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Imagine an online supermarket that delivers your home’s needs fresh to your doorstep. Here’s to that supermarket!

“Eggs are gone, detergent is low, cat litter is too full, there is no fruit left … It’s time for weekly shopping, who will do the shopping now?”

Aren’t you tired of having to go to a different market for every product you want, wandering around the aisles, and waiting in line at the cash register? Especially not carrying those bags? Don’t your arms break when you say carry it to the car, carry it from the car to the house?

If you are tired of all this, don’t go to the market, but let all your supermarket needs come to you with Fresh Supermarket!

From fresh fruits and vegetables to detergents, halal certified and reliable meat, vegan products, basic food, ready meals, personal care to your pet’s food, from your favorite ice cream to the book you want to read, many varieties are here!

Moreover, we take thousands of our products from our cold storages in Eskişehir, İzmir, Kocaeli, Ankara, Manisa and Bodrum and deliver them to you in a hygienic way with refrigerated cars. We also ship to 81 provinces of Turkey by cargo!

When shopping online for supermarkets, all that is required now is to “want”. If you want convenience, comfort, variety, freshness and safe shopping; Let it come with market price.

Download now, get whatever you need from a wide variety!
Moreover, a special 50 TL discount opportunity awaits you for your first order!


Market alışverişini daha kolay yap diye, Türkiye'nin Taptaze Süpermarketi olarak modern hayatına taptaze çözümler getirmeye devam ediyoruz.

İsteklerini taptaze bir şekilde karşılayabilmemiz için siparişini ve uygulamamızı değerlendirmeyi unutma!


4 comentarios en "istegelsin MODDED 2022"

  1. Gürhan Talaş dice:

    I haven’t received even one bad item in my orders.I dont know it is my luck or something else but this is the best app for shopping as far as my experiences go.

  2. Cem Öntaş dice:

    I think the best shopping service in Turkey. Completely professional. Only one thing, check out the expire dates of the products as soon as you get your groceries or delicate items. I had a few issues – not reported my bad if course- but better check it out. Thanks!

  3. Cosas Nouso dice:

    Good app but it’s not possible to add a foreign credit card or a Turkish debit card. It’s not really user friendly beside that app is great, I would give 5 stars if I could pay with my Spanish cc or Turkish debit card. Pay at door option is also a solution by the way

  4. Furkan ŞAR dice:

    1-Not competitive price 2-Low variety of product 3- Searching algorithm doesn’t work well.(It sometimes list the products not related your searching. For example, you write eggs and if there was a book that eggs is written in the description of the book, the book would be listed with the eggs.) if you want to looking for the products category by category you won’t probably see all the products the category’s has. That’s why it is not user friendly and very hard to find what you want, even you find the product, it is not in the stock.(It happened to me) 4- There is no account deleting option, only you can delete the app. That might mean your information keep somewhere. 5-(This comment is only who interested with discounts.) This is the other thing that happened to me, they advertise they offer 30 TL discount, but in real offer 10 TL discount. No doubt, there could good sides for the app, but I couldn’t use that much time to know that. I deleted it, because these are the most important factors for me. Anymore, I use another app with no issues I’ve talked about above.

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