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Get a maximized BMX experience with a real feeling on your Android!
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Become a BMX pro and perform spectacular tricks in breathtaking locations all over the world. Just like in real BMX or finger BMX, Touchgrind BMX is a game of skill that takes a few minutes to understand but a lifetime to master. Learn the tricks, complete challenges, and unlock new locations and bikes. The innovative finger controls together with real physics simulation let you pull off tricks like flips, barspins, 360s, tailwhips – Your skill and imagination set the limit! Get a maximized experience with a real BMX feeling on your Android device!

• True physics
• Stunning 3D graphics and realistic sound
• The Touchgrind controls
• Many unlockable bikes and locations(The Docks and 3 bikes for free)
• Trick name detection
• Watch replays

*** Important for Huawei users! Please disable HiTouch to avoid annoying popups! You can turn it off in Settings -> Smart Assistance -> HiTouch -> OFF ***


Purchase bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Touchgrind BMX MOD 2022"

  1. I can see that the producers tried however I would like to pint out how slow and buggy it is. It is incredibly difficult to turn the bike, and when you dont go the direction it wants it makes you crash (keep in mind it’s nearly impossible to figure out the desired direction) however touchgrind BMX 2 is much better and my onlynissue with it is that its nearly impossible to level up past level 2 or 3. I would love to see the updated version of this game. One qstar don’t waste your battery.

  2. AWESOME GAME! Graphics r awesome and it all works out with only two fingers. No adds on the game. For me at least. Well there’s one problem. When I do the jumps with handlebar spins and tire spins ETC. ETC. I only get one point each jump. I don’t know why. If you could look into it and find out why that might be, and fix it I’ll give a five star rating. Thanks and love you all!😘😘 -Tobie😍😍😍🙄☺

  3. Overall great game. However, it cost money to unlock any other levels besides one. and because of that, you cannot gain enough xp to unlock all bikes and paints as some of the challenges you need to do to get xp only apply to the paid levels. Honestly, I would rather have ads instead of this. This was still a great game even though I could only play on the first map. There are a number of tricks that I didnt even know existed with just TWO fingers. they also need a freeplay mode.

  4. Awesome. Simple and fun. Extreme sports lovers need to play this. Although someone else should take the idea and compete this developer since there are two heavy problems: 1.- This here is just a demo and you need to buy the rest of the game as a whole. Would love microtransactions associated to bike design and environment but this ones affect gameplay itself. 2.- Map feels very clunky, one gets tired really quick with how the map is like a line and you can’t actually freestyle in an open world, which would’ve been huge. Options are very limited.

  5. I really like this game, it’s fun and all but there’s a bug on the second jump on docks where it makes me go to the highest jump point of jump 2, if it could be fixed that would be nice. Another thing is that challenges can be way to hard sometimes and it goes for me, I just wish I could have some challenges according to how I play, overall, this game is great

  6. Awesome game, and no ads which is amazing. The only thing that will probably make the game a but less enjoyable is if you have a sensitive screen like me it can throw off all the tricks and landings. Other than that, there’s also not many tricks. The last thing I don’t like is that it sometimes doesn’t count it when you complete a challenge but that might just be me. Other than that I love it so much and find it really fun 👍

  7. THE TIGER dice:

    This game is amazing. The only thing is, once you have completed most tricks, and played many times on the same map, it can get boring and repetitive. I know you can access different maps but you have to pay. If the maps were free and you can play on them it would be less repetitive and more fun. Overall it’s a great game with loads of tricks and stunts to perform.

  8. catso dice:

    Fun game, I wouldn’t recommend if you get angry easily. It’s good if you’re bored, but it does get boring after a while. I like how you can save your replays of your tricks. This game is great for another reason because, no ads! I haven’t gotten a single ad since I started this game.

  9. Connor dice:

    It’s a great game. The graphics are amazing the tricks are amazing. I love the different bikes. But I would like it if there were more free maps and if there were more challenges. There are only a few challenges and some quite hard. It would also be great if you could add a free play mode that would be free so you can practice tricks and mess about. Apart from that, it’s a great game overall.

  10. Same problem as with touchgrind skate, great game overall but would definitely be a lot better if you didn’t have to pay for other levels, instead unlock them one by one when you complete all challenges in the current park.

  11. 5 stars this game is awesome and not an absolute waste of time. Just two problems. You have to buy the different levels with real money and it sucks cos i have almost completed the first level. Also there isnt 10 jumps in the first level so you cant do the challenge. But i would recommend this game to you.

  12. Its an o.k. game. It’s nice that its freestyle, and its has nice controls, and not so bad graphics, but it costs $4 just to get the full game, and Some jumps you could totally make say you crashed even though you can see your bike upright. Also, you immediately die if you go off track, which sucks because it looks like there are some AWESOME jumps you could hit. Some of the goals seem impossible, like getting 50,000 points without a multiplier. I didn’t USE it, but its there. I died before usage

  13. Twiga Fur dice:

    Honestly a really good game, it’s easy to complete tasks, there are no adds, and there are so many different levels/places that you can go to. Never gets old. Now as much I love the game, I feel like it would be better if the duels were actually online instead of taking turns. But other than that, 5 stars. Definitely a good game to play when you’re bored.

  14. Hear me out, I have had the full version for a bit now. I don’t know if it’s like this with the limited version, but there’s no ads. amazing. but the reason why I put 4/5 stars, I don’t like ads, but I think there should be an ad once in a while(not every five seconds of course). I just think illusion labs should get some extra money from ads. Some people probably hate the idea, but I certainly don’t. Anyways amazing game 12/10, but just please, give yourselves some extra money from ads.

  15. It’s a nice game.i like it and I have even done my favorite tricks like tail whip,backflip,triple bar spin and 360 flip. The only trick I wanted to see if I can do it or not and that trick was a back flip and while doing the backflip we have to even do a tail whip and a bar spin.i kept on trying but I everytime use to crash. I still didn’t give up and kept on trying. And in one day, I finally did my backflip with a tail whip and a bar spin. Hence,thank you llusion labs for making this game!

  16. It is a good game but the game has all worlds money purchaseable. Wish it could have a free world. And some people who complain about the 10 jumps, read this before you say there aren’t, go slow for the first 2 jumps, land on the center then fall off, then after that you can play the game normally.

  17. It’s a fun and rather challenging game . And unlike most of bicycle games it has stunning 3d mechanics and graphics which catches the eyes of the user and makes it more attractive. Its different levels provide the never ending competitive nature. This is the go to If you are looking for a fun and competitive 3d good looking gaming. The most important aspect of the game lies in its relation with reality.

  18. This game is great. The only problem I would say is that theres only one map and it takes a while to get more. Plus you need to buy some. It would be really cool if there was map that you could go anywhere in and not in a designated path, like a open scate park.

  19. This game is pretty fun but some of the time it gets boring when you play the same level over and over again, The controls are easy to use and the graphics aren’t too bad, Sometimes the bike bugs out when you do tricks slow but besides that the game is well made.

  20. Ivan Ruiz dice:

    this game is addictive, but I hate the way the controls work, I have had this game for 2 days now and there are a lot of fixes that need to be made, 1st, the hitboxes, 2nd, the flip controls, 3rd, control over the bike, these are the major things that need to be fixed, besides that this is a really good game.

  21. This game isn’t bad. But it definitely requires skill and quick reaction. I feel like the screen should be bigger too because it’s so easy to mess up since you can barely see anything. And I found that some of the tracks you play on have a difficult to tell course. I do recommend trying this game out if you’re into BMX.

  22. Its a good game but sometimes it has problems… There is only 1 map that u can play for free… You cant pass one of the levels because it requires u to go somewhere that’s out of the map… And sometimes it’ll keep rotating your bike even after putting your fingers on the bike… Otherwise it’s a good game.

  23. Its an awesome game,I love the thrill of whether or not youre gonna get the right points or not. But i dont like the end where you have to purchase more levels after spending 120 hours on a level just to be told you have to purchase more.

  24. Hills dice:

    It’s just stupid that in oder for you to play other maps you have to buy something. I know people are going to call ma cheap but the game isn’t even fun. The controls are garbage. The graphics are bad but it’s a small company so I can understand the graphics but to me it looks like they tried to finish the game in 2 days.

  25. love it. it’s a great game, even without the full version I could play this for hours on end. The game looks good, controls great, and if your into the sport, or even if you’re not into BMX’ing. This is a great game 💯💯💯. only downside is it’s not free. but still definitely worth the 4 bucks.

  26. I love this game but one thing is that its repetitive. I have done all the quests but all the other levels cost money which makes the game boring as normally games like this levels don’t cost money so I would have a better experience if the levels were free

  27. I played this a long time ago and it’s amazing. There are some kinks about buying other levels but everything else to me is wonderful. Me and a friend race to get the highest score and who new the bike animations for tricks could be so cool!

  28. This game gets boring after about 30 minutes and it has dumb features that make it unreasonably difficult to an extent e.g. when you go out of the map a little bit, it resets you to the next jump,. Making your potential amount of points lower. Sometimes, the controls can be quite annoying e.g. When your finger moves according to the trick but it results in you doing a piss poor tailwhip. Also, if you could earn some maps by playing then that would be great but unfortunately you cannot.

  29. One map available for free.. one challenge of that map ‘Do 10 jumps without crashing’… there’s only 8 total, and that’s if you count the dumb little one landing you onto the storage container. Can’t take alternate routes, and highly doubt labs scored over 1mil… I thought it was fun… at first

  30. okay look why on earth is it paid to play that is stupid for a game concept of skate 3 there is no need for it to play to play get like bikes that you have to buy and I’m rating game because your second version can’t work on my phone all the controls are good but for that camera flip make it optional and lastly make it more open I don’t like level because it isn’t open and to small bigger is better and not just path who wants that there are so good things about this game it’s just cut short.

  31. This game is a great family friendly top rated game, i like how you made really good graphics, good movement graphics, and cool unique paints and custome tools. This is great for me to play; its really fun and makes you want to learn these tricks. This game is for everyone and for every skill possible. Thank you Illusion Labs.

  32. Ok dont get me wrong this is an awesome game and super fun to play. BUT WHY THE HECK DO THE LAST FEW CHALLENGES NOT WORK. i have completed these challenges 5 times over and i dont get the points for them, making it impossible to unlock any new maps. This makes this game become boring in like 20 min. Because ive finished everything possible. This issue really makes me rage. Please fix it. Thats why this game almost immediately becomes boring and why i would NOT reccomend.

  33. The game could be really good, but the controls are horrible. The graphics aren’t great but I don’t really care, this game has a good tricklist and pretty good physics but the controls ruin it. There needs to be a different control scheme.

  34. A good range of bikes and maps to unlock, the graphics are pretty good. There are many challenges for each map to unlock more bikes and maps which makes the game very enjoyable.

  35. The best mobile game out there! I can pick up my phone and play for 13 seconds then put it away. The things i dont like is that you only get 1 map and the challenges like do atleast 10 jumps and i did it and it doesnt count for somereason so i only have 2 bikes. (Bmx and green sports bike)

  36. I love this app even though you have to pay to play all the levels if you actually give it a shot and try it out its pretty awesome with the combos and big airs you and do only thing wrong is it called “TOUCHGRIND BMX AND THERE IS NO GRINDING” no rail slides no ledge grinded only big air tricks… just a thought thanks

  37. Caden Br dice:

    Very good graphics and gameplay but add some maps that you can unlock with an add or levels. But over all good game.👍 I will give the other stars when you add maps that are easier to get without money.

  38. I would give a five star if I only played for 2 minutes. But It gets really boring especially when you complete all the challenges and your just doing the same tricks over and over on the same map. Then if you want something different you have to pay to play. Overall good game till it’s not.

  39. Great game i buyd the other maps its an awsome game would be fun to have more maps!!! Also to those who complane aboit the doe the 10 jumps in the free map…. go slow like really slow… every time u leave the ground counts as a jump yw.

  40. The game was super fun at first… I completed a most of the challenges but then the other challanges were too hard or nearly impossible to complete. I wish I could do more than one track at the start.

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