Zip previously Quadpay. Buy now, pay later in four MODDED 2022


Split any purchase into 4 installments. Zero interest, no hard credit check.
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Zip (previously Quadpay) gives savvy shoppers more freedom and flexibility to buy now, pay later anywhere with the app. There’s no hard credit check, zero interest, and no impact on your credit score. Split your purchase into 4 easy installments and pay over 6 weeks. It’s a smarter way to shop and stretch your funds.

Buy now, pay later: shop your favorite brands and pay with your linked account in 4 installments over 6 weeks. Get an instant decision*, with no application forms or hassle.

Install our app and use Zip (previously Quadpay) anywhere you shop — whether online or in-store. To make payment seamless, add Zip to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay for easy access.

Our buy now, pay later platform helps you shop smartly. There’s no hard credit check when you use Zip (previously Quadpay). Which means no impact on your credit score — ever. We’ll let you know when installments are due so you’re on top of every payment & purchase.


Install the app and link your payment card to start shopping.
Browse our directory of merchants, or make purchases directly with the Zip (previously Quadpay) app anywhere that accepts Visa.
Enter the amount you’d like to spend (including any taxes or shipping costs!).
Your purchase will be split into 4 easy installments over 6 weeks. Easily track your spending, view transaction history, and manage open payments in the app.
Update or change your account details, including payment method, any time.
Get answers to frequently asked questions and contact our support team directly from the app.


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*eligibility criteria apply


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40 comentarios en "Zip previously Quadpay. Buy now, pay later in four MODDED 2022"

  1. Make sure to enter your information PERFECTLY or else you’ll be auto rejected with no chance to try again. While trying to upload my identifying documents I accidentally pressed the back button too many times, which I guess cancelled the upload, and it took me to the home page. A screen showed up saying I was rejected. When I contacted customer service to fix this so that I could actually upload the picture this time, they told me that once you’re rejected that’s it, app issue or not.

  2. Okay option for financing purchases, not my first choice. Tried to do the in store thing and it wouldn’t let me. Something about my identity. I emailed support and was told just to stay off the app for a period of time because there were too many logins. Not sure why when I had just logged in the once. Then when I got back on, turns out I was 2 hours late for a payment, literally it was 2am the day after, and I got charged a $7 late fee.

  3. Upgraded to 4 stars from 3 because it works out well when it does. The only reason why its not 5 stars is because they start you off with only $50, then you can build it up by fulfilling purchases and it goes back down to $50 if youre not using it. Makes sense financially for them but I hesitate to use Zip again if I have to start at $50 again just to buy random stuff thats around $50 to start building it up again. I was at $150 in zip then it dropped to $50.

  4. Upset since the Zip Pay was working for a while, now every time I try to make a purchase, it gives me an error saying “something went wrong” when I have a ton of “spending power”. But yet I can’t make any purchases. I’ve done everything under the sun, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, cleared the cache, tried it on my laptop and same issues as everyone else is having. This isn’t really cool with how many issues this app is having.

  5. Love Zip! It’s perfect for those inessential, yet “gotta have it” indulgences that I can’t justify charging and paying interest on for ages. Quick, easy… buy whatever from wherever with their generate 1 time account number feature through the Zip app. Overall, great way to fit larger purchases into my tight, biweekly pay budget. And the finance charge is tiny… around $4 on my last purchase. Now that I can justify. Fabulous for cleaning up on epic sales when they happen to occur when broke!!

  6. Almost impossible to make payments early. You have to go through a whole process of clearing cache, restarting phone, and sometimes that doesn’t even work. When this first began not working months ago, I overlooked this issue as I thought it would be fixed. Months later still broken. Klarna is never a problem. It’s been broken for many months now.

  7. This has been a great way to purchase some items I needed in short order, but didn’t have the cash or available credit line to purchase. It would be nice if they reviewed your line of credit and offered increases more regularly, though. I’ve been with Zip since it was still Quadpay (maybe about a year or more) and I have still to get an increase. I thought purchasing often and paying of quickly would help, but no dice.

  8. Being able to pay in small payments is nice. But I have a feeling it was better when it was Quadpay. My spending limit has not increased even a dollar, and the more I look into things, many people are having similar issues. I was trying to build spending power, because I need a new computer, but this is a waste of my time. $50 spending power is useless.

  9. Like many others, I’m encountering errors with the app. I have never been late, paid early, have available balance, but every time I try to process, the app glitches (paying online gets stuck in a loop, creating a pay in store card gives a “something went wrong, try again later”) customer service through the app was slow and, quite frankly, useless.

  10. It actually worked great with Sally’s, but with Amazon it’s a whole compicated ordeal. I might try it again at another store but after reading such negative reviews about customer service it makes me hesitant. Edit; It’s been a whole year since my last review and I am having the same issues! I was able to complete an amazing order but I feel like it took FOREVER and I wasn’t even sure the order went through until I recovered a confirmation text about an hour later.

  11. Hands down the best “pay in 4” app there is…and I have tried them all. They are honest & straightforward about everything. I really like how they give you the exact credit back to use again for whatever you are paying on. Really has helped me purchase things that I normally would not be able to afford. If I had to pick one thing that needs improvement it would be the ability to raise credit limit over time. I have been a responsible zip user and it seems I am maxed out at $200 limit.

  12. The app crashes a lot, I haven’t been able to use it in store at all. And now I can’t place another order even though I have purchasing power. After my last payment I will not be using zip anymore, it’s too many other options out there. Customer service responds but nothing gets fixed just a bunch of run around talk. I’ve had some kind of issue with Zip since I got it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY.

  13. Zip app is a necessary app to have. Very user friendly and convenient. Zip made it possible to afford something that I wasn’t able to, by breaking the amount up into 4 payments, with one up front and payments that I can pay down over the next 6 weeks. There was no difficulties using this app and I recommend this app if you have an expense that you may need extra time to pay.

  14. Zip is great!! By breaking purchases into four payments it really does make life so much easier. Also they have wonderful customer service. I was able to reschedule my payment date when I had card issues at the last minute. Very understanding and helpful. Highly recommend using this payment option.

  15. I’m having too many issues lately. It’s not recognizing my payments but withdraws the money from my card. It seems to freeze on certain pages in the app. It is taking forever to recieve credits for canceled or refunded items. I’m just disappointed because it was working so well. Now I have more issues. Not enough time in my day to sit and hold to find out what’s Happening i with my account. I have a full plate everyday. To address these issues by chat seen to take up alot of time to no resolve.

  16. When trying to buy something and you input the amount, it immediately doesn’t work & takes you back to the home page. Does the same on my ipad. This tells me it’s an app glitch. I see a few others here have the same problem as me. It simply won’t load the zip payment option which breaks down the cost & shows you the 1st down payment. Please fix asap or this app & my account is useless. Thanks

  17. Don B dice:

    I’ve used zip a lot. It’s nice to have things spread out over payments And that you can use it almost anywhere. The only thing I would suggest, is the ability to pay the difference between what your allowed to spend and your total bill. It stinks that for $2 you can be denied that ability to purchase over time.

  18. So far so good. It’s an easy to use, pretty intuitive app that is a great way to shop if you have a weekly budget like I do. It’s a great way to shop even if you don’t use a budget. You can basically buy what was previously unattainable by splitting it into easily digestible payments, based on your total funds available. So far, I don’t see any extra strings attached. I would recommend to a friend.

  19. Carmen R. dice:

    What I like about this is that the system is easy to use and there is only a small additional fee that’s not randomly thrown at you in the end. You are warned about it and how much the fee is. I enjoy the payment system and how it adds the schedule to my calendar so I don’t forget payments. There’s more financial freedom in what you choose to pay with and that’s nice. Overall I really enjoy Zip and I’ve had no issues thus far or anything to suggest for changes right now.

  20. The app has become almost unusable. I have a S21 & the app is updated. I can’t create new temp cards (even though nearly my full balance available). Instead, it reads: “Something Went Wrong” & indicates I should try back later. I have tried on 4 different days, at 3 different locations. It has the same issues everywhere. Their “Live Chat” takes hours to respond, and only to asked for pics of the issue. Tried to send, but the app also reads “denied”, when all permissions are approved.

  21. Coraima dice:

    This app is really annoying. Before it was easy to use. Fast and reflected my payments instantly. I have to try logging in so many times because it stays on the loading page. When I make payments it also stays on the loading page. I have to exit cause its not doing anything, but only when I see the ammont has been taken out my bank but even then it takes a long time for it to reflect on zip. Which makes me worried cause if its due that day and still say I owe will it automatically charge again?

  22. I liked this app a lot and normally have no issues but I had an account connection error for almost 60 days, finally connected it and today it took every single payment out at once and cleared all of the money I had for the rest of the week to survive; literally 400 dollars in payments and fees in the span of 15 minutes. Not a great thing to experience.

  23. The app is very easy to use with an intuitive interface. I love it. BUT…. 1. I can’t locate a place where my virtual card is except when attempting to pruchase an item from the zip app. Most of the time I don’t use the app for purchases. I suggest a spot for virtual cars past and current. 2. For all you Gen z people, the app is slower than anything I’ve ever seen. It’s like Windows XP slow. What a shame. 3. For goodness sakes can we get some google app integration?

  24. This app is amazing! Super easy, very convenient and it’s not just a one time deal. It basically gives you a revolving credit line to use almost EVERYWHERE from Amazon to Walmart and everything in between. No fees that I have seen, you pay 1/4 of the total price and then make 3 more payments biweekly. It’s been so much help I am just thrilled! Get it and try it, you won’t be disappointed!

  25. Mike Wash dice:

    .Things were going smoothly as far as first couple of transactions. Now, I tried to make a purchase online, and it got denied repeatedly, saying that the purchase was declined. It keeps saying to check the default payment method, but that’s not the issue. Then, I was told that my account was on hold and that I could no longer use it, with NO EXPLANATION. Lastly, the option to allow storage permission for the app isn’t on there. Overall, a good experience turned HORRIBLE.

  26. My wife and I have been using klarna for a while and have decided to try zip as well. We have used zip plenty. My only complaint, and it’s a big one hence the 2 stars, is that the app is incredibly slow and glitchy, no matter how good the internet connection is. It’s like it’s the 90s and I’m using dial up. It’s extremely frustrating. Fix it please.

  27. Made back to back purchases, paying on time and sometimes early, for a year, and still stuck with a useless $150 limit. When that issue is brought up, you get a copy and paste answer about an algorithm. They seemingly have no desire to fix the algorithm issue that prevents people from getting increases either. Fixed the issue myself by having customer service cancel my account and using a competitor’s service instead.

  28. This is an excellent app. All payment dates are clear so there is never a surprise withdrawal from your account. They work with a ton of companies and sites so options for shopping are nearly limitless. Perfect for emergency needs before payday. I only wish that my spending amount and payments reflected back on my credit score.

  29. I’m being charged too much for a purchased I called customer service and after about 2 weeks I received a refund (the difference of the wrong total) but the installment are not correct!! My total was $32 …$32 divided by 4 is not $14.21!!! I’ve been trying to contact them to get the right amount and the charged me a $7 late fee!! IM DONE!! with this app once the figured it out! How you gonna penalize me for your mistake?!

  30. Alaana dice:

    It’s good I had a bad experience with loging in to my account but they fixed it. I say 4 stars because this is the only app I found that lets you pay easily for anything not just specific stores. To give it five stars in the future I would like to see a physical card that you can get or a permanent online card. I don’t like to use the temporary card because I have to get a new card every time I make a purchase. Also I would like to be able to request to increase in spending limit.

  31. Duane M dice:

    I love zip got it back when it was quadpay and didn’t really care for it. Since Zip took over though it’s so easy to use. I will sometimes have 3 different orders just because it’s nicer and easy on my wallet to make small payments over time instead of a huge payment. The CS was friendly and outstanding both x’s i had problem. I just wish they would rise my limit with them I ve always made my payments on time and have been a loyal customer for a long time now I should qualify but still 5 stars

  32. I’ve had no issues with Zip until just recently. For 4 days now I have been unable to use any of my available funds and I receive an error message that I need to get caught up on my payments. They are all paid out AT LEAST 2 weeks ahead and I still can’t use it. I contacted customer support 3 times now and have received absolutely no help at all even AFTER PROVIDING PROOF THEY WERE PAID. I will probably be dropping zip after I complete my payments and I won’t be recommending the app.

  33. Ms. Brown dice:

    I’ve used this installment app for some time and I’ve realized that, with installment payments , your order is actually delayed until the 2nd payment is due, vs. Paying directly with a credit/debit card. Great app though, comes in handy. Just a little pointer for those new to the app.

  34. Virtual card is the worse. What’s the point of it when everytime you want to use it, your bank charges the full amount. Klarma is not like that. I’d something went wrong why would they just deny your request right then and there. And the virtual reps never know the answer. When you send an attachment they claim that they can’t see what you see. Now I’m getting hit with a bank overdraft fee. And stuck with the product. Running go to Klarma

  35. This app is painfully slow when you open and use the in-app broswer to check out. I checked out with Amazon and Homedepot and I almost kicked the dog and put a whole in the wall from throwing my phone. At least give us a clear indication that the app received our input and is processing/loading from a tap on a link, button, or inputting text.

  36. I’ve been using this app for well over a year. It works wonderfully. I’ve gotten 3 credit limit increases over this time. It really helped me while I was struggling with my credit. It is good practice for a credit card. Bear in mind this app does not help your credit, it will only hurt your credit if you don’t pay something. Over this time I have only had to return one item and they take their sweet time getting your money back to you. I will likely not be using the app anymore due to this.

  37. It’s a really great app and does what it says it does. Many times it’s turned my $300 purchase to only $75 per 2 weeks for 4 payments and ultimately saved me. The only thing that I don’t like here is that despite doing many big purchases and making reliable and even early payments for things, it takes ages to increase the spending power. And it’s not something you can try to ask for if you get a hold of their support team.

  38. Dennis B. dice:

    “Something went wrong”. I’m constantly getting this error. I have funds in the app and the bank, but its been occuring over a week now. Even eent to chat and they told me the issue is resolved. The issue isnt resolved. Funny how there’s never an issue when I make a payment, which shows my bank account is connected correctly. This app is an unreliable joke.

  39. This is a trash and service, since after the recent update to their app/service. It used to be so good, never had any issues everything worked, I was able to buy more than what was my ‘limit’ but since after their update they broke everything, I can’t purchase anything via desktop or the mobile app. And they locked me into the 200 limit. Horrible experience and their customer service sucks extreme nutmeg. Closed my account after my last order, done and done.

  40. Awesome Pay Later app! I can literally use it anywhere a credit card is accepted. Even with small business vendors, pay invoices, add it to my Google pay account, groceries, phone bills. Very versatile and customer service is great, the refund process is easy. I’ve had to be refunded when what I requested was less than what I used. Payment reminders are sent or I can pay early. The amount they give to spend is generous.this App is a must have

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