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The Official Mobile Game of World Surf League (WSL) and Surfline.

True Surf launches with 21 of the world’s greatest surf breaks driven by True Axis’ real world physics simulation engine and powered by live Surfline weather forecasts.

Realistic touch based physics enable complete control of your surfer in real time. Use one finger, your thumb or mind surf with two fingers like the Pros.

A huge part of surfing is about chasing the perfect wave and True Surf comes jam-packed with the world’s best. Level up to travel the world chasing classic reef breaks with hollow barrels at Pipe in Hawaii, Cloudbreak, Fiji to rolling ‘power-curve’ breaks at Bells Beach, Australia. Or try to beat the sections at some of the world’s fastest point breaks like Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. If BIG waves are your thing then head to Nazare, Portugal and Jaws (Pe-ahi), Hawaii.

True Surf is powered by real time surf forecasting data from Surfline (experts in marine weather forecasting). Data is updated throughout the day and includes Swell Height, Swell Direction, Wind, Tide and Water Temperature. Power up by initiating ‘Perfect Storms’ at your favorite surf breaks.

True Surf comes with six characters to choose from around the world. Start surfing performing tricks, spine-twisting maneuvers and massive wipeouts to build up your reputation and advance your career, unlocking travel, perfect storms, and gear to purchase. Look out for new apparel arrivals from many of the world’s leading surf brands.

Start building your quiver. You will need shortboards, funboards, longboards, guns and fish according to wave conditions to build up your reputation and become a surfing legend. As you progress through your career, you will unlock new boards to purchase.

Are you ready for the big leagues? Test your skills via LIVE WSL competitions and compete against other players from around the world to see if you have what it takes to become a world champ!

Note: An internet connection is required to access some features.

Frequent Flyer (monthly) is a monthly subscription service that enables you unlimited free travel to all surf spots in True Surf. Frequent Flyer Monthly cost 2.99 USD/month (or local equivalent) and will be charged on your Google Play Account after purchase and when the subscription renews monthly.

Perfect Storm (monthly) is a monthly subscription service that enables you unlimited activations of Perfect Storms at all surf spots in True Surf. Perfect Storms provide a boost to live surf conditions and each activation lasts for 5 minutes. Perfect Storm Monthly cost 2.99 USD/month (or local equivalent) and will be charged on your Google Play Account after purchase and when the subscription renews monthly.

Subscriptions will renew automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to your Google Play Account at confirmation of purchase. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to users Google Play account settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

Terms of service can be found at


- New WSL Event: Hurley Pro Sunset Beach; Feb 12-23


40 comentarios en "True Surf 2022"

  1. Was fun at first because it does a pretty good job of simulating surf. However, this had to be the only game I know of that makes you wait to have fun. Leveling up is painfully slow. You can level up quickly, but it’s super boring. Buy yourself the Original 54 Beater, go to a point break and spin in circles as many times as possible and you’ll get perfect 10’s. Because of that, I’m not a fan of the scoring system. Good luck getting better boards without purchasing them for way too much money.

  2. Jerry jin dice:

    The game is good but gets boring, im not into the competitions so theres little else to do. Would be cool to wait in a lineup, change perspective or view while on the wave like POV. Ability to sell back surfboards that I never use, more scenery, rocks or seaweed, fish, whatever. Put a jetski as an option, rescue surfers. The way the character acts after a wipeout is pretty lame…kicking his feet like a little girl. The way the game pans out like 3 miles when the perfect storm ends…sucks

  3. Pretty realistic surfing for a video game and I like the different spots. But the waves need to be more diverse in conditions. Plus, most of all, the scoring from “judges” doesn’t make sense. People that score high where you can watch their wave, is ridiculous. They look like they’re having a crack-induced seizure on a 10 point wave. No one surfs like that. Score higher for big barrels that you make it out and hard, critical turns and airs that you make should be rewarded more. Not 100 turns.

  4. Overall it’s pretty dam good. The controls are perfect, graphics are very good. It didnt take too long to get the hang of things and start whippin 180’s in the air and 360’s on the waves. Riding on top of the wave at fast speeds will really drive up the points. The only problem I’m having in the note 9 is it doesnt seem to respond on all parts of the screen when tapping to start a wave. I dont want to touch the bar to start. My thumbs dont naturally rest there. I seem to be missing my starts.

  5. Id like to give it 4 stars but I have 1 issue. The issue is your contests. I took a look at the top competitors and they are clearly cheating. They dont fall, can surf behind waves, and etc. That should be easily caught and fixed. Other than that, its a great game. i love the overall game and is very fun and entertaining. 5 stars when that issue is fixed.

  6. Pretty incredible surfing game. Physics are really good and graphics are unmatched. Love that I can be goofy foot and the controls feel intuitively responsive. Only star lost is for how crazy long it takes to level up and you almost have to buy credits to get a big wave board. I still might, but I’d rather just buy a game, not in game credits. Bad model choice on otherwise the best game.

  7. The missions are bugged when riding a wave. The game will kick you off the wave and tell you you failed. Needs more consistent swells and easier progression to unlock gear. Also scoring system doesn’t make much sense. Decent physics and graphics. Really a shame. With a few easy tweaks it could be a 5 star game. (Note the bug as been fixed now.) Also can you guys fix skeleton bay so there is not so many close out sections?

  8. Absolutely loved this game. But did the developers reverse the controls for left and right | up, down movement? Its confusing to someone who has been playing for months. And im sorry to be critical but the stand up dial is now distracting and in the way. Preferred the bar across the bottom much better. Still love the game but miss the old controls.

  9. Great game, very realistic wave mechanics. The only thing that stands out to me is, like other people have commented, the wave scoring system is geared around barrel time and some breaks just don’t give you the opportunity to ride a long hollow barrel. If you could include maneuvers like cutbacks and lip slaps, airs, etc. Into the scoring dynamic this game would be incredible. Other than that I think it’s great, sometimes I find myself just staring at the screen watching the waves..kudos fellas

  10. Please stop scoring only based on barrels! To get a decent score you have to stay barreled for the entire wave!! That’s not realistic nor is it a fun way to play. Score nice turns and airs higher, and how deep we were in the barrel. I’ve been stuck at level 19 for 4 months now, it’s impossible to keep progressing without paying or getting continuous barrels on 15+ feet waves… Please fix this progression system. Otherwise, good game.

  11. Great game, ok graphics, almost no ads, a stupid high skill ceiling, and real fun. I only have a few gripes but there not two big, first, it has a pretty steep skill curve, so it takes a while to get good, and the score system is kinda broken but that doesn’t really matter if your not in a contest which is about 5 min a week. However everything is super expensive the only free way to get $ takes way to long. but other than that it’s my favorite android game (tip get the ODYSEA skipper board)

  12. Decent gameplay so far. Travel times are considerably realistic, which makes a bad choice frustrating. Also, when you are “ahead of/behind wave” you should not be pulled off your run because I have caught up with the wave/slowed and still gotten decent scores. Let the player bail, bottom line. Fix that and the game is much better. My toon should never evaporate from a run in which I’m still gliding across a wave. Just me.

  13. I like the surfing gameplay, but the costs of the different microtransactions are absolutely absurd. For instance, to buy a gun (big wave board), it would cost around $35, and $6 monthly for unlimited travel and storm surge. These greedy price points are actually making me not want to play the game anymore. Just my 2 cents, take it or leave it.

  14. This game is phenomenal but also is a bit of a wasted opportunity. The wave chasing model and the sandbox style lineup is what makes it stand out but there are big flaws and areas for improvement. Main one imo is that the scoring system is wrong. The airs don’t get scored as airs at all most of the time. There are no scores for sick fins out top turns. The game doesn’t recognize those at all as maneuvers. Would be cool if you cross step the longboard. Also ai surfers to dodge would be awesome.

  15. I’m giving you 5 stars because surf games are very few and I know how hard it is to make a good game. I had high hopes for the game. However, I’m extremely disappointed. The controls are mostly bad but not IMPOSSIBLE. You can’t do tricks, you’re just riding the wave. That’s boring. Add buttons to do jumps and flips etc.The graphics are good. Also, I know you wanna go realistic but any waves under 12 feet = boring, add weather but for cheaper. Hard rain, wind etc. Will install when fixed

  16. I give it 5 star because the concept is there and I want this game to improve. The controls are great and it’s actually challenging to get good at. I love that air have to be timed just right. It’s realistic. What I don’t like is that compitions are far between and flat. You should be able to switch to a mode where the surf is big all the time because it is a GAME. also I think there should be a few surf spots that are made up with an insane wave. Kind of like playing rainbow road on Mario cart.

  17. Very fun game. The controls are unique. Only thing I would liked changed is cheaper boards cause while it isn’t too hard to acquire a new one in the beginning, later in the game its ridiculously hard. level 14 and haven’t been able to get a gun board. Also, the few boards that “require” another board to be bought first shouldn’t cost ANYTHING. Twice now I’ve made in app purchases to grab the first board assuming it’d unlock the others but instead it makes you pay for them after unlocking. 😡

  18. Great game, awesome physics, realistic flow. The only complaint I have is in the tournament,scoring, and rewards system. The game would be 10x better if there were a larger range of rewards , from 1st all the way through top 1000, and some weekly goals would keep the “want to play” up. Otherwise this game is epic, very addicting, if you’ve ever surfed in your life, you will love the look and feel of this game. True statement, True Surf 🤙

  19. This is a really fun game that has a really good feel and graphics. I think it has a lot of potential to be a really awesome game. It definitely needs more maneuvers like rail grabs, maybe hang ten with the longboard. A type of career mode is also much needed. I hope they continue updating it.

  20. Lack luster physics and gameplay. The wave seems to always be trying to push you out the back of the wave – never actually going down the face and gaining speed from the pocket. The latest update also messed up the sensitivity of the controls so now it doesn’t recognize when you’re moving your finger as much and then over compensates – glitchy. Decent points are really only scored for long barrels.

  21. Theshoe dice:

    The latest update made the physics worse. I agree with others the scoring needs improvement, but I could look beyond that by having a fun free surf. The physics of the surfer made it harder to due turns off the top and the waves have bumps that cause you to air out when trying to hit the lip. Needs a new update team! Was a Great Game! Would be nice to see more waves added.

  22. New favorite game! Got to level 15 and finally got my first 10 at pipe. Yeah this game can be a little challenging, but once you get it down it’s super fun. And if you’re ever bored the beater board is great to mess around with. The 3 things I with this game had are: 1. More camera options (so I can see myself from behind the barrel, that would be sick) 2. An endless practice wave to try to learn trucks on (maybe just add in a wavepool wave) and 3. Ability to walk the nose (longboard).

  23. Fun game. Easy to play. The scoring system is really bad and takes far to long to level up. Control settings dont stay, every time a start a game I have to go into setting, controls, and put my preferred settings back in. Update 7/21: control settings fixed. Still takes too long to level up. You’ll be stuck with basic equipment unless you pay (way to much $15-$30) money.

  24. Gameplay 5 stars but everything else sucks. In game currency is too expensive to purchase in consideration of how much of it you actually get by playing the game, and by how much the boards actually cost in game. The completions are won by people pulling maneuvers that aren’t possible when you watch the replay. I love the free surf part of the game but you only get 2500 clams when you reach lvl 20 but the good boards cost 30,000 plus.

  25. Its a really fun game. Although it could be much better with a few tweaks. First complaint, how slow it takes you rack up points to level up. 14-16′ skeleton bay 78 second barrel backside 360 air gave me a 2.2 score. You guys need to figure out your scoring!!!! I will change my rating when you change your scoring

  26. Now that I’ve played a while, it’s a decent game but the whitewater is too high after the wave breaks for the camera angle so you can’t see the peak on the next wave. That is really dumb. And the dash to aim the drop in gauge is so small and it moves so fast it is ridiculous missing waves just because you guys made the dash so stupidly small. A more fun version would be seeing the wave you are dropping in on and making the drop in gauge better.

  27. What an awesome game…and then you blew it with this new update. New wave catching timer is awful. You cant angle in the barrel and find the perfect line. Instead you hit the lip and wipeout. You also make it impossible to play tournaments once you get past level 15 as well, cause it takes forever to level up and you spend your cash chasing waves. Why wouldn’t you add grabs and different aerials to a new update. Why mess with the physics and act like your making it better cause the wave spits?

  28. scoring on waves is not accurate. A deep 5 second barrel w/ several off the tops & a 360 air will score like a 1.7. You could do 7 360s & 6 360 airs on 1 wave to get a 9.0, but REAL surfers know that’s impossible, & that’s not how “humans” surf. I suggest rewarding actual realistic surfing, w/ airs adding those few extra points at the top range of the scale, rather than awarding ALL the points that way. Many perfectly ridden waves with countless progressive and critical moves scoring 1.0-3.0.

  29. Generally, the game is ok and runs smooth. I don’t like the leveling system, nor do I like the wave judgment system. Obviously, scoring barrels is worth more than anything else, so on a good day in-game, I could could catch 20 waves with every wave having at least 30 secs in the barrel. The problem is that wave judgment is so harsh and mediocre, that after my thumb is about to fall off my hand from playing so long, I’ve barely put a dent in attaining the next level. Please fix this…

  30. Okay, I gave the game a 1 because my phone was laggy and it made the game feel unresponsive. I was able to correct that a bit by downloading a lag fixing app, Gameplay is much more responsive when running at a stable frame rate, Leveling becomes a bit of a grind after lvl 15, like pokemon go slow. Best way to power level is farming 30 second barrels for 1000 pts each when skeleton bay gets big. Playing with a stylus is surprisingly awesome for me and totally fixes my thumb obscuring my view.

  31. This is still a great game but less so after the last update, not sure why you go to a spot that says 10 to 12 foot epic and u cant find a decent barrel sometimes, Skeleton bay has closeout sections along with Chopes..The surfer seems a lot slower now, harder to get up speed in the tube.All that being said the physics of the game and subtlety in the controls is the best of any surf game I’ve played , gets better when you figure out the timing and pace of the wave. I would love a console version.

  32. A.C. dice:

    While I do like this game, I’m going to echo many of the other complaints people have made already. This game is very hard to progress in without spending all the money. In addition, the scoring makes no sense. I watch WSL events, and a couple of really solid turns on Margaret River gets like a 8 or 9. If I hit a three second barrel with air and a floater, I get a 5. How is that realistic?

  33. great graphs and gameplay, but now Im obligated to buy the subscription if i want to travel. Before I could watch an ad for a travel ticket, now the option is gone and there is a 1 cent purchase option. Im ok with that but it doesnt let me buy. So while its flat i cannot advance level to get more, nor can I move anywhere else. Please fix this.

  34. Steve dice:

    Great game, can’t seem to get close on competitions, though! My bad and lack of skill, but can’t you have a lower league for the average joe ? It’s the same names on all levels of the competions, they win everything! It takes so long to save shells, need other ways to get them! Great game though, maybe some better tutorials on tricks and how the scoring works for competitions. Can’t blame the boards I have, just don’t have the skills : (

  35. Google Games level 61. I surf for real & I’ll have 2 say, once u get a little practice & realize u only need 1 finger 2 operate any and all possible moves ur surfer can make; also the waves are like real waves, some will close out, they’re consistently inconsistent (which is how waves really are! But it is kinda boring once you’ve hit level 10 & there aren’t any boards for big surf (Hawaii & Peru).. the stats on the boards don’t make much sense nor do the we get points 4 missions?

  36. Titouan dice:

    Great game but multiplayer needs improvements. Fantastic gameplay and wave design however the competition mode should be improved with direct competition against random players (like youriding use to do) this would make the game so much more fun to play ! (And would turn this review in 5 stars)

  37. Tina dice:

    UPDATED 4 LAST TIME CUZ FB never worked so my data was lost cuz it kept saying needed update so I uninstalled it to reinstall & maybe fix the update error but after discovering I had inadvertantly deleted my profile I was playing every day for months so not gonna go there but noone helped fix a single prob or offered here that I’ve reported so ima care about as much as I do about that good luck 2 u tho wish it coulda gone somewhere as it def had potential even paid but not with the probs no help

  38. This is by far the best surfing game available. The physics are unparalleled and wave formation/breaking is super realistic. The wave hunter feature and the fact that it takes time and work to save up for boards and level up are great. It means that you have to think carefully about what you buy and your quiver becomes special to you. Two things that I would love to see would be a longboard update (more controls such as cross-stepping) Edit: thanks for the multiplayer update!

  39. Ey guys. Thank you for such an awsome time killing game when I am not paddling. My only thing is the bug I got lately, my controls are not seeming to work, and are lagging. It was fine and the then the next wave was a dud and ever since then, its a problem. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it in hope it would be resolved. Unfortunately not. Please could you advise on what to do next. Thanks guys

  40. Pedro Mq dice:

    Graphics & idea are very good, but playing the game is frustrating, can barely surf unless is very big or classic conditions, even good 7ft is not surfable.. I like the concept of close out sections, imperfect waves & small days, but the gameplay ruins it, impossible to rip a medium or small wave. No flow, no speed, always gettin stuck, moving the surfer is frustrating. I’d say to mainly improve the gameplay & add grab rail Extras: weathers, duck dive, beach(workout, bodysurf, fish, bonfire etc)

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