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With the Wayfair app, you’ve got all things home, right at your fingertips. It’s your on-the-go furniture store so you can get home office essentials with a single swipe, plan your home renovation when inspiration strikes, and create a registry that travels with you – all in one app. Download, shop, and save with the largest selection of furniture and decor for every style and budget.

– Save with personalized deals and free shipping over $35.*
– Explore thousands of shoppable room ideas from the kitchen to the garage.
– Find just-for-you styles for everything from pillows to flooring and way more.
– Track your order with real-time delivery updates (even on the big stuff like appliances).
– Preview products in your home with our virtual View in Room feature.
– Browse real customer reviews and photos.
– Manage your orders and get access to quick customer service.
– Create lists, 3D room layouts, wedding registries, and more.

Ready to get started? Download the Wayfair app now to create your happy place from any place.

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Thanks for using the Wayfair app! We regularly bring updates to our app that make shopping easier and more fun than ever. As exciting new features become available, we'll let you know right in the app.


44 comentarios en "Wayfair – Shop All Things Home MODDED 2022"

  1. Erin dice:

    PLEASE make it easier to unsave items from our Favorites lists!!! It’s SO infuriating to keep trying to click on the ” … ” just right to get the magical Delete message to pop-up. Trying to get it just right is nearly impossible, so hitting “…” opens the item profile over and over again!! Then finally it works. Most apps just let you click the Heart to unsave easily, like Etsy!!

  2. Amanda TerBeek dice:

    Just downloaded the app yesterday for the first time and experiencing a lot of glitches. Scrolling through search results continuously would cause a lot of lag for the images to refresh. If the screen went dark while I was scrolling and I turned it back on, I’d be at the top of the page again. The checkout screen kept refreshing and I was worried about my card being charged twice times, but thankfully it wasn’t.

  3. Kristin FOCKLER dice:

    I can always count on Wayfair to have what I’m looking for and a great variety to choose from. Sometimes I pay a little more than I would if I went out and purchased it from a box store, but the convenience is often worth it and I’m rarely disappointed with my purchase. Shipping is quick and the email/text communication in between is concise. I’ve only had to return items once and it was a fairly simple process.

  4. Leah Whitson dice:

    The app keeps crashing/won’t respond everytime I really get to shopping/browsing & adding items to my cart. So, I have to start all over again after closing it out & find the products. Wayfair is comparable to Amazon, but imo Wayfair has more stylish products and better looking images, select,etc. Now, If only I could actually make my list on the app AND purchase the items! Other than that it’s fast, easy to navigate,the open box prices are the bomb! Going to uninstall if app keeps crashing.

  5. Alisa S dice:

    Edit: Thank you for fixing this issue with the update. Next up, stop asking me to sign in to the app every hour… Previous: I don’t need every item displayed as a single icon view while browsing products, it creates way too much scrolling! Either give us the option to change our view settings, or go back to displaying items as smaller icons, please! Until this is fixed I’m going to shop elsewhere, it’s just too frustrating.

  6. You don’t need to scroll through endless amounts of items to find what you’re looking for! In every search, at the very top right of the screen is the word “filters”. Simply click on it and it allows you to narrow down your search to your heart’s galore. MY only issue with the app is that it gets glitchy and freezes up shop for too long. Plus, there is no Buy It Now feature so if you have 30+ items in your cart, your chances of scoring an open box/clearance item is basically impossible.

  7. K Smith dice:

    Ordering, Sale prices, and FREE SHIPPING make it so easy to purchase! Every item we’ve purchased has been great quality and we’ve been thrilled with all of our purchases. We generally utilize the customer reviews before confirming a purchase and that added feature is so helpful. Shipping is always right on time…never been late, but sometimes early and FREE is a very good price! Items are packaged well and we’ve not had any problems with damage. We love Wayfair for sooo many reasons!!!

  8. …It’s probably easier to use the website and just get email updates on shipping… Even though I turned off all notifications other than shipping updates, they send multiple notifications to shop, disguised as shipping updates. I only want to know about when my item leaves, arrives, or is diverted. That’s all. No need to spam me to buy more items that match with what is on its way. Uninstalling.

  9. Alex King dice:

    not possible to find item you looking for as it shows you thousands of items and you have to scroll through everything to find one item. their search engine in the app definitely not working properly, they should work on it and show customers items with exact names that we put into search engines. also most of the items are much more expensive vs Amazon or eBay. wayfair use to be much cheaper and had best deals. no more… sad.

  10. I love Wayfair. Tons of items to shop through. A wide variety of styles and prices. Super easy returns. I have yet to take issue with anything that I have bought from Wayfair. I purchase for my own personal projects as well as construction projects for flipping or renovating houses. For those that struggle with finding a style and sticking to it, you can narrow your styles choice in filters and it does the work for you. It’s an easy choice!

  11. T Howell dice:

    Just downloaded it to link my account and shop. After a search for the item I wanted, it took me to the results. Page after page of items with the pictures absolutely blank. How am I supposed to purchase anything if I have no idea what it even is? Evidently the app is defective. Uninstalling; I’ll just keep shopping at the wonderful website. Wayfair is a fantastic place to buy unique things for your home at reasonable prices, but this app clearly isn’t ready for release.

  12. Be Friend dice:

    Huge bug will cost you unexpected $$$!! First, I’ll say before this I would’ve given Wayfair 4 or 5 stars. Good products, all arrived ok, & products as expected. My last purchase I added to my cart then thought about the purchase for a while before ordering. When I hit the purchase button saw one price, when looked at invoice saw a DIFFERENT PRICE! Rep told me I was supposed to know the $$ might change while I had it in my cart. Their cart SHOULD UPDATE prices! Their program error! FIX IT!!

  13. Products are not as they appear on app, everything was two times smaller then the picture for the item on every single thing I bought. And the product description doesn’t always give the exact details, I paid $200 for what I thought was an entertainment center but ended up just being the metal door for an entertainment center. Needless to say I won’t ever use the app again.

  14. The search functionality is misleading. When searching for an item, I added a couple filters & sorted by price. This gave me 500 results (supposedly). While scrolling through the results, I realized it was actually only 20 items that was on a loop and kept repeating itself. This happened for every item I searched. Also, the photos take forever to load or don’t load at all. The app works well for tracking orders, & account info, but I stick to the website for browsing.

  15. App is pretty good, but customer service is outstanding. Based on my personal experiences and others’ it is hard to understand how they make money sometimes. (Bought backsplash tile and a few out of the two boxes we purchased were broken. They quickly replied and sent out TWO MORE boxes! Essentially all of the tile was free!) I’m a customer for life!

  16. I have been using this app for a long time. It used to be fast, responsive,easy to shop. Recently it has been running poorly and such a frustration to shop that I just give up. It now loads every page too slowly, especially the my projects page. Item picture load slowly or not at all. When attempting to view other colors of an item it just won’t work at all. Update: The problems have been fixed and The app is again smooth and easy to shop! Therefore I have changed my rating.

  17. A little slow sometimes thus the 4 stars but then again that could be my phone. To catch the good deals you have to look daily. Another reason for the 4 instead of 5- I’ll get pop-ups with a “price reduced ” but I can’t just click on the item and find it, in fact it can be almost impossible to find it again-frustrating! They have a great selection of most everything from lower end to very top of the line which is great for me. You could furnish an entire home from this app and that’s pretty much what I plan on doing! Great all overall!

  18. This app does not enhance the shopping experience at all. In fact, it makes it challenging. When I try to view any individual item, it just zooms on the stock photo of the item. I can’t view the description, details, or actually purchase anything! You’d think this would be the #1 priority for Wayfair. Stick with the website, it’s much more functional.

  19. Great selection, but the app introduces a lot of friction in the browsing flow. The image carousel for a product is very erroneous. Most of the time I can’t see images and when I do see the first image I can’t scroll through them. I am on a very high speed internet and I don’t understand the cause for this. I recently started browsing the Wayfair site on the mobile browser and it is significantly faster in loading images and more responsive.

  20. I like the app for the most part but there are two things that keep happening: Sometimes when I click on a thumbnail pic of an item in one color (blue), a different color (yellow) of the same item comes up than what was in the thumbnail. Another issue is I will be scrolling down and everything will suddenly disappear then reappear but shifted completely and I will have lost my place.

  21. Between Wayfairs’ tendency to show a different price for an item (bait and switch – on the web, too). The app will ask me to do “captchas” while I’m searching w/filtering. I’m acting suspicious. I’m logged in, too. I get a grid of images to match to a word & it just goes on & on. I never pass. It will also tell me none of the items exist after I click on items that appear in my results – once it starts-all non-existent. I think it has to do with networks but it should pick up where it left off.

  22. The app is very buggy and crashes… A LOT! It is the only app on my device that has this issue, as opposed to AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, etc. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to load enlarged item pics. It also does not always populate the ‘favorite’ indicator (the shape of a heart) when searching and viewing items… in fact it fails at this at least half of the time. It is also missing refined sorting capabilities. With all of these issues, searching for what I need is infuriating.

  23. This app should be very useful in theory, but in reality it’s so glitchy on my Pixel (running latest Android) that it’s rather unusable. The app constantly freezes, product images fail to load, the navigation bar gets stuck, filtered search results rearrange themselves randomly, and every once in a while, the app crashes and quits. The funny thing is, everything loads and functions perfectly fine on the same phone if I just go to the Wayfair website on the Chrome app.

  24. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because as I scroll through, the order of items mixes around rearranges everything as I continue to scroll. This drives me absolutely crazy as I may see something I like just below the one I’m looking at and it moves everything around. It may sound like just a little annoyance but it happens constantly! I loose track of items I want to look at. This also happens immediately after I look at or save an item. Please make this stop!

  25. Lots of products to search through but the developers need to implement away to save filtered search criteria! I just gave up because every time I hit the back button or something else… poof, all my filters gone and I have to go back and start over and re-enter them all and try to figure out where in the list I was. Too much like work and not very much fun. Also, if you try to favorite an item from the detail view, It just goes to your list page but you can’t add it to a list 🤷‍♂️

  26. It WAS a 5 star, until a couple of days ago. After software update, I can no longer track my order, a main purpose of the app for me. PLEASE FIX TRACKING ASAP. I HAVE SEVERAL ITEMS COMING…FURNITURE! I HAVE reinstalled the app. I’ve logged out and back in, I can see my orders, but when I try to track, I get a message saying “unexpected error”. This is after software updates in the beginning of January. Prior to the beginning of January 2019, I had no issues with the app on any of my phones.

  27. Shopping is great but tracking/returns a nightmare! The app is sluggish and freezes up whenever I attempt to view order history, track an order, or anything else having to do with my orders. I literally cannot process a return- the Submit Return button does not work, even after closing the app and trying 4x. Very frustrating considering how excellent the purchasing/browsing experience is. They really need to improve the customer service side and catch up with the rest of the e-world

  28. The search function is awful – filters don’t work properly. I look at a couple of items, filter for a feature I like, and end up with two items, not including the items i liked and filtered for. SO MANY notifications, and I keep turning them off, then a pop-up tells me it might be three days before the changes take effect. A week later, I’m getting multiple notifications and go to find all the notifications have been spontaneously turned back on.

  29. Too many bugs. Tried to submit feedback on the app from within the app and I could only type 1 character. Typing additional characters did nothing. When I click on wayfair ads for a particular product the app might open. If I am lucky and the app opens, it just goes to the home page and not the product I just clicked on. Also, why do I need an account just to browse? Uninstalled.

  30. They push so many notifications often in the middle of the night. I had a notification at 2:13 AM. The pictures on the app aren’t justified or rendered correctly. The tablet app version also doesn’t work well. You can turn the notifications off, but then they will email you. I think I had 7-10 notifications between email and the app in one day. Just use the browser/website. As far as the products, wayfair is alright. They normally are 5-10% higher than hay needle or walmart’s online market place, but it really depends on the deals that are going on. The user experience of this app is not good, the company is okay.

  31. I’ve had mostly positive experiences ordering from this app. There’s a problem entering the expiration date from my card, however it finally worked after about 7 attempts. This happens quite often when I need to order. At times I just call customer service when this happens. However on the positive side the application notifications are right on point. The sales are exceptional.

  32. There are some politically ignorant people who shouldn’t share their opinions. That being said, at first the app worked fine. After time, when using the filters to search for a product, the app just closes after choosing a specific item. This happened after un/reinstalling the app. Also, when using the filters to search, while scrolling down the results, the list just keeps showing the first dozen items over & over. This may be an easy fix, but frustrating in the interim.

  33. My wife and I like shopping with Wayfair, but this app gives us so much trouble. Constantly freezing, losing connection, or running with serious lag – slower than 1980s dial-up. The one-star rating is not a reflection of the products (we very much enjoy those), or past customer service (it’s been good). The low rating is solely on the frustrations of using this app.

  34. When the app works it’s great but most times it doesn’t. I have an S10+. I hit the app and many times it does not load or I get the logo and the navigation buttons but nothing works. If it does load, I can scroll through items but seeing the details does not load, white screen. To see details, I have to add it to favorites then to the cart. Once there, I can look at the details and options. Plus, it works quite slowly. I love Wayfair and their selection but the app makes shopping difficult.

  35. constantly have to uninstall and reinstall. I can use the app for a while and then it won’t let me see things that I choose or it won’t let me see my projects. I have found that if I uninstall and reinstall then I can call everything up. But what a pain to have to do this every time it jams. Otherwise absolutely love Wayfair! they have amazing products and their customer service goes above and beyond to make you happy. They just need to fix their glitches!

  36. Terrible app. I’m constantly running into various issues/bugs with the wish lists and cart. Also, I’ve noticed that a few of the prices shown on items on the search result pages are much lower than they actually are when you put them in your cart. I know sometimes it’s due to having other size/variation options available but this was not the case. I hope that it’s just another bug and not an attempt to decieve people that may not notice.

  37. Company is great, but app always glitches or can’t load. It takes FOREVER to load your shopping cart sometimes or other areas of the app. I’ve checked and it’s not at all related to internet connection. I’ll restart the app and no luck. It randomly freezes when you’re looking at a page and unfortunately you have to go through, reselect all your specifications, load everything again, and find exactly where you were before. I have yet to purchase the many items I want to because the app won’t work.

  38. Prices are never accurate. It may say $150 on the icon page, then opening the product to purchase it shows it’s actually over $200. Shipping does not update properly, you’re never notified of changes on your purchases. Delays are frequent, you’ll be waiting close to a month for something that should have been delivered in two weeks. Customer service is great though. That’s the only reason for a star.

  39. Just downloaded the app yesterday for the first time and experiencing a lot of glitches. Scrolling through search results continuously would cause a lot of lag for the images to refresh. If the screen went dark while I was scrolling and I turned it back on, I’d be at the top of the page again. The checkout screen kept refreshing and I was worried about my card being charged twice times, but thankfully it wasn’t.

  40. I love Wayfair, but the app is thoroughly frustrating. EXTREMELY sluggish when trying to swipe through pictures of products. Navigating the app is a test of patience, which I usually fail. It’s not my phone (Galaxy S10) nor my internet speeds. Definitely the app. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten so frustrated that I close the app and shop Amazon instead. Wish they would fix this.

  41. It would be nice if the app would take you straight to the item you clicked on in the social media feed. Frustrating to say the least. I usually immediately close the app and move on, because I don’t have time to search hundreds of unrelated items to find the one that caught my eye. every other app I use has that feature so it doesn’t seem to be an unrealistic request or option.

  42. I love Wayfair not just for its massive selection, but for its ability to quickly filter and find relevant items. The app historically has been a perfect extension of this. The most recent update has been a step backwards though. Most significantly, I regularly cannot access my saved lists. When I select my saved projects, it just brings up a blank screen that never populates. Very frustrating.

  43. I downloaded the app after getting a mailer saying I was pre-qualified for credit. Shortly after downloading the app, I start getting notifications and alerts like we are friends or something. I know your “sorry to hear about my experience”, and that’s fine. It’s also annoying. Sorry I did t spend any money. Had this app been way less intrusive, I may have looked at it for longer than never.

  44. Generally a great app, and it’s pretty easy to organize your ideas with their lists. It seems to have issues loading sometimes though, and sometimes when you try to save an item to a list, the list menu refuses to pop up, making it impossible to save it. The problems get worse the longer you have the app open.

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