Family Dollar MODDED 2022

Now it’s even easier to save at Family Dollar, with instant access to offers.
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Carry the ultimate in convenience and value in your pocket with the Family Dollar app!

Download today to:

· Enjoy instant access to Smart Coupons

· Track your Smart Coupons savings

· Explore the product catalog for details, prices, and deals – all for your local store

· Browse store ads and seasonal books

· Scan product barcodes in store to find offers

· Find the nearest Family Dollar store

To redeem Smart Coupons in stores, simply scan the app barcode or enter your phone number at checkout. When you shop and scan your barcode, your savings will appear in the app.

Easy to find, easy to use, easy to save!

For feedback or technical issues please visit: The Family Dollar app is the easiest way to get great savings and coupons for brand-name groceries, snacks, cleaners, health and beauty products, clothes, toys, and more. Conveniently browse our store ads for the best sales and deals as you plan a shopping trip to your neighborhood Family Dollar store. Explore products and deals in your local store in the product catalog. Clip Smart Coupons within the app for instant savings, and scan products during your shopping trip to check for additional coupons in stores. No need for paper coupons; with the app, clip digital Smart Coupons and redeem right at the register using just your app barcode or phone number. We make it easy to clip, easy to use, and easy to save on your favorite brands.


You can now create a shopping list to help plan your next trip to your favorite Family Dollar store!


40 comentarios en "Family Dollar MODDED 2022"

  1. Cant resume clipping where i left off, after ive viewed an item. Plus it needs an option to clip all coupons at once. It would make it much easier. Update…11/9/22 I’m back!! JUST to see if much has changed, or improved and according to recent reviews I’ve just read.. NOPE..! I SEE ITS STILL SAME!!! No “clip all coupons) button option, lousy spin pet food only wins, and start over at top of coupons list when you check item descriptions, guess I’ll ck bk in another couple yrs. Good grief.

  2. The prices, sales, and deals are always inaccurate. It doesn’t even show the correct stock. Even when I scan an item while in the store, it will say it is out of stock so idk if the coupon or price is correct for it. The ads are not accurate nor honored in store. The only thing I like is that I can download coupons when that is working.

  3. Clip all!! That’s what’s missing!!! I see so many ppl try the app then don’t use it cause they don’t want to go thru every coupon to clip what they want! It’s redundant!! The sales tags are on the shelves and then the store doesn’t have internet so you can’t clip while you’re in there! “Clip all” option would cut the process time and make ppl more likely to use the app!

  4. As far as couponing goes, this is the best app I’ve used. I’m extremely happy with it and saving money. 👍🏻 It isn’t over-complicated or full of a lot of annoying pop ups. It’s easy to see the sales, clip your coupons and you can easily scan an items barcode within the app if you want to make sure it’s the same item covered by the coupon. E-Z Peezy. And checkout is a breeze too. Cashier scans your bar code on your phone and coupons you’ve clipped to your account are applied to your total. “Money in the bank” 😊 And they don’t send out alot of unnecessary notifications to your phone. Only what you’d want to know.. like sales, specials, etc. I recommend this one

  5. Really loving this app. Not only is it easy to use but the coupons work as long as you’ve clipped them. I would’ve given it five stars but I subtracted one due to the one thing I don’t like: the fact that the app goes all the way back to the first items on the page after clicking on the ‘more info’ button. So when I click the button to look at an item and then click back it takes me to the top of the page rather than back to the item I was viewing. A bit inconvenient. Images cld b bigger.

  6. This app is annoying. You actually have to go in a clip coupons.It actually makes no sense. If you register with your phone number you should automatically get all coupons. You can save a little money but they don’t really want you to save otherwise all sales prices would automatically be given like major grocery chains. Annoying. But I’ll take the extra time to save the money. I only recommend because u want everyone to save as much as possible.

  7. I love this app but here lately everytime I scan an item to see if it’s a qualified item for my coupon, I get an error message saying “Something went wrong on our end, please check back later”. And when I check back later it still say the same thing, and that’s being going on for a week now. It’s so frustrating, especially when I’m trying to coupon shop and I can’t tell if my coupon will work on a certain item or not. I just pray when the cashier hits total lol…hope they fix this soon!

  8. When trying to scan products to see if they qualify for the coupons it always has an error message and wont scan the products. This has been causing issues with having to constantly return items or have the cashier take them off of my order. The whole point of scanning them on my phone is to make it easier for both myself and the cashier. Im also no longer able to use my free spins due to the same error message as when trying to scan products. This is ridiculous! Please fix!

  9. The app would be great if you didn’t have to clip coupons and then individually add AGAIN to be used at the register! Who thought that extra step when you are trying to move quickly at the check out would be good?? It’s a nuisance, if I clip the coupons, it’s obvious I want to use them! Get some pointers from Target cartwheel app and re-design this app to be simple & easy to use please.

  10. I love this app and I would have given it five stars but when I am in the store and I want to scan an item to see if it matches a digital coupon it does not scan. I have an Android phone and it never works for it. I’ve heard that other Android users have the same problem but iPhone users don’t. So if that one thing could be fixed it would be a perfect app.

  11. It would have been a great ideal if this app worked but the spins never work and hasn’t worked at all in the past 2 weeks. I have three spins and it just tells me there’s a problem to try again every time I try. Not only that but every time I try to use a coupon Family Dollar tells me it either “doesn’t exit” or has “already been used” without even being possible. It’s not worth having the app. When the appears to work, the coupons still don’t actually apply. I’m done with it

  12. Love the convenience of being able to clip coupons on phone, but could be more user friendly. You can only search by brand, not keyword or item – and there’s no way to delete the coupons out of your clipped coupons if they’re added by accident. Would also be great if they added a “frequently used” or “suggested based on past purchases” feature. The app also sometimes gets stuck and when you try to scroll, it confuses the scroll with a link & just ends up adding more coupons into your account

  13. This updated app is much better than the previous version. I do have one suggestion tho : when clipping coupons if you (accidentally usually) hit the icon and it sends you to the more info part and you clip coupon or just kit back it sends to all the way back to the coupon list beginning. That is annoying, make it so you go right back to the last place you were on the list.

  14. MUCH improved over how it looked and worked a few years ago! It deserves an award for the most improved app. The UI is really nice now. There are lots of great exclusive deals and coupons. Product scan makes it easy to find qualifying products while in a store. A bit too many notifications for my taste, but they’re not too intrusive and I recommend this app.

  15. Everytime I try to clip coupons and login it tells me that my password is wrong and when I go to reset it it goes back to the coupons and lets me start clipping it makes no sense at all it just seems like it goes round and round. And if you want to spend and you’re able to at that time it won’t even let you do that either the app needs some serious updates. Thank you.

  16. This update is trash. It’s more like a downgrade. Not sure what the point was. I thought they would have included the new store order option in but no. They just made it more clunky and scripted, like a webpage. They should give you the option to use the older version. Also just found out if you try uninstalling to reinstall for better interface, it unclips all your coupons. Idk how i feel about that..

  17. As so many others have already said, after the last update …the app is not working. The app either doesn’t even want to open up. If I use link in text, it’ll open but it won’t load the page. Also, have had problems logging in and the whole change password things as others. I’m leaning towards uninstalling the app. Hopefully, we will get a text and/or email soon saying it’s fixed. Normally, I would of gave a 4 🌟 .

  18. I love the digital coupons!!! I save lots of money. Very easy to clip to your account. My beef with this app…. If I don’t open the app before I get in the store,. 85% of the time I can’t get it to open in the store. It wasn’t always like this. Not sure what changed… Bad update??? Strange thing is, when I leave the store & get in my car, magically it works again. Tried several stores same thing. 🤔🤔 Fix this & the app would easily be 5 stars!!! I love Family Dollar!!!

  19. There isnt an update to play the spin wheel. Also the softsoap coupon didnt come off when I purchased it. That drives me crazy. The other thing is the fact that you have to clip and than add the coupon to your shopping trip in order for the coupon to come off. I would think it’s easier when you clip it thatll itll work. not that I now have to add it again to work.

  20. I did have access to FD, as well as, the smart coupons. With the new app, I have NOT been able to clip coupons. I written to the customer service link, but to NO avail. No one responds to email. This sucks, I tried changing email accounts and updating information in my account. Still can’t clip coupons. Going to DG & WD. This upgraded app SUCKS!!!! If anyone out there can help me maneuver this app or have a solution to my issue please, let know what I am missing or doing wrong.

  21. I absolutely love the Family Dollar app. I’ve saved over $300 since getting the app when it started a year ago.. but I am disappointed with the new reward spins. I think it’s a great idea but every spin I get is nothing but Pet coupons yes they might be different kinds but I only get the pet I don’t get anything else for the store and I don’t think that’s very fair. Maybe it’s a glitch maybe it’s just luck but I’ve gotten over 25 spins and everything is pet.

  22. New version gets a clunkier new interface that brings coupon clipping to a standstill, making saving a few bucks even more of a slow, drawn-out slog. I’d give it 0 stars but it CAN save you money so there’s still that one bright spot out of whole lotta awful. Be prepared to set aside some time since they can’t seem to program a one-and-done “Clip All” button.

  23. Went to 2 separate stores in my area and each time their app quit working in store. So I couldnt use it to scan items or check to see if a particular item was the right one for the coupon. Tried other apps and everything else was fine. As soon as I stepped outside the store their app immediately worked fine. Every coupon I had clipped showed up. Seems fishy that both stores I went too I had the exact same experience.

  24. This app was normally great but something changed. When I click on the icon to get more information about a coupon and then exit out, it automatically refreshes and takes me back to the top of list. This is unnecessary. I just want to read the info and return back to spot I was at, while scrolling through the list. It was not always that way.

  25. I love that I can scan an item and it will tell me if there is a matching coupon available. I hate that this feature never works in the store. I always get “opps. Something went wrong on our end. Try again later.” Every single time. Then when I try to redeem what I’ve clipped, half of them don’t redeem and I’m holding up the line trying to figure out what happened. Also, unless the coupon excludes certain scents/flavors/varieties, it should be accepted. This turns me off to shopping your store.

  26. KR McKay dice:

    This version of the app is absolutely HORRIBLE! It looks much better than previous versions of this app, BUT, usage of the app has gone BACKWARDS! It is very difficult to “clip” a digital coupon without accidentally opening the “more details” page about said coupon. THEN, when you click the “back” arrow, to exit “more details,” you’re taken to “find more deals in our store,” before THEN being taken BACK to the START of the coupon list — NOT back to where you were. VERY FRUSTRATING…

  27. when I first got this app it worked very well and had many savings i could and did use. a few weeks later everything changed. When I use the app, that is if I can get it to open, I almost never find any coupons I can use. I totally understand that the app is not for my personal life nor do I expect it to be, just saying the virality of coupons has diminished.

  28. You all have got to fix this app PLEASE. I’m giving 2 stars. You do have the framework but that’s all. I have lots of experience with other store apps so this isn’t new. I have tried several times at 2 different stores & different ways. I get “uh oh error” messages about 19 out of 20 times with items I KNOW have coupons. Confirmed by buying those items, scanning the digital coupon barcode & buying those items at my predicted costs. If I can’t get it to work, I’ll just shop at Dollar General.

  29. Very disappointed in this app. 9× outta 10, a smart coupon will show an item is eligible when checking with the app- but once u get to the register and get ur final price, they do NOT come off and by then it’s too late to do anything about it. It makes it very hard for people new to using coupons. It turns them away from even trying. Also- when u earn free spins for coupons, the coupons are for items NO ONE rly buys. It should go based on your past purchases or a simple $? Off $?! Horrible!

  30. This app is so annoying. It only shows deals. The search only searches deals. Why choose the store you prefer when you cant search by product and so you have no idea if the item you want is in stock. This is pointless. They make you start an account just so you can view deals. Really? Im really considering uninstalling this and closing my account. Because if im forced to go to the store i can just see that theres a deal being in-store. This is such a waste.

  31. Jolene dice:

    Was a good app where it only took a out 30 seconds to a minute to clip all of the coupons by clipping the one on the right then the one on the left. Two we being clipped at the same time. Then it updated and someone decided that a good working app needed to be redesigned and changed for the worse. I just spent 27 minutes trying to get the coupons for this week clipped. Was only maybe 30 coupons but the new coupons are no longer separated from the coupons that have already been clipped. ( TBC)…

  32. This app is the most annoying app I have ever used it jumps around so much from screen to screen I don’t even like to use it and usually just use the scan feature to see if there’s a coupon for a product I usually by and skip clipping any extra. If they are trying to keep us from using coupons it’s working.

  33. The spins are a joke. You win a coupon that’s already there, yay! the app is decent, but limiting coupons to one product when you buy 5 different laundry products at one time is ridiculous. It’s not worth it because it’s cheaper and better deals at Dollar General or dollar store. you get a free Spin and win a coupon that is already present, so why bother? I’ve never once used a spin coupon. The new password requirements make it too annoying to continue this charade.

  34. Update 9.16.19 – An absolute joke. I tried calling customer service to fix the problem. They greet you with a mandatory survey. You never get to speak to a representative. I tried every option. Original Review – Completely unacceptable. The app will not allow me to use the spin feature. I am unable to scan anything in the store. I’m locked out of my account using the correct credentials. The link to reset password is not working. They need to start over.

  35. Really love this app, at first. Lately it just flat out isn’t letting me cut coupons, which is frustrating. I was using this app all the time because I go to this store probably 3+ times a week. Also, the rewards you win when you spin always suck. They are only for dollar store brand stuff, things I dont usually buy. You’d think it would track my purchases & give me coupons for things I could actually use them for. The one thing I absolutely love though is the scanner!!

  36. HATE HAVING TO CLIP COUPONS! This app is annoying in the fact you have to sit down and clip coupons before shopping. Usually I don’t have the time, or remember too do it until I’m already shopping. It would be much easier, if you could just sign up as a regular Family Dollar customer. Then when you entered your phone number you would have access to all coupons available.

  37. Great concept, poor execution. My barcode scanner never works and always pops up with an error. I have a Galaxy S9+ and my phone is not out of date. This frustrates me so much I just go to Dollar General instead. Hope this gets fixed soon. Would love to eventually be able to check store prices on the app like Dollar General as well.

  38. Ok, so, I was in store when I downloaded app. Tried to set up account but it didn’t work. Thought I’d try again later when I had more time. But I could use scanner then. Lots of discrepancy between scanned price, shelf price and checkout price. Nice manager checked prices with her scanner so I knew what price should be. Also, even though I had an item in hand, the scanner would say item not available at that store. Ugh! Taking app off phone.

  39. Too too slow to add coupons. One at a time, updating available each time. Too too too slow. Do “add all” Love love love the scan item ability for coupons. Must keep this feature. Better than all other stores…especially smiths grocery, where I also shop but also hate the electronic coupons. Also need feature to add coupons in system within store. I don’t always carry cell phone when a short trip to store..then o don’t purchase items because no way to load sale to account. Really would have all sales and coupons automatic to account. Starting to not trust stores with electronic coupons. Barb Stinson

  40. Every time I try to log in, this app tells me they do not recognize me. I have changed my password numerous times and have this same problem EVERY TIME! when this app was brand new, I was told they were still fixing the bugs in it. Apparently, they are still trying to fix it. Very frustrating. Better start looking for a more knowledgable person to invent an app that works. 🥺

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