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Top 5 reasons to download the app & save money with Deal Dash

1) Save up to 99% on your favorite brands & products
2) Win Electronics, Gift Cards, Home Items, Jewelry, Beauty, Apparel, Holiday Vacation Stays, Tools and more
3) Always free shipping, no reserve prices
4) Only brand new items with original manufacturer’s warranty
5) Everything sells from DealDash or trusted partner stock – untrusted third party sellers are NOT allowed to sell on DealDash

Bid & save on online auctions for warehouse deals, closeout auctions, manufacturer stock, overstock surplus, wholesale offers and more.

Upcoming featured Auctions:

Apple iPhone 13 Pro 5G 512GB Model
KitchenAid Mixers
Apple MacBooks
PlayStation 5 (PS5) Bundles
Gift Cards to Walmart, Target and more
… plus tens of thousands of other auctions every month!

DealDash has been in business for over 10 years, selling top name brands at deeply discounted prices.

We serve more than 20,000,000 registered shoppers and hold an A+ Rating at the Better Business Bureau.

How Does DealDash Work?

1. Browse Auctions – All items sold on DealDash are brand new and come with manufacturer warranties. DealDash works directly with leading retailers and brands and sells items from their own or their trusted partners’ warehouse stock.

2. Buy Bids – Bids allow you to participate in the auctions that enable you to save money on best-selling brand name items. You’re can purchase bids in a variety of different pack sizes. Bids can be usually purchased for less than $0.20 each.

3. Start Bidding – All auctions start at $0.00. Each bid placed adds one penny to the final price of the item. Each bid restarts the timer to 10 seconds to allow a chance for someone else to place a bid. All items are guaranteed to sell! There are never reserve prices and the items can go for as low as 99% off.

4. Win & Save Up to 99% – When no more bids are placed, the last bidder wins the auction. The winner gets the item for the discounted price and shipping is always FREE. Just like in a regular auction with no reserves, the excitement comes from the fact that any bid can be the last one!

5. What Happens If You Don’t Win? – Don’t worry! When you don’t win you can get all your bids back if you buy the item at its ‘Buy It Now & Get Your Bids Back’ price listed in the auction.

DealDash has been featured in the Financial Times, CNBC, Huffington Post and holds the highest A+ Rating at the Better Business Bureau.

Need any help with our Auctions? We have 24/7 live customer support!

Get in touch with our customer service team at


Some internal fixes. Happy bidding!


40 comentarios en "DealDash – Bid & Save Auctions MODDED"

  1. Changed from 5 stars to 2 stars. App is laggy at times, which has resulted in me losing some big auctions (i.e. Xbox Series S) due to the time left for each bid being incorrectly displayed. Free bids stopped working after 6th consecutive day (never received free bids 7th day forward). You can get stuff for pretty cheap, but just be wary of the fact that DealDash’s system is not perfect (times being lagged out especially being one of the biggest issues). Not that impressed.

  2. stressful. I see auctions for small items go for $2 or less constantly. I try to win one? it will go forever and I’ll get bid to death til I’ve got nothing left. I just had a ton of bids in an auction for it to go to someone who comes in right before the $5 cut off, while I’ve been there since 2cents. It’s unfair. for small items the cut off should be $2. Every time i finally have a lot of bids, I lose them all. It’s depressing.

  3. You can lose alot of money here as it’s addicting and you often bid and lose. You purchase bids. And it goes up a penny each bid. You can win. I’ve won a few gift cards and some products. But ultimately spent more than anything. It’s not a horrible app. But not the best either. The other night it kept glitching and I had to reset the app over and over and over. And lost money and things i was bidding on. I’ve contacted customer service for some kinda refund or credit. But have received nada

  4. Sat and watched for quite a while to get familiar.. not once did I see anybody win?! The prizes were to benefit the app, DealDash, so you’re buying bids, okay?! and a penny is added at the very last half second of each one I watched, how coincidental is that?!?! I guess you got to be quick behind-the-scenes to up the bid at the very last second.. Tophatter is the way to go, I have won many, many, many times and they are amazing, REAL, awesome items!! See ya there! Un-installing this joke!

  5. overall a fun auction app. the ads are a little misleading saying that people win high dollar items for next to nothing. in reality, the end price may be that amount however they dont account for the money you have to spend to bid on the item. even though they may be misleading with the prices, the app is a fun app and you can win items for cheap if you allow yourself time to accumulate and save up the bids. It requires patience.

  6. While in the last couple of days I’ve won a $50 bed bath & beyond gift card and a $10 walmart card, I’m still quite disappointed. First of all, in all of the commercials & advertisements I’ve seen you all show off expensive electronics (phones, tvs, laptops, etc…). However, that is definitely not the case on the app. Also, the bidding experience, at least in my point of view, is totally lacking in excitement and easiness. These things are advertised as well. I’m ust very disappointed.

  7. This bidding app is really unfair. You can have a bidder but 1,000 bids on an item. The small bidder (s) doesn’t stand a chance to win. Plus, the item up for bids, you can’t enlarge the item. So it’s hard to see it. Also, there are more ‘bidding starting soon’. There should be one page of ALL open bids. Have ‘bidding starting soon’ on a separate window.

  8. Steer clear. Might win smaller items with initial bid pack. But if you want something more significant, you need lots of time waiting for a possible slight window of opportunity or lots of bids (either buy them for $0.12-$0.15 or try to win bid packs in a bidding war). Before you know it, your bids are nearly gone and you’ve got nothing to show for it. Unless you want to go through the Buy It Now option: buying the item instead at a highly inflated price and getting back your bids. No wins here

  9. I used to love Deal Dash.. They allowed you to earn free bids to help supplement your bid pack purchases,, but they stopped that and the vast majority of items for auctions these days are bid packs… Hard to win anything since they lowered the number of items for sale at any given time, the prices have gone up. I still try once in a while, but haven’t been able to win anything in months.

  10. I really don’t think this is very beneficial system for the user. At the minimum you’ll be spending 30+ on a few hundred bids because in order to win items you need to be the last bidder. So if demand is high for the item more bids will be placed thus reducing your chances even more of being the one winner at the end. Everyone else has to go purchase more bids in an endless cycle in hopes of winning an item that they would have paid about the same for retail. To each his own but this is for me

  11. So I have been seeing all the commercials about people getting stuff for ridiculously low prices. It looked really sweet, so I downloaded the app and completed the sign up process. I was then presented with a message that I have to purchase bids in order to actually bid on items. This seemed odd, but there are plenty of businesses that do similar things so it wasn’t a big deal. Then I did the math. What a ripoff, each bid increases the price by one penny, and you can buy 600 bids for $80. That means I turn $80 into $6 just to have a chance to bid. As stated by other users, most auctions last ridiculously long making most auctions end at a price that when added to the cost of buying bids makes the item cheaper to buy in the store. I gave up at that point, it just isn’t worth it. Maybe I can find a really cool item that is worth a few hundred and get lucky enough to win it at a serious discount, but when you add the cost of the bids you had to buy(not use) to get that item, you are better off just going to Walmart.

  12. Arielle C dice:

    They make you pay up front for bids ($35 for 300 bids). It’s impossible to win anything because there are only a few auctions up at a time and every user of the app is bidding on them at the same time. They make it easy to win a few low value items at the beginning to hook you (like a pen or a $5 giftcard) its practically impossible to win anything after that unless you spend a ton of bids

  13. Ive been using the DealDash app for 2 years and find it better than the experience on my laptop. The app interface is great and easy to use. Beyond that, what you should know about DealDash is that it is very competative and you need to pay for bids. Don’t expect that you’ll always win. That said, the items are always high quality and you can get some good deals. There’s also plenty of opportunity to earn free bids, which helps.

  14. I’m going to review this beforehand. I clicked on an ad on The Weather Channel app, took a screenshot. It shows a picture of a Playstation 4 and controller for $15.73 plus free shipping. The disclaimer is “Price includes cost of bids. Bids cost up to 20c each.” I anticipated it to say “Price excludes cost of bids.” Maybe this was a mistake? I would certainly be pissed, based on the ad, if I didn’t get exactly what it says. Can you elaborate before I go down the same path as other reviewers?

  15. The very kind people at DealDash went above and beyond to help me get my money back. I had no idea they even offered it. So I couldn’t remember the original email I used, they ended up contacting me, not the other way around, it took 3 emails until they found the correct one used on the account. They also told me that u get 2 chances if u don’t win, 100% money back. They went above and beyond. What a great experience. Thank you, DealDash ❤

  16. So here’s the truth of how it works. You pay money to bid on items that if the system allows it to be your bid it stops on then you then also pay the displayed amount for that item. So yes, you pay 2 times for 1 item. Also, the system uses a threshold limit that will bot bid the item till it reaches a certain amount and then it will let you win a bid. You dont have to trust me, go check it out. Once the timer hits 2 or 1 a repeat bidder bids. This is called botting. No integrity.

  17. BEWARE This app is a SCAM! I just installed and setup. And it did steal me $78 dollars from my PayPal account without me buying anything. UPDATE: After sending message to customer support they refunded me on the amount. Which made me feel better. Not sure if it was bug on their system, but if it happens to you, contact customer service and request refund.

  18. DO NOT USE THIS APP!! More money spent than advertised. For example, you have to buy bids and the more you buy, the more it costs, sometimes more than the product. Also, if you win a bid (that’s a big IF), then you have to buy that product in addition to the money you already spent on bids. There’s a feature that doesn’t allow new bids when it reaches a certain amount, but there are robots making fake bids. I lost a lot of money that I can’t get back, most products are terrible, and I’m pissed!

  19. AMY DERY dice:

    Ok…I just spent almost 24 hours bidding on an item…I spent well over $300…and I have nothing to show for it…except a higher than normal stress level! This app is a complete sham! They have people working from the inside that either won’t allow you to win, at least not until you’ve spent way more than what the item is worth! Plus, the items are made out to sound like high end quality products…but in the end, they’re nothing more than garbage!

  20. First, the app is absolutely fine. I didn’t experience a single technical glitch my month on the app. However, it isn’t worth it to you. You have no way of seeing what kind of items are up for auction, but it isn’t worth it. You buy “bids” (the cheapest per bid that I saw was .11. IF you win an item, you pay the winning amount. If you lose, you lose the bids you used. Deal dash must be making a killing, but not such a great set up for users. BUYER/BIDDER BEWARE!

  21. Complete sham. You have to pay money to acquire bid “tokens” that allow you to participate in auctions for over priced items by no name brands. If you’re lucky enough to get an actual brand, the bidding goes on for hours or days, virtually guaranteeing you won’t win. Auctions suddenly appear on the list and then flash “such and such won for $.35” while the same item has hundreds of bids for way more money. Like a slot machine with worse odds and even worse payouts.

  22. I’ve been using this app for over 2 years and I gotta say, I’m pretty disappointed with it recently. Haven’t used it as much ever since it’s under new management with the items you can win not really being worth it. I was saving up bids for a new computer but I’ve never seen it up since last year of September. Also what happened to free auction wins? Used to love this app but recently, not very impressed and rarely see something I want to bid on. :/

  23. Originally downloaded on 5/24/22: Was excited to try, the app froze and I end up spending 75 dollars on bids I didn’t want. I have no clue how to get a refund because everything I go to the help section it freezes and I can’t seem to get it to work 🙃 if someone could reach out that’d be great! Edited 5/24/22 approx. 15 minutes later: I was able to get through to someone on the Facebook page. They helped me very efficiently and kindly so the stars go towards customer service. 🙂 thanks again!!

  24. Alan B dice:

    Scam app, using the save method as TurboTax. Had free bids, but was still charged $30 to look at a tease of what I could bid on before they all disappeared. You have to spend money to see more items that you could win with the same odds as winning the lottery.

  25. Bumpy new experience. Upon signing up, it asked for my payment info and I thought it was just to have it on file if I were to win an auction. Turns out I somehow clicked on something that charged $78 to my account. But when I contacted them they refunded the money and apologized for the misunderstanding. Just won my first item. Never been in an online auction, but I’m willing to continue trying it out

  26. C. Weber dice:

    Deceptive!! I was dumb enough to link my PayPal account to Deal Dash and without authorization they billed me for $72. I asked for refund and they said it was for a bidding packet. They refunded my money but have completely lost my trust. I don’t have oodles of money in my account to throw away and fear they could do this again. I unlinked PayPal and deleting the app.

  27. Horrible! I don’t think it’s fair by any means to have an “Auction” with no time limit or either every bidder present during bid. Not adding bids and rotating one then the next… It should be a charge for every person when the bid changes to keep in the bid! 1,000+ bids and Nothing! Everyone needs to allow one or the other to get what they really want, a choice of one option for a few days and all bids bought for a penny to stop this! I have a good mind to do a similar app, but with differences

  28. I just installed the app. I was prompted to input my credit card info and, since I thought it was just for when I actually start bidding and didn’t think anything of it, I did. The next thing I know, my account is billed $72!!! I had no idea that I had to purchase the ability to make bids. I thought it was like ebay where you pay for when you bid. No where was I informed that by inputting my credit card info I was automatically going to be billed. Don’t install the app! They don’t warn you

  29. Go to try to contact through the app cannot contact them thought I was adding a card to maybe purchase something if I liked it but ended up being forced into a 600 bid pack for 70 bucks right off the bat try to send a message at just freezes up won’t even let you try to do refund absolutely the worst app I have ever seen do not waste your time with this money trap of an app

  30. What in the world, all of the advertisements are false once you put in a few dollars you’ll start to see that the prices for something as simple as lien for your bed are priced at around $200 don’t be fooled by the advertisements nothing here is cheap all the prices are artificially inflated, probably ran by snip bots. sad. When they start offering you three times the bids for the price of one, that should be the first sign that it’s too good to be true. 66.6%

  31. I don’t like the fact that you have to buy bids in order to win!! Because you’re not technically getting a deal!! When you add up the cost you paid for the bids on top of the cost that you actually pay for the item(s) you’re actually paying the retail price or more!! And you can’t say it’s in order to make sure that you buy it bidded on items cuz it’s not like they can’t resell them?! It’s just a way for them to make more money!!! I used my free bids and uninstalled the app!!!

  32. Pretty much like Tophatter but you have to pay for bids before you can actually bid! Nice concept n all but what happens when you buy them and use them up before you even get the winning bid? You lose all the money you used to buy bids and then you need to buy more bids to continue. Right now it’s 50% off but it’s still $80 and change. Not an app I want to keep

  33. JaFooli dice:

    What is up with this app? I know I signed up and gave them my credit card, but this felt like such a scam! I bought bids, take that in, I bought bids! That too in USD which for me is more expensive since I’m in Canada. I then bid on a few things and maybe got lucky or that’s how they make you think but I won some bids from an auction and then they bring in the good items and you go all in with your bids on it and lose and get nothing! I WANT A FULL REFUND OF MY MONEY!

  34. Becareful it is very addicting! It’s fun to play and see if you could possibly win the item you really want. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. It’s a free-for-all game and there are some worthy opponents.

  35. Benny Y dice:

    Terrible. Same people win everything. You only see the same few people bidding on everything and they bid lots so you can’t win anything without spending thousands of bids to outbid them and by then might as well just buy it at a store. And the one per user makes no sense. I see this person bidding on something they already won before all the time.

  36. I have had a great experience on Deal Dash! They actually gave me all my bids back from my first bid pack, because I had not won an auction yet, so i could keep bidding and win. Well i have won 4 auctions in 1 day! Love love Deal Dash! Its fun and get great stuff at great prices

  37. RIP OFF! This is a fast way to throw away money. You pay to bid, if you can possibly win, (not sure you can), then you pay for the item. It seems that I wad automatically charged $76 to start. I have won NOTHING!!!!

  38. Is really hard to win on dealdash now. Have 500 bids and couldn’t win any items. Haven’t been back for awhile now. Some people willing to spend more than what the items worth so basically not really a deal. DD should have more limit so other can get a chance to win.

  39. L dice:

    I just signed up. The price of the bid package is outrageous!! You should have alot smaller packages for beginners. Who doesn’t even know if they’ll enjoy the app yet. If they do they can decide for themselves if they want to buy the larger packages. Closing account & uninstalling.

  40. rora r dice:

    Now that there are so many users, it’s rare to get an extemely low price on items. Don’t get me wrong, I still pay a lot less than buying elsewhere. It’s a great site, but the app is not letting me log in. It keeps saying it doesn’t recognize my log in information, but I know for a fact that it is correct.

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