MMA Manager: Fight Hard 2022


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Join in the ultimate MMA experience!
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Be the manager of your own gym and fight your way to the top!

Hire the top-rated fight coaches and gym trainers.

Train your boxers, level them up, and develop their skills and fighting capabilities. Defensive? Offensive? Or a mix of both? You choose!

Feel the adrenaline rush and taste the action of the boxing experience in Quick fights, Tournaments, Campaigns, and Gym vs Gym! Enjoy the endless fights in single and multiplayer gameplay modes!

Can you win all your fights?
Show the world the best you can do!

* Build your own gym and stack it with the best equipment from the shop.
* Create your fighters, style them with shorts, t-shirts, tattoos and more!
* Work on their core skills and fighting skills.
* Do you think you can master the game plan and score KNOCKOUTS?!
* Enter the ring! Win the battles and earn credits, prestige, and cash. There are no limits for how much you can fight!
* Choose your style and make history by topping the leaderboard.

Nothing is more satisfying than defeating your opponents and proving your skills!

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4 comentarios en "MMA Manager: Fight Hard 2022"

  1. No Name Yet dice:

    When I was trying to set the settings for their fight style. Like how much percentage for defense and striking and all that, I would push on stuff and nothing would happen. Then something would happen and then I would try to adjust something else and I couldn’t adjust it. I just don’t have the patience for trying to figure out things that should be straightforward and obvious. Look like a cool game, so I gave it three stars. I’m not a gamer so maybe it needs to be easier to figure out.

  2. Cody Smith dice:

    So far, its a great game, great experience. I like that the fighting is autoplay, gives it an authentic manager/trainer feeling to the game. Train em up, then let em fight and see how they do…love it. The only thing I’ve run into is a small thing. The hair selections, especially for when making a female fighter, are limited. A broader selection, even if they cost money or credits like the shirts and shorts, would be nice. Other than that, great game. Keep it up!

  3. Scott Chow dice:

    Solid game, I like the that the focus is all on managmemt of the gym and fighters. Its a little odd that your fighters can take a match while you’re not playing. Not being able to create a game plan for each person you fight makes it tough to get a good record going. Its only a mild inconvenience though. Overall, good game play and experience.

  4. Tristen Ewer dice:

    This game, as far as I know, is the best MMA Manager sim available. Sure there are some aspects that one might hope to see that are not present, but for the most part I enjoy this game. I like the progression system, although it’s a classic time grab. Either 1-10 mins waiting for a short skills upgrade, or the user can opt for a long workout and make it about 8+ hours (great for overnight progress). What I feel is my most eager suggestion is simply customisation; hair styles, tattoos etc..

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