Spectrum SportsNet: Live Games MODDED 2022


Stream Lakers, Galaxy, and Sparks LIVE games with the Spectrum SportsNet App!
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Stay connected with the Lakers, Galaxy, and Sparks with the Spectrum SportsNet app!

Enjoy LIVE games, highlights, analysis, interviews, and more for the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Galaxy, and LA Sparks! Log in with your TV provider credentials to watch Spectrum SportsNet live anytime, anywhere.

Get an inside look at your favorite Southern California teams with full episodes of original programming on-demand! Original programming includes: Backstage Lakers, Access SportsNet, Connected With…, Through The Lens, Backstage Chargers, Lakers Top 10, and Galaxy Top 10.

NOTE: Log-in is available to Spectrum, DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse, Cox, Catalina Broadband Solutions, and Hawaiian Telcom subscribers with Spectrum SportsNet as part of their channel lineup.

California Consumer Privacy Rights: https://www.spectrum.com/policies/california
California Consumer Do Not Sell My Personal Information: https://spectrum.com/policies/your-privacy-rights-opt-out


• We fixed a few bugs to bring you a better app experience.

As always, we love hearing what you think, so please consider leaving a review! Questions or suggestions? Visit https://www.spectrumsportsnet.com/contact-us.


40 comentarios en "Spectrum SportsNet: Live Games MODDED 2022"

  1. I am impressed the developer responded to my comment and fixed the problem with the screen timeout. Thank you! I noticed they’ve also fixed the problem when I connected a cable to my phone and TV, so I can watch in a hotel room on the road, when travel starts again. The only major thing that appears left to make work to get a 5 start rating is casting from my phone to a Chromecast or other casting enabled receiver. The cable makes this less necessary, but sure is convenient.

  2. The app has promise but its consistently failing to load streams even with access to a good high-speed mobile network or reliable wifi network. I often watch the app struggle to load a video stream for minutes at a time, when it finally does the video is 240p quality and I can’t make out any details. At commercial breaks commercials are quickly cut off for a special “Commercial Break” banner, at which point the application goes back to “forever spinning on the same video”-mode and I miss key plays. In some cases, I can say the application is consistent in that I mis any major play made after commercial break because the app is still failing to load post-commercial content. I usually don’t give applications such low ratings, but Spectrum is too large a company to provide such a poor video and sports experience. I should also note that the “Contact Us” link the team has placed in on this page takes you to a 404, not the best look.

  3. This states it’s too watch live games, but all they show is a bunch of boring talk and documentaries. Functionality-wise, this doesn’t even have a basic search function (even though there are no actual games to search for anyways). So false advertising and near-worthless functionality. Just terrible.

  4. I cannot select my provider in the app. When I go to log in, it says to select a provider. I have Direct TV but I can’t click on it. Nothing happens. Same with the other ones on the list. It’s like a dead page. I would like to be able to log in with my Direct TV so I can stream the Laker game ls when I am out.

  5. This app consistently comes back from commercial late so I’ll miss a minute or so of live action. Happens multiple times each Lakers game. For example, I missed the Danny Green buzzer beater that sent the game into overtime. Ridiculous that this keeps happening. Along with other issues, I’d give this app zero stars if I could.

  6. So frustrated with the app.Also slightly frustrated at the Lakers and Spectrum for striking up a deal that ONLY allows you to watch on this one provider. I’m often times having to watch basketball games on the go. It’s literally impossible to enjoy the Lakers games because the apps runs so slowly. I stream things on YouTube, ESPN, etc. no problem, but this app barely runs. What’s the point of me paying for spectrum only for the lakers games and I can’t even watch them because the app doesnt work?

  7. I would not recommend this app based on my experience.I give it a 1 in my evaluation. I was hoping to watch the Lakers live. I installed the app fully and according to the instructions. Results have been disappointing. The app has not appeared on my television after downloading/. Only on my computer,’ On the website shows me photos representing old games but I cannot see any live games.. That is the reason I am getting Spectrum and am unable to see any live games on tthe television or my computer. Of .note is the fact the only thing i can access easily all the time is the bill. So the website works fine in that portion of it. I rate this program 1

  8. The app doesnt work and it also doesnt work in any browser on my computer. I’m forced to stream on alternative sites even though I pay monthly for the channel. I’m about to cancel spectrum if they dont fix it. I’ve been waiting a year.

  9. This app did not work for my Android but I figured out the issue I had to clear the cache. Now my issue is I can’t plug in my type c to HDMI cable and watch it on the big screen. I hate the fact that they won’t allow screen mirroring. Very disappointed 😞

  10. This app does not work on my Galaxy Note 8. It only works on Older phones. Also it is not avalible on roku, fire TV, android TV, Samsung app store or anything. This app needs serious help. Only reason it got 2stars, is because it works on my old Chinese unlocked phone. Otherwise 0stars!!!

  11. I tell you.. this app is great as I can see. It turned on with no problems and the picture was crystal clear. I have to agree with this other user named “Nick Morrison” because it works just fine. I think I know why other user’s are having a problem. It’s because they have to create an Account first, then make sure to turn on (Location Feature) inside their phone. I was having problems until I did these thing’s. I just installed this app yesterday (9-19-2018), so I will give this app that extra 5th star once I’m convinced its consistency. So Happy Streaming😉

  12. 1/12/22 What a joke! Service Unavailable error for live TV now 12/8/21 still doesn’t allow any providers to be selected to log in. 8/20/21 still doesn’t work! 12/10/20 not working 🤦‍♂️ 10/21/20 Still unable to log in since none the TV providers can be selected on screen. Tech support is amazingly bad Still nothing after sending various bug reports and it’s been several months with no response or working update. When I try to log in, the list of providers is shown but none can be selected.

  13. Repeats same commercials over and over.. Commercial breaks overlap the actual runtime. Literally one after the other. Buffers every 6-10 seconds.. Skips through games. Picture quality goes in and out. BAD APP for viewing LIVE games.

  14. This app is horrible, I have never seen a full Laker’s game with at least a glitch every 8-9 seconds. It’s extremely buggy for it to be owned and ran by a billionaire dollar corporation like Spectrum. Also, this being the only contracted network in the LA area makes it even more frustrating to deal with.

  15. This app is pretty useless. I login with my uverse account and it won’t allow the live stream. It gets an error everytime. No Laker games away from home. As Charles Barkley would say Turrible! **update** it started working for about 2 weeks and it worked very good from 11-15-18 theough 12-15-18 then just stopped. Now I get a message that says Authentication error. So instead of my password I used my att email address login and got the same error. Cant even watch them on NBA League pass because they are on Spectrum and league pass is offering a free month through Amazon prime right now but no laker games! Really sucks! I miss the good old days when Laker games and Angel games were on Channel 5 KTLA.

  16. For some reason I can’t sign into my account. Can’t watch live tv and when I click on my provider nothing happens. Before that when i’m watching live the page freezes and just play sound. Missed the Lakers game today. please fix. Will give 5 stars when the problem is fixed.

  17. Supposed to watch Lakers games since I’m a Spectrum customer but keep getting an error message. Same thing happened after I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. The only reason I have it is to watch LAL games so it’s basically useless.

  18. Mugiwara dice:

    The app is terrible it constantly makes my phone switch between portrait and landscape mode with any slight movement, and while watching sports broadcasf it constantly freezes and won’t fix, unless the app is closed and reopened

  19. This app is terrible. I log in to watch my Laker games and it plays the ad before displaying error message, “error try again”. Tried again 25 times throughout the season and it never worked once.

  20. While watching the Lakers feed, it will start buffering after a minute and the only way to stop it, is to close out the app and get back in it. Truly unwatchable.

  21. Horrible!!! This thing gets worse with every update !!! Im a die hard Lakers fan and am pissed that this is the only way to watch when I am away from home …. this app will not allow me to sign in to my T.V. provider, it gives a selection of providers ,but will not allow me to click on the provider icon to sign in !!! This app is trash and needs to provide a better experience for fans

  22. Dan Gunko dice:

    Video player glitches. Every time I open the app I have to resign in. The commercials often overlap into the game. One of the worst experience of watching sports there is.

  23. When playing video, does not keep the screen on. Really frustrating. Also, the dumb broadcasting restrictions mean you can’t cast video to your TV. And content creators wonder why people keep pirating their stuff. Does it make sense that as a paying subscriber I can’t cast to my TV, but if I were to pirate the stream off the internet, I can watch on my TV?

  24. There’s always a problem. Add Chromecast support for phones. The app doesn’t keep my phone screen on either. Spectrum is behind the times.

  25. Extremely unreliable to try and stream a game. You can view old content generally without issue but don’t depend on the app for viewing a lakers game while traveling.

  26. This is the quality I have come to expect from TWCSSNFU. Picture looks slightly better than when I could put my box on channel 39, and my TV on channel 4. It’s like they’re racing themselves to see if they can get to the year 2000 or bankruptcy first.

  27. I would give 5 stars but app doesn’t stop buffering whether I’m on wifi or my cell data still buffers and it’s annoying! Can’t watch game comfortably. Other than that it’s a good app.

  28. Every time I go use it, I have to sign in again to my tv provider. If it crashes or I simply leave the app for another one, I have to sign in again to my tv provider even though I never actually signed out.

  29. Chromecast added – NOT!!! MIRRORING VIA CHROMECAST… That’s the big headline for the latest update but when I use the app still no Chromecast! LAME! Spectrum is SpecDUMB.

  30. I downloaded the app to watch Laker games. Too bad you cannot watch anything. It will play an ad then leave a message saying “try again later”. Epic fail spectrum spotsnet app. You messed up people’s lives.

  31. how come i pay for spectrum sportsnet and the app doesnt even work, yet my friend is streaming it from a bootleg website and its full HD no freezing or anything lol feel like im gertting scammed, and when the app does it freezes every 30 seconds and when its not frozen its blurry smh

  32. Whenever I log in to watch live TV it accepts it but then has an authentication error. I can still watch it on the Contour App, but I feel downloading this app was a waste of time and frustrating.

  33. If you like watching Lakers games you’ll like this app! Good for live games, highlights, backstage Lakers, etc. Sometimes it asks you to sign into your provider after minimizing and coming back a few min later but usually you can press back and it will reconnect again.

  34. App sucks. It tells me that I’m allowed to watch NBA games when I sign in with my TV provider but when I do so and click the play button nothing happens.

  35. Always get an error try again later on Pixel 2 have had this issue for two years. unable to use the app tried on different phones. it must be android pie

  36. Streaming doesn’t work. Can’t get past cable login. Once I click on the live game I just get the loading circle and it never starts.

  37. Junk pure junk. Has unexpectedly stops 19 times. Even after reboots, uninstaled and re-installed. A waste of time. You should be ashamed Spectrum.

  38. Sportsnet never works, the app doesn’t let me stream despite having a subscription through my cable. The Lakers moving to Sportsnet was a horrible decision since spectrum doesn’t have the resources to maintain their infrastructure

  39. Don’t even download this app it’s not working it keep saying “Network Error” even if your using your Wifi. You can’t even call them to report an issue with their app.

  40. I think I install this every year to watch the Lakers, and every year I uninstall it because something doesn’t work right. I just uninstalled it and won’t be watching Lakers games again unless it’s a national broadcast.

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