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40 comentarios en "NBA: Live Games & Scores MODDED 2022"

  1. The app is terrible across several platforms. I set the app to hide the scores. Each time I open it again, it defaults back to displaying the scores. Update 1/5/23 Home trying to watch yesterday’s game. I chose the “full game” version, but for some reason, it’s only showing me highlights. The app sucks. The app shut down twice when I attempted to contact customer service. At this point, I need a refund. Disgusted!!!!

  2. Recent update on the app has screwed everything up. The stream switching button has a bug in the code. Idk if it’s because it’s alphabetical, but my team is never first on the steam list, so every single time I switch to my teams home feed, the feed stalls on every single commercial break. It’s really ridiculous, FIX IT! This has been going on for over a month now.

  3. The app is terrible. The casting experience is unusable because of how laggy it is and sometimes never plays. The app always crashes when you use the back arrow on the phone or back arrow in the app. The app opens another instance of itself when you pick a game to look at and usually crashes. The only way to go back to the previous page is to open your recent apps and you’ll see the home page because there’s two instances open. Streaming is just terrible… It’s honestly the worst.

  4. The massive update has broken this app. It freezes every single time I use the app, whether I’m watching highlights or reading articles. No exaggeration. Update: I’ve reinstalled the app multiple times and my phone is always up to date. I had the pixel 6 and the same issue has persisted with the pixel 7. This issue began when the app received the new UI overhaul, which I hate. Terrible on the eyes. It reminds me of Vegas, but I can’t fully review it because it crashes on me everytime I use it.

  5. This is the worst sports app for 2022-2023. I have had league pass for almost a decade. I use a firestick and a few android TV smart boxes (mostly MX). This season, the app does not play the live games. I have been in contact with multiple nba techs. It’s not even available on the firestick because it’s a previous generation. While HBO, espn, Disney and every other app works normal. Amazon support said this was the developer who did this. Nba support gave me 9.99 back! (Horrible)

  6. Everyone deserves a full refund for time and suffering endured after using this app. The worst streaming experience. It’s incredibly expensive to subscribe to NBA games and you only get to watch maybe 40% of the game if you’re lucky because the app consistently crashes, delays and freezes after every few plays. It’s excruciating. NBA support is no help because the whole app needs to be redone. I would give it zero stars but because I can’t, I give it 1 star.

  7. The app for Android TVs is trash. The playback is horrendous for a paid service. It constantly hitches or straight up freezes throughout games, the sound just randomly cuts off, it’s slow and can’t handle basic functions well. My internet is wired to TV directly and it handles apps that demand much more easily. It’s on the NBA and it’s embarrassingly poor for a paid subscription. Edit: I uninstalled and reinstalled like the “we care” bot said. Might have gotten worse. Downgrading to 1 star.

  8. I finally figured it out. Microsoft views Google as one of its largest competitors, and decides to punish Chromebook and Android users. There is no other explanation for it, because last year was close to perfect and you could also download the games. This year its completely broken and support is USELESS!!! Update 1/2/23: App is down to 3.1 stars, an all time LOW for an Editors Choice app. Way to go NBA, Microsoft, and useless tech support. The worst trio in the history of computing.

  9. Bad redesign. Used to be great, but it’s been borderline unusable. A few issues: froze up during commercial breaks and I’d have to close out of the game and reopen to keep watching, the Watch Live button not working (would just play from the beginning and you’d have to fast forward), having a favorite team designated but it defaulted to the other teams’ broadcast whenever I’d watch a game. No option for condensed games instead of NBATV in base package is bad (I already pay for NBATV thru cable)

  10. I love NBA basketball, but this app is by far the worst app I have on my phone. Paying for league pass was a waste of money because the streaming is so glitchy and will just freeze permanently multiple times a game. Voting for All Stars has only worked once or twice out of dozens of attempts. I just don’t understand how this app can be so bad. They should probably just start over with a new company and new app altogether. NBA please do better!

  11. Bad app. It doesn’t have even a simple menu on the main screen so you can see what features and functions are available. The screen is filled with huge images and icons that you have to figure out and scrolling down after many many pages I did see some huge images and links that said something like advanced stats, which might have been what I was looking for, but I didn’t so any further because it seems ridiculous to scroll through tons of marketing every time to get what I want.

  12. I subscribed to league pass to watch the nba games on my phone, and I haven’t been able to watch any games on the app for a couple of weeks now. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it only to have the same error message, so until live streaming is fixed, there is zero reason to have the app or a subscription. I got the streaming back for one game only after canceling everything 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Icemahn98 dice:

    Much worse app than last year. When streaming to my TV captions covering the score are forced on and volume on the TV is forced to 100%. If I want to watch a YouTube video on my phone while a game is on commercial it pauses the video on my TV, which it did not do last year. There’s also no way to scroll forward to catch back up which casting to the TV. If you can pull the games up from your laptop you’ll probably have a better experience than this garbage. Utterly disappointed.

  14. Won’t stream a game without pausing every few seconds. Hate all the ads that have been added. If you click to watch a game you have to watch a 30 second app. If you want to change which recording you watch, you have to watch another ad. You loose your place in a game if you have to pause and turn your screen off. At least the app last year worked. Update: still doesn’t stream on my chromecast. Freezes every few seconds. I have the latest version of the app and the newest chromecast. Unbelievabl

  15. The worst app in all of sports has gotten worse. I’m not sure why it’s even in the Google Play Store, because it’s not compatible with any Google device. It’s impressive how bad this app functions. You can’t cast to Chromecast, on any device. When you do, you’ll be able to enjoy 30 seconds of basketball before the buffering starts. Remember trying to stream video on AOL in 2002? 20 years later, Microsoft & the NBA have brought it back. If you want to watch basketball this is the wrong app.

  16. Edit: $100 is rediculous. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled, powered down and factory reset my chromecast, same with my phone, and the app still will not work whatsoever. The streams are totally unwatchable. I’ve reported this to them and they say they’re working on it. Crazy buggy, streams like to buffer so much it’s hard to watch. I try to cast to my tv and the game plays on my phone but a gray screen shows up on my tv. Wish microsoft never got involved. Last year the app was fine.

  17. Joel Metz dice:

    zero stars!! Worse video app I’ve ever used for video. The playback for watching games in the app is a miserable experience this year. I’ve only watched 1.5 games and the app will freeze after pausing for too long so you have to completely reload the app. Also, if you try to fast forward too many times (4-5) in a row (which wouldn’t have to do if it was more than 10 sec fast forward) it will break the app too. I still have to watch an ad everytime it restarts the game due to app breaking.

  18. I don’t know what’s wrong with this app but it needs to be fixed asap. You can’t browse on it for more than a minute without it freezing up and crashing.. you’d be lucky to check 2 different box scores before it crashes and you have to close it out and try all over again.. I know a lot goes into this app maybe the server it’s on just can’t handle everything that goes into it

  19. Ed Donlon dice:

    Quite disappointed. The app doesn’t seem to support landscape mode (very annoying, particularly when using a tablet on a keyboard stand). A bit ridiculous seeing how easy of a fix that would be. Honestly, that alone usually means I just jump to YouTube for free highlights instead of watching through the app. But the other thing is the constant “Oops – something went wrong. Please wait a moment and try again” error messages that you get when trying to load a video!

  20. After the new “made by Microsoft” app came out, this became hands-down the worst streaming app. Games basically unwatchable due to streaming algorithm unable to decide on video quality for your Chromecast. Video quality settings in app are ignored, it cycles through 3 video qualities in 5 seconds with constant buffering. Gets to lower quality, it works, it figures it could go higher, it works, goes to highest, starts buffering, goes to the lowest, rinse and repeat. Bring the old app back!

  21. This year has probably been it’s best year since. I have been getting league pass the last 10 years or so. I would get it with direct tv at first, but canceled that about 3 or 4 years ago and now just use the nba app to watch all of my games. The only function I do not like on this app currently is the fast forwarding. I really wish they would show the image when fast forwarding,it is a complete guess at this point as to when you end the fast forward. Other than that this app is much improved.

  22. Good laid out app so far. But the streaming issues are getting annoying. Tried reinstalling the app and didnt work. I have tried in multiple areas where I have a stable network, and multiple, fast wireless connections and streaming is still choppy. Also the scores dont want to update, and will keep saying “pregame” when the game has already been on for an hour. If these issues can be fixed I would give the app 5 stars.

  23. This is so awful. Buffering constantly! I have fast high speed internet, have installed and reinstalled app. Streaming on to my chromecast. Not to mention the Captions over the bottom of the screen that wont turn off. Last years model was way better, this needs to be fixed asap. When i paid for this, (full year up front), I was under the assumption I’d get functioning service. Total let down and extremely frustrating.

  24. This is the buggiest app I use. Just to name 2 issues (there are more, but these are the two most frustrating) – Pausing a game results in frozen app, force close the app – sometimes when attempting to leave the app, the game continues on the main screen, but turns black and I can’t click anything else, need to force restart the whole phone. I paid for League Pass but can hardly bear to watch any content on my phone. It’s just so frustratingly flawed.

  25. The app crashes constantly, falls behind in the stream, won’t let you select a lower quality stream, makes me sign in every time I open it, auto selects the broadcast now so you have to watch it then manually change to the boradcast you want to watch, fails to load sometimes. I am so glad they lowered the price but at this rate it should be free, i have had the app for 4 years and this latest version is the worst. Update: Months in and nothing has changed

  26. Why do live games lag so bad it’s so frustrating. At first I thought maybe it was my roku but the app on my phone does it as well. It has to be in the app for both devices to do it. At 14.99 a month I should be able to watch games in real time. I don’t like hearing it before I see it. I love the classic game features and use that alot but wish there was more games on that. Oddly enough that feature works fine the problem is live games. Fix that and I will up my rating

  27. Wilson Li dice:

    This app seems to think a wenbanyama game starting is “breaking news”. It also automatically changes your settings after updating from “no auto play” to “auto play on hd using cellular data”. These are not what I put in the settings. It also fails to load scores 5 times out of 7 tries, it just hangs in the loading screen. Save yourself the time and just use Google search instead. Trash app. Edit: they now feel the need to notify me that a “Knicks fan hit a half court shot”. What???

  28. This season’s version of the app is absolutely terrible. I’ve tried watching on multiple mobile devices and none of them will stream for more than about ten seconds before crashing, buffering endlessly or giving an error message. They sure do play the ad at the beginning perfectly every time though!

  29. Fix this APP! Mid November is when I my renewal comes up. If this app ain’t fixed by then you won’t get another annual subscription from me. I’ll literally go and stream games elsewhere. I’m pretty sure you’ve read all the problems. Fix this. The app crashes on phones and TV. Some games won’t even play! Then when you click on your profile “no spoilers” what do you see when you turn back on the app? Scores! Also on the TV version you don’t even have box scores in there. A new UI isn’t fixing this

  30. Easily the worst streaming app. I have not watched one game without it buffering a 100 times during the game. I pay for the single team package as it’s the only way I can watch games being outside of my home teams market. It wouldn’t be worth it if it was free. Doesn’t matter if streaming on my lap top, phone or chromecast onto my TV, it’s terrible. Very frustrating.

  31. Frequent stream crashes and no ability to download games for offline viewing. Zero help from support. Should add to this, would be zero stars if I could review, that after every “crash” of the stream, it kicks you back to the beginning of A stream (usually not even the one you were watching) and makes you watch another ad as it restarts, then you FF to get back to where you left off, and BOOM, crash again, lather, rinse, repeat. SO FRUSTRATING! Please fix or allow downloading for offline viewing

  32. Abysmal streaming experience, constantly stuttering, buffering and dropping, leaving you well behind live, plus extra ads, but this has been the case for years now. This year’s new feature is streaming unrequested video in the background and adding GB to my phone bill. As with the in-arena experience and the officiating, the NBA shows nothing but contempt for its fans… but here we still are. In the words of a former president, “That’s ok, I’ll still keep [watching] that garbage.”

  33. Watching live games or listening to the game have a huge time delay. The NBA app can’t even keep up. It’s at least 2 or 3 plays behind in the basketball game. Very annoying to say the least. I have a great internet connection and I’m on my wifi. Specifically what ive personally noticed so far…. the stats that are being shown, time left in the quarter, the play by play in real time don’t come close. Lots of glitching and bugs in this app. I love basketball, but wouldn’t RECOMMEND!!!

  34. LeaguePass subscriber. I’m not happy. Same problems as Icemahn98 below. When I cast to my TV: (1) the TV volume goes to 100 (2) the captions are forced on and cover the score (3) you can’t control the video slider, so no skipping to another point in the game, no rewind or fast forward. (4) the buffering is terrible unless you pause for a minute or so then play (5) and my absolute favorite…listen to some music or watch a video on my phone, and it pauses the game. On TV. *Deleted, updated, same

  35. Noah dice:

    The app works okay for me on Android and casting. My biggest issue when casting is if I’m using my phone and play something with audio, it will pause the game being casted (other video apps do not have this problem). On desktop the the video streaming is a ram hog, and slowly uses up more and more ram the longer the game is on eventually breaking the page.

  36. even at low quality video, the app streaming leaves much to be desired. My phone overheats and the video is choppy at best. You often can’t see if the ball went in or if there was a rebound. You best have top notch computing power with a long battery life the way this app sucks up phone performance.

  37. Staggeringly awful, worst app in streaming after ESPN. Never seen a company charge less for a service and simultaneously downgrade their interface, but here we are! Can’t even watch regular League Pass games more often than not as they take hours to edit the footage afterwards and the possession recaps are often the only thing available, so it’s like every game has a national broadcast restriction. Constantly crashes, audio cuts out several times a game, no spoiler setting won’t stay on…F-

  38. Kyle Vail dice:

    If a game recently ended not all team streams will be available immediately. The stream is buggy. I tried watched a live game a bit delayed and the steam crashed 3 times throughout. Android TV app lacks basic features like resuming from your last watch. If you flip around games or the app crashes you have to ff 😩. The app also doesn’t automatically launch the TV screensaver when you pause 😩

  39. I have this app so that I can watch NBA Team Pass to watch Denver Nuggets games. The app works good on my Android phone. However, I have a Roku device on 3 of my tv sets and here is where the problem occurs. The game on 10/24/22, would not play. On the following game, I could only watch the Lakers feed and not the Nuggets announcers. Further, I am unable to filter games by team like I was able to do last year. If I pause the game and then resume later, I have to start at the beginning.

  40. Sucks! This app doesn’t work on my PS5 or my XBox One. Games just will not start. And on my TV when the feed switches from game play to ads, the app locks. All around a terrible experience that makes League Pass near unwatchable. The only things consistent in the app are the many ways it breaks. You would think that one of the richest sports on the planet could spring for better app development.

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