surprise me with very good stuff a lot of times. Worth giving it a try if you’re not in a hurry to receive your order.

  28. I really like shopping on Wholee. The products on this platform are not only diverse, but also very affordable. I bought a storage box for underwear and socks on Wholee recently. This storage box is really easy to use, very suitable for housewives to organize the clothes. The discounts on Wholee are also very attractive. I bought this storage box because it was affordable and useful. I will continue to use Wholee app. Thanks.

  29. I bought a smart watch on this e-eommerce app. It just arrived and I will review it after wearing it for a few days, so it’s a bit late. Generally speaking, I am quite satisfied. This watch has Bluetooth function, and it can be connected with my smart device. It’ prerfect for recording my real-time exercise data when I do sports. The price of this watch is also very good, saving my budget. The appearance of this watch is stay great condition, very fashionable! I like it. One issue is that the delivery is a bit slow, hoping it can be faster next time.

  30. I will continue to use this online shopping app!! I have to say that the price here is very affordable. As for their service, it’s good to see that my items can be tracked easily by inputting my order number within the app, and their delivery times have improved to some extent!! The products themselves are very useful and qualified,I am happy with all the products that they delivered. Thanks, Wholee team!!!

  31. I am very happy with every purchase I’ve made with this app. Items are good quality and almost always really really great price with noticeable lower price than what I find elsewhere. I also really like the 1x shipping fee entire order rather than fees for each item which apps like wish definitely do and therefore I nolonger use their apps Wholee made it easy to remove what wasn’t working by offering quality items and low prices fees. Ty.

  32. I wanted to see if this was worth it. They have converse knock offs but thats the only upside.Everything else is the same junk you find on Wish or Ebay, at a higher price and the added bonus of being charged taxes. The shipping still takes 2 weeks even though I’m in Canada where they’re supposed to be based, the shipping is from China. They also have a flat shipping fee 7.99$ no matter what you buy. Makes it impossible to make a small purchase. Won’t be ordering here again.

  33. Signed up then noticed address had something added on to it. This would be enough to have items not arriving where they should. No way of correcting this and can’t find close account either. Left message to close account. Unreliable from the get go. Part 2: Answer to the developer. My address once added jumped to provided autu install. As it was a first address it was not possible to change at my end. It was corrected by customer support a short while later. I thanked them for that. Upto 3⭐️⭐️⭐

  34. Frustrating experiences, this Store is all advertising, but they don’t deliver 😒this is my second time I order stuff and pay for it, 3days later they cancel my orders with same reason “bad quality in product 😑 if that is the case why posting and advertise something it is not worth it. Super Frustrating! I’m waiting for my refunds in 3 items I have ordered and all 3 were canceled 😞 I’m done doing business with this place . To much of a headache 😕. Good luck people .

  35. Jen Poage dice:

    Just got this app and made my 1st order. It seems like there are quite a Few items and the prices are good. However, I was enticed with the promise of a free gift. I added it to the cart but then as I went through the checkout and payment pages it kept changing the free gift to the normal full price. It feels like a bit of a scam but maybe it’s just a glitch in the app.

  36. For me it s the perfect app for shopping. Not only the items are very cheap but they also have a good stand. Indeed the staff and the customer service are very helpful and Kind. I can’t find any reason to hate this app. I am totally satisfied

  37. Queen K dice:

    They say that shipping is 2.99, however it is not. They up the sales tax to collect the shipping cost on the backend. I’m finding many China vendors are doing this, to make you feel like you’re paying less but your still paying full price for shipping. Sales tax means that is the rest of the shipping cost. Sales tax is not that much. Highly disappointed with that.

  38. I ordered a bathtub tray that should,’ve been delivered. It’s taking too long, I wanted my money back. They’re trying to refund $2.69. I paid way more than that. This company is garbage, I wouldn’t recommend them for nothing. I was forced to give them 1 ⭐. That’s too much credit that they don’t deserve. You have no direct means to dispute the wrongs of a transaction. I would rather shop with Wish instead. At least you do receive the merchandise and can cancel the order for the correct amount

  39. Frustrating. The order took forever to come and the colours are nothing like the picture. Not even close. The app does not allow a review unless apparently you have ordered via the app. I didn’t as I ordered from a FB advert. Never again

  40. Very satisfied with the App. I have placed several orders and they always arrive well and on schedule. Customer support also works very well. Once I had to return one item, they quickly accepted the case, and I got a refund after a long period. Of course, you can’t expect premium things for the price of the items, but as long as they serve the purpose for me, it’s already perfect.

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