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Score that Goal! Online PVP multiplayer sports game to play with friends
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Soccer Stars brings the action into the football pitch! A multiplayer game to play with friends, filled with new features and fun gameplay.

Take to the football field, play against the best soccer clubs in the world and win the soccer world cup, all while challenging your friends in this multiplayer online & offline game.


• Online and offline multiplayer game
• Simple and fun gameplay
• Amazing ball physics
• Online tournaments against players from all over the world
• Multiplayer – Challenge & Play against your friends
• Collect different teams and cups

Kick hard, but kick smart. Pass the ball to your best players, challenge your friends and use the multiplayer feature, take on the best teams in the world. Be strong and kick that penalty kick just right, this is your game and the world cup is yours to win. Get that perfect kick!

Be legendary! Do you have what it takes to win the World Cup??

New Soccer Stars experience with every new update. We bring the football and multiplayer experience together with beautiful animations so you are at the top of your skills when playing your best soccer. Get ready to kick! Let’s turn you into a champion in this world cup.

This is flick soccer! Take to the football field and train hard to be at the top of your game. Flick right and left to score that perfect flick goal. Check all angles, concentrate, anticipate the other team’s moves in the football pitch. Your flick strategy will take you further than you ever imagined.
Don’t forget to block your opponent’s visibility so you can score that perfect flick goal!

Play against any club or national team in the soccer world cup. It’s you and your best flick football moves against the very best in the world. Work your way through all of your friends in this multiplayer game and be the champion!

With simple gameplay and great physics, Soccer Stars is easy to pick up and fun to play! In true competitive style, challenge your opponents all over the world for online table soccer matches!

Compete in different tiers, from different countries! Play online against people from all over the world or against your friends! Login with your Facebook account and challenge your friends to show them what it means to be a Soccer Legend and take the cup home! Oh, and you can also play offline against a friend on the same device!

You can also customize your Soccer Stars experience by collecting the different teams! Show off your style and defend your nation’s colors!

What are you waiting for? Everyone else is already playing Soccer Stars! Don’t miss out on this chance to have tons of fun!

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* Introducing Royal Cup Season, arriving 18 December 2022
- Collect soccer points playing in any tier to unlock rewards galore
- Buy the Galaxy Pass to take Royal Cup Season to the next level for super exclusive rewards
* Get a new exclusive avatar by owning the country team that wins the World Cup 2022
* Collect boots from Royal Cup season, seasonal events and new Royal Arena to make your team look better and receive a new team


40 comentarios en "Soccer Stars: Football Kick MODDED"

  1. Stoned RN dice:

    Was fine for a bit but now it’s unplayable every match there’s a connection error doesn’t matter if I have the wifi on or off it just won’t work Edit: I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and now its worse it’s like unplayable it’s constantly reloading, the ball keeps moving to random positions, I even had a game where I was serving I did my shot then all of a sudden the ball reset and the other guy was serving. Then I left that game and like a minute later it reloaded that match back up.

  2. I love this game a lot. I do have some questions though. One, my phone was intercepted by ads and I had to do a factory reset on my phone to make it go away. Two, the game lags during offline practice. Three, the boarder around the field makes it very difficult to manuever the aim arrow during pulling back for full force. Other than that, I love it.

  3. It’s a soccer field playing like ping pong, taking turns with opponents. 3rd time downloaded and it’s still fun to play. At first, somewhat easy and do recommend to complete each country until you get the cleats because there’s is no restrictions for to enter the next levels. Next, the reason I keep coming back is because it starts to get really hard and the game doesn’t pause, so when you’re in higher levels, you’ll be losing a lot of money(coins) if you have a lot of things to do in real life.

  4. The game is overall fun, but it has many issues. For one, the ads are incredibly annoying. I mean, they take forever to load, AND forever to exit. Then, the opponents the game gives you are sometimes 50 levels or more ahead of you, even on normal fields. The game should be working your way up, not throwing everything it has at you. at first the game is pretty fun, but then it starts getting more boring. So I think you should download the game, but not forever since it you’ll likely lose interest

  5. Love the base game. Cons: lots of windows I have to close before I can play the game – mostly ads for Soccer Stars itself. The ability to pay for a better set of discs seems to have a small effect on the game. Disconnects from my wifi at inconvenient times, like right after I win a match, and doesn’t switch to data. Then I lose the coins in spite of the win. Anybody know a way to diagnose the connection problem? The support form is intimidatingly complex.

  6. The aiming is good, but the shotting is not. The opponent also keeps on covering the goal which doesn’t let you score. I don’t even think that’s something that you do in the actual sport. The game also gives you an opponent that’s 30 levels ahead of you! Even on easy fields! It wastes my coins because of this. An ad also pops up after I’m done with a game while in the past it didint. The competitions are fun and all but they are WAY too short! I also love how the croud cheers when you score.

  7. Joe Hall dice:

    Honestly one of my favorite games. However, once I got to level 10 the game started screwing up. Connection got real bad and I missed my turn so many times due to running out of time. On top of that, the match up of levels is totally off. Im at level 13 with 10K in coins on the line and yall gonna match me up with a level 92. Lost the match within 20 seconds. I uninstalled the game.

  8. its a lot like finger soccer. good, but needs a few changes: 1. last team to touch the ball should have possession on next turn. 2. if you touch the player from opposing team before the ball it should be a foul. 3. scale it up a bit and make atleast 9 players, 11 would be best. 4. change how the pressure is calculated. That pull bavk method is hard at some places on the phone.

  9. This game does not work. It complain about my connection literally every time I take a shot (other games do it every10-30 minutes). When I drag to aim, sometimes it drags the opposite way and goes in such a way, it’s impossible to reset the aim. Sometimes, it randomly shoots mine. There are times when it times me out and give the other person the win, even though the other person quit. Terrible.

  10. The game is cool. The game is made to scam you tho. When you do the trick shots and penalties it will freeze but your time will still be going down on good internet connection. The special events once you leave the game for a few minutes it’ll say you have a free try them you go back to the home screen and either you lost bucks or coins. Adds pop out all the time so I won’t ever recommend this game I just play to pass the time.

  11. 3 serious problems, but first let me say the concept is incredible: shuffleboard, air hockey, foosball, and soccer together. 1st problem: games too short; 2 goals wins; a blind chimp swiping the screen could win 1 out of 3 games by sheer luck. 2nd problem: the flood of In-App ads between 2 goal games; I understand free games are supported by ads, but this is ridiculous; make the lover level games 3 goals, and I would rate the game higher. 3rd problem: loss of connection every 3rd-5th game; I win more often because the connection is lost, and both players win when the connection is lost.

  12. I love playing for 20 minutes, unlocking the all in challenge, getting matched with a level 153 with everything unlocked and bought, and losing all my money … Plus, the score limit of two is too low. the physics suck, most of the time my opponent scores it a random hit from a level 3 that bounced off of 4 disc soccer player things and 3 walls. Sometimes a game will last 30 minutes because the other player only throws all of his players into the goal and refuses to hit the ball at all.

  13. Edit(The devs are incredibly aggressive in trying to get you to part with money) The devs are scam artists actually. Each and every time I’ve managed to accumulate coin, I then am paired against a team with an unbeatable formation, much more shooting time, and a skill level closer to 100 than 0. For as many games as it takes to take my coin back. Then the games normalize. I dont know what it costs to get a team like that, and never will. A fun game ruined by shameless, limitless greed.

  14. Several times the coins I was awarded never ever appear. Constant ad popups when trying to navigate menus with the intent of getting you to accidentally click on in app purchases. Constantly asking for more money to upgrade your team and then when you dont, they put you against a level 100 to just get slaughtered by their way more upgrades and money. You dont stand a chance at this game unless you fork over at least $100 to them.

  15. This is the most fun I’ve had playing a game in years with only two exceptions. The bugs in the “Free Coins” feature force me to close down the game and rewatch ads to collect said coins, this happens multiple times daily. My second issue is a feature that does not exist and that is some sort of chat function to communicate with other users beyond a few preselected phrases or emojis. Other than those two things this is easily a 5-star game, thanks for the fun.

  16. Good experience but people tend to freeze you out when they lose.. not sure how they do it and two, the timing games are weak. Once a person scores they just block ,hide the ball til time runs out, you need to eliminate those games or find a way to fix the issue. Pointless if a team scores first and that’s pretty much the game, maybe lower the shot timer but that wont fix them hoding the ball, hope this helps..

  17. Fun game to play, the extra challenges and competitions are great too. But too much non football stuff like the packets, and minigames. You have to spend ages having to keep clicking buttons before you can play. Plus you get the occasional opponent who just blocks his goal and time wastes waiting for you to make an error. It makes the game boring.

  18. In a game in which you can score a goal by simply hitting the ball as hard as you can, this is essentially pay-to-win. While you can win without paying, you have a much higher chance to if you pay for a team that can hit the ball 2 or 3 times harder than the default. It’s a fun concept, but I can’t recommend it when you’ll spend a large chunk of your time playing against people with premium teams who just bounce the ball of every wall, every turn.

  19. Andy B dice:

    Just had to finish a game on my own as opponent stopped playing but didn’t disconnect I.e. ran out of time numerous times! If an opponent runs out of time on 3 consecutive occasions they should forfeit the game. Also if you fail to play the ball on more than 3 times in a row. Annoying when opponent only plays your players to clear the goal. Also 3 minute timed games just mean whoever scores first then just wastes time. Pointless.

  20. MXFlamez dice:

    I’ve decided to come back to playing the game for nostalgia sake and there’s one major thing that needs to be fixed A good quarter if the matches I’ve played always causes me to disconnect for no apparent reason when my Internet is working fine and as a result I lose coins from it. It even happens quite often when I’m playing against people and it’s severely frustrating. This actually needs to be fixed if people were going to be putting all their coins on the line just for them to lose it all

  21. I’m also all of a sudden NOT getting my free rewards after watching video!! What’s the problem?? It wasn’t because an update, that was some time ago. ALSO twice not I’ve gotten ripped off when after buying into the new seasonal game then mid game glitches start and then I get dumped yet I had been playing before and after glitch free on other venues! Help!

  22. I love this game and have been playing and spending money on it for years. The seasons were actually a really nice improvement but the prize gathering logic is absolute garbage and keeps me from playing more. I basically spend an entire play session each ‘season’ tapping to collect prizes. When packs are the prize it dumps you out the season prize logic into the packs screen. This makes no sense at all and literally induces HUNDREDS of extra taps to get all the stuff I just paid for.

  23. 20J08 IA dice:

    Give more bucks. And stop throwing players onto match pay screens (e.g penalty rush) deleting their earned bucks or gold. Also stop disconnecting when im playing penalty shots, lagging and make the drag and shoot motion more predictable. Sometimes shooting arrow goes sideways instead of directly opposite where i drag. ACTUALLY GIVE THE ADS YOU WANT PLAYERS TO WATCH INSTEAD OF SHOWING A “VIDEOS UNAVAILABLE” MESSAGE. WE WANT THE PRIZE AND ARE WILLING TO WATCH SO GIVE THE ADS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING??

  24. I love this game but i have one problem,after palying first 5 games offline the colors of the two teams become blue i mean blue vs blue In place of blue vs red . I uninstalled the game in order to fix the problem and i installed it again but no thing changed at all, so please tell me how to fix it

  25. the game is stealing players, im level 101, i played 368 championships and the entry is always 10k. At this point my 3 goals games are same field as spain in 1vs1 mode, that means im far into the championships. Sometimes,i play versus a low level and theres no way that low level is at the same tier in his championship so his entry is less than 10k because you need 330 championship completed before its 10k coins to enter so where does the coins goes? into miniclip’s pocket or may i say just lost

  26. Syed Ali dice:

    They’re doing nothing against players who r on mods so called hackers.. even after reporting user i.ds even 10 of times to their support email.. Yeah u guys not giving a damn on this. After latest update I’m facing every other game with hackers especially in weekly event. And there wins are increasing like every 30 seconds which doesn’t make sense. One can be lucky for once or twice but not possible to wins every 30 seconds with 10 to 15 time in streak.

  27. Fun game , the only downside is it gets to a point where everyone hits the ball in to the corner repeatedly to try and slow the attack of the other player. This then causes a slow game of placing pieces “players” on the field to see who can defend the best because nobody wants to touch the ball… every second player plays like that. It causes the game to take forever and defeats the purpose.

  28. When your opponent runs out of time taking his shot 7 times in 1 game , why is that not a win to the person who has to wait. I thought this was meant to be a fairly quick game but waiting all the time is as boring as f…

  29. Hey, this game is awsome. But it takes years to upgrade a team. I wish you bring back the old version. When you goal, it will give you team pieces. That was better. This is not just from my perspective. Or when I open a pack, it give’s me a repetitious team piece. Please just bring back the older version’s. This version won’t give me a new golden pack team. And it’s been years that I can’t upgrade my team. One more problem: the ball spins too much in the game. Good luck.

  30. This is the best game ever please mini clip if your looking at this I will gave this a 3 star star because of the skins and also add a new map after Netherlands in the end. Also this game makes you always lose and when you buy pro shop 5 million coins i lost all of them and then you take the money so give it back🤬

  31. Sad that you have to get the same team piece in gold pack 42 times in a row before having a new piece how much money does people have to spend in average to be able to unlock the deluxe team its non sense. And how can i be at Championships no.368 for 20k each game and i play vs a level 10 at 368th Championships its getting rigged ( stealing ). Wake up miniclip I hate you all

  32. This game is fun and competitive, but the reward packs are INFURIATING. Sometimes I can watch ads to open them.. sometimes it isn’t allowed. Other times it has the button, but the button doesn’t work – it just says please wait and never works. These packs should 1) open immediately or 2) work as intended. This is garbage as it is now.

  33. Good game aspect but average miniclip pay to win aspect ruins it completely, shouldn’t have to wait to open packs or be able to pay to win this keeps the game fresh and fun for all, also all miniclip games need an anti cheat ASAP.

  34. To many steps to log a complaint (with no id copy button).. the formation button get in the way of the game. Lining up a shot then u graze the formation button on the edged and you’re screwed.

  35. Sometimes when im matched with players i get 100 lvl players when im level 2. This gives the win to the other guy obviously as tht player has more experience i think the matchmaking needs to be fixed

  36. Nathan A dice:

    Matchups make no sense. Almost everyone I play is 2 to 3 times my level, and typically over 60% win ratio. How does that math even make sense? Fun game, tired of ridiculously unfair matches.

  37. Beat Less dice:

    Fun game and good idea but i hate the way they put u against players 30 to 100 levels higher when they want you to lose .. without mentioning the spinning wheel that its monitored so its stop on low prizes

  38. This game has been amazing… up until the point where screens showing (what I think are) commercials show up on the walls next to the goals, this lags my game like crazy and I’ve lost alot of money from it. Might take a break from playing until this gets fixed. I cant tell if the game is getting hacked or soccer stars wanted to make some more money


  40. This game has some bugs that need to be fixed sooner rather than later. I was a top 3 in a tournament and didn’t get any of the promised cash just because i didnt log in the day the tournament ended. Also, The ad after the matches doesn’t go away even if you wait. You have to close the game and re-enter.

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