Rival Stars College Football MODDED 2022


Draft your cards, coach your team, become a football legend. TOUCHDOWN!
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Transform an unproven college football team into American Legends!

As the head coach of a college football program, you make the calls. Recruit fresh talent, build an unbeatable playbook, and make risky plays for big payoffs. Join forces with players from around the world to form alliances and take on rivals. With big dreams and even bigger challenges, the team will rely on your leadership to take them to the top. Will they make it to the Hall of Legends?

Rise to the challenge, with Rival Stars College Football!

●     Hundreds of athletes to recruit, train, and level up. Boost player performance and propel your team towards legend status!
●     Manage YOUR team, YOUR way. Develop winning strategies, call the plays, and make tough decisions on the field!
●     Action-packed live global tournaments have you going head to head against real world opponents! Rise through the ranks to win big rewards!
●     Team up with others by joining an alliance or forming your own. Share strategies, chat with friends, and compete against rivals.
●     Witness the hard hits and big plays up close in game highlights!

Rival Stars College Football is free to play but offers some game items for purchase with real money.

This app includes advertising, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising by using your mobile device settings (for example, by re-setting your device’s advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest based ads). The app also includes:

• In-app purchases that cost real money
• The option to accept push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content
• Advertising for some third parties, including the option to watch ads for rewards


- General bug fixes and server improvements.


40 comentarios en "Rival Stars College Football MODDED 2022"

  1. The game is really fun but the game crashes so much. Mine crashed 3 times in one session. Then the game just stopped working and everything that I tried to load something it would just close out the app and the only fix is to lose all your progress. I can get anywhere in the game without atleast one crash. And the game is not the big and should not have this problem. If this was fixed then this game would be really good but because thr game crashed and then stops working it sucks.

  2. I actually enjoy the game a lot, but it has major stability issues that adversely affect the two PvP modes. The game crashes too frequently either 1) when you click the “Play” tab to choose a game mode (annoying, but doesn’t affect gameplay), or 2) after you’ve chosen a Tournament or Knockout opponent, which consumes that entry but returns no completion reward. It’s impossible to stay competitive in tournaments if you’re burning the majority of your entries for nothing.

  3. This is a great game. Great animations and play style. Really gives you a feel for being an actual coach. One thing I would maybe like to see is maybe a tiny bit more yards an runs. I needed 2 yards on a play and I picked a 2.5 yard play, but it only gave me one yard. Also maybe if we could be able to jump in and actually play one or two plays like actually controlling the passes or running. Other than that a fantastic game would recommend it.

  4. Game is fairly fun.. For a short time. Graphics and menu are visually appealing and intuitive, so it appeals to people of all ages. It would take several weeks to produce a reasonably good team, so I felt like the early stages are quite a bit of a grind to accumulate training points to level up guys, or currency to acquire new recruits. Biggest downfall is its just repetitive. The game is ultimately a probability wheel and loses its appeal after just a few hours. No skill involved.

  5. Graveth dice:

    It’s pretty fun building your squad and crafting playbooks to mesh with their strengths. I do have a couple complaints though. More of a cosmetic thing, but some plays are just miscatagorized. For some reason, a slant is classified as a running play. Also, some abilities that require activation are just on all the time – one being a CPU defensive skill that lowers your yards gained. Lastly, if I pay for a premium membership, it seems very odd that I still have to watch ads all the time.

  6. After having an opportunity to play this for several weeks I can only come to one conclusion. The devs have never played a game of football in their lives. Time seems to move as if you have twenty seconds total in the game. The concept of autoplay to just let the computer play for you is worthless. It picks the worst possible plays. The momentum shifts in an instant, one running play can take up half a quarter, even choosing the right defense everytime doesn’t guarantee a loss of yards. I’m done

  7. Its a good game, it just needs ALOT of fixes. Like the play calling pie chart for example. In most cases long passes are almost never in your favor and improbable to happen due to the chart. Also why not make the players level up on their own through their own gameplay instead of having to wait to get tokens for it. And the time needs to be fixed on it. Plays take up way too much time and its frustrating. And those are just the main problems. I hope the devs can make these changes.

  8. Redone review after 2 months. My main problem is time. Kicking plays drain 30 seconds + instead of 4-8 sec., running plays up to 40, a 10 yard pass intercepted and returned 10 yards took almost a minute! Playing 5 min halves doesn’t work if i can build a run heavy team and literally start the game with the ball and score on the same drive at the 2 minute warning in the 2nd quarter. Is a huge issue. Progression is pay to win once you get 3/4 star players. Takes weeks to upgrade team now.

  9. I like the game but there are a couple of big problems with it. First, it takes significant money to get anywhere serious with it. It’s not like lots of games where you can play without money, it’s just slower. You can’t win this one without recruiting with gold, and winning is the only way to get the gold through play. No money = permanently bad team. Second, it disconnects you randomly during games, which is especially bad because the game designers decided that disconnect = forfeit. NOT FAIR.

  10. Finished the first season so far. Requires internet so that’s a small downside but overall I’m having fun. You can create your own team and uniform. Gameplay has a little of a roulette component it seems but I’ve done well so far and you can vary how much risk you’re willing to take for longer or shorter gains. If you want a football coach game I would say to give it a try.

  11. Ke Jin dice:

    Great game. I only wish the playbook was larger and you could actually pick better defensive strategies. Run blitz. Pass blitz. Man coverage. Zone coverage. Etc. Should have the ability to substitute players. Make the time span more realistic. A pass play that is incomplete doesn’t take 20+ seconds. Have the ability to change playbook strategy during play after all coaches adjust when something doesn’t work. An offensive play should never have 10% success and 90% turnover. Make it realistic

  12. The game is fun, engaging, and fairly competitive. I feel like it could use a bit more depth, something big and not heavily reliant on RWM, rather it should all be acquirable by excelling and progression. Not the biggest fan of the whole collect cards of same to lvl up base when there is a huge pool of cards to select from. It makes it force RWM purchasing with a huge unequivalent bonus for chance to price.

  13. Joe C dice:

    The game starts out, like many free apps, fun to play and you have a chance to compete. Once you hit Division III, it quickly swerves from free to play to pay to win. Impossible to upgrade 4 & 5 star players without spending hundreds of dollars for gold. It takes too many cards after 1 star to upgrade. You simply can’t earn enough gold through gifts, season, etc. They got $13.99 from me. Don’t make the same mistake.

  14. I’d like to have the option of directing the specials team on whether to go for a short or long punt and to attempt field goals from as far back as 70 yards (due to current NCAA records) as well as the option for play-by-play -graphics to be all/some/none (currently preset to some). But apart from this the game plays well, doesnt generate too much heat in the processor of the phone, is engaging and works well with or without in-app purchases. I prefer with if only to get my star MLB.

  15. Loved this game…. then I got the “VIP” package. After that, the game became wildly unfair. Computer opponents hitting the most impossible plays 75% of the time, their players stats will almost double mid game. Then on the opposite side, I can have a 95% chance of getting a play of and tiny sliver of a chance of turning the ball over, and what do you know, it’s almost always a turnover. I cancelled the VIP already and hopefully the game goes back to normal after it expires.

  16. The Vyrus dice:

    Game is fun but repetitious. Collect different players for your squad, level them up, play tournaments or campaign. Rinse and repeat. What would add to the game would be the ability to take unused players and trade them for training items or something useful. The lack of interaction is the real killer here.

  17. This game is terrible! Too much cheating by the AI. It’s ridiculous how the spinner favors the AI all the time! For example I needed an extra point to win by 20 to complete a feat and my success rate was 99% and the spinner landed on the 1% costing me the chance to move o. The AI will have a 1% success rate and not even spin the spinner and get a huge play or score. Thanks for wasting my time pikpok. I would be nice to play a game that’s legit

  18. If you are a real football fan and love the strategy and chance involved in the game you will love this game. I’m addicted to it. I’ve had it a month and play it almost every day for an hour or two. I’d love to see them add onside kicks and get some licensing to use real college logos. Excellent game. Keep updating it and making it even better

  19. Boomer L dice:

    Half decent coaches sim, but really, very very basic. After a certain level you get a 3 lineup choices, but really, are you going to put anything out there but your best players? You also get to set up 3 different playbooks, of 8 plays. But you can’t scout your opponent before the game so you dont know if it better to go run heavy or pass heavy or more short passes, or exploit the weak safety and have more long passes. This is a very basic sim, with little to no true stratgey involved.

  20. Fun game, but stability has become an issue. I’ve played for several years and I’m the last few months something has changed that causes crashes nonstop. The game has become almost unplayable.

  21. I love this game! Really fun, easy to progress, and you can play with your friends. The only thing is I keep getting people that I don’t need and their just sitting on my bench. They need to add subs during a game or injuries, just something to make the players on your bench get more playing time. I just thought another way to do that is being able to change their position. Anyway this is a very fun game. Appreciate yall at PikPok

  22. Nice game ! Great time killer and actually does have strategy to it. Been playing a couple years. Pikpok is definitely on to something but needs an update and some new creativity. Maybe extension to the road to glory for example. NCAA 2024 football by ea sports is dropping soon. Might want to spruce things up a bit. I’m sure it will be mobile and authentic. I want to continue playing this after investing so much time in it.

  23. Update 4.6.22: most recent update causes my game to crash when I hit the Recruit button. Been playing this for a while now, but recently been experiencing an issue when opening up the game. When I open the game, it will close out/force close itself upon tapping on the screen. Another instance of it closing by itself is when I select the “Recruit” and select the “Free” button; the app closes.

  24. It is an amazing game overall, but if your looking for somewhat realistic gameplay this isnt for you. If you go for a kick blitz on a feild goal (not pat) there is a chance you make them more likely to make it, that isnt realistic. And secondly this abosultely irritates me. On a kickoff, 30 second goes by, and the dude has ran 17-20 yards. It’s so unrealistic. No kick returner in college that starts is that slow. Like if it was a combine it took him a full minute to run the 40

  25. I wanna give it 5 stars, but the game keeps crashing. I’ve uninstalled it and installed it again and still crashes. Put a lot of time into it so hopefully they release an update to fix this.

  26. It’s a great game. Could use a little touching up but my BIGGEST complaint is that it crashes all the time. I tried to do the daily knockout and it crashed before it could even load the game so I had to wait until the next day to even try again.

  27. Great game up until the game crashed every time I click on anything other than the home page. If this gets fixed I’d give it 4 stars. FIX THESE HORRIBLE CRASHES, I haven’t played the game in 2 days! Update: Uninstalled. Do not waste your money on this game you’ll end up never playing it.

  28. Guilty dice:

    Changed my review to 1 star. There’s just too much cheating the AI commits to. You can adjust your plays to fit your team, taking into consideration the type of team you build, and have a rating of 30+ than your opponent, and it will still make miracles plays too often that contradicts the entire logic of the game. In other words, they will screw you over in hopes you’ll pay for the forced losses the game will hand you.

  29. My game crashes a lot… it’s unplayable. Please refund me my vip. Avoid this trash game. 1% chance to turn the ball over? Fumble/interception Other team has a 10% chance of big play? Big play. You all need to be ashamed of your coding. I miss extra points all the time, but my opponents never do. They guess my play 8-10x in a row. Game would be a blast if it actually worked and you freaks didn’t have to cheat to keep teams in the game

  30. The app quits out more than any other game I’ve ever downloaded which sucks because it doesn’t return you to the game you were in so you lose games that you have to wait 2 hours for/pay to you play. Interface is fun when it works but so buggy it’s not worth the time

  31. I have the ultimate team! All time my record is 101-4. However it gets so boring. Its the same thing every time and WAY TOO EASY to build an absolute DYNASTY! Also, I wish some of your players can be able to declare for the draft after playing a number of games. Other than that, I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND WOULD PLAY IT ALL DAY!!!!

  32. Used to be fun but they no longer update the main game or fix bugs. It crashes non-stop for me and they don’t seem interested in fixing it beyond telling you to clear your cache (doesn’t work).

  33. No real opportunity to control the results. If you play someone with a significantly stronger squad you lose. Upgrading your team just means facing stronger opponents, so there’s no reward. You’re always just chasing the next star, and the gameplay experience never changes. Don’t waste your time/ money.

  34. Choose 5 offensive & defensive players that are all rated on IR (inside run) OR (outside run) SP (short pass) and LP (long pass). Then choose 8 plays from the many you unlock which are categorized by these 3 stats. You can choose every play on each down manually or set it to auto-play and watch! I’ve had a lot of fun with it and there’s a great competitive community to go along with it all!

  35. Hello, good game and i enjoy this game so much. But I have trouble lately since the last update, sometimes it hangs and loading when finished one game after the ads, then sometimes it hangs in game, so I have to kill the app. I really appreciate it if you can solve it, because I loss tournament points & ad bonus points because of this.

  36. I’ve been playing this game for years! I stopped for a good while because I got busy in life, but I came back and I still just love this game! I had to rate it (and rival stars basketball) because both games are excellent by PikPok. They’re just so much fun and I love the casual play and not some virtual joystick BS just simple taps and some fun team management! Keep it up! Please make a rival stars Soccer game! Also my game has never crashed or anything! Thanks!

  37. Controls are simplistic and everything is easy. Really sucks when you can tell the game wants you to lose. I have literally been in games where no plays I do ever go right and lose to a team with less Overall than me.. Worth the download yeah. Worth actually putting money into no.

  38. had a lot of fun with this game until now. just won a knockout, and encountered the bug where I couldn’t tap to continue to start the game. reinstalled, and my team is gone. All that progress down the drain because of a bug.

  39. Super fun game! They just have to fix the play clock, it goes to fast, especially on kick offs. On the first kick alone you lose 50 seconds off the clock and you haven’t even run a single play yet. Other than that the game is awesome

  40. I enjoy this game. However it doesn’t reward you almost at all, for all the work you put into it. I was thinking about doing the VIP subscription. Thing is, I can’t concentrate on a single position for my team. I am at the 6th road in the campaign and I still have not drawn a running back above a one star. Infact I have only drawn one other running back. That being said, I also have drawn any five stars. Which either means I am really, really unlucky or the RNG in this game sucks. All of this leads me to cratique one of two things. Give us more in game gold (a lot more) or fix the RNG of the draws. Either by letting us focus on a particular position or a fail safe. Like if you draw three times and you dont get something big. You have a better chance next time around.

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