Basketball Battle MODDED 2022


Dunk on people!
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★ Easy moving and shooting!
★ Dunk on people!
★ Nasty cross-overs and step-backs!

★ Compete in tournaments nation wide!
★ Over 100 unique basketball courts!
★ Compete in online LIVE EVENTS!

★ Customize your look and upgrade your players!

★ Challenge friends in 2 player split screen!

Don’t miss out on the sports game everyone is playing!


Improved physics and performance!


40 comentarios en "Basketball Battle MODDED 2022"

  1. The game is fun and addictive but the lack of options for customization hurts the game after a while. The fact that you cant make your own player, court, uniform, etc. is a bummer. The bag idea is great though but could be half the price. It would be nice to have an option to change the point limit for the games to something besides 11. it’s a good start though. hopefully the devs add to it!

  2. Way too many ads. Very fun gameplay, what little you get to play. Games can be finished in as little as four shots (four 3s) and it takes (I’m not joking) about two more minutes just to get into another (single player) game. Everything is behind an ad/pay wall. I would have no problem paying the money to remove ads, but at this point I’m just too disgusted with the developer to care.

  3. The game is really good but the only thing is the mid-game ads and after game ads. Also the fact that you HAVE to wait for like 2-5 second. The Overall gameplay is something that I enjoy In my personal opinion. The game runs SUPER smooth and is something I enjoy. So if your not a big fan of constant aid I recommend you don’t waste your data. Also I recommend you download a game called Creative Destruction. But otherwise this is a really nice time-killing game that also has a 2 player.

  4. It is hella fun but it needs just a little bit more 2 do… Like, to where four more buttons pop up in the middle at the bottom in between the controls,( once every half round )and you have a VERY short amount of time(3secs) to hit them before they disappear and complete the ‘Ankle Breaker’! It creates a guarantee bucket along with double perks…. Also, Basketball Battle definitely needs to incorporate the ALLEY OOP off the backboard…..! and raise the score, Im beating this thing 2 fast….

  5. Its a money grab game. Ads literally everywhere. Theres ads before, during, and after game. Each game only lasts roughly 2 minutes tops too. And you can really only progress by spending the premium currency. Want to upgrade a single stat of your players? You can either spend premium currency for an instant upgrade, or you can wait for a specific amount of time for each stat. if it wasn’t for a greedy company I might have given this 4 stars.

  6. Very fun game even if it’s repetitive. The difficulty ramps up and the opponents have different skills so offers at least that variety. Make sure to pump up your male characters first and plan out your upgrade path carefully so that you have enough resources at the end to buy the best players and improve their skills. Update: why do you bother giving out money when I’ve already obtained the strongest characters? The money is useless at that point. What am I going to do, use it to buy inferior players? Makes no sense. You should make money at least convertible to gold.

  7. The game is pretty good overall, I just think it’s a little bit too easy. The game is fun for a while but then it gets boring. I like how smooth it runs and the controls. Honestly I think it was oversimplified for younger gamers (if you can even call people who play on mobile gamers) I know this seems harsh but I enjoy this game a lot. Thank you ladies, gentlemen and our friends beyond the binary

  8. Paid to have no ads play and for whatever reason I’m getting ads forced on me without pressing on a watch for reward proposition. This sucks and I hope the developers get this fixed. Update 2/23: They fixed it some time ago. Game is pretty fun but becomes quite repetitive and boring after awhile. I’m lvl 161 now and the only thing I look forward to is playing the daily Live Event. After I end up earning the top first string and bench players, I’ll prob be uninstalling.

  9. It’s a fun game. Just limit the ads cause dang. It’s like I get an ad every time I get done playing a game. Overall 5 star game in my opinion ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

  10. ı have been playıng 5 years, this is the best time killer game u should try it ı know this game looks pretty sımple but u can do a lot of things in this game like step back,fake dunk, reverse layup,fake shoot,cross overs,blocks,windmill,.but ı dont like 1 thing u cant save yout carrıer advencement but still fine.

  11. Mr. K dice:

    The game seems to have a bug You jump to high when you score It could be great for you guys to fix that

  12. J U dice:

    Game is pretty good, except 11 points is far too short of a game and one has to wait forever to unlock better players. Right now, if the opponent has a taller player, I don’t even bother jumping to block, I just accept that they’ll score. Also, it’s weird that the player can’t pump fake and then keep dribbling but the AI can. Just makes it unfair.

  13. This game is one of the best mobile basketball games, and there are a decent amount of games. It’s pretty good.

  14. I lve this game its fun it don’t got w lot of ads like some games.

  15. I love this game it is so fun and you can play with your friends that a pluse.

  16. Its great easy controls and easy to learn

  17. This game is very entertaining. If you need a game to play without internet play this

  18. This is probably in my top five favorite mobile games for sure. Amazing game, great mechanic and endless gameplay. My only issue with the game is I’ve been playing it none stop for months and the only way I unlocked one of the high level characters is by paying for it with real money. If it were just a little bit easier to level up and get better characters this game would be 6 stars.

  19. Jordy dice:

    Very good game. As a person who loves basketball its extremely fun. The whole idea of the game is really cool. I didn’t run into any problems with the game, but to be fair i only downloaded it two days ago, the thing that comes close to a problem for me is the points. Eleven points are so little. Maybe a time limit would be better and if you could add quarters instead of halves would make it more like basketball. But this is a brilliant game. Definitely wirth the download.

  20. Simple yet fun and offers a lot of progression. Ads are very intrusive so I recommend buying the ad free version, but it’s well worth paying for. * the AI love cheesing layups behind the backboard, because even if you get a block and the ball flashes, it will still go in no matter what. The work around is to bait them into dunking and blocking them at the rim instead.

  21. Fun game just wish I could play against other people instead of AI

  22. The game is really good , the idea developers came up is really unique ,but the thing is this is tooo grinding. To unlock characters the needed level is tooo high, it’s like u never gonna get there . And now a days when we have a lot of really good online moba games ,no one want to give that much time to it . So give some other way to give us some more gold other than the prize ball(lucky draw type thing after leveling up) and lower the level needed for the characters. I think it will be good .

  23. It is super fun and it is hard to stop playing.

  24. This is super fun, highly recommend that other people play it, whenever they are bored, and do not have nothing to do. This game allows you to play two players, with anyone kf your choice, such as a friend, a family member, and more. This game also allows you to play either sidewards, or upwards. You can play tournaments, matches to upgrade your character, and characters, to play against some real challenge players. You can games such as tournaments, regular matches, and more.

  25. Pretty cool! It’s design and audio, to the graphics and detail! It’s awesome! Controls aren’t complicated, instructions and guide is flowing easily! It’s easy to challenging! Time-Killer and Awesome! Thank you for making the game and supports to go furthermore for the game and developers! Thank you! 💕 P.S. To everyone saying too much ads, I don’t know. I don’t get any ads.

  26. Dude why every time I put a team it just erased and I’m still in there? I kepts pressing claim team its still in the screen dude . .

  27. Yes sir I love the new features that were added on more points catch on fire you actually need to use your power up more now which makes the game less competitive I think a game to 11 points makes it more competitive easier to lose the game if you could pick if wanted to play 21 or play to 11 points that would make the game better but I still give the game a 5

  28. Basketball battle is great, I love the power ups, custom players but when it comes down to the live events, most of the times i dont get my reward even if i come 1st and its really frustrating, overall I love the game. In the the next update can you make the score to win to like 15 or 20 because its to short😀 but still a very good game. Can you please change this ,when you block a dunk smetimes it still goes in. Thats reall bad and can you make the players you buy a bit cheaper than they are.

  29. It is so fun but sometimes it makes you lose. My record is 10-0!!!

  30. I think this game is fun for a few days but then you get bored due to no variety. You basically play the exact same 3 matches 3 times in a row (if you win all games) for only 1 trophy. To finish the game you need to complete the exact same process I just said above more than 100 times to “finish the game.” To many ads you have to skip, and all the players you have on your team are either smaller or worse than the opponent all the time. The opponent makes every shot and always does the same thing

  31. I really enjoy this game it’s really fun. I love the designs of the characters and courts. I love how they added a new dunk animation too. I think the game would be better if you guys please make the games to 21 because the games are over too quickly. It would be cool funny if when you dunk on people they fall. Also it would be really cool if they added a double clutch when you go for a layup and tap the shooting button twice. It would also be cool if you guys could add a spin move.

  32. Good and fun to play anytime …by Bobby brown

  33. Pretty fun game. Ad every half but they’re usually really short and most can be skipped. The game is also very generous with powerups. They can be bought with money but you don’t really need to buy them.

  34. It’s a nice game but please put online multiplayer

  35. BftBG777 dice:

    Ads don’t load anymore

  36. It was great for a while… until it got boring. I couldn’t pass this on level and that basicley ruined everything else… I couldn’t get the avatar I wanted… also lower the prices on the avatars! And please add more. I deleted the game but then I regretted it… I have now passed the level I was stuck on and have my favorite character…. if I could I would put a 3.6 star on it.

  37. it is hard but you get the hang of it

  38. It is very fun cause of the way it is made.

  39. So the game is so good the pixels are good everything is good the picture is the pixels in fact the game is his is is good or even know what to say

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