Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game MODDED 2022


Online app with multiple arenas! Live PvP multiplayer grand slam sports league.
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Fan of sports video games?? Then here is a great tennis experience on mobile!

Tennis Clash is an online, multiplayer tennis game with amazing 3D graphics and intuitive controls, all you have to do to score is to swipe.

Despite the simple controls, the game is anything but casual! High-tier gameplay is deep, engaging and yet hard to master.

To further improve your game, you can invite your Facebook friends and club peers to practice and discuss the best strategies to become the ultimate Tennis Clash player!

Tennis Clash features:
– Intuitive controls which are easy to learn but hard to master.
– Arenas with increasingly high stakes, all around the world: New York, Rome, Paris and many others!
– Collect and upgrade all 10+ exclusive characters and 50+ special items to improve your skills.
– Play and interact with your friends in fun, online multiplayer matches.
– Join a Club to get to meet thousands of other players online, accelerate your progress and have private sport competitions.
– Enter special online tournaments to test your skills against the best tennis players!
– Win matches and open bags to receive exclusive rewards!

Come play with us! Download Tennis Clash, a multiplayer online sports game, for free, now!


Hey, Challengers! This update contains some quality of life improvements and fixes.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and features.


40 comentarios en "Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game MODDED 2022"

  1. Starts out fun but the match pairing is terrible. I end up playing against opponents with way better stats most of the time. Then there is nothing you can do to win. Super frustrating. Also the upgrade process needs to be reworked. Upgrades are hard to get and not affordable with the coins. Some upgrades cost a lot and only slightly improve 1 stat. Would be nice to be able to choose the stat you want to increase instead.

  2. A P dice:

    It’s fun, but the ads and rewards are messed up. Watch an ad for extra coins isn’t working. I’ve done it 5 times today both to bonus and recover after a loss. The ad plays. The reward says granted or doesn’t say anything and nothing happens. Zero. If it’s buggy fix it. And, remove the option until it is

  3. Pay to play only. Don’t waste your time because not long into the game you hit a wall and cannot progress. I keep getting matched with players of equal trophies/rank but their stats are waaaaayy higher. I have opened so many reward bags and never get anything to help stamina which is the sole reason I lose almost every game. 10/10 would NOT recommend unless you want to break the bank.

  4. Zach dice:

    Kind of fun but not worth spending money on. Hitting the ball to get opponent out of position is pointless because the ball slows down and allows opponent to, not only get to the ball, but also into position for a powerful return hit. It’s fun until that happens 3 or 4 times causing you to lose a match. Controlling player position needs to be rethought as well.

  5. Great game, I just wish that there were tutorials on how to upgrade and use the equipment and services effectively. Love the graphics and global interface. I take this review back… This game is a money grab, even though I’ve spent time and money developing different characters I lose entirely to much to actually enjoy the game. My winning percentage is in the low 40’s yet I am constantly matched against folks with mid 90 winning percentages. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, don’t start playing.

  6. If you have spare money to spend it can be an awesome game but as a free game it only goes so far. Your character will hit a wall and it’ll be hard to win any matches without spending money to upgrade your character faster. Very enjoyable game at first but once you hit the wall it’s not fun at all, just frustrating to lose bad the majority of the time…

  7. Very addicting game but I have 3 major complaints. 1st, when my ball is clearly in, it gets an OUT 99% of the time. 2. The matchmaking sucks. It shouldn’t be solely on trophy count. Playing highly skilled players because they have the same number of trophies as me sucks. I forfeit all the time. And 3. If I’m on the left, and I serve to the right, but I keep it close to the net in that right corner, I want to run as far towards the middle as I can. But I can’t bcuz of the camera. That sucks.

  8. It’s difficult to even describe the experience of playing this game. If I were to tell you that it’s a tennis game where: – you don’t get to put any spin on the ball – the ball will pause- midair- and let you or your opponent catch up to it – you can watch replays of your matches, but inconceivably, the replays start out showing your match, but then jump into another space-time continuium and start showing your character doing things you did not do… (and no, I’m not delusional lol)

  9. It’s a good game but one big questionable question is. Sometimes you’re playing against somebody and they are much better than their attributes. Mostly on the agility when I think, which is the first one. Basically as I understand it, it’s for the speed and ability to cover the court. I know sometimes I have agility number 20 points higher then the opponent. And go from end to end getting back every ball and I can never get to the ends of the court. In these players, are only using basic racket.

  10. Fun, but it clearly can become better. There are aspects of the game where if the person has more attributes better than you, instead of just having the player be better, your at risk of having your attributes (such as agility, stamina, forehand, backhand, serve, etc) reduced! Its visually obvious and really frustrating when you see the ball move from one direction and move closer to the player with the higher strengths. There are other ways to make a player better without reducing the other.

  11. I think this game has really good graphics. You only see improvements in how much money you spend and it freezes, has networking issues, and your points are sometimes go to your opponent, The other issues are stamina, watch out for that, that is how you are unable to return shots because the game is designed to decrease your stamina regardless if you have more than your opponent. Since I stopped paying, I am losing to opponents with less stats. The developer will not improve the game.

  12. I lost all the upgrades i purchased. Please refund or provide credit. Too expensive, the cost for upgrading your character is too high. It’ll take months to upgrade a character because the in-game rewards are so little that it’s virtually no impact. The game gets glitchy, indicating no wifi or spinning while a game is being played in the background.

  13. Used to be fun ..not anymore. First you will be matched with players way above your stats making the game unplayable. Also the game will slow down sometimes. But the most annoying is when the other player takes a shot and on the screen all you see are the flags in the court on your players back. By the time they go away you have missed your shot. The flags obscure the screen at moments.

  14. Kile L dice:

    I don’t play many games, this is one of only two. I absolutely love it, I play it more than my baseball app which is my favorite sport. If I had any complaints it would be with the special strings that people can purchase. It gives an unfair advantage to those who only use the standard strings. Those strings also take the realism out by basically giving your opponent superpowers and can fly. I wish we could select to play only standard string matches. Edit: your servers aren’t keeping up, update

  15. Has all the potential to be a fun game. Instead, it seems to be fixed. It obviously has an EA type system which only let’s you win so many games before it pairs you up against tougher opponents and ‘influences’ the games. I’ll win so many in a row, then lose the same amount, then go back to winning. Its so obvious. Not only that, but sometimes the ball just stops to allow the opponent to hit it. Clearly a Pay to Play game. Adverts don’t provide rewards either when promised.

  16. Good, but, the practice session only allows you to hit the ball on either your forehand or backhand. With the power hitting you get in practice, I often do not get that same power in match play. Sometimes the ball travels quite slow even when you have given it good clobber. I would like to be able to practice serving, overhead smashes, lobs (no idea how you lob) and volleys. Good game otherwise, and quite addictive once you start playing, but some areas could do with improvements.

  17. John R dice:

    Even though it’s free to install and play it definitely is pay to win. And it’s VERY expensive. IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG YOU’RE PRETTY MUCH ON YOUR OWN THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE. New edit: Been playing this game for almost a year now, And I still feel the same about it being pay to win. However, over the last year the game has got more cartoonish than a tennis game. They’ve come out with equipment they give you superpowers and it’s just not fun anymore.

  18. Pay to win – naturally, match making is awful beyond tour 4, literally just played a game against someone with stats that are at least 8 higher than mine, and had a 35 point advantage on one stat. Surely match making needs to take into account the stats of the player, because at times it is impossible to win, especially if you are not going to pay to get coins or gems. Could be a good game, gameplay is actually pretty good, when match making is even.

  19. Ceeph dice:

    Awful. Starts off ok, then all it does is pair you with players with much better stats. It clearly decides which games you can win and which you can’t by the shots it allows you to play. My stamina seemed to run out quicker than someone with half my stamina score. Obviously an attempt to get you to make purchases.

  20. Overall the game is good including the graphic part however I didn’t liked the server and the game crashes occassionally currently the game doesn’t open at all stuck at 72% of loading screen. I didn’t liked the match making part too. Sometimes we are matched with weaker player and sometimes the opponents are way stronger. I hope these issues will be fixed soon

  21. It’s a great game, good time pass and enabled you to view in strategic POV. But eveytime U try to get free strings from watching ad, I don’t get any of the strings even after watching complete ad. I kept watching multiple ads, yet not able to get a single string. I don’t know if it’s a bug or to trick people to watch more ads. Hope it fixes Edit: I bought 10 swallow polly strings, after a game it is showing 0 now.

  22. The game is great and good fun to play but the matches need to be different. You can’t be paired with someone who has similar trophies to you because they have overpowered items compared to you. You need to match us with people who have similar stats and items to make the matches better and more fun to play.

  23. tbrennan dice:

    It was fun but after tbis upgrade my character doesnt move even though my agility is super high. Also the problem with the video image becoming obscured with a swath of gray which covers half of the screen when the shot angle reaches a critical angle has gotten much worse. Im playing blind. Will not be recommending or making any more purchases until these issues are corrected. Might stop playing altogether while these issues exist. Its not worth the trouble to keep losing to inferior players.

  24. You can play, play, fight, unlock new gear, increase stats, even pay a lot for fix your stats as you like… And what you get? Your stats are getting downgraded by 50% for some reason and you can’t play. The ball is like a soap bubble taking several seconds to land on the other side of the court. (For the record I played for maybe 2 years and spent more than 200$. My character is not great and in game it is awful like I just started. Unplayable. I don’t know how to ask for a refund. What a joke

  25. EDIT: becoming apparent that past a certain point you can’t compete without spending money. You’re matched with unbeatable apponents to make you spend. Almost excellent. Really fun. BUT the opponent selection is miles off. You play against players waaaay more powerful than you far too often. Means games are not very competitive, more often than not. Also… SO.MANY.POPUPS. I get there’s no ads so they need to push purchases, but sometimes you close 4(!) pop ups before you can start a game.

  26. One of the best game to play. But system match with tougher opponent. Upgrade material is not available most of the time. So after a while this game gets boring. Doesn’t even give good reward when ranking or opening bags. And when you don’t play much then the game automatically gets your rank down. So all the hardwork gone to waste. That’s unacceptable.

  27. Frustrations: 1. Lag when opposition manages to reach a shot that’s clearly already past them. 2. Taking shots from far angles on the court and the building/stand blocks the view of my player completely. 3. Upgrades quickly become too expensive.

  28. Biased algorithms which encourage you to spend everyday. The opponent paired are 90% better in terms of stats. You end up spending money to improve your stats but that too goes in vain due to stupid pairing. It was fun initially but turning out to as a frustrating game.

  29. Like every other game in this category it has a lot of potential but is let down by developers greed. The first 10 or so matches are great, but then they start making the experience as miserable as possible to get you to cave and spend money. Constantly matched up with people who have much higher level gear and you have no hope of beating them if they are somewhat competent. Then there’s also strings for your racket as a consumable and you get next to none from chests. P2win cash grab.

  30. Warren dice:

    The game is good..controls take a little.bit to get used to… The biggest complaint is the constant dropping of signal on wifi or data when the internet connection is fine. It happens to several players and lags cause the player not to be able to react. My other apps don’t just drop out randomly 🤷‍♂️ Edit: now you offer to get coins back or get more coins but when you click on the link it just disappears and then nothing 🤷‍♂️

  31. Not a bad game but it’s obvious that it’s fixed against you so you spend more money, very similar to gambling machines and apps. It’s really blatant how much in favour of the AI bot alot of the time, it’s very difficult to beat a computer that’s programmed not to be beaten.

  32. First games are very fun and promising but after winning some you just get paired vs some guys that probably spent hundreds, making it impossible to win even a single point. Has potential but miserable P2W. I even considered spending a little but it costs way too much to actually have decent stats.

  33. Major issue of the game while having a little bit slow network the game lags like hell and keeps on going rather then pausing if one is facing network issue makes loose a lot of matches due to these the developers should stabilise low network gaming so that smooth rendering of play can be done rather than the game just hanging like hell though graphics and everything are up to detail Please look forward to this

  34. kim liew dice:

    This game if fun but you have to fix the issues while in a game the connection dissapears which makes me lose points or lose often and while opening a bag it freezes and then i lose the bag because i have to restart the game and dont tell me my internet connection isnt stable cause i never have any issues with other games until then i am going to give this game 2 stars

  35. It was fun when I started but the last 8 tournaments have either cost 100k a match or 100 gems… the players in them are all at l3ast level 12 while I have level 9 gear. So they want me to waste that much money just to lose every game. It’s just ridiculous and even when you drop down leagues they will keep you in challenger tournaments. So don’t waste your time this greedy game will not allow balance and so its junk.

  36. If you don’t pay you don’t win This game is horrible, is just for people who wants to pay, it shouldn’t be free cause is just an appearance. After some match you have to face up to opponents that are stronger than you and inevitably you loose and improvement can not be paid only with victory but you must pay with real money. It’s awful. Shame on you

  37. Mateo Pz dice:

    Really nice idea and lot of potential. The 2 biggest flaws for me are that its too much pay to win, you cant win against someone that put lots of money in the game. And also the fact that being lucky is as important as being good at the game, some games seem impossible to win because the ball always goes to the little part of the circle that doesnt work for you. Another thing that should be corrected is the fact that often an unreachable ball just freeze in mid air allowing the opp to catch it

  38. Could be brilliant but poor servers, causing so called ‘wifi’ glitches, which cause you to lose points, and therefore matches, really do spoil the enjoyment of the game. Another issue is that you need to throw money at the game to improve your players, only then to find your stats capped on half the levels, forcing you to play at higher levels where you get annihilated! It’s an enjoyable game but the aforementioned issues make it a completely unfair experience at times.

  39. I really like this game, my only reason for 3 stars is a year or so ago I stopped playing because when you play against other players on the different tours you come up against players with so much better attributes, that you have no chance of winning and once again it is starting to frustrate me coming up against players with 15+ more and no way of winning and making your player better.

  40. Don’t spend money on gems they go missing, this is the second time I’ve lost between 1500-2000 gems…and no I did not spend them as I like to keep them to open the piggy bank but the game finds a way to eat them mysteriously. This is the last time I spend money on this game which is required or your spending or lot of hours getting beaten by OP players

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