NBA SuperCard Basketball Game MODDED 2022

The basketball battle card game with collectible cards of NBA & WNBA All Stars!
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From the creators of top NBA basketball games NBA 2K22, NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition, and NBA 2K Mobile, NBA SuperCard is the legendary basketball card collecting and battle game pitting NBA and WNBA All-Stars and legends from your favorite teams against each other in epic card battles on the court. Play now as the new Season 2 tips-off this fall featuring brand new card tiers, innovative new designs, and new events with more to come!

Sports card collecting meets deck building and epic card battles! Collect cards across generations of NBA and WNBA all stars. Train them, level up their unique stats, and bring old and new rivalries to life. Become the ultimate card collector with hundreds of collectible cards and build your deck of basketball stars!

Experience card-battle game modes such as always-on Quick Game, Champions Mode, Team Battleground, and Head-2-Head.

Card collecting games and the NBA make a dynamic duo! Hit the hardwood and take on special challenges to unlock exclusive new basketball cards, new packs, and new ways to have fun this season. Participate in new NBA live events to earn rewards and special edition cards!

Collect cards, build your deck, get on the court and immerse yourself in the new Season 2 of NBA SuperCard!


– Card collecting featuring basketball stars from your favorite NBA and WNBA teams including Jayson Tatum, Damian Lillard, Kevin Durant, Luka Doncic, Zion Williamson, Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter, Dwyane Wade, Karl-Anthony Towns, Rui Hachimura, Candace Parker and Tamara Moore.
– Basketball legends across generations of NBA and WNBA history are now available to collect for a limited time with the Throwback packs!

– Use strategy to build a deck of top-tier players with different strengths and abilities.
– Level up your all star team and train them to advance their stats and improve their skills.
– Participate in daily and weekly quests and challenges to help you level up.

– Battle decks in always-on Quick Game mode and new Team Gauntlet Mode and Team Court Domination.
– Card battles featuring basketball stars from your favorite team.
– PVP card battle game modes: Head 2 Head and King of the Hill.
– Basketball arena modes: work together with friends or battle in PVP.

– Weekly events with new cards available for a limited time..
– Collect cards of all-star basketball players including Jayson Tatum, Vince Carter, Kevin Durant, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Damian Lillard.
– Throwback theme cards including basketball legends Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Dirk Nowitzki and more!
– New collectible card updates throughout the NBA season.

Build your deck, get on the court, and immerse yourself in the basketball card action of NBA SuperCard, the ultimate sports card collecting and battle game experience.

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Our latest update includes:
- A card count for each team in the filter
- Other misc. bug fixes


40 comentarios en "NBA SuperCard Basketball Game MODDED 2022"

  1. I like the game play. There is enough movement to keep you interested. Also events come a regular intervals. However I can’t go any higher that two stars because of server issues. When on WIFI it disconnects over 80% of the time after finishing a game. Also just randomly when upgrading cards etc. On mobile data it seems to be less of issue. Until you solve that problem this game is almost unplayable.

  2. Plays pretty much exactly like WWE supercard. My only complaint as of right now is that my team battle ground is not working, it shows the other team attacking and such but won’t show me any of the menus I need. Couldn’t see the menu to get my cards. Couldn’t see to charge my cards. When I click on it now, it just shows the scores, and the ten people we are going against. Please help.

  3. JT Peek dice:

    This game is cool. But I recently lost my entire account all because of the network error issue. I had spent a lot of time building up my deck and had some really good cards. But because of the network issue, I couldn’t do anything without it showing up. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the game recently and lost all of my progress. Fix this issue and it’s no doubt a great game.

  4. I used to love the older MyNBA2K’s but this one is far different. I feel the card art is too complex and needs to be easier to look at. It has to do with the card art not being either of the photo. There’s too much extra, the card art feels too cramped. But the bigger thing is the gameplay. When playing any mode, it takes WAY TOO LONG to play through it. There is TOO MUCH ANIMATION and takes away from the swiftness of past games. Quick, fast-paced games would make this game much more enjoyable.

  5. I would rate this game 4 stars but the massive update from February has negative affects, one of them is that when you watch an ad and finish it, the game refuses to give you a game night and it says “waiting on network”. It resets for you having to watch the add again and yet the same result happens. I’ve seen some people say this, but maybe it’s just the device and how new it is to work properly. Please fix this 2k, you can’t play events and game modes except RT with this bug.

  6. New Tier Requirements Unrealistic… Every single new tier has had a standard requirement to get the said tier. Yet, this newest tier (Airwave) is unattainable with a similar top 8 that used to get you into all previous tiers. There are a large number of us that has more than enough to get into the tier if they had not radically changed it. Multiple event cards and special cards will not even get you there… Many are quitting and I am close to joining them if this is not fixed soon…

  7. Game has gotten stale, no new content. Same ol’ same ol’ rinse and repeat. Wish it had more like WWE Supercard. The developer is terrible, game doesn’t update with correct cards, spend 4 days playing an event and it just disappears without giving you rewards. No communication whatsoever on what happened. Goes hours at a time where no one can login, again with no communication. Developer is a complete joke!

  8. this is the best game I have ever played on my phone. very addictive g and worth your time to get into. I would add a trade feature for players to interact on another level and that’s about it.

  9. random network issues. and i hope they expand the amount of cards we can have to a larger amount. if anything make there be an option to purchase more card space.

  10. I 💕 the game but for some reason after the maintenance I try pressing the settings tab at the top right but it would take me out of the app and now I’m 😡.

  11. The game is fun not really a P2P game but it requires you to be on the game 24/7 to advance in ranks. Do yourself a favor and turn off notifications.

  12. Dropped 3 stars because they’re support is useless. Don’t expect you issues to get fixed any time soon. Plus catdaddy will blame you for anything bad in game things that happen that they caused. Sad because i played this game a lot. 😭

  13. I’ve been playing this game since I started with 2k15 card game I’m stuck at level 3 in the trophy case and I can’t purchase or earn a card that matches with the type of card I need to advance and to be stuck for over a month? I don’t understand that at all and the award is nowhere close to what level of card requirements I need to play level 3 on trophy case

  14. Great, Fun game the Gameplay is really good and there’s great cards to collect and play with thanks developers for a very good entertaining game to play

  15. LOVE THE GAME! Been playing this game since Mynba2k18 I bealive, I don’t know, I just love tapping screens and watching cards play ball. Its not just that, theres a global chat, promos for special cards, and nice fusion, Team events, Events for special once in a life time card. and More! Download this game/ Hello the mail on SuperCard

  16. Developer has completely abandoned the game. Has so much potential but no effort is being put into it.

  17. Used to love this game until the last update. Better to improve aspects of the game rather than just adding more of the same each update – card tiers…theres enough at least for now. The packs are expensive and always receive one of the worst cards possible. Time to delete.

  18. It’s incredibly laggy. I can’t change tab without the whole game freezing for like 30 seconds. The same with being in the draft board or playing a match or what ever

  19. Was great until I hit street level now it crashes more than I can past it. Very Disappointing!

  20. I really like the game but i don’t like the fact that there is a card limit when there are like a thousand cards in the game

  21. Great rewards more than wwe supercards however it is very very slow.

  22. Fun game (mostly with a team) but they DESPERATELY need a training mode for your cards.

  23. Definite improvement on the previous version of the game. Seems like the developers got their act together. Good job.

  24. Dfg dice:

    Great games tons of new features compared to older card games. With new road trip event coming however everytime I open the game to check the upcoming rewards for the Iverson card my game keeps crashing.

  25. Lee Den dice:

    The trophy chase is a game mode which the app updated today which you can rehash old card to play on the deck using supercoins but that didnt upload .Some events are hard to play on team version . But a fun game .

  26. It’s a nice game, fun to play and open packs and stuff but I need to make a request, we need an auction house so we can sell cards for SC, that will make the game much better

  27. Kailen h dice:

    Monotonous….If you play this game once then you have pretty much played the whole game

  28. Cant even get past the loggin screen for accounts keeps backing out

  29. I just hope that cards can be traded to other user… it would be much more exciting…

  30. Mason S dice:

    I like the game a lot, but ever since I updated to Android 12 on my Google Pixel it stopped working. Can’t play the game at all right now, so my teammates probably hate me. Also the app crashes a lot in general. If they can fix the technical issues, the game would be a lot better. Update – two days later, this issue is still ongoing. No word from their support team since two days ago either. I have missed the event entirely, and will likely be kicked from my team.

  31. Not much to do yet, plays just like WWE Supercard with tiny changes. Might be something with a few updates, kinda dull right now. Champions mode pointless, long, and has terrible rewards. Only really wild mode. 1st event was broken. ( Suprise!) Needs pvp TODAY. Needs supercoin, fusions, any way to pull more than 1-3 cards a game. Leveling is very slow. I’m assuming that is intentional, but with no mode to play against other players, no real reason for it.

  32. WWE Supercard had a better tier level system than this game. These I stated this because I gotten a final tier card using credits and put it in my team and gotten more higher cards yet it still keep me into amethyst tier for some reason. The original NBA Supercard back in 2016 was more superior than this version of the game. Yes, fix the tier leveling system and were in clear ok. Thank You.

  33. So much better then past years..Only wish we could fit the auction house back in,but that’s filled with constant challenges & events,I’ve had a steady team for 4 yrs. Straight,at first this season was so different from prior games..It started slow, & I left the game for a while when I came back I’ve been shocked with all the new & constantly evolving events & cards…GOOD JOB..

  34. This game used to be fun when it was attached to 2k and reset every year. You got bonus vc and a fun side game when you couldn’t play 2k. Now it’s like, what’s the point? It’s a stand alone that doesn’t reset every year so everyone is already at endgame. Very disappointing. If I had to guess, the 2k version cost “too much” and the vc bonuses meant not as many players paying cash for vc.

  35. First, there’s an ongoing bug after viewing an ad where it says “There was an issue playing the ad. Please try again later.” And you get no credit for watching the ad. Second, I tried to report the bug in game via settings->support->report bug. But, that’s broken! It just brings up the share feature on the phone to share the following text in another app “[Enter feedback text here]”… It’s not even a real bug report system. The irony of bug reporting not working. Please fix!

  36. All in all a very good game, but never start the champions event because it locks you in a tournament for 3 days not being able to pro any cards in that event. Also, the loading screens for quick game is a total waste. I have played over 500 games in quick game and it takes about 12 seconds between loading screen times. Its a good game but it needs alot of improving

  37. Ok, so super weird but ever since the Angry Birds 2 ad has loaded into the ad rotation, the music from the ad will randomly srart playing during game play and won’t turn off, even after watching the ad and exiting the ad. Continually having to restart app. Gotten to the point the music will begin playing in background on the app main dashboard without ever touching a game mode. So annoying!!

  38. Wow, for a developer that already has a Supercard model they have really managed to screw this release up. Only 2 game modes available including quick game (equivalent of wild) and Champions (equivalent of king of the ring). The former gets boring quickly whilst the latter locks cards in event for 3 days with pointless rewards. Additionally, card base stats are glitched and can’t be improved with games played. Nice graphics and historic cards are great but all in all a poor, premature release.

  39. Was happy with the game but it won’t allow me to pass the ‘simulate 5 days of super dynasty’ which is the beginner quest. I redownloaded the game thinking it would fix it but instead it’s running slower and not even loading up some events

  40. It’s pretty dope def a app I recommend it’s like a battle cards game may the best card win play the right card at the right time use ur advantage card upgrade ur players get the best or make the best it’s fun you’ll love it

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