Head Basketball MODDED 2022


Take my lethal shot! A super-simple control basketball game! Head Basketball!
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From the flame shot of Korea to the ghost captain of Great Britain!
Enjoy this simple basketball game with characters that have unique ability shots!
Decorate unique characters with a variety of costumes,
Create the best athletes by developing characters in your own way!
Don’t miss out on winning matches with players and friends around the world!

+ 44 different characters and their unique ability shots
+ Various experiences through seven different game modes
(Arcade, Campaign, Tournament, Survival, League, Death, Headcup)
+ Decorating unique characters with various costumes
for each portion of the body from head to toe
+ Develop your own character by upgrading ability scores
through character level ups
+ Play multiplayer with players around the world
(Google Play Service, Nearby Connection)
+ Realistic movement based on a physics engine
+ Support Google Play Service rankings
+ Support Google Drive (Cloud Save)
+ Support Facebook
+ Multiplatform multiplay “Competition” ( iOS, Android )

>The Head Basketball app permissions settings are to use the game extension file required to run the app, and does not access or collect other personal information.


+ fixed bug: [Death Mode] boss stage crash


40 comentarios en "Head Basketball MODDED 2022"

  1. Zaid Ed dice:

    It’s a very great and unique game but I only have 3 complaints. First of all, it’s very hard to save coins and characters usually cost millions to buy, their prices should be reduced or they should make coins easier to get. Second of all, for anybody whose played this game for long enough, they’ll realize that it starts getting too easy at some point and not very competitive, maybe add difficulties? Third and last, there are not a lot of people who play in multiplayer because usually it’s laggy.

  2. I really like the fact that there are so many characters, but most have the same kind of ability with different animation or delays, although this isn’t that much of a problem. In my opinion, it gets repetitive after awhile and character unlocking is a bit too hard. Also please fix multiplayer, it is extremely laggy. Android doesnt seem to have a bluetooth option. If multiplayer is fixed i will change my rating to 4 stars.

  3. I really loved this game and have been playing for a while. The only bugs I have experienced is with some characters like Jeremy ,you can counter the opponents power and jump up to get on your hoop. Also, while playing online, the first 30ish seconds are very laggy. Besides that there are not a lot of ads and the game is super fun.

  4. Amazing game but big bugs that hurt it a lot. Biggest is when the camera pans up to follow the ball it doesnt let me move or jump. Also the movement is sometimes buggy and at the beginning of a game jumping will stop my horizontal movement even though im still pressing the button. Ive also had issues playing against india, where sometimes the game will freeze up, the counter wont count, and points wont register. Other than these things it could easily be a 5 star game and ill change if fixed

  5. The game itself is fine, but there are so many bugs and glitches. For example: The opponent using their special ability twice in a row. This has costed me many championships and important games. Also, the physics are very weird and the opponent can hit some crazy automatic shots on you.

  6. Fun, but frustrating. If you use your ability, the cpu can block it and use their ability even if it’s not activated. I can’t begin to explain how many times I’ve lost because of this.

  7. The game is very fun but whenever I face Julia, like whenever I score or she dose it dose not count as a point and the timer does not go down idk how it happend or why it’s happening other than that the game is fun would totally recommend it

  8. 24 Fazi dice:

    I like the game but when i load my cloud save the screen goes completely blue and i cannot do anything even if i restart the game pls fix it

  9. -Stray- dice:

    Its a great gane, same as others like head soccer,but it needs more countries deffinitely.

  10. This game is perfect if you want to play while bot having internet but also addictive.

  11. I enyojed ur game but it’s too hardnthey Catch the ball and usenthere ability it made me rage and I had tears ur game is too hard

  12. Alex dice:

    Epic game I really recommend you play, great graphics, and really fun

  13. I think ability use is very bad…. multiple times opponents using..and no way to stop that. Using ability means points for sure. U can not even jump to stop that…… also controls places must be adjustable on big devices very hard to manage….. please fix…..

  14. It’s a nice game, the only problem I have with it is the fact that Alfredo’s dunking ability shot always triggers the players own ability shot when the player doesn’t want to. It makes it hard to complete the task in the campaign mode of the game (to complete without using ability shot). Please fix it

  15. scop3 dice:

    Really fun when u were og when it was released and where playing head soccer

  16. SANS_YT dice:

    I have decided to change my opinion on this game It is good and all but darn is it near impossible to complete a league without using power shot or swing or jump because of the fact that even if you try to do it,sooner or later,you are bound to accidentally hit the button,no matter what you do Please add an option to temporarily remove a button when doing a no swing to unlock a character

  17. Kit Evans dice:

    Amazing game. Very skill based. Love the graphics. Character are insanely pricey, but unlocks aren’t that bad. It takes a bit to unlock them though. If your up for the challenge you’re on the right gamepage!game page! (Need to improve multiplayer, also you should reduce the amount of shards to unlock a element to just one please. It’s the only EXTREME grind required thing in the game)

  18. Pretty neat, I like the unlock system(unlocked AF-49, Jeremy and Alom in one day), the upgrade system is pretty cool, but the market is TOO expensive and there should be a way to “block” buttons (eg. I want to win a match without power shot) and fpr some reason I’m unable to play online. Other than that it’s a great game!

  19. Amazing game with so many characters to unlock and choose from, used to play it in 2016, and I’ve started playing it a couple if months ago again and it’s top notch, although there a glitch in the new death mode, if you perform an ability shot and you are hit with the obstacles ( especially the poisonous mushroom) the game thinks you have become stunned and the ball phases through the player and A.I, usually causing an unfair loss, plz fix D&D Dream!

  20. Isaac Li dice:

    Its great, no money needed and fun challenges, just wish they made a way to disable certain buttons during a match, because accidentally pressing something in a challenge that can last 20mins (leagues for example) is common and quite annoying. This would make challenges more about skill rather than hoping you dont accidentally click something.

  21. OK 11 dice:

    Fantastic game and everything is good , but i have 1 thing , you should do a disable button for moves , because there are many characters who you should do “without” challenges , for example , like Ernesto (cuba) if we need to get him , we should play head cup without jump , so i suggest you to do a jump disable button so we dont press it accidentally, because when i am playing , i accidentally sometimes use the jump or power , so pls do a disable button for them to do the challenges comfortably

  22. astoundingly good. in simpleplayer the game is plenty of fun. however. the matchmaking and local system needs work since it gets super laggy. there are also some exploitable points. for example having the enemy stuck under your pot by walking backwards. but that’s only to be expected.

  23. Well overall is a nostalgic and actually enjoyable game. There is things like some ability glitches that are done like usa dunk most of the time doesn’t work, and the most annoying part is that the multi-player option for quick match is so laggy plus the competition one takes ages to even find one. Thank You

  24. This game is amazing. The only thing that I would change is that you can’t block Dante’s special shot or dunk. It is even more frustating that this avitar is locked behind a almost imposible chalenge or a 3,100,000 point cost. The worst thing about it is that he is bad against CPUs. They seem to go right through the beam that throughs you out of the way regularly. But this is only one avitar. the rest of them are great and I have little to no complant on them.

  25. The concept is so cool I wonder how could they ruin it this much. Awesome graphics, awesome characters… the point is there’s so much power creep you can’t even get what is going on during a game. Honestly I would like to have more time to spend playing and less time spent basically tapping at random in the hope that some superpowers are stopped. Basically you get 15s of play every 30s of good looking superpowers (both yours and the CPU’s)

  26. The game is pretty good I like it but I really think that you should add it where you can do adding friends because the challenges are a lot hard like take this as an example having to score points but can also making sure that the other person doesn’t score point and could you make it where whenever you unlock something you actually get it immediately you don’t have to actually pay for it

  27. It’s so good! Only thing I don’t like is how the chances of getting a character specific clothing(in my case hayato) is pretty low. Please buff it. And also make it when you actually go and get the accessory, it should be already unlocked and not have it where I unlock it, but still have to buy it for an insane amount. I still give 5 stars!

  28. HBF Hbf dice:

    Firstly, Great game. Really good job on graphics and story. Secondly, YOU NEED TO LOWER THE PRICES ON CLOTHING!!!! Wow. It’s like 40,000points to get a HAT. And don’t even get me started on the masks. There’s 100,000point armbands. And you only get 500points per win in the arcade. But overall, Great game, everyone should play.

  29. The game is great! I love the variety of characters and abilities. My only complaint os that having trouble unlocking Danny and Blitz. I have the required apps downloaded, but they don’t unlock. I tried restarting my phone as well.

  30. Yeah.. I already went through this game 3 times, and I have gone through all those times losing my progress. your save/load cloud doesn’t work, and this game needs a more efficient way of connecting and saving. Having the game connect to facebook accounts is best way to do so. Im not gonna lie, this is a good game, but i’m kinda pissed at the fact i’ve lost my stuff, what i paid for, three times

  31. Zero Neko dice:

    Love the gameplay and the character’s design, it’s just cute :). I think it’s well-balanced neither getting characters or the currency, IMO. Never get issues or bugs, just stable gaming. Tips for getting currency faster, you can just play league but only use jump or play death by getting the gold ball. Peace :).

  32. The game is great, and has many advantages over head soccer, but player’s prices are very high, and some characters are very hard to unlock, or require a long time, like Dante, or Aria or Bo, etc.. you need to minimise their unlockment a bit, and you will deserve the 5 stars

  33. Very good game. I love all of the different characters and the updates give new challenges to complete to get every character in the game. Oh, and for all of you complaining that the ball can be taken from you when you’re doing a special, that’s called a counter guys. It’s not a bug.

  34. No option to change controls. The movement buttons are too far to the center. When trying to move to the right I end up moving left. I tried playing like this almost half way through the arcade. It’s very hard to adjust and simply ruins the experience. Not worth playing because it is so frustrating.

  35. Gameplay is glood, I like the game mechanics. Also love the characters in this game. But, every stuff in this game is very very overpriced. I literally can’t buy anything in the shop, I played and grinded this game for 8 hours in total. Great game mechanics, really bad pricing for the items.

  36. Those who give one star listen. Most of argument that you can’t counter attack opponent Ability, well that’s actually wrong, you can easily counter attack every power, you just need to know how. Other reason is that your power recharge very slow, well in game there’s thing like “Upgrade”. You can actually upgrade your stats for money, and then game become easier and character becomes better. Cool game by the way

  37. D.S .R dice:

    VERY GOOD but need to improve multiplayer and they should add like new characters every week or two. Also u should add some like live events like to get some equipment for free or get limited edition items or something. Otherwise the game is brilliant and definitely should be a top grossing game

  38. MAYACOSTA dice:

    This game is quite fun, the only thing thats really a problem right now is that multiplayer doesnt work very properly, it lags too much. Please fix that issue and also if u could add a character like wolverine it would be awesome.

  39. Nixa dice:

    I liked the game before. Now i wanted to play again and im already done. The game moves so fast you cant even understand whats happening. Pls fix the bug if its not a bug make it slower.

  40. Ok, you can’t just increase the AI’s stat’s and get away with it. What you need to do is actually improve its consistency and how well it actually plays the game, before increasing stat’s. Also, a practice game mode would be nice.

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