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Bike Unchained 2 from Red Bull is the next generation of mountain biking on mobile! New graphics, new gameplay, new parts, and new riders sets Bike Unchained 2 apart from any other action sports game. Race against real riders in PvP Downhill action, or line up your best tricks in Slopestyle competitions. Will you be on top of the podium when the dust settles?

Gear up for the world’s biggest mountain bike competition in Bike Unchained 2! Prove you’re the fastest on the mountain in ranked league racing and take home the title of the world’s top rider. Send it in Slopestyle runs that test your style and skill. Pedal through five different environments with trails that offer gnarly rock gardens, fast flowy singletrack, and everything in between. Customize every part of your ride and your look with an insane amount of parts and gear. Tell the world you’re the best and look good doing it! We’ll see you at the bottom.


Speed & Style will test your racing and slopestyle skills. Racers will be competing to not only reach the finish line first, but also to throw down the biggest tricks! Landing sick tricks takes seconds off your time and gives you a better shot at taking the top spot on the podium. New levels and events will give you the chance to show your skills on the biggest stage!


Win races and climb your way up through the leagues to win huge prizes and prove your dominance on the mountains. In each race, three real players will be looking to make you eat their dust. Cross the line first and you’ll take the glory – and some pretty sweet gear. Keep climbing and you might wind up the best rider in the world. Daily, Weekly, & Special events give you more chances to win huge prizes and show off to the world.


Bike Unchained 2 comes to the gate with a fresh look. The photo-realistic 3D rendered graphics will make you feel closer to the mountains on every run. Watch the dirt fly and the bikes soar in beautiful detail.


The biggest names in the sport are all here and ready to lend you a hand. They’ll teach you new tricks and skills that will raise your scores and shave seconds. From Aaron to Szymon, the pros can only be found here!


Use frames, forks, rims, and drivetrain components from the best manufacturers in the world. Craft the perfect bike, then unleash it on the mountains and your competition. Fully customize your look to tell other players who you are as they watch you ride away.


New custom competitions allow you to set up a race or slopestyle competition just the way you like it. Create the ultimate proving ground for you and your friends to throw down. Tricks or Speed? Championship or Time Trial? You call the shots and take the glory.

Minimum requirement: 2GB RAM

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40 comentarios en "Bike Unchained 2 MOD"

  1. The graphics are good. But other then that it kinda sucks. Its brainless. You don’t do anything but hold the screen. And ontop of that. You’ll never win. Everyone is so much faster. You get pointless upgrades for bikes that are to slow for the league your racing. If your going to give prizes and upgrades give them so they actually help. Or make it so you can seek ALL the pointless bikes and parts to buy new and better parts so you dont come in last place with all these new upgrades

  2. I really like this game when I first started but now I have 30 parts that need to be upgraded that do me no good because I can’t upgrade my bike with the parts that I need just all the ones I don’t and I’ve even tried spending money, something I never do and it, didn’t help hopefully you guys can fix this cuz it is a fun game. Just wasted on useless parts. just make it so you can upgrade any part at any time like a garage or shop, where you can swap parts upgrade,mentors, clothing stuff like that

  3. It’s good, but not perfect. Definitely the best mtb game I’ve played, but there are a couple of annoying issues. It doesn’t seem to always register screen contact, so you end up going slow (especially the South American levels) . The gap between some leagues seems very high, so it’s a case of promotion and relegation, rather than consolidation. Other than that, and my bike isn’t on it, it’s spot on.

  4. Emily Guy dice:

    I really love it, the racing doesn’t make me feel pressured but challenged. It’s great being able to swap out parts of your bike to better suit different tracks. I really wish there was a free play option so you could improve technique without worrying about opposition. Finding it really hard to progress in Gold all of my opponents have twice my stats and I can’t win enought to improve due to this. I don’t know if this is the developers way of encouraging purchases.

  5. Even though I’ve only played this for about a half hour, I really find this a fun little game. I like the (very) simple controls, since I’m mostly used to using a gamepad and a game console or pc for playing games, so I rarely like those mobile on screen controllers. But this is cool, you basically control the game with just one finger, where you need to tap, hold your finger down or lift your finger up to execute the different actions. Maybe one little downside: I would’ve liked to be able to play this in landscape mode instead of portrait mode. Or at least have the option to switch. But on the other hand, I can understand this might not be ideal for this type of game.

  6. Controls need to be a bit more challenging. Maybe add the ability to carve berms with a directional swipe to increase speed, and the ability to swipe down and then up to jump or preload? Other than that, good game, really liking the real world catalogue of parts and riders. Slow motion massFX crashes would be nice too, with lots more places to crash (this would add a lot more realism). 🙂

  7. It is a fun game, specifically when the matching is fair. However, as I could see clear, taking in consideration other comments, the matching system is more then often unfair, which makes it impossible to be competitive against much more equipped opponents. Obviously, the response from Red Bull is the same every time. It is an automatic answer. Lately, my rider is suddenly falling in odd parts of the track. That’s quite weird. I’ll be forced to delete the game and perhaps start from scratch.

  8. This game is super addictive! It runs smoothly and has great graphics. My only real criticism is that most of the parts you unlock are completely pointless. I am currently in the Master league, I don’t need 1,2 or even 3 star parts. I need 4&5 star parts but those are rarely given. the prizes need to match the level of the player or else you play for days without making progress. Even when you spend money you don’t actually get parts that put you in a better position.

  9. Not bad, downloaded it expecting something else. But, I find myself keeping on coming back to this! Pretty addicting and nice to see a game that isn’t riddled with ads, there’s an option to watch an ad for a bonus parts box, which I choose to do as free upgrades, but it is a choice.

  10. Very basic single-finger tapping game. The more you progress the useless the rewards are because you receive upgrades for components that are well below your grade of competition. Points are awarded randomly and unfairly; eg. I receive, say, +5 points for 1st place, then -11 points for 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Most times you need to finish 1st to get positive points, therefore you go backwards very quickly. I’ve even received -2 points for coming 1st!!

  11. I know, let’s take a game and make it worse… I wanted this to be an improvement on the old game as I really enjoyed that, but it’s terrible. Overly complicated and the fact you have to choose your tricks before a slope style run is ridiculous… Also, a game like this in portrait?! People need to realise there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. It’s possible to make a decent, unique game without having to change things too drastically.

  12. Good but bad at the same time. Great graphics/customisation but I was hoping for a bit more mobile Descenders over what this actually is. It gets repetitive as its just tapping with very little user interaction, you select the tricks you want to do instead of having the free hold ability to do as you please. Once you get over that its waiting the incredible 3 hours for a pack to open. I’ve played for all of 5-10 minutes and already I’m bored.

  13. Pretty good for ppl to learn when to pump and pedal. Some folks complain about pay to win but it’s really not like that. They just lack the grind. I’ve been playing over 8 months and while progress is slow (just like real life), there is progress. You can’t just be good on track, you have to pick your upgrades wisely. Of course there’s an incentive to pay.. developers *work* on this 🤯

  14. Well I was really enjoying this game, played it quite a lot multiple times a day. Was great for a quick break whilst at work or whilst kettle boils. However. After the last update this game takes so long to load even into the menu. The loot boxes take ages to open. Finding a game takes ages. Everything has gone incredibly slow! Such a shame, hopefully can be resolved by the Devs asap. ***Game has since had another update since my last review and the speed of the game has returned, everything back to being opening quick, quick game matching and opening boxes etc. 5*

  15. Great concept and loved the game for about 2 days until I was at about half the level of all other riders I was going against and constantly losing. Would be much better if the ranking system was different (based on the level of your bike not the trophies) and the crate time was either reduced or made so you can open up to 4 at one time. Fun game but should be play to win not pay to win.

  16. A fun way to pass the time during lockdown but there are some bugs – when parts need upgrading there is no option to ignore. If it’s a part that you don’t want to upgrade because there is no advantage to it should be allowed to be ignored; otherwise it just nags you to upgrade and spend game coins that you don’t need to spend other than to clear the notification.

  17. Pay to win is horrible with this game. It is fun, but you’ll get frustrated after a point because you can’t progress further without paying. The “sponsor packs” are a joke. All you get is hundreds of low level parts that do you no good. So unless you pay, you can’t upgrade because you can’t get parts. In some cases you can’t afford them, but mostly it’s impossible to even get them at all. It is fun, and addicting, but there is massive room for improvement on the gameplay.

  18. 3 stars for good graphics and content straight from the pros (with heavy marketing by red bull mind you). Played the original lots and this one a little, and I get tired of them. So much going on that I lose interest. Which bike am I using, which components, etc. A bit confusing. Some gamers may be more into this level of detail. In the end, the gameplay didn’t justify all the fuss.

  19. Amazing game such an improvement to the first game which was also great. Edit: I’ve come to a place where you just have to buy packs in order to upgrade the bike. Otherwise you can’t win a single race and if you can’t win a race you cant get good upgrades, so it comes up to the “pay to win” concept.

  20. Not worth it. Only fun for a little bit but seems very heavy pay to play once you excel in the game. Never get any good upgrades, and when you do they are for parts or bikes you don’t use. Could be better. Would love to see a collaboration between gaming styles between Unchained 1 and 2

  21. Lost all progress and purchases! The recent update left me with two icons on my phone interface. Neither would open. Forcing me to reinstall and when I did all my progress was lost despite having linked to my Facebook. Beyond disappointing can’t bring myself to get back to where I was again!!!

  22. It’s alright, pretty cool how you can customise your bike with real parts and they have their own stats ect but the game really puts itself down when you’re forced to progress to harder levels, i’ve now reached a point where it’s impossible for me to win and get new parts but the parts I have are to low level to win so I feel as though im forced to buy new parts to progress – I cant just return to an easier level and build myself up for harder levels.

  23. Since the last update it would seem that everyone’s lap times have slowed down by a second even though lots of the bike ratings have gone up. The kicker is everything got harder too so it really just feels fixed and pointless now and you can see this reflected in the championship contest because the winning scores are way lower then they used to be. You made the game harder and slowed everyone down making it even harder to collect and upgrade parts and I’m considering deleting the game now.

  24. I was really enjoying this game. The races are quick, and there are lots of prizes. I’m updating this review because after I started the diamond League races, the game play has slowed down and I can barley get to 3rd place. It’s actually running slower and my phone is over heating. Too bad.

  25. A great game but after awhile not so much… In the beginning its fun and you’ll get loads of 1st place finishes. But all the sudden you do the same performance but your extremely slower. Game should be more realistic when it comes to bike controlling its abit to simple and I race moutain bikes so I know moutain biking isn’t how this game shows it is😂

  26. It’s a fun game until you reach the point where, unless you make in game purchases (some of which are over £100), it becomes increasingly difficult to win against the other players. I reached this point after around a week. So for a free game with about a week or twos game play it’s great.

  27. Used 2 rate this app 5 stars…Has been in constant regression. Finally with these latest changes ive had enough…Constant shifting goalposts with no warning. Less and less free parts. Nearly impossible 2 advance beyond a certain level without paying. Started good then they got gready… Ive played Ssssooo much for 9 months solid. Added an extra level 2 max out parts just when u start 2 reap rewards. Stopped giving new parts. Now need 2000 obtainium 2 buy into season with no warning 2 save!

  28. Really fun game, quite addictive. Build quality is awesome. One question and one piece of feedback A ‘glossary’ or information about how all the rewards work and the levels would be really useful. In terms of spending real money, I cant tell if the prices are in my currency (NZD) or USD or something else, so far its put me off spending money

  29. Andrea E dice:

    The pay to play gets old really fast. Championships aren’t about coming in first in one shot but how many times you can buy tries. Can’t realistically make money fast enough to maintain bike parts past a certain level. Game lags on free tickets half the time. And insult to injury, the last few clothing items I won were only available for the opposite sex I’m playing as.

  30. Jackn 701 dice:

    First of all, I think the game is very fun. The problem is the matchmaking: I downloaded the game yesterday and I’m losing races by 8 seconds, not because I’m bad but because I’m being put against opponents with bikes miles better than mine who have been playing the game much longer. Please sort this out, I’ve seen many other reviews saying the same thing

  31. The main issue is the way the actual game play is set up isn’t fun. The leagues and all of that are not set up to be very fun. The actual game play Consists of taping the screen and not much else. The game is very pay to play if you want to be able to do anything. $$$ gets old quick and is less fun when you can’t do anything without paying.

  32. Simple butkinda fun game. Pay to win for better parts, alot of parts are usless when you get to 800+ bike level. Would be good if you can sell the parts or combine them to become 1 tire up. you can never do better tricks than many peklle in thw game unless you’ve unlocked every trick in the game, which takes lots of fustrating grinding or pay money again. the price the game charges for ingame items are not worth it.

  33. Gameplay is great. its fun and just a good game overall. You will not win at higher levels without soending money which we all know this is true for alot of games. However this game is insanely overpriced. packages that you would think would be $4.99 are $49.99 or even $129.99 amd half the time most of whats in the kit your purchasing is useless. If they lowered the prices this game would be worth the long term investment.

  34. First one is better, having no control with tricks and not being landscape is a big let down to be honest. It’s still a good game, the difficulty doesn’t jump up so much that you have to spend real money and it is still rewarding to play but 1 was definitely better

  35. Recently started so take with a grain of salt. I find the whole premise pretty enjoyable, quite a simplistic game and the tutorial for DH is pretty good – BUT! The slopestyle challenge throws you in with no tutorial on how to do anything in terms of the tricks! So I’m practically stuck doing DH. Great way to pass the time until the next ride on the weekend though!

  36. I had a lot of fun playing the game, though it would be appreciated if you guys updated the game so it can recognize my phone as a connected device. But overall, the game is really addicting. The physics are accurate, and when I lose, the reason actually makes SENSE(I’m talking to you, trials games) Anyway, the game is great than other bike games, good job!

  37. I had rated this game 4/5 before the latest update. Unfortunately now whenever I have all the prize box slots full the game keeps crashing out showing the processing icon spinning with the normal “do you wish to continue box” behind it but unable to select anything, this results in having to hard exit the game and force it to shut down.

  38. This game would get 5 stars. However, it recently has been having connection issues and kicking me out of 90% of races after the first heat. I’ve tried on 4g and multiple wifi connections, only to be faced with the “server error unable to load ghost” messags. Completely killed the game.

  39. Like any other game, would be a much better experience if you weren’t forced to purchase anything. You plateau and are then relegated…unless you buy your wins. Game-play (graphically and physics wise) the game is awesome.

  40. 02/04/2019 – Latest update caused game to hang up/crash after each heat…just see “processing”…have to force kill app and restart. ** 02/05/2019: Game playable for half the day, now “processing” screen glitch is happening whenever I have a full compliment of unopened prize boxes and the dialog comes up asking if I am sure I want to race with no empty slots. Have to force kill app to exit game.

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