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Shop deals on groceries, pet supplies, and more – all with same-day delivery.
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Shipt brings the store to your door.

Think you know grocery delivery? Think again. Shipt is committed to providing you with exceptional service, insanely fresh produce, and Shipt Shoppers you can trust. Whatever you need – it’s in the bag. Get fresh, handpicked groceries and household essentials, from beauty products, pet supplies, and alcohol*, delivered from the stores you love in as soon as 1 hour with Shipt.

To place an order on the app, enter your ZIP code and choose a store in your neighborhood. Scroll the aisles with your fingertips and add items to your cart, choose a delivery time that best fits your schedule – then relax and let our shoppers work their magic so you can have more time to do the things you love.

Through a community of Shipt Shoppers and a convenient app, Shipt provides personal shopping and same-day delivery and is available to 80% of households in more than 5,000 U.S. cities. Shipt delivers in cities like Birmingham, Alabama; San Francisco, California; Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Washington, D.C.; New York, New York; Detroit, Michigan; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Atlanta, Georgia, and many more.

Shipt Shoppers go above and beyond, communicating in real-time about preferences and substitutions. Get up-to-the-minute updates with every handpicked order, if that’s your shopping style. Leave special grocery instructions so your shopper gets exactly what you need, like perfectly ripe avocados and freckled bananas. Forgot to add something to your list? If the shopper is still in the aisles, you can still get it delivered.

We’re just as choosy with our shoppers as they are with your produce. That’s why you can always expect friendly service and fresh produce with every order. Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself and find out what 56 million 5-star reviews are saying.

“This has been an absolute blessing. It’s super reasonably priced, convenient, and reliable! I highly recommend it!” – Harvey, ★★★★★

“I LOVE this app! It’s easy to use and communication with the shoppers is a breeze. Truly life changing!” – Misty, ★★★★★

With a curated marketplace of retailers, Shipt offers access to a variety of stores and product categories including fresh foods, household essentials, wellness products, pet supplies, and alcohol* like beer, wine, and spirits, from the stores you trust. Retail partners include CVS, Harris Teeter, Publix, H-E-B, Meijer, Petco, Target, and more.

If you’re looking for convenience, Shipt delivers. Schedule same-day grocery delivery, pay, and tip – all in the app. Save time and place orders easily with go-to grocery lists and favorite items, from breakfast to dessert. On average, customers save 8 hours a month using Shipt. Have a question? Our 24/7 Support Team is ready to help.

With Shipt, you can also:
Get access to exclusive savings, coupons, and sale alerts on the items you love to order.
Reorder products from your past purchases for added convenience.
Favorite items to save time when you shop.
Leave notes on items to get exactly what you need, and how you want it.
Message your shopper to add special requests to your order.
Shop conveniently from anywhere – whether you’re home, the office, or on the road.
Discover curated seasonal product offerings from beauty, home, entertaining, and food.

Ready to browse the aisles? Your favorite local stores are only a few taps away – download the app, start your order today, and we’ll take care of the rest. For more information, visit

*Alcohol availability varies by location. You must be 21+ with a valid ID to order or receive alcohol. Shipt credits do not count toward alcohol purchases.


This update includes experience enhancements and minor bug fixes based on your feedback.

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40 comentarios en "Shipt: Same-day delivery MODDED 2022"

  1. Tray C dice:

    Updated… The app keeps freezing. I really, really liked this app in the beginning. The shoppers were communicative and seemed friendly. But then about the 5th delivery in, it all changed. Unfortunately, the 2 not so great experiences I had, were male shopper’s. Sounds odd. But I find that the females are friendlier and they will communicate through text throughout the process from start to finish… I wish it would get back to the pleasant experience that I had when I first used Shipt.

  2. App functionality is great, the user interface is just fine, and I was given ample warning when my order was going to be late. My issue is with their billing department – I made a single purchase for a total of $77.77 and was billed 3 times for 77.77. I contacted Shipt Customer Service with the issue and screenshots of my bank account, they said they’d handle it but only refunded me once. So in the end I’m out nearly 80 dollars extra. No thanks, I’ll stick with Instacart.

  3. Service works as described but (on a pixel 6 pro) the app slows the longer you use it, requiring you to restart the app several times per order. Additionally you are not able to disable push notifications for advertisements. I receive one notification per day suggesting I buy something, even after disabling push notifications. Update: contacting support has been fruitless so far. They don’t seem to understand what a push notification is.

  4. Constant push notifications, even if you’ve opted out of notifications. I made sure to uncheck the option for promotional notifications but I still get them even after talking to customer service 4 separate times. And they’re not even discount offers, most of them are basically suggesting you open the app and spend your money.

  5. Ethan dice:

    Finally uninstalling this app after I spent 1 hour trying to sign in using password resets and multiple devices, even tried creating a new account. They send junk to your email everyday, and then finally when you want to give them money, their app refuses to take you farther than the first screen. Joke of a product, not mentioning any of the other problems with this service. There are more grocery apps out there.

  6. I keep getting the “Error Subscription Get your first delivery today by tapping Get Started’ above and selecting a membership option We can’t wait to shop for you!.” at checkout. You dumbass’s are probably losing so much money due to this error. Very disappointed, can’t even purchase my order and I wasted money on the subscription. Never again will I use shipt, such a poor user experience.

  7. Update: this is the slowest and least responsive app I’ve ever had the misfortune to use. It is unbearable! Does not work if you have a VPN active, but it won’t tell you that. The app is very slow. Increasing an item’s quantity, for example, takes several seconds per increase. Why? The app updates weirdly slowly. Only on this app, I get… 4 frames per second? It’s very hard to use.

  8. Annoyed is an understatement. I tried to order twice. My first order got rescheduled multiple times but it was after bad weather occurred. I get it. What alarms me is that maybe half of my order came due to things being out of stock when clearly it was in stock when I put it in my cart. And the rest of my list was useless with the omitted items. This happened on both occasions with different stores. There is no convenience if I still have to go out after getting a partial delivery each time.

  9. This is the BEST shopping app. I have tried almost all of them, and Shipt is consistently the best. (now, the only app I use) I am disappointed that folks are giving a bad review to this app on the basis of out of stock items. Supply chain issues are a major issue. We are in the middle (I hope) of a PANDEMIC, people. No matter what app you use, if it ain’t there, you can’t buy it. My shopper almost always comes up with a solution. That is the beauty of Shipt.

  10. I have two main negative points for me about this app. The first one is the incredible price hike that certain items have overgoing into the story yourself. I’m disabled which means I’m on a small income but also physically cannot make it into stores all the time so this is quite frustrating. My second complete about the app is it has no way of saving things for later anymore or creating lists.

  11. I’ve always had very good experiences with this app. The options to handle substitutions in case a product is not in stock are so helpful. My “shoppers” have all done a great job. The only issue I have is that there aren’t more stores to choose from. Some stores I’ve gone to for a long time and have points, discounts, etc…, aren’t available so I have to order from another store and maybe pay a bit more. Though I think the service is worth it!

  12. I agree with what others have said about inventory not matching in store/ on app, but otherwise I usually don’t have issues. However, I recently had an exceptional shopper, and wanted to leave specific info in the rating. I have retyped it about 5-7 times now, and still can’t save it because the app freezes every time.

  13. Room for improvement. I add to my list throughout the week just as I would a shopping list, but if an item goes out of stock, it’s simply disappears from the cart. I’d like to see a notice that my cart has changed or a note that it’s out of stock. Otherwise, I don’t always know what was removed. The Favorites feature was removed. The search function doesn’t work well. And the help section offers instructions for changing default store, but the app doesn’t have a “change store” option.

  14. Chris Ott dice:

    I do love Shipt BUT the app itself has issues now I have to go through browser I can’t use app 😢 they do have the best shoppers. But I’m going to have to cancel . They communicate effectively which is great when there’s substitutes. They act like you’re personal shopper always friendly and perfect hand off, no other delivery service currently can compete with that. I highly recommend Shipt

  15. It is difficult to hear the notifications!!! You will miss orders very easily the notification is not that strong! The app doesn’t give you a list of aisles that the items can possibly be on as instacart does…. So you need to be familiar with where you’re shopping and definitely get there early if it’s a store that you are not familiar with. Also be very careful with your timelines and delivery windows… Sometimes it will suggest that you get to a store even before it’s open.

  16. I love Shipt and its convenience. However, this app is just awful. It freezes and is not responsive at all sometimes. I have to tap the cart, checkout, and other options multiple times before it will actually allow me to officially choose what I’m tapping on. It’s designed nicely and easy to use in terms of user friendliness, but there are so many bugs, it becomes extremely frustrating to use.

  17. The shoppers, for the most part, are wonderful. The app, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired. Very slow and laggy. Cannot find many items via the search bar. All in all, a decent experience. Update 7-1-2020 App has gotten MUCH worse. I have tried it on 5 seperate devices, and it is beyond terrible. Laggy is a word that comes nowhere near close to being a fit desciption. Just horrible.

  18. Very very useful, but not perfect. The app displays deals but Ive had a problem getting the gift card to trigger in store. Also, sometimes the search feature gives me a lot of irrelevant results. For example, if I search for milk, and I want Kemp’s 2%, it is so far down the list that it makes it impossible to find. Maybe it is influenced by popularity as the Market Pantry 2% is the top result. I dont care for the taste of that brand though. Improve the search function and I will make it 5*.

  19. The shoppers are generally very good and the pricing is reasonable. The app can be frustrating. The search feature and UPC scanner are great when they work. It’s frustrating when I can’t add an item that I have previously purchased because for some reason the item won’t load. And sometimes very common items can’t be found. Then you have to add a special request and be initially overcharged until they reconcile the correct amount of the order after the fact.

  20. Always friendly shoppers! Great communication if there is an item you requested that isn’t available. The only reason I didnt leave 5 star is because many occasions the shopper will not ask the store for the item if it shows low/empty. Also, the total changes multiple times. Which can be confusing and somewhat annoying. Other than that, great service. Ive been using is for a couple of years now and plan to continue to do so. Thanks, Shipt!

  21. I’ve never had anything but great experiences with Shipt. One shopper even texted me pics of the display so I could choose my own substitution for an item that was out of stock. And each shopper will always text me prior to check out to make sure I don’t need anything else. Great service! I saw a review that said she had issues with the app itself but I never have, it could be her phone or service area? Definitely trouble shoot because it’s very much worth it!

  22. The app is really easy to use and easy to place orders and add or remove items. Any time I have ever had a problem with an order, they fixed it with a credit toward my next order, or the shopper would go back to the store right away to fix it. My only complaint is that sometimes (more recently than ever) the items on the app don’t match the items that the store carrys. I have ordered things before on the app just because I thought they sounded cool, but the store ended up not carrying it.

  23. Almost perfect Sometimes you get great service, and sometimes you don’t. Shipt has always corrected any issues and with SPEED. The ONE thing I would LOVE and believe is necessary, is a checklist. After deliveries are marked as “delivered”, the customer should get a checklist to go through and make sure everything is present. Once everything has been digitally checked off, then and only then, can the customer rate and tip. Just a thought!

  24. My experience with Shipt shoppers and their service has been exceptional! From the app side, some more work needs to be done to reflect accurate store inventory. Several times now I have chosen an item that the store does not carry, yet it remains on the inventory next time I’m ordering. Also, I wish the “back” button on my device would take me to previous page, rather than exiting the app. It would be much more convenient if it worked the same as the back button at the top of the Shipt app.

  25. Mona P dice:

    The selections are okay, I definitely like the option of shopping with GFS. The biggest complaint I have is the app itself. It lags too long, Its tank controls on a touchscreen! I click on an item and takes 10-15 seconds each or longer for the next screen to show up. I thought it was my phone so I used a phone security cleaner. It didn’t work. If the bugs thats causing the delay can be fixed I would come back to the app no problem, but the lag ruined the first experience for me. 😢

  26. love the service.. the app, however, is useless. it used to work great, but now it won’t load no matter what I do. my network is not the problem (I’ve tried on wifi and 4g). I’ve updated the app, closed it completely, restarted my phone.. everything! the only way I can get the service to work is if I load it on the internet. the app obviously has some serious kinks to work out.

  27. Love the service but the app fails a lot and doesn’t load all my previously purchased items. Occasionally, I will delete something from my list only to find later that it didn’t delete and was purchased. Definitely some bugs in the app that need to be worked out, but overall it is easy to use and makes life with a small child a little less hectic 🙂

  28. I’m really liking the service and the reliability of delivery times. However, there are two things about tipping that are frustrating: 1. The needs to be an immediate notification (email? Text?) to remind people to tip, otherwise, it’s a week late. 2. When you tip there’s no indication on the page how much your order was, you’re forced to close the tipping, look for your order total, then come back.

  29. I like the service and the interface is fine. But the app in its current state is unusable. It’s extremely slow and laggy. You click a button and it takes so long to respond that you click again. And once it does respond it flips out because it’s trying to catch up. I tried clearing the cache/storage and then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. But neither helped. I ended up scrapping it and using the web app. In response to the developer: I was on wifi when. I encountered these issues.

  30. I love the convenience especially since I have health issues. It has been a life saver! I just wish you could give more feed back on the shoppers especially when they’re really good. Like when they go above and beyond they deserve more recognition than the standard. I Also wish you could edit your favorite lists. As they change as we discover more products or they’re no longer available. It would be great to have more store options as well!!!

  31. Wonderful service. But in terms of the app, the last few version updates have been extremely laggy. Tap, no response; tap tap; no response. Then all of a sudden it flips out as it catches up. It’s almost like the app changed from a regular app to a web app. It needs to be streamlined. Friends using iOS app have also noticed the app slowness since end of last summer or fall.

  32. For the physical service itself, it’s well met and very good on how the driver communicates with the customer if the store doesn’t have an item in stock. As for the digital app service, it’s a bit buggy. When I try to scroll through products, it glitches out and goes blank white on screen and can never scroll through properly. As well, the search engine doesn’t seem to recognize a lot of things when searching for certain items. If this digitally gets fixed, then this app is all good.

  33. Don’t know if I’m missing the option to pay a one time fee for delivery or if after the trial the app becomes useless unless you are on a subscription. The app was wonderful. Much easier to navigate than other food apps, they have a pretty good hold on items in the store, and the best part is they don’t hold an additional 100$ if you ask for an unlisted item.. Unfortunately the service quality declined. They subed items at will and lied about availability for items they didn’t want to carry.

  34. I absolutely love the shoppers. Always incredibly helpful. Being as I am a paraplegic, they all offer to help me put away my groceries. I had to call customer service once for a mistake and they were amazing and extremely friendly and willing to do whatever they can to help you out. The only problem I have is that the app constantly freezes and closes. Lately it won’t even let me change stores. I will absolutely continue to use Shipt because of the excellent shoppers and their customer service.

  35. Horrible! The search function is awful. Even typing in the exact name of an item won’t guarantee you’ll find it. Once you do find it and add it to your favorites, the pictures dissapear making it difficult to quickly find things in your favorites. Lastly, sometimes things I’ve added to my cart just get left off the list for the shopper entirely. This app actually manages to cause me more frustration than if I had stepped into Meijer myself. Just horrible!

  36. I love using shipt- I have 3 young children and being able to have my groceries delivered right to my door has been amazing. I use it every week. My only issue is with the app itself. I never had any issues until the latest update. Now it frequently stops working or freezes, and I have to close the app and re-open to get it to work. Fix these issues and I will change my rating to 5 stars!

  37. Nate K dice:

    Overall great! The three complaints I have are that the local stores you can shop from are limited to a handful in your area. The app can be a little buggy if you add a tip after the order is shopped, rather than prior to a shopper picking up the order. I’d prefer to be able to tip after the order is delivered so the tip I add would better reflect how well the shopper did. Finally, I’d prefer that the threshold for an order amount was $20 as opposed to $35, for the “shipping” penalty exemption.

  38. I prefer this app over other grocery apps because it’s easy to navigate. I tried a bunch of different apps, target, walmart, safeway, etc and none of them come close. Real time texts from your Shipt shopper, substitutions are made simple, and you can make special requests. Overall great service. The customer service is also very helpful. The one time I had an issue (which was my own fault) they fixed it promptly.

  39. Update: The most recent update has made the app completely unusable. Five or six second delays if it responds at all. There are limited stores to choose from. You are forced to rate the driver and the delivery every time, which is annoying. Some drivers are great, some are not. I have the option selected for them to contact me if something is unavailable but sometimes they will still make assumptions and I will be left disappointed.

  40. It’s ok. The app is terrible and has no relationship with the store’s actual inventory, but the pricing is reasonable, and the service is generally excellent. Re: Inventory My average order is about ten items, I’ve ordered about ten times, and I think they’ve had maybe one bad substitution I wasn’t notified about. Most of the time the problem is items I know the store carries don’t show up when you search. You can make special requests, but I’d say that happens maybe 50/50, which is too often.

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