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Casual Sports Boxing Game Millions Play! Show Your Punch Action and Fight Now!
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The hardest, fastest, and the most precise Punch rules the world of Fight.
Pound and knock out with some Real Fight Action! Only room for one Boxing Star!

Ever wonder what it really meant when someone told you that if you really wanted something you need to blood, sweat, and tears? Experience the journey to become the next Boxing Star! Rise from the streets and punch your way up to become the most epic Boxing Star!

Master the art of boxing and use your arsenal of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts!

Train your boxer to be the best! Develop your boxer to match your fighting style. Customize your boxer with special skills like the trademark MEGAPUNCH only in Boxing Star!

Fight with other players in League Mode and give it all you got with some insane punch skills!

Clan fights are for wussies! In Boxing Star, we have Fight Clubs! Gather your friends and prove to everyone who is the best and the baddest!

Meet and befriend all the wacky and wild characters of the boxing world! Make your way up from the local street fights and aim for those pay-per-view fights!

Clear daily, weekly, Fight Club, and league missions to claim awesome rewards! Don’t miss out on any of the special events and make sure you also claim these rewards!

If you’re a fan of MMA and watch UFC or follow WWE, Boxing Star is the ultimate, casual fight game for you!
Enjoy all types of sports fight, including wrestling, kickboxing, and UFC? Boxing Star will give you the thrills!

PLEASE NOTE! Boxing Star is completely free to download and play but some game items may be purchased for real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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• Start of Christmas Festival
• Jackie, the New Boss, added
• League 13 Open
• In-Game Improvements


40 comentarios en "Boxing Star MOD"

  1. Brad P dice:

    I don’t know what happen. I have been playing this game for 2 yrs now. I have even spent real money on this game. But for some reason after watching an ad for the game Royal Match. You are not able to click off it. At the X in the top right corner. Which causes a problem. I lose out on credits such as gold or gear. Or when I clearly win a fight match at the end that Royal Match ad pops up & nothing & have to back out & lose the match overall. Tired of losing gear, gold or matches

  2. Great game very fun and addictive. They need to fix the bugs because it’s never good when one is about to win and the stupid game freezes. This is happening frequently after the ads play. Also create the option to view the swipe controls. Showing it one time will not suffice. Make some of the viewing seem more realistic. Fix these issues and it would be the perfect game.

  3. In my personal opinion, being a huge fan of boxing 🥊and the sport itself; this game is absolutely my favorite! The graphics are so much better than any of the other boxing games on the Google Play Store. The controls are very easy to use and just playing to win so you can achieve better equipment or upgrade it with prize gloves/protection makes everything you do in the game really fulfilling. I guess overall what I’m trying to say is that the creators definitely put a lot of good hard effort into making this the best fighting game for Android and iOS. It’s not only addicting/enjoyable but there’s a lot you have to accomplish for your character(s) just in order to beat certain . Especially once it gets challenging having to fight harder characters in Story Mode and/or League… It can be really fun, It would be also be a whole lot better if they could give you more opportunities to win more gold easier. Sometimes forcing yourself to be patient while in the midst of waiting for your boxes/packages to finish so you can open them and get your prize!

  4. Great graphics, fun game and easy to control. But that’s about it. There are a lot of downsides to the game. You get 40 coins per package. Cycling through the opponents cost 5 coins. There is no coin reward when you fight. As for gear, it’s almost impossible to levels up because of the lack of coins. And packages take forever to get with little reward. I really wish there was a way to turn ring girl it’s gross and annoying to see every round and start. Really? You can’t cover her up just a little so she’s not falling out of her outfit? I get the point is to monetize the game, but I’m not spending anything for little reward.

  5. Amazing Game. I love this game. But I hate the offline playing feature. While offline, you are put into matches, and your character is controlled by an AI. But the AI does not play very well (I know this because of the replay feature), which makes it nearly impossible to get a win while offline. This causes you to lose trophies, which really sucks. once, I was offline for the night, and when I got back on, I had lost over 100 trophies. Please change this.

  6. Incredible game play, very addictive, fun upgrades. This game has me going several times per day. You can play for free easily and ads are not too distracting. However, this app is very glitchy. It freezes on my Moto z2 play about every 10 minutes. It causes me to lose dinner matches. It seems to mostly happen watching video ads but sometimes happens when I get knocked down. This is very frustrating. A far second thing is that navigating to the various functions of the game is confusing and hard to find. Overall, best game I’ve played in years so I’ll keep supporting but please fix crashes.

  7. Great fun, challenging and rewarding game… until you start running into magical powers. The game calls then “mega” punches, but they take away from so much of what I loved about the early challenge of the game. It really is a satisfying boxing game, but there are so many fantasy elements that ruin the pure gameplay that I cannot continue playing. It became more frustrating than rewarding. And this was after buying gold package because I was so happy at first. My advice, don’t give them money for a week or two until you start really getting into the magical powers. Then decide if it’s for you. Really felt like a bait and switch how quickly the game changed.

  8. The game is fun and challenging but it has a few bugs that are driving me crazy. 1. When I used the Instant recovery from a knockdown (ads play after match), the game almost ALWAYS crashes and takes me back to home screen. For matches that I won, since the game crashes, it gives me a loss. 2. Several times I’ve had an issue where I use my Mega punch and for whatever reason, I receive the damage or my boxer freezes and I can’t move and eventually get knocked down. These bugs need to fixed asap.

  9. This game has a great start to it that draws you in and makes you think you are great. At a certain point in the game its almost impossible to get passed to the next level of the story without upgrading and that can take hours. In other words its a pay to win game, which in turn makes me loose my interest. Would’ve been understandable to implement pay to win for multiplayer mode but not in story.

  10. I love this game, the controls are great and the boxing is really fun. The game does a good job of matching you with people you can beat when you play league matches, so it’s a lot of fun because you’re playing against other people’s characters that are controlled by AI, and it never feels too difficult to beat them, which is great since the story mode gets pretty hard, but you just have to keep revisiting it as you level up your fighter. The downside to the AI is that you usually find whenever you open the game your character has lost a few matches. It does protect against you getting beaten more than once in a certain period of time which makes it an acceptable price to pay for a system that lets you win more often than you lose when you actually are playing. Also, there is an option for photo matches, where you can fight with and against fighters skinned with photos you can select from your phone, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I can’t get it to load a fighter on either side anymore. Please fix this.

  11. D Smith dice:

    The gameplay is very good. It’s fairly intuitive so beginners can jump right in boxing while maintaining an indepth combat system for advanced users. It has ads, but they aren’t as intruisive as many other games. Pretty much every ad you see is with your consent. However, for me, the problem is the pay to win mechanic. Its not as obvious at first but eventually you will get to a point where you cant compete unless you pay more than you are willing to pay… Overall, I’d give it a 3.5.

  12. One of the handful of mobile games that I didnt want to delete in 24hrs. It’s truly fun. I appreciate the mode you can upload your picture and someone you dislike to beat up on. Hilarious. However, the problems I find are cosmetic. The “appearance” and character options needs a major overhaul/upgrade. Also, the time to open packages is way too long. This isnt “pay to win” but things are much easier if you paid. If youre good, those that pay will go down too.

  13. Fun game, but the pay wall around League 6 is steep. I don’t mind paying, and I actually dropped quite a bit in this one. But the cost is honestly quite absured. Especially when most of the time it’s a gamble on what you’re actually going to get in the loot boxes. It’s further (purposely) convoluted with several types of “currencies” used within the game. I wouldn’t recommend if you actually want to get very far in the game and aren’t prepared to spend a few hundred dollars…even then be prepared to be frustrated losing to over-matched opponents and to lose a lot of ranking if you aren’t able to get on all the time.

  14. Aot of reviews are right. After playing for a week, I’ve come to realize you need to spend money on order to get better gear. The ranking system is bad and the AI should be based on your individual game play but it isn’t. Thus, you lose matches you know you should win. After watching replays my character would even counter attack after a clear dodge, thus my AI lost. Its a fun game to play. But if you’re into winning without paying; don’t bother with this game.

  15. Pretty good game and fun for a bit, but like so many other games it suddenly and exponentially increases to a level of difficulty where it’s almost impossible to proceed without paying an arm and a leg to increase your attributes. And the losing matches/star points while not playing is absurd. (Update) Constant network issues, so it takes forever to start and transition screens. It just now timed out in the middle of a match. Too bad, could’ve been a good game, but I think I’m done.

  16. It’s an okay game but it’s terribly frustrating that when you tap an area on the screen that the game doesn’t like, the match is paused for some strange reason, and you’re then asked whether you want to continue. If this happens twice, the game simply ends the match and you have to log in again. It should go without saying, but here’s a recommendation to the developers: Indicate the areas on the screen that can’t be tapped lest an unwanted “pause” occurs; it’s really annoying when it happens.

  17. Good game, entertaining to say the least, definitely addictive. There are a few down sides to the game. You will lose almost every game while you’re offline. That matters while trying to upgrade your characters. As you progress you’ll see a shift in the match ups. It’ll become less formidable to almost impossible to beat. Lastly the daily rewards are almost enough to upgrade 1 piece of equipment so spend real money if you want to compete otherwise you may want another addictive game.

  18. This was absolutely one of the best apps that I have ever downloaded! Up until about 2 weeks ago it was great but then it started saying that the social platform could not be recognized!! I was getting messages about defeats and wins in matches but could not log on to play game!! I wasn’t able to remach on several occasions because of this!! This is starting to happen more and more frequently!! Don’t want to uninstall because when it does work it’s definitely one of the best games ever!! PLEASE HELP!!

  19. The game is fun at first. Feels like a modern version of Mike Tyson’s punch out. The problem is that the game only allows you to boxing using one style which is counterswing. If you try to be offensive you will lose every match and quickly. The game favors the AI way too much and needs to be improved. As far as price goes I think the packages are decently priced.

  20. overall great game. a bit of criticism though. on my zte max xl, with lowest graphic setting and all other apps closed. i am still getting some choppy frame rates. on ocasion. but what bugs me the most is when i enter the shop to purchase items for grade ups. i sometimes use the back arrow in the top left corner. when i do. the game gets stuck on a black screen indefinetly. i have to force shut the game and start again. and anyway to make the math simpler. too many factors to consider. lol

  21. Very cool gameplay, but I remember why I dropped it a while ago. It’s incredibly unbalanced once you actually start to progress through leagues and what not. Yes, I’ve been upgrading my gear and hitting the gym, but that doesn’t make a difference when all of your opponents have their own win button at their disposal; these special moves, which are almost unavoidable and take over your entire HP bar. I don’t want to spend money just to win one match, but hey, I guess I’m still playing lol.

  22. The game continuously crashes and I’ve lost money after purchasing gold, etc only for the game to keep crashing. Very disappointed that I’ve contacted customer service and they’ve done nothing about it. One star. No matter how great a game is, it isn’t if you can’t play it. Even worse when it steals money from you. edit: im an app developer. there wouldnt be a need for bug fixes if your app was perfect without faults. ive had enough soace on my phone etc. Unnecceptable.

  23. Its overall, decent, it’s easy to get matched with people 8 times your strength and hp but overall, your get a lot of fun out of it. They should make it a little better and a little more tense. See, if you knock someone down, they have different animations showing them getting back up, if they show an animation of them going back down, then I immediately know, their not getting back up. It would be a lot more fun if you fixed this.

  24. its fun, but horribly made. Screen rotates quite often during battles, forcing you to lose. Edit: Gave the wrong amount of stars. As i said before the game is fun, the only real issue is that the screen often rotates in fights, other than that its obvious you spent a lot of time working on it, and that you know what your doing.

  25. Mike dice:

    I really likes the graphics. Music was good need more gets annoying after a while. Took me a while to understand the gameplay it doesn’t explain things very well. I give 1* because the controls for the punches are horrible. No exaggeration they are extremely bad so if you fix the controls I may redownload it. Disappointing because I was getting into it and really tried giving it a chance.

  26. The game itself is great. The animation, to easy controls, game play mechanics, multiple types of matches. I stopped play once because there were too many players using mods/hacks. I would watch my replay but and see that I would be knocked out with 1 punch. Couldnt doing anything about it, other than report it. This would happen non stop. I started playing again, unfortunately I see the same thing happening. 😕 it’s too bad because the game is actually fun.

  27. It’s a blatant ripoff of punch hero. The aspects from punch hero that are here are good and so is the story line. But the sponsorship, media, training, gear, etc… Are just cumbersome, complex and really just not as good as they could be. Aside from that it lags more than anything else I’ve ever played. I could get over all the other bad aspects if it didn’t lag soooooo much. It’s still entertaining but the lag is frustrating. Oh and it’s super stupid how in story mode you have to win by k.o and not by winning rounds. Basically forces you to just throw haymakers when you get to tougher opponents.

  28. Extremely fun boxing game, but frequently bewildering. Many aspects are needlessly complex, and poorly explained. For instance, next to an attribute on a glove is a letter, but there is no explanation of what that letter means. After a match, it will flash a huge A, S, or D, but there is no indication of what those mean. The list could go on and on. It also has the longest start up time I have ever experienced on a game.

  29. Great game. Never played such a fun boxing mobile game! One issue for the devs – the Appearance screen is stuck with a red “n” on it, even though ive looked at all my appearance options on all unlocked characters. That menu is generally buggy for me – not clicking on the right tabs, getting stuck on stuff, etc. Im using a OnePlus 6t. 🙂 edit: I had to uncheck “only show wearable items” in the menu to see the new items and click them to get the “n” to go away. Still a bit weird but thats ok lol

  30. Hey you there. Download becuase this game, has out-of-the-world graphics. Great gameplay and easy to master controls. You can create a boxer from scratch and upgrade any boxing gear to it’s best. There are fights to complete and you can play online or with a friend. My favorite feature is the one where you can put your OWN face in the game, and fight your opponent. This game is amazing, you should play now. Only thing is the storage is very large and can make your phone slower. But still play!

  31. I feel like you guys can get away with a REALLY great game even if everything wasnt so expensive. The rewards do players no justice. You absolutely have to buy something just to get ahead in this game. Graphics good. Contols great. Also story mode should have a continued reward system. (money) for when players get low and need something to do in game. Also league box times. I understand the “mail” aspect. But damn. I feel like im being extorted to buy & spend gold as quick as possible. 3 stars

  32. The game is actually pretty fun. However, I would suggest that you only play this game as a time killer Very expensive for top tier gear and stats definitely the most expensive i’ve ever seen. If you have recreational money to spend on the game then you can be competitive. However us regular folks won’t really be able to compete after a certain level and league. It’s even worst when your off line. Save your money…the competitive gear/stats etc. can cost you $15.00, $26.99, $49.00 $100.00

  33. Addictive!! The controls are easy to learn and the character selection and equipment to upgrade keeps you boxing! It’s a good way to pass the time. I’d just like to see a player versus player option where you’re both online, not with one offline and you trying to fight them.

  34. Really enjoy Boxing Star BUT…The game was already expensive, yet every new thing you add cost more money and is a necessity to continue to play at level with others. I work so hard and spend a lot of money to be able to upgrade to the “grade up” point but then I cannot grade up because I dont have “anywhere” near enough parts, AFTER all that I have done and spent to get to that point to grade up. Great game, but without money and the packages it is damn near impossible for me to level up 😔!

  35. Might Guy dice:

    Uninstalled. Fun game for the first couple levels, afterword it gets painful to trudge through. The gameplay gets repetitive to the extent it becomes a chore to play through and of course people who have no money will be at a huge disadvantage. Then there is the almost dead on accurate ai. I noticed after i hit a certian rank my uppercuts were even beginning to slow down, even when my opponent made attacks that should have been easy to punish, even when i dodged and had stanima still too slow.

  36. Mostly great. Very addictive. Been freezing after megapunch (at least once, as much as 5 times a day) since December update. If you restart, you lose. Submitted ticket and they asked me to send pics & video of it happening. Even though I thought that was a lot to ask, sending today… we’ll see what happens.

  37. I am well aware that there are options to upgrade your stats. and there are different things you can do to improve. but in order to get new gear you have to wait hours to get like 2 new pieces and it is a painfully slow process. I clearly am not the only one that expresses the same concerns. this truly is a fun game but you NEED to insert a way to make it easier to get new gear and get better stats. it’s not challenging, it’s just annoyingly frustrating.

  38. Luv it. I spend too much money on it though. Been playing about 9 months now. Addicting. EDIT: Still spending too much money on it.. but I get its a pay 2 play. However after alot of the “watch advertisements” it doesnt allow you to wait to clear it out. Have to restart game. Been doing thus for months, havent wanted to leave a bad review, but it is getting old and costing me my points from won matches etc. It needs looked into!

  39. Been playing this game for a while and I still play it daily. I love the game. It seems that they’re not aware of how much it glitches lately, (freezes in the middle of gameplay) and will cause you to lose a challenge or even a match. It happens about 1-2 times daily but overall I still like the game.

  40. Totally fun and adictive! Then new training options are very cool. It takes time to build up your skills,but you can do it with patience.You can spend cash to get quick results,but it is at too high a rate for my wallet! I love playing this game! Just wish I could challenge my friends to 1 on 1 in real time! Especialy after I’ve accomplished everything I can for the day for daily progress.I always get upset when I can’t afford to keep playing, or there’s nothing left to accomplish.Knockoutscool!

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