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Create your own ALL STAR franchise and dominate the world of Hockey.
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Wind up your slap-shots and get ready to poke-check your way to glory in the greatest Hockey game on mobile – Hockey All Stars.

Experience the brand new Winter Games game-mode. Featuring 20 national teams, take on the World’s best and try to take home GOLD.

Or, create your very own Hockey franchise, build a team of All Star players and compete with the best league teams from around the World to rise through the ranks and claim the silverware.

Download Hockey All Stars for FREE now.

A full on, fast paced, fully featured Hockey sim right on your phone & tablet.

Create your own team, chose your uniform’s design & colors, and start to establish your team on the World stage.

Build your team of star players through training or collecting new player cards.

Take on the best 20 national teams from around the World for a chance of a medal. Are you good enough to claim GOLD for your country?

Take on other players’ Hockey All Stars teams from around the World in the all new Weekly Online League. Battle it out to win prizes and rise up the rankings to prove who is the best.

Build your dream Hockey Arena as your team climbs the conference leagues all the way to the top of the game.

– Fast paced full simulation gameplay
– Create and build your own hockey franchise
– Train your players to create a team of All-Stars
– Dominate the ice across multiple seasons
– Improve your team by collecting player cards

This game is free-to-play but does include optional in-app purchases, which can be purchased with real money.



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40 comentarios en "Hockey All Stars FULL"

  1. The game is great! The creators of this game should be commended. It is easy to understand. The game play is easy to control. The difficulty randomly changes from easier teams to harder teams. Along with playing hockey with great graphics there is also administrative things to keep track of which gives you the overall hockey experience. It also is fun enough to keep you wanting to play more and really gives you a good feeling and helps you forget about the bad things going on.

  2. Good game and it can be fun to play. The management play is good. However, I see a few issues. The way players react sometimes makes it feel like you are fighting your own team. This goes for offense and defense. The controls need be customizable as to placement and sometimes they don’t work. Edit – I’m done. Tired of fighting my own team. Kinda sad because I like the game. Fyi, your OT points is wrong, you get no points for winning but 1 point if you lose.

  3. I love the game, good gameplay, graphics, and lots of fun. All tucked nicely in a phone? Thats right. Well done development team. Unfortunately I played for an hour or so, then it started crashing. After the usual restart of the phone, I tried a reinstall. Wiped out all my progress and still continued to crash. 3 stars for a great game, but without the crashes, it would certainly be a 5.

  4. This game is one of the better mobile hockey games I’ve played (which isn’t saying much). The ability to build and customize a team to a degree is pretty fun. I found however that as you progress and it is supposed to become more difficult, the controls just don’t work as well. Towards the beginning i was able to score one timers and destroy the opponent but once i upgraded to the “majors” my Wingers don’t pass when i hit the button. The goalie also won’t save anything unless it’s dead center

  5. This is a great mobile hockey game, plain and simple. It’s not without its shortcomings, but first and foremost it does everything it needs to. It’s a simple game with very intuitive controls. I would really like the option to edit or at least see the players’ jersey numbers to make them more recognizable in game. The color choices for your team seem lacking as well, there are existing teams in game that have access to colors you as a player do not (teal being the major one).

  6. I want to start by saying this game is by far the best hockey game here. There are a few things that need to be fixed, and a few things that would be cool to add. The penalties need to be fixed, if you push somebody from behind its over, you get 5 for hitting from behind. Sometimes charging calls are exaggerated. Now for cool ideas; A period length slider, better hitting physics, fighting, better dangling, and maybe a difficulty slider. I’m aware that it gets harder, but still too easy.

  7. I really like this game. The graphics are good and the gameplay is really fun. I would reccomend some changes in some areas though: During Shootout, please make the view closer instead of it being like a nosebleed view. Please make the goalie controllers better for the shootout. Please add a way to change how fast the clock runs. Overall, this game is really good.

  8. I like the game. I think it’s the best hockey game out of the mobile options. The gameplay is super easy to pick up and games are an acceptable length. However, this game can be extremely frustrating with lack of contracts, upgrades, and legendary players. Please consider making the contracts cheaper or easier to get, and allow upgrades of arenas past level 5 or 6. Otherwise, blueprints should be exchangeable for contracts, cash, or pucks.

  9. At first I was really enjoying the game. The learning curve was decent and had some challenge. First 2 leagues were fine, then the AI skills jump was just insane! I went from winning most to losing absolutely everything. The on screen joysticks moves as you drag higher on the screen, passing and checking mechanics are infuriating. Don’t get me started on the shootout, if you get to there it’s basically a guaranteed loss every single time. May eventually pick it back up but a pass for me now.

  10. Addictive for a while, but as the difficulty increases you notice the horrible controls. You can’t disable the floating stick in the settings, so I constantly found my thumb against the top of the screen, hindering my ability to move. Buttons just stopped working at times too. Sometimes I’d be right in front of an open net, mashing the “shoot” button, and nothing happened; other times, the player wouldn’t respond at all, and just end up standing still. Just not well made.

  11. I am definitely looking this! Few rule issues with penalties (like charging all the time) but it’s really well done and balanced! I really like the gameplay and instant replay. My only real issue is the one-timers get them every time so it’s kinda easy to score but holds true. I’d pay a few bucks for a full version without ads

  12. Really fun but a few issues. The penalties are super annoying and touchy. They don’t even make sense half the time. Also, the game freezes when you go into a shootout which sucks because shootouts are fun and resetting and playing the whole game over again isn’t. Plus you constantly have to resign your players and that’s the reason I stopped playing.

  13. Pretty fun, probably the best free hockey game but unfortunately that’s not saying much. Playing defense is basically impossible, better off letting AI do it for for you. Wish it had better stick control, or stick control at all. Buttons react slowly, so 1-timers are possible but almost look like a glitch when they work. But again, as far as free hockey games go. It’s still the best I’ve played. But that says more about how bad the others are than how good this one is. Has A+ potential.

  14. Pros Overall fun to play. Rewards for ads are pretty reasonable and upgrading players is worth it. Would like to see more options for games (tournaments, international leauges, etc). Cons Not a big fan of the controls. Seem a bit buggy still, skaters tend to lag after they catch the puck. Dont like the idea of contracts, seems like a bit of an extra money grab. Penalties need to be tuned or turned off completely, would also like to be able to scale time on penalties.

  15. The game is very fun but i wish there were rewards for winning the playoffs, and rewards for best player(s) of the season and etc, and you should be able to start packs all at once it takes way too long, More Jersey customization would be nice, and just minor stuff like bug fixes, it would be nice to see something neat, something innovating, but otherwise pretty good.

  16. Nick King dice:

    Fun game. However, after a few seasons, (like 15 or so games) it is literally impossible to keep up with the computer unless you pay for in app purchases to boost your team. The computer level skyrockets and you don’t accumulate enough in-game prizes to enhance your players. The computer absolutely dominates you. For that reason, I uninstalled it.

  17. ok game but really wants you to invest time and money to get better players. also, dekeing is odd in this game. there should be a tutorial on how it works if its there at all. having a manual change player button would be awesome. too many times have i wished i could switch players or have been a player and it automatically switched me. also if the joystick could be locked in place that would help a lot. the way shoot outs are set up is terrible. change that.

  18. Very addicting and fun to play! After reading some reviews I noticed a trend of complaints about the OT shootout. Not sure if your app is glitching or if you’re not doing it correctly, but you’re supposed to wait for the pucks to go dark then tap them.. It would be greatly appreciated if pucks and contracts were easier to obtain. Also being able to fight in any capacity would be appreciated. The game can be glitchy sometimes, but all in all it’s fun.

  19. It’s fun. It’s not PlayStation hockey but for a mobile app it works well. I’ve been playing for a couple weeks. Easy controls and challenging. They do need to make more money from ads, not players paying for things like CONTRACTS, MOST importantly…overall great, but a better mix watching ads to get things for a better team is needed before people give up.

  20. Game is super interesting and entertaining however when it comes to in game mechanics and specifics, the penalties are way to frequent and inconsistent. The amount of time to get what you do from the packs is minimal and very unmotivational to use em. The bugs you encounter are frustrating at best the moving stick gets stuck, the automated player changes are not helpful and counterproductive you can change players without it why it’s there is unnecessary. Frustrating to see a good game play bad.

  21. This game is pretty good, but it needs a couple of adjustments. The biggest thing is this God awful repetitive “music” (it like 1 guitar riff played on repeat forever). You can turn off sound, but then the game sounds are muted too. Who’s the retard that was in charge of THAT? Besides that, they just needs to make the “season” longer and maybe shorten the upgrade time. 4 days to upgrade stadium seats for like an 8% increase in revenue? with 7 game seasons you can imagine how that works out.

  22. Lots of fun, could be much better. Would be nice if individual stats actually mattered and statistical records were kept. If individual stats helped level up a player, along with training, this game would be 5* and borderline perfect. Fun for what it is, and I understand its a mobile game, just wish the game had a little more depth.

  23. I love this game and play every day. It not only has good and fair hockey play, but let’s you participate in the administrative side of the game. The shootout after OT really needs to be changed because you cannot control the goalie and they score EVERY TIME! I have made it to the Premier league and have never won a shootout. It has gotten to the point where I quit and replay the game if it ends in a tie after OT because the shootout is so unfair.

  24. Such a fun game. For how little space this app takes up graphics are amazing and doesn’t lag at all. There are also little adds, and the few that are you can always skip it immediately. Totally fair game with a perfect balance of fun and challenge. Controls are great too.

  25. The game isn’t bad at first, entertaining and fun. Very basic controls. HOWEVER. once you start getting better players and making it further into the game, your players become less responsive, harder to control, and downright stupid. Meanwhile, the CPU starts playing really well. all of a sudden, the 40 overall teams are beating your 70 overall team. Goes from a decent time waster to absolutely horrible and frustrating. DO NOT WASTE YOU TIME.

  26. This game desperately needs a :”change player” button. Every time on defense I get close to checking the player who has the puck, the game is like “nope, you should start controlling this player way over here instead”, and they get a free shot. It makes me want to rip my hair out. Another thing that is frustrating, is that the game adjusts your own team’s abilities based on the rating of your team vs the opposing team’s rating. So if I’m rated higher, my players will easily make most shots and passes, and will get good poke checks. But when the other team is rated higher, my players suddenly miss the net entirely, and my AI is braindead, and my poke checks don’t do anything to opposing players. When it comes to penalties, the opposing team gets away with murder while my team can’t dare to do a body check because of guaranteed penalty.

  27. I left a review a couple years ago stating how disappointed I was in the amount of currency’s and the inability to progress in the game. However after redownloading it, I have found the game mechanics to be much more fluid. With the right system of opening up your packs immediately and making sure you have enough contracts to sign your players in the upcoming seasons, you can definitely progress as far as you like without any of the in app purchases. A great way to pass the time for hockey fans.

  28. The controls can be kinda stiff. Instead of a basic pass button, I think there should be something like a five button grid so that you can choose who to pass to and switch to much better. I think there should also be a resistance to checking cause as is, you don’t want to be first to the puck, and it’s super annoying getting knocked down for what feels like 10 seconds. I’d also appreciate more diversity in gameplay (3 on 3, custom adversary, actual trading and drafting, etc.).

  29. The game is fun for what it is but there are plenty of bugs. Been playing for a while and I was able to construct a decent team without using micro transactions (all gold/legendary players), which is a bonus. Graphics are okay but not great. Controls definitely need work and you will be limited by what you can and can’t do with regards to movement; dekes, stop shots, little spin moves are either very hard or not smooth. And for some reason the directional pad shifts around =/ Rating: 3.3/5

  30. Almost perfect. It doesn’t have the original franchises but this doesn’t matter, it is very entertaining to build your own team and compete. I would recommend to add more games, trophies and leagues in order not to finish every season in only 9 games!! Controls and gameplay are ok but there is room for improvement. I really miss the replay option from previous versions. Besides these minor complains, it is almost perfect as I said.

  31. Really rather good! If you’ve ever played and enjoyed the old Sega or PS ice hockey games from EASports, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Getting the game squeezed onto a telephone(!) is quite a feat of programming. Nice graphics, slick motion, and whilst the controls are necessarily simplified, it takes nothing away from the quality gameplay. The only minor gripe is the lack of Action Replay after you’ve scored a stunning slapshot, or a brutal body check, but on the whole, a great game.

  32. Very good game overall, just a couple of suggestions to improve the game: 1- when players get penalties indicate who it was, not just the team name. 2- allow us to change jersey #s as well, not just names. 3-We should be able to choose/change certain settings. Like length of each period. Also, allow us to choose the level before a season. I’m able to play at one level but my sons are at different levels and yet we’re stuck playing together and cant switch downwards how hard the game is.

  33. Really good! I’ve been looking for a hockey game on mobile for a while now and this so far has been the best experience! I love the league mode and style. Very well done! Things I’d like to see added or improved on: – fighting – smoother, more responsive controls – various ai tweaks and improvements – dekes and other various stick handling moves – more color options and logos

  34. Great game. Mechanics feels significantly better compared to previous titles by the developer. Notifications are terrible though, too frequent and Blatantly incorrect, constantly getting “pack is ready to open” when it’s 2-3 hours out. Also really missing the replays from the earlier titles, since the physics engine has gotten so much better it’d be nice to actually se a bouncing puck go in again.

  35. It’s a amazing game I mean amazing one of the best sport games on mobile, but one problem. The game gets harder and harder and that’s no problem but it gets hard to play because the packs take forever to open, and they don’t even stay on the team for that long.

  36. A decent hockey game, especially when you consider that it’s free. Like most hockey games, one-timers will score more frequently than any other method. A few things I wish they would add : (1) More arena upgrade options. I have been completed upgraded for over a month now but still receive blue prints which are essentially useless. Either have more upgrade options or allow me to trade in blue prints for cash or pucks. (2) I like being able to rename players, wish I could pick their number too.

  37. It is a really good game Which brightens up my weekends. I enjoy playing mini online battles against other people or the computer. Shooting from far out is good but once I played and it was impossible to score against the goalkeeper. I have only lost one game 🎮 so I’m pretty good. A good tactic is to just pass it around a lot to get forward that has won me a lot of games. Defending is quite easy but I don’t like that you can run out of tickets and can’t play for the rest of the day. 5 star.

  38. The best compliment I can give this game is that I’ve played it more than any other mobile game since the original Angry Birds. If you could control the dekes’ better and manually select lines during play, I would give this 5 stars. Also I’ve not spent a penny and I’m in the elite leagues with a decent 74 overall team. Last thing, please change that music, or at least have a sound setting where you can have the music off but have the sound on during the match

  39. I used to love this game. Now, I just want to smash the phone nearly every time I try to play. It’s like the puck gets stuck to the stick. You can’t pass or shoot and many times the players don’t react to my controls. If you want make the tougher games more challenging, you need to make the opposing team more competitive, not limt my team’s abilities to play. Fix this and I’ll give it a better rating.

  40. The idea of a floating pad is novel but in reality very annoying. If your phone, for a microsecond, doesn’t detect your thumb, it will cause the left pad to jump its position to where your thumb is, sometimes the far left corner, making it inoperable so instead of being able to pass left, the player on ice will turn 180 degrees, pass wherever, until you reposition the pad. Happens with phones equipped with screen protectors. Needs a setting to have it either floating or fixed by user preference!

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