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Shop & Save Money! Scan Receipts to Earn Gift Cards.
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■ America’s Favorite Rewards App – data.ai
■ #1 Best Cash Back App for 2022 – Motley Fool
■ Must-Have Shopping App – Google Play Store

Fetch turns your receipts into free cash and gift cards from your favorite retailers. Scan receipts or e-receipts from any store or restaurant, then redeem your points to earn gift cards, make charitable donations, enter sweepstakes, and more!

There’s no coupon clipping or chasing down deals. With our cash back app, you’ll earn rewards and unlock savings on every purchase you make.

■ How Fetch Works
1. Make purchases anywhere – grocery stores, retailers, restaurants, gas stations, and more
2. Snap pics of your receipts to earn points
3. Redeem your points for gift cards, cash, and more
4. Earn extra points with featured brands, Special Offers, and friend referrals

■ Seriously, Every Receipt Counts
Scan receipts for money. If it’s a receipt, it’ll earn you points. You’ll get 25+ points for every receipt you snap! Get receipt rewards points at any grocery store, hardware store, restaurant, or retailer. Gas stations, liquor stores, and drug stores count, too.

More points = more rewards = more cash back. Everyday savings, here we come! Redeem rewards for hundreds of popular stores and brands, including:

~ Chipotle
~ Sam’s Club
~ Home Depot
~ Starbucks

■ Online Purchases Also Earn Points For You

Earn gift cards online. Submit your eReceipts, earn points and save money every time you make purchases from popular online retailers like:

~ Amazon
~ Walmart
~ UberEats
~ Target
~ Best Buy
~ And dozens more!

■ Get Extra Points on 500+ Popular Brands
Fetch partners with tons of popular brands to help you earn more eRewards on your favorite stuff. You’ll earn points no matter what you buy, but you’ll get extra points when you buy from popular brands like Colgate, Ben & Jerry’s, Pepsi, and more!

■ Earn Points Fast, with Special Offers
Special Offers reward you with tons of points for buying specific items, shopping at certain stores, and eating at popular restaurants. We update your Special Offers daily, so there are always new ways to save on your favorites, discover new products and score more rewards.

■ Earn Free Gift Cards with Fetch
Easily redeem points for your favorite rewards. Earn Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, eBay gift cards, PSN gift cards, and more! Turn your receipts into cash, coffee, Uber rides, flights: whatever you’d like!

■ Get Your Favorites from the Google Play Store
Use points to get free Google Play Store gift cards that can be used to purchase movies, music, apps, and in-game currency like Robux, PokéCoins, and more!

■ Use Your Points for Good By Donating Them to a Charity
Want to use your points to help others in need? Redeem points for donations to a charity of your choice. Choose from organizations like the American Red Cross, Girls Who Code, NAACP, and dozens more.

■ Unlock More Savings with Fetch Clubs
With Fetch, you’ll have access to Clubs like Huggies Rewards+ and Pepsi Tasty Rewards. Clubs help you earn more points and give you access to exclusive content and giveaways. New, exciting clubs are right around the corner!

~ General Mills Good Rewards
Treat yourself to offers and content from your favorite General Mills brands

~ Huggies Rewards+
Earn extra rewards on every Huggies purchase, like diapers and baby wipes!

~ Pepsi Tasty Rewards
Unlock exclusive recipes, giveaways & more!

■ Earn a Ton of Points | Refer Friends, Enter Sweepstakes & More
You can earn thousands of points by referring friends to Fetch. You’ll get at least 2,000 points when someone signs up using your referral code, and snaps their first receipt.

Fetch sweepstakes, giveaways, and in-app experiences give you even more ways to earn points that you can use for free gift cards.

■ Connect with Friends & Family
Now, you can Fetch with all of your friends! Compete in our monthly Leaderboard challenges, keep up with your friends’ points activity, and more.


Some app updates are like seeing the ocean for the first time. Others are like finding a quarter in your pants on laundry day. The ocean is incredible, but surprise pocket change is cool too.

This is a free quarter kind of update. Nothing flashy, just a few bug fixes and UI improvements that make Fetch a little better. Enjoy.


56 comentarios en "Fetch: Have Fun, Save Money 2022"

  1. I love the new “spin the wheel for free points” feature. One big problem with it! It’s not easy to always upload my receipts at exactly the same time everyday. You have the spin set up to only work twenty-four hours apart. That makes it really inconvenient. It would REALLY, REALLY, making a lot easier and more convenient if it was set up so it worked one time, any time, during the 24 hours!

  2. JenLuvs dice:

    The app works, but it seems like the cost of points has went way up. It was 10k points for $10 and now it is 12,500 points. That’s a lot. I do like the spin feature, it helps a little. Need more email options. Can only use Amazon unless you’re one of the lucky ones to have specific emails only. You lose out on a LOT of receipts just because you can’t use your emails. I can on every single app that I use except this one. It does pay out but it takes a long time.

  3. H. Mungo dice:

    The app is fantastic if you have a paper receipt ONLY! Shopping online only works with Amazon. All other retailers that they list as participants do not work. It is a hassle to contact support for only 25 points or so added. It has never worked for me and I have been using this app for over a year. I have troubleshoot many many times and it does not work. If/when they get that fixed….it would be fantastic!

  4. The app is easy to use for the most part. The customer service experiences have been disappointing. I wouldn’t recommend it. Fetch has started limiting the rewards, meaning you are only allowed the “bonus” points for certain items available once, when previously, was allowed to collect those points on multiple receipts. I’ve been using the app for some time and have only become more disappointed with it.

  5. I love using this app! But sometimes, I’ll scan a receipt, and it won’t register that I bought something to get extra points for. So I will have to then go in and correct the receipt to make sure I get the points. It also glitches out so much with the digital receipts. I have kids and do a lot of Amazon and grocery store pick-ups, and half the time, it won’t collect my digital receipts telling me there are none when, in fact there are several. That gets very frustrating!

  6. I’ve been scanning receipts for over a year now, but I’ve yet to turn in my approximately 20,000 points. I honestly thought I’d have earned more by now since we submit about 2-5 receipts weekly. I guess we just don’t happen to hit many of their ‘big score’ items. 🤷🏼 We’ll keep trying! I’ve nothing negative, overall to note as it’s a very easy-to-use, simple app.

  7. The e-receipt program is unstable. Sometimes, it’ll read my emailed receipts, but hardly ever lately. It NEVER reads my receipts from Sam’s Club-which is where the vast majority of my bonus points would come from. I have reached out to customer service several times about the Sam’s Club issue, but their solution never works. I always have to end up emailing them a copy of my receipt. This is time-consuming and frustrating. Why can’t this issue be fixed?? It makes me want to delete the app!!!

  8. I used to like it but now it’s worthless. I’ve had this for a few years and in the beginning it would automatically detect the Walmart receipts that I get from Walmart. When I do an online pickup order. I do 90% of my shopping there. Lately, I haven’t been getting any credit and when I come to customer service they walk me through a very long process of clearing my chrome cache, uninstalling and reinstalling disconnecting reconnecting and it’s too much work every single time to detect the email

  9. I first rated this app 5 stars in 2019, it was always on point with electronic receipts and Amazon. Now I have jumped through the hoops of installing and reinstalling, reaching out for support jumping through their hoops to try and fix it. Just for it to never work. If you don’t have a paper receipt anymore this app isn’t for you and unfortunately most of my purchases are made online. They also changed the rewards system and it costs more for the same gift cards.

  10. Ryvr Gray dice:

    It’s nice when it works, turn in points for decent things.I’ve had to correct receipts multiple times and scan the barcodes to match. When I resubmitted the first few times would give me the points but the last 3 times it would not. I’ve resubmitted one receipt twice with corrections, nothing. No update with the correction, no points for specials listed. When the barcode isn’t recognized, you have to look it up but good luck finding it. Won’t register brand or description. Gets frustrating.

  11. This was great when I first started using it. Now it no longer logs my ereciepts despite doing what the troubleshooting says to do and doing a complete reinstall. I’ve contacted support and they’ve been great to put in the few receipts I had, but I don’t want to contact them each time…and most of my shopping is done online. I see others with this issue, I hope this bug is being looked at!

  12. I’m having problems with the app scanning my e-receipts on my email account. It has not picked up any e receipts from my email account. Ever since they updated the app, it has not been working properly on the e receipts. It’s very confusing and frustrating when you have to screenshot each receipt in order to get points. Then you have to remember what items that you’re getting points for. It’s very time consuming. When you have a lot of receipts. Please fix the problem. Thank you

  13. I used to love this app. Like many reviews before mine, something happened last month and I’m no longer able to get it to scan my email for receipts. When I do, I have to unlink my Amazon account, and it still doesn’t pick up all of the receipts. And yes, before anyone responds, I have done all of the steps in support and still nothing. It seems like everyone has and still doesn’t get the issue fixed! Until then, my rating stays as is!!!

  14. B H dice:

    I love fetch! my only issues are that online grocery orders don’t upload like they used to. so it takes a lot of time to get the points I should be getting bc of it. another downfall is that it doesn’t always catch the right brands. so I have to email again and hope they fixed it. There’s 2 issues I hope to see fixed bc this app is amazing other than that!

  15. Tammy dice:

    Update: I no longer am able to get ANY e-receipts. They (customer service) do not help or fix the issues. They just read a script even if you tell the steps you’ve already. Yes, I have cleared my cache, uninstalled/reinstalled, all the steps it tells you to in the help guide. I have to contact customer service to get my bigger points and that is jumping through a lot of hoops.

  16. I really love this app and the changes they have made. When I first used this app you could only scan grocery and hardware stores which was a bummer at the time. However, they have revamped it and now you can scan all receipts (clothes/make up stores, grocery, hardware stores etc, Amazon and online receipts) and it is so fun being able to rack up points by scanning in any and all receipts within 14 days. I highly recommend everyone use it.

  17. Eric Boy dice:

    I have had a satisfactory experience for my time I’ve been using the app. I like the user friendly snap feature for receipts. However, I tried to take advantage of a special offer for spirits. After snapping a picture and submitting, I noticed that I didn’t receive the proper allotment. I used the Contact Us feature, sending a picture of the product and the receipt. I have yet to hear back from anyone or receive the proper allotment of credits

  18. No paper reciept? No way to get points without scanning a paper reciept and don’t bother trying to get points by linking your email. If you use an app to pay in-store, and don’t get a paper reciept, no way to get points on those, either. Redeeming points takes 72 hours. Really… There are better apps out there that reward you immediately. Go with literally any one of those, and don’t waste your time on this one. I’ve used it for years, and it just keeps getting worse.

  19. This app is dysfunctional, it doesn’t read any eReceipts nor read scanned receipts correctly. I have to go in and manually make corrections on the receipts I scan, and most of the time it doesn’t accept the corrections and I don’t get the correct amount of points. This has been going on for months now, I have contacted technical support several times about these issues, and it still hasn’t been resolved.

  20. Bj Staggs dice:

    I’m not pleased with this app at all! I have used Fetch for several years with no issues until recently. I had scanned a receipt and received an error message, so I scanned again. Instead of reaching out to me, Fetch deactivated my account, stating I was in the wrong. The part that infuriates me is that I had been saving my points for a while now, and just like that, they are gone. I will NEVER recommend Fetch to anyone!

  21. I love this app!!! Recently though I have had problems getting my points because of the lag in the app being able to take Ereceipts from places such as Walmart and Walgreens where it is sent to my store app and downloaded to my phone. Also, they have raised the amount of points needed to acquire a gift card from some of the most popular retailers. I look forward to a couple of possible changes/improvements in the future. Despite my comments the app is great fun and worth the effort. Recommend 😊

  22. Lee dice:

    All of a sudden over the last month or so it will not scan any of my e receipts. It just says scanning for receipt and 0% with the progress line that does not move at all and it gets frozen in the app and I have manually close out the app. I’ve never had a problem with getting my e receipts before but the last month to 2 months it just will not work and I’ve tried on several different Android devices.

  23. ItsMe-Kuh dice:

    I personally feel that it shouldn’t take almost a year to build up $10. If we’re able to receive more than just a dollar per every 1k pts, I think the app would have better ratings. I mean, let’s be real. With the way the cost of things, including food, has gone up, I’m pretty positive no ones doing much shopping to be able to get Fetch pts that actually make them jump for joy. How about giving half of the purchase price in pts, i.e.,if my purchase amnt is $140 the Fetch points are 70.

  24. According to playstore this app has worked out all the kinks and glitches but so far in my experience it has not. Snapping receipts is not a problem, Amazon mostly goes through as long as I disconnect and reconnect. But none of my Walmart on-line (which I use weekly) seems to go through and it’s hit or miss with other on-line shopping. I keep trying though.

  25. Issue appears resolved: This app is usually very great. But now neither digital or physical receipts upload. Every time I enter in a physical receipt, they app prompts me to put in the name of the store, the time of purchase, the date and the amount. This is on pretty standard stores too, such as big chain, grocery stores and Target. But even when I enter the information manually, it doesn’t save the information and is not currently responsive. I hope they release an update soon to fix this.

  26. Buggy, inaccurate app. Great for those doing a lot of in-person shopping/ paying. If you pay online a lot, the system doesn’t accurately capture your receipts at all times. My Fetch has an issue with e-receipts and the system sometimes doesn’t process the e-receipt until after the 14 days when I’m trying to capture new receipts. It also doesn’t recognize all e-receipts and you can’t submit them differently. I will be leaving this app. Not desperate for gift cards when I clearly spend money.

  27. Was good in the beginning, but then my ereciepts malfunctioned, and since I do 99% of my shopping as pickup or shipping this app has now become useless to me. I have tried everything. I followed all their steps to fix it, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app a countless number of times. I disconnected the accounts for hours, cleared all the data, hard stopped the app, and still it says no new orders. Customer service was of no help. Very disappointed.

  28. Love the new spin the wheel feature, it adds a tiny bit extra to your points, but still haven’t won any big amount (won 75 bonus points once, but before that it was 10-25 points). The redemption of cards could have a little more clarification on how to redeem as well, but overall (so far) I like the app. I haven’t claimed any rewards yet, helped my mother figure it out once, but it seems to pay off pretty well!! 🤍🤍🤍

  29. the app works great, and it is an easy process to redeem your points for rewards/gift cards. it doesn’t really take long either. the selection of rewards is good to. I could earn faster if I did a better job with my receipts but thats on me. I think it took like a day or 2 to get the reward after you request it so don’t count on it to be immediate. I would recommend and have which you can also get huge points for.

  30. Really enjoying this easy way to get rewards last year! Dinner, clothing! This year I notice it takes more points to get a gift card than last year 🙁 Also, on more products, you now have to buy more than one or have a dollar limit 🙁 And, so many of the “special”/extra points items are beauty products, pet products, or junk food (of which I use none or very few) 🙁 This is slowly going down hill for me. I probably won’t be touting it to my friends as much as I did last year 🙁

  31. All of a sudden, I can no longer open the app. I just get the purple background with the yellow dog. I’ve also had issues lately with the app not “fetching” the receipts from either one of my email accounts. I just did the app update in the Google Play store, but I’m still not having any luck getting the app to open. Android version 13.

  32. I would love it if this app took all kinds of receipts. I can’t take snapshots of my online target purchases. The receipts look like invoice instead of the typical receipt. It’s sad because I spend most of my money there and I cant even get credit for it. Also you can only connect gmail emails to this app. I mainly use my outlook email. UPDATE: The app has finally added additional email options but you don’t get credit for all electronic receipts. This is also very disappointing.

  33. Demi Papa dice:

    This app has to be rigged, there’s no other answer! It works fine until u reach a certain amount of points and then it doesn’t read your email or amazon, and it won’t even allowed you to snap a receipt. It freezes halfway through or it doesn’t even open at all. You can’t even convince me it’s a glitch because it doesn’t take months to fix a glitch. Cashing in whatever points I have and deleting this app. It’s a waste of time and it’s frustrating because they have u loosing points intentionally.

  34. This app use to be amazing… but in the past 2 months or so my e-receipts including my Amazon haven’t registered AT ALL. Yes I’ve troubleshooted, installed and reinstalled, reconnected everything… and it still doesn’t work. It was easy to scan but it’s time consuming to contact support and email then all the receipts when it use to literally just be a tap of a button

  35. Christian dice:

    App is basically useless now. Hasn’t scanned digital receipts in nearly a month. Contacted customer service and did the troubleshooting. Still broken. They added some receipts I sent them but not Amazon. I have new receipts from today and it’s still not working. Also they have increased the amount of pints you need to get a reward by a lot. Probably will uninstall. It’s not worth the trouble.

  36. Constant glitching and having to jump through hoops to uninstall, reinstall, clear cache, etc etc etc. I’ve had it for about a week and I’ve had about 5 hours of time with the support team already. Totally not worth the trouble. I’m going to get to my 10,000 points and then I’m out. I would not recommend this app to anyone.

  37. It used to be way better when you could scan receipts AND their system would automatically give points for online buys. For months, the latter has constantly been a problem for me and talking to support seems to be a pulling-teeth battle just to get points for my purchases. Yeah the little game they added gives a few little extra points, is cute and colorful but since the e-receipt fails (after installing, uninstalling, deleting data/cache etc and still not populating e-receipts) it’s just ok.

  38. The app doesn’t always give you the points for receipts that are uploaded. I made the receipt corrections the same day. Right after uploading the receipt. But if the app is not able to read part of the information, even after you put it in manually, it doesn’t give you the points. After contacting customer support, all they said is that the receipt upload is “too old” (from 1-2 weeks old) and gave me 100 points as “reward”. This same issue has happened with several receipts I’ve uploaded.

  39. I haven’t come across adds while using the app. Super easy to use, literally just snap a picture of a receipt and done, it adds the points on its own. The only thing I would like added would be consideration for people who are allergic to some products for alternative suggestions. Ex: I’m allergic to wheat, so when a “special offer” comes through about buying a specific brand of bagels with cream cheese, I can’t buy them because I’m allergic to them.

  40. Loved the app, but while out of town as a caregiver, it stopped working. I have tried to contact cs to no avail. I have even taken screenshots to show messages I was receiving. Not a peep. Then I received notice about upcoming events and games. I tried responding to that. Get you have replied to an email that does not respond. Not very techie, but if you can send ads why can’t you respond to my plea for help through cs link. It’s been a month & 3000 points are now gone…

  41. Great app to earn money by just scanning receipts, but it’s not great if you use grocery pickup at all. It doesn’t ever connect properly so I miss out on a lot of points from those orders. It is nice to get something back from other regular shopping trips though. I’ve earned lots and will keep using it, just wish it worked as advertised. It would be a lot better, and has great potential.

  42. Ms Map dice:

    Ever since they added the option to connect to a Walmart account it stopped scanning my emails for whatever reason. I’ve missed out on points from a good 100 receipts. When I contact customer service all they want to do is know what email I want to use so they can connect my fetch account to it for me, but it is connected to my email. That isn’t this issue. It simply won’t work. Plus, it’s annoying how CS assume you just don’t know how to use the app. I was using it just fine until the update.

  43. It’s great, the offers. I have issue after issue with the app. I’ve lost so much, in regards to the coins. A lot of the time, the app will not pull receipts for Amazon purchases and other online purchases. The app I enjoy, I do. Something just has to be changed. Maybe IT* can step-in. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall. But I still use it, so that says something

  44. D Walker dice:

    Sucks, quite frankly. More often than not, the scans don’t work, and don’t catch the “fantastic” high point promotions they have running. I’ve lost track of the # of times I’ve had to contact customer service re: reciepts I’ve scanned that didn’t credit points for stuff I bought specifically because of promos. It’s more hassle than it’s worth, they keep raising the points needed for gift cards, its just a big marketing/info selling scam.

  45. Kate dice:

    The idea is great, but the app doesn’t always find my Amazon and e-receipts. Sometimes it does, but sometimes it doesn’t see any. It’s always at the most convenient receipts too. The ones that will rack up the most points. Then when you email them about the issue there’s a long list of reasons why they can’t accept your proof of purchasing the items to get the points. I will keep the app for a while, but it’s insanely frustrating.

  46. Not working. For the past two weeks every time I open the app., it will not load. I get a pop up saying “oops something went wrong. Try again later” I can not get into the app, to do the troubleshooting or any other steps that I read to try. It builds me such little points as is, it sucks to miss being able to enter receipts all the days it app doesn’t open. It takes me months of one a day, too earn $10. The points are barely worth the effort and now it won’t open.

  47. I’ve been using this app for a while now. It pays out timely and is easy to accumulate points…when the app isn’t glitching. I’ve had nothing, but trouble with it as of recently. Also certain receipts like advanced auto parts it won’t read or accept for some reason along with a few other stores. That’s as of just recently also. They’ve now changed cash out points. It requires a good bit more points now. Bummer. This was a half decent app at one time.

  48. Love this app, but keep having issues with the ereceipts. No matter how many times I uninstall the app and reconnect my email, it continues to be an issue. I’ve had to send tickets multiple times to recieve points for my ereceipts. Update: I did all the troubleshooting and still NO HELP. Everytime I make a purchase online I have to go through the inconvenience of contacting support to help. This time, they were in so big if a rush that they missed half the items on my receipt . 😫

  49. I’m annoyed you’re limited with email addresses when not everything is listed under one email. It only gets Amazon orders, it stopped getting Walmart orders over a month ago. Have yet to use my points… hope that works when i do. Edit: troubleshooting is a joke, they are no help in email except ” here’s the troubleshooting page.” The reply I received when it didn’t work ” oh well, keep trying. We are aware of the issue.” You guys are helpful.

  50. Although I have my email setup to scan e-receipts none of the e-receipts are actually scanning into my point system. Bummer. As of late oh, I have been scanning receipts and a pop-up window follows asking me to data entry the item that should have been captured on the scan. Bummer again. If this continues I will delete the app. Nobody has time for that!

  51. I agree with another post, good luck getting points from advertised brands. I’ve been working with customer support for days, sent my screenshots and now they say it’s past 30 days so too bad. I reached out within that time frame. I started the process days ago. Followed all support directions, didn’t work. Too bad for me I guess. When they post their “nice” message about send details and we will get you your points, don’t believe it! For me, it only works with Amazon and occasionally eBay.

  52. I loved Fetch until recently. For the last month or two, my Safeway drive up and go receipts haven’t been recognized. I performed the android troubleshooting steps to fix. The first time it worked beautifully. The 2nd, third and fourth time it didn’t. Twice, Fetch has had to manually enter my receipt screen shots to get my points. Fetch is a wonderful app with excellent customer service but lately the app hasn’t worked as I expected. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  53. Never had a problem until today. Every receipt I try to upload, it’s registering every requirement when captured, but then it brings up a “additional info” box asking for info I’ve never had to enter (time on receipt, has never been asked even if it couldn’t read something) but after entering what it asks for, “done” doesn’t close the box or even act as those any data has been given. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s still happening. This is ridiculous!!!

  54. K G dice:

    My biggest issue is no matter how many times I’ve tried to sync my email, Fetch will not pull my email receipts. It’s frustrating because I do quite a bit of online shopping. I’ve contacted support to no avail. I do think the free spin should be any one time during the 24 hours, not 24 hours exactly apart. But they’re free points, so I’m not stressing over that part.

  55. The trade in value for points has gone down, which is a shame. what used to be a straightforward exchange of points, (i.e. 10,000pts=$10giftcard) now requires 1-2,000 points extra depending on the card. I’d like to think that they’ll make point earning opportunities more plentiful to offset this but we all know that’s not going to be the case as the reason for this spike is due to greed. was a good app while it was new & unheard of, but it looks like it’s going to start going downhill. Bummer.

  56. I use to love the app, but now it’s only worth using with paper receipts. It suddenly stopped recognizing any of my ereceipts. I followed their “troubleshooting” instructions and still no luck. The only solution they offer is to send them screenshots of a full order. Who wants to send a million screenshots for one $200+ Walmart grocery order? Not me. That’s not convenient at all. They need to fix whatever connectivity issue they’re having.

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