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One App for Online & In-Store Shopping
• Shop Hannaford To Go right from the app!
• Manage your My Hannaford Rewards.
• View the weekly flyer and quickly add items to your shopping list or cart.
• Use your recent purchases to make Hannaford To Go shopping easier.
• Browse and add items to your order from our Specials.
• Find a Hannaford near you with our store locator.
• Quickly link to our pharmacy app to manage and refill your prescriptions.
• Clip coupons and plan your next shopping trip.

My Hannaford Rewards
• Earn 2% rewards on store brands and get personalized coupon offers on your favorite brands.
• Each time you go through checkout, scan the barcode or enter the phone number associated with your account to capture your rewards and redeem coupon savings.
• Your rewards and coupons are automatically linked to your order with Hannaford To Go order.
• Your rewards can be redeemed quarterly. We’ll send you a notification when it’s time and the next time you shop and scan your barcode, your savings will be deducted from your total.
• Use the app to check your earned rewards progress and see your savings history.


We've fixed some bugs and made some performance improvements. Thanks for using the Hannaford app!


40 comentarios en "Hannaford MODDED 2022"

  1. When it works as intended, this app is an extremely efficient way to manage coupons and Hannaford’s corresponding rewards program. Unfortunately, it often doesn’t work. A majority of the time the app does anything that contacts the Hannafords server, such as clipping a coupon, looking up an item, or simple browsing, you can expect to wait 10+ seconds no matter the speed of your internet connection. Hannaford’s needs to invest in infrastructure for this app.

  2. I use the app all the time, but recently it’s been locking up every time I use it. Particularly when I try I click on an item to see the details. When I do it from the coupons it seems to work, but if you search for an item, 1) it will only give a few results, even when searching for something broad like rice, and 2) it locks up every time you try to look at the details of an item. And updating the app did nothing to fix the issues.

  3. Used to be great, now freezes constantly – even with uninstall. App is great for getting rewards, coupons, seeing the flyer, etc. I do most of my shopping on the app and then get Hannaford to go, or if I go in I can use it as my list. Easy to use, search works great, love that you can see specials easily in the app!

  4. loved the concept. had it installed for about a year, but then just uninstalled. the past 6 months my phone was acting up and after many times on the phone with cell provider, and trips to the cell phone provider store it was found out that the app is constantly running in the background and overriding the phones main operating system. Wow, seriously. like I’ve said I’ve stopped using the app and my phone runs great ( almost like new). until it gets the bugs worked out, I won’t reinstall.

  5. The app is necessary for savings, which is the whole point, but it has crashed 14 times (!!) since September 9, 2018. It is negatively effecting my phone’s battery life and performance. Furthermore, if I select “coupons” via my computer on the app website, it is supposed to sync with the phone app and it does not. It’s been very disappointing.

  6. Right off the bat, when trying to simply create an account, I can’t submit because “our servers are having issues.” A good app would have a connectivity check right in the beginning, you know, before I waste my time entering my name, email, address, phone number, password, and security questions. Updated 11 July 2019: Called customer service and they fixed all of my issues. Good app so far. Would recommend an option to filter coupons rather than having to look at them all.

  7. A few features would do amazing for it. If I could add 2 things they would be, (1) a way to browse the weekly flyer and a way to save the deals you want to look at in store and (2) I’d add something to the redeem points screen saying “can take up to 20 minutes for activation” because it’s not immediate and annoying/embarrassing to be standing in line thinking you’re ready to use them only to not be.

  8. I like this app. I like being able to see the flyer, search the store and make a list, and see my rewards section BUT I’m not sure what happened with the most recent version. It won’t connect to the in-store wifi (even though I can definitely access everything else online), it freezes, and it is s-l-o-w. I hope the app continues to improve and these glitches get straightened out. QUESTION: Can you add a function to click to add items from the flyer to your list? Thanks for all you do.

  9. Thanks for hearing me. (extra star). Still like all the free items but free & discount coupons can be very buggy in that some free item coupons don’t work and I need to get a clerk to fix that by showing them the coupon on my phone. The many hour delay between activating a coupon on my phone & when they actually work @ checkout is very frustrating, esp. when I have to have to put items back. In a perfect world, one should be able to activate when shopping, them have them work @ checkout.

  10. there’s something wrong with this app. it started over a week ago. it won’t completely sign on. it gets to a white screen then an error message comes up saying it is compiling information. then it just hangs indefinitely. called customer service. they didn’t know about the problem. had me deinstall reinstall the app. it worked once then the same problem returns.

  11. love it, but it doesn’t like my phone. when I restart my phone, during the boot up process I always get a message that states that the Hannaford app isn’t responding and that it’s going to close. afterwards, if I click on the app it will open and it is functional. definitely some bugs to be worked out.

  12. Disappointed. I clipped $9.25 worth of coupons about an hour before shopping today. I purchased all of the necessary items but none of the coupons applied. The cashier asked if I wanted to remove the items since the coupons didnt work, but since it was 7 items in total, I didn’t want to bother. I came home and highlighted all of the items on my receipt as evidence I purchased the necessary products and sure enough, I did. It’s unfortunate you can’t rely on the coupons to apply and staff doesn’t have authority to override the system. I thought I was going to be able to cancel my BJ’s membership but now I’m not sure.

  13. i like being able to get coupons and rewards on my phone, it makes it much easier to remember the coupons. however, i wish there was a wider variety of coupons, geared more to the non gmo/organic naturalist. also have great difficulty being able to use the app because it usually says that i am offline even when i am not and i get absolutley no service inside the store itself. i have had to uninstall nd reinstall the app many times just to get it to get back online briefly. wish that would get fix

  14. Used to be much better. Now I constantly get “stopped working” messages without even opening the app. Half the time the coupons dont even work when I have the right products. Not to mention the selection for coupons is not great. Not a single product I was interested in the last scroll though and hardly ANY actual food items. My biggest complaint used to be the lack of a shopping list feature but now I just wish the app worked and was worth having.

  15. It works well, but has limited functionality. I wish it had the weekly flyer. Also, I hate how it generates popup errors when it loses its data connection. If you are in an area with spotty service you end up having to deal with dozen popups the next time you switch back to the app.

  16. It’s annoying that I have to navigate through multiple screens just to get to my clipped coupons. It should be on the sidebar. I have to go through the rewards screen which maxes out my screen brightness for the barcode which can be especially blinding if I’m indoors or it’s late at night. Not to mention battery draining. It also sometimes bugs out and keeps my screen at max brightness until I force close the app.

  17. Coupons hardly ever work. Good luck, especially, if you have a coupon for a free item. I think I’ve tried to do that twice now and both times it didn’t come off at the register. I had to go back to customer service to get the money back and employees are always confused. The rewards points never work, also. What’s the point of even using this? I really miss Kroger. Their app/coupons always work.

  18. It would be a great app if it included the features of, or at least a link to, the “On the Go” webpage. I’d like to be able to make shopping lists from receipts, see prices and the total cost like the “On the Go” page and at the same time see what coupons I have to use in the same app. Thanks for your consideration.

  19. When it works, it’s fine. It is impossible to tell which ‘just for you’ coupon’ has been applied. The receipt just lists coupon at the very end. Manufacturers coupons seem to appear next to the item, though. At least I think that’s how it works. Also, sometimes the coupon does not go away after it’s used. Was it used? Can I use it again? Wouldn’t it be great if the the clipped coupon went to “applied” with the date used? And please, please let me delete coupons. When I clip coupons and then discover my store does not carry that product, they are just clutter. Also let me delete coupons I know I will never use. Spend some money on decent programming if you want happy customers.

  20. I love the app. I just wish there was another way to communicate with customer service other than calling. If you are experiencing an issue. Like coupons you clipped didn’t get taken off your bill. Also if it could state some where that if you want to be able to use your rewards the first day that you need to activate from a day or two in advance so that way you don’t end up having to put things back or waste the time of the cashier and bagger. As well as your own time. Update: don’t use either.

  21. Basically useless. All I can do is look at my rewards and clip coupons. I’d rather keep a tab open in my browser so I can use the full website. I like seeing the weekly flyer, making a grocery list, and searching products. If I could do that with the app than it would perfect.

  22. What it does, it does well. Clip coupons, locate stores, integrated contact tools for reaching out to said stores. It’s a good app, but I’m very surprised it doesn’t let you research products like the full website does. I guess not having a feature is better than having a broken feature, but it’s a weird thing to not have.

  23. Has to reload every time your screen locks. Saved coupons are hard to find and keep track of. Interface for looking for coupons is not very intuitive and works in a different way from the rest of the app. Generally just a poorly designed app, especially compared to similar apps for other stores.

  24. Can’t download, will change rating when the download works. When the update came out, I was able to download the app. It is a pretty good app. I wish I could have more than 10 shopping lists. On the grocery list app I’ve been using, I have a list for each of my regular recipes, it makes it easier to add item to the shopping cart.

  25. Used to be my favorite app and saved quite of bit of money every time I went shopping at Hannaford but ever since the update went through 3+ months ago I haven’t received any Just for You coupons. I have tried contacting customer service on multiple platforms and every time am told they are random but I do not know anyone else that has gone more than a month without receiving these coupons. Would really appreciate if this issue was actually addressed instead of just being brushed off every time.

  26. The app is glitchy, coupons don’t always load, and navigation is not very user friendly. My biggest complaint is that very little info is given for processed products. I need to be able to read labels for gluten info, etc and usually can’t see this information. Photos of all sides of packaging would be a good first step. More allergen info would be ideal.

  27. App had a ton of problems. Wouldn’t let me log in or create an account. Finally got in after using a computer. Then picked a time slot and did my shopping. Went to check out and my time slot was gone. Then it didn’t save my card info and by the time I re-entered all that my second time slot was gone. Now I can’t pick up my groceries until 8pm. I dont think ill be using To Go again. More hassle than just going into the store and grabbing the 10 things I need. Kind of disappointed.

  28. Please, please, PLEASE stop making the screen go brighter when you’re on the Rewards in Progress page of the app. I don’t see any reason for this and it is a shock to the eyes, especially when you have sensitive ones, when you have the brightness on your phone turned lower than what that page goes to, which I’m sure most people don’t have the brightness on their phone turned that high.

  29. Miss my app! I used to enjoy my e-coupons and saving money is always a treat! However, when they “updated” it …it’s “no longer compatible” with my android phone, that I’ve been using, for years! Before this I would have given it 4-5 stars! (5 for convenience, 4 for repetition of a lot of coupons I don’t need or use)

  30. You must “clip” the coupons in the app before you shop, if you do it while waiting in line it will not work. Very inconvenient. If you want to make an app that is useful to the customer and just not an advertising tool how about you automatically apply the coupons to the items purchased. Also clipped coupons do not work, just a waste of time reviewing coupons but when clipped in line do not work at register. Register people say ” Oh yeah, that happens all the time”

  31. This may have been my last trip to Hannaford after almost 20 years. This app NEVER works inside any of the stores where I’ve tried to use it, even with a strong wifi signal. So I have to use up data. Have updated, uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared the cache, restarted the phone. It’s enough already.

  32. A completely miserable experience for a supermarket. No one should first have to navigate through a website to ‘clip’ coupons before shopping or add ‘rewards’ in order to receive them. In no way, shape, or form does this app enhance my experience at Hannaford. On the contrary, it only adds to resentment of the brand.

  33. ash b dice:

    If you don’t have this and you shop at Hannaford your crazy! I love the freebies! You can combine “Hannaford coupons” with “manufacturer coupons” & paper ones. It’s so easy to use. Only negative is a lot of the freebies that pop up, my local store does not carry. Which is frustrating. That’s the reason for 4 stars. Otherwise it’s great saving money on stuff I have to buy anyways!

  34. After reading through many reviews, I’m puzzled why so many have issues with the app. One, my coupons always go through at register, have no issues. I would suspect operator error or phone error in most situations, not app. With that said, the one issue I have since it was updated is the weekly flyer. I have 20/20 vision, but the layout of the flyer now is absurd and tiny to read. Put it back like it was prior to the current update.

  35. Pretty glitchy. Signs you out frequently and crashes while shopping online – occasionally emptying your cart in the process. Oof. Okay if used for coupon clipping only. Update 11/30/21: Still as glitchy as ever. Signs you out randomly. Shopping is unreliable. Sends notifications that you have new “Just For You” offers, but then when you go into the app nothing is there. 🤷‍♂️

  36. C Ritchey dice:

    The description of the update says modify and update your orders. There is no option to select an existing order…. So with great reservation I uninstalled and tried to reinstall multiple times. The download won’t even complete, and I’m on a stable network connection. There is no way to install this. Even worse than it was before, can’t even show my Rewards card with the app anymore. Forget coupons, no way to access. OK, finally installed after 2 hours of sitting, but it does not have the capability I was expecting. I can’t view/edit an order. I can’t access the shopping lists I already have in my account.

  37. I’ve had the app for a few months and really liked it. Was able to get my coupons that I liked. But when they changed over just recently I lost everything on my app and they took me completely out of Maine and put me in Massachusetts and I can’t even look coupons up and I’m very discouraged and disappointed actually I’m deleting the app. I lost $12 and something this month that’s really upsetting.

  38. This is useless. New upgraded app won’t install. I have tried for weeks. It tells me that there’s something wrong. But won’t tell me what. I try it over and over and over again and it bumps me back to the beginning. Also I cannot get on this site when I am in the store. It always tells me busy temporary unavailable in the past year or two I’ve been able to get on the site maybe three or four times inside the store and that’s when nobody else was in there hardly. I am tired of having to deal with this thing. Even though I am a staunch supporter of Hannaford I do not support this app or this program. Generally I don’t bother trying to get into it anymore. I can read the flyer but cannot get into the coupons or my so-called account. I’ve tried changing the password, using it only on Wi-Fi and still it’s useless.

  39. This app has so many bugs with the new upgrade. Never had an issue before and now I would say about 30% of the time I can actually use it. I can say that I have never been able to access it now while I am in the store. I am better off logging into my rewards threw my computer so the app has little to no purpose. I love the rewards but hate the app.

  40. I have been using this app for a year or more on two of our Android phones (Samsung Galaxy). Yesterday, when I tried to launch the app, I got this message – “This item is not compatible with your device”. The only option was to uninstall the app. As a test, I uninstalled it on my phone (leaving it installed on my wife’s phone). Then I went to Google Play to reinstall it but it is no longer there. This looks like the app must have bene updated and removed the compatibility with my model of phone. There is no replacement available!

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