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Your on-the-go companion to shop outdoor gear and apparel you love from REI.
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The REI shopping app is your on-the-go companion to shop the outdoor gear and apparel you love.

Use our app to browse, check in-store availability and buy top-brand products for your outdoor pursuits. Find classes and events to grow your skills. Get daily deals in the REI Outlet and even build your gear and apparel wish list. Save your checkout details for quick, secure ordering. Plus, select the delivery method – including free same-day pickup on most items.

Easy shopping: Search, filter and buy the gear you love right from your phone. Shipping is always free to an REI store.

Access to membership card: Check your dividend, look up your member number and save it for easy retrieval.

Check store availability: Find the products you want at a nearby REI store. You can pay online and pick up in store for free!

Scan products in-store: Scan product barcodes to view product information and customer reviews (and keep building that dream wish list).

Sales notifications: Be the first to know about REI sales (because we all love a good gear deal).

Find classes and events: Register for classes, events and outings near you. (Pro tip: many activities are free!)

Quick checkout: Save checkout details, including REI gift cards for payment, for easy, peasy purchases.

Keep your device updated with the latest Android OS version to ensure the best REI shopping experience.

When you download or use an REI app, we collect information about you as described in our privacy policy:


Hello REI Co-op Members! This release includes bug fixes and enhancements.


40 comentarios en "REI Co-op – Shop Outdoor Gear FULL"

  1. This app was really good until it started crashing if it even opened. I literally just un installed it and reinstalled it, and it won’t even open now. Un installed for now. REI let me know that they fixed the issue. I have installed it again, and it appears to be working with no issues. As far as shopping and ease of use this is one of the better apps, and REI is a great store.

  2. Provides many options for REI members. Inventory check and barcode scanner, for in store shopping. Purchase history, I believe it goes back 5 years. Create your wish lists! Items in your list get updated pricing. I love to check on my lists often during sales events! It’s fun to check the deal of the day. Also, classes are in the app too.

  3. Jarrod dice:

    (02/04/2022) updated to the third update recently, and the app still won’t launch. I’ve cleared cache, deleted the app, and reinstalled it, and it still will not open. (3/27/2022) Most recent update fixed my issues I’ve been having. The app is running mostly smoothly, though it still freezes from time to time

  4. Seems to do its job. As a co-op member, I probably could use it from time to time. But any app that overrides my expressed notification preference has to go. If you give your customer the ability to opt out of something, and you opt them back in when they’re not looking, that’s a facebook, oops I mean deceptive, way of doing business. I tried it multiple times, both logged out and logged in. Uninstalled.

  5. Pretty annoying to use. The back button almost always brings you to the home page instead of following the breadcrumbs backward. This means that if you are looking through a list of items, and hit back, you must find the list you were looking for all over again. Because the app is already kind of slow, this is very time consuming.

  6. I love the app. However, I hate the new UI. It was so much simpler to use when there was the menu in the top left ccorner. Now there’s big buttons right in the middle of the screen which is annoying because it always takes me a minute to figure out how to navigate the app. I’m not a professional, however, I have studied some app development and if I remember correctly one of the basic rules of design is to place things where users expect to find them. Other apps have menus in the left corner.

  7. For shopping the app works great and seamlessly with my account and purchases, etc, but I couldn’t complete my purchase on the app – there was no button to complete purchase, the page didn’t scroll, just a dead end once it got to my payment method. No error message or feedback if I had made a mistake, either. However, when I went to the website, my items were in the cart, and I was able to complete my purchase there. Not much help as a shopping app if you can’t actually buy anything with it!

  8. Used to be perfect, but as many other reviewers have noted, you can no longer filter by sub-categories rendering the app useless. For example, if you are looking for a mountain bike and click on the category “cycling”, you will be unable to filter to just mountain bikes. Instead you will have to wade through hundreds of cycling accessories and clothes to find a bike

  9. First, the filter feature only lets me select one item at a time. After selecting a single item, I’m taken back to the filtered products page. To make multiple filter selections is highly inefficient. After I finally select all of the filters I want and then select an item to check it out, pressing either the in-app back button or the phone back button clears all of my filters and takes be to the home screen. Then I have to go through the whole process again, or just give up. Very frustrating.

  10. App works fine and not difficult to navigate. Would like to make purchases without entering a cards security code everytime. Must be a hassle for those with multiple cards or family members using the same account especially with less than perfect memory. Having a pin feature VS a security code for each purchase/card could be better. Good that the code is required but kind of a hassle if you forgot the code or had no card access needing to make a time sensitive purchase. Customers and REI lose $

  11. Great store and great app! I suggested a change for the app and the feature was available the next day. (You can now copy the tracking ID instead of clicking the tracking button if you would like to) Way to go devs!

  12. I love REI, but I’ll be honest, I avoid this app. Order status is buried. Notifications about sales / etc take you to a blank page (with ever-wiggling compass graphic). The inbox callout never clears its red flag after you manage to find the actual message. And the worst: it relies on external browser cookies for authentication (like 2008 apps) so you’re logged out everytime your browser clears cookies, which for me is constantly. A modern app should stay logged in regardless of externalities.

  13. Tim Bundy dice:

    I can log in just fine and whenever I add something to the cart it says success but nothing ever shows and the cart always says empty.. Uninstalled and reinstalled, clear cache etc

  14. Ivette HS dice:

    Better to have the app than doing everything on the website. Except: You can’t compare items You can’t navigate by “breadcrumbs” The app freezes and I have to relaunch. Please fix the last one

  15. App does not open after initial installation. It works immediately after it’s downloaded, but after I close it and try to use it again, it won’t open. I have un-installed and re-installed a few times, and it simply doesn’t work. Total shame. Samsung S21 Ultra 5G. 2/11/22.

  16. Super easy to use. Only thing i noticed to be improved upon would be the sidebar navigation- once selecting a category/sub-catgory you have to exit out of the side bar, deselect it, and go back into the search bar. Great app though

  17. My rewards aren’t loaded. Navigation is a little weak. The description and specs arent always updated for different products or sizes. I really like the filtering features.

  18. Like others have said, app keeps crashing when I try to sign in. Makes you do multiple verify you’re not a robot image things then just closes. Tried updating the app and just made it so I got to do more images but never was able to get logged in.

  19. Whatever bug fix you released isn’t working. It continues to crash after I verify that I’m not a robot. I have uninstalled the app and re-installed it and it still doesn’t work.

  20. Have loved this app for a long time, but after the latest update it won’t open. Running Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy S10+. Update on 3/3/22: the update works great. Thanks! Now for my wishlist: I wish the app could track all purchases not just those made online. I do most of my shopping in-store.

  21. Love the app however, since my last update almost 3 weeks ago I haven’t been able to use it as it crashes upon opening. Updated on 2/4/2022 and app is still crashing. Phone states app has a bug. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing is working

  22. App used to work. It logged me out and wanted me to “verify by picking images after entering my password. Multiple attempts and an uninstall and reinstall. Still no success. Fix this REI.

  23. This app has been great and highly functional until the newest update and patch. The app has kicked me out of my account and upon trying to log in, the app crashes after completing CAPTCHA verification. Unfortunately, it’s currently unusable. Hoping for a fix soon as I use it very frequently to shop at REI!

  24. My favorite store to patronize. Prices are high but the quality of the products is second to none.

  25. As noted by others, this app remains completely bugged. I updated it to no avail. I uninstalled and reinstalled fresh. Still broken. I guess there’s still the old reliable website!

  26. As of 2/17/22, the bug still prevents the app from opening. The Google play suggests clearing the app cache but this does nothing so clearly is not the issue.

  27. Some Body dice:

    Cannot login. I enter my password then get the Google recaptcha verification image test and after going through several requests(click all boats, bikes, crosswalks, etc) the app crashes.

  28. Same as others. Attempt to login and then taken to one of those pick all of the… tests which crashes after you pick the right stuff. Guess I won’t be buying anything this weekend. 🤷🏼

  29. Chuck H. dice:

    App works OK but I detest having to sign in over and over again. I do not have another app installed that requires such frequent and redundant sign-ins. Frustrating!

  30. Very easy to navigate your way through. Easy access to descriptions and reviews. Very good photography as well.

  31. Not sure what is going on. Since updating the app it won’t open. I have tried uninstalling, and reinstalling. Hope they get this fixed soon

  32. As of 2/14/2022, the app won’t open. Tap the icon and screen flashes and says there’s a bug, even after uninstalling and reinstalling. I’d give it half a star if I could

  33. App is still broken. You keep saying there was a fix or an update. Trust me you have not updated anything. I reinstalled the app today and it’s still crashing.

  34. Probably the easiest shopping app to navigate. I wish I could choose what company ships my order, but if itxs something that I need now, I call and order.

  35. No longer able to login thru the app. Once go thur the verification process, the app will just close and account still not logged in.

  36. Awesome great deals , app is quick and responsive , I don’t understand these other reviews at all , great job , lots of selections and great shipping ! Love REI

  37. Once again, as of 2.4.2022, the app is STILL broken. If you, the reader, are reading this review, TRUST, as of today, the app will still not open. All the reviews you’re seeing with 1 star for some time should raise a red flag the app is broken and the developer can’t correct it. While Google has thousands of apps in its store, I wish they’d require apps to go through some rigorous testing before publishing onto its platform or after x amount 1 star reviews or reports and pull non-working apps.

  38. B H dice:

    not working at all. reinstalled many times. What is wrong with this app? verification step keeps looping and closed. Fix fhis.

  39. I like the app, a few hiccups now and again. You may have to refresh the screen and or add an item again, but it works as needed.

  40. Keeps crashing after Capcha when trying to login. Good way to check account and search for items.

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