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Pool Ace is born for true billiard enthusiasts. Its first class physics simulation brings the thrilling excitement of pool halls into life. If you love playing pool, play Pool Ace! It’s designed to keep you taking shot after shot! Don’t miss it out and you’ll definitely love it! Download now to play free!

●Game Features:
[Free to play! Free chips every day]
– Free to play! Login every day for free chips, treasure chests and other rewards including cues!

[Ultra Realistic! Best physics simulation in the world!]
– The latest physics engine delivers the world’s best physics simulation and the most authentic 8 ball shots!

[Tense and Exciting! Real-time multiplayer battles!]
– Set your battle at the most famous sites around the world! Make the breaks and enjoy the thrill of making a run against the best of the best !

[Are you ready to be called a Master’s Challenge?]
– The Master’s Challenge comprises many special trick shots that mimics the real world escaping experience.

[Endless Fun! Relaxing challenge mode for the whole family]
– Special trick shot challenge in various stages. Play without stress and claim your rewards stage by stage!

[Variety galore! Personalized items up to your style]
– Over 10,000 specially designed cues, tables and emoticons for you to a nicely set-up. Build your own pool club!

[Fight for national prestige! Global multiplayer rankings every week]
– A variety of global multiplayer rankings renews every week. Join now and save the next top shot for you and your homeland!

[Connect to your social network! Play with family and friends]
– Support for logging in with various social network accounts. Log in with your favorite network and hang out with all your friends!

●Share your feedback at the Pool Ace fan page!
– https://www.facebook.com/PoolAceII

●This game is intended for players aged 3 and over. There is no gambling or games of chance involved that offer physical rewards or real money.


● Optimized gaming experience


40 comentarios en "Pool Ace – 8 Ball and 9 Ball G MODDED"

  1. This is a fun and challenging game and I enjoy playing it except for 1 thing. It doesn’t match up the players fairly. When you are a 6 or 7 and are matched with someone who is 110 it is very frustrating. If you are lucky, you might get 1 shot, then they run the table. I have been considering uninstalling for this reason. If you canal fix it, I would love to do another review and keep it. Thank youm

  2. I loved playing this game until it stopped letting me play anything other than the masters challenges. I’ve tried writing customer service a few tine with no response. It’s been 3 months now and still no change. I’ve put a ton of effort and even bought a pile if the bonus packs in the 6 months or so that I was able to actually play. I’ve had enough waiting for the game to be fixed, deleting.

  3. Next to 8 ball pool by miniclip this is my favorite pool game that you don’t have to play for money I have other favorites for that kind of fun i actually like playing the guys that are a lot higher level than me especially with a cue with no stats every cue levels up 1-10 it takes alot of time to achi if you’re losing then you just need to get better I’m level 100 & I beat level 200 players no problem like real life you may get one chance so if you don’t make the most of it well that’s on you.

  4. If there’s a negative star, I’d rate it that. 1, opponents always mismatch. I’m lvl 17 and was pitted against a lvl 210 which the opponent has clear unique advantage cause of cue and table bonus. 2, it’s either I’m facing an AI or cheater!! The impossible perfect placement of each shot is unbearable, and once they start shooting after a break or you miss the shot, you’re done for!! I’ve recorded two of my matches as evidence of this horrifyingly wrecked game!!

  5. It is a very nice game and better than the others, but, you need to solve the glitch. The x button to close the window can hardly respond. I have cleared the cache and reinstalled the game and the same problems cannot be fixed. The power slider to use the stick does not respond and I lose the games. I want to give you 5 but I cannot till you fix those glitches.

  6. PHYSICS is terrible, ball keeps rolling slowly. Even towards pocket causing you to mostly likely lose if you are not careful. No matter how soft you hit the balls, one bumping another which may in turn cause your opponent to win the game. Can’t use good pool stick without you having to be a level 100+ player. The sticks cost too much money to buy, $1,000,000 for a good pool stick. Had to get to a level 35 in order to have a decent one: buying a 6 figure stick. Will not download again. EVER.

  7. Complete Trash! Everyone cheats. And on top of that, the controls and aiming are garbage. The Physics is terrible, and unless you spend at least $100, you can’t get a cue that allows you more than 10 seconds to aim and shoot. I thought 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip was bad, but this is even worse!

  8. The english on the ball is fake and the opponent never misses. You’re always playing someone with a stick with the aiming lines the size of the entire table and they are 12 levels behind you. Not to mention you get nothing out of the boxes, the spinning wheel gives you nothing, and you get to break 1 time every 8 games you play. Also if you play a game with a 200,000 coin pot and you win, they take 8,000 of your coins away. Overall the game is trash

  9. It’s an okay game some things could be better the one drawback is the ads the other drawback is all of the cue sticks have to be recharged, which is ridiculous. And on that I only give it three stars I would have given more but it is a hassle to constantly recharge cue stick. Please get rid of the political ads, it makes me not want to play!

  10. I didnt even get to play a game! I got signed in and while the game was trying to find an opponent I got an error message saying it couldnt connect to the internet check connection and try again. That’s where the game froze. After multiple attempts, I gave up and deleted the app. VERY DISAPPOINTED

  11. the time speeding up is a different twist. You have to run 3 balls and miss or you’ll get to the 8ball and run out of time. ball in hand. it punishes good play so you have to readjust. It’s not a request I’m just stating a fact. It’s not like real pool it’s a different game with a different strategy

  12. The physics in this game are just TRASH.. You’ll be trying to aim the ball and then it will act like you clicked somewhere far on the table costing you precious time. Some balls roll SOO slow for so long it’s ridiculous. Dead on shots some how still hit the corners. The servers are super jacked up and almost always terrible ping. Moving the cue and ball around is very taxing. Don’t waste your time on this one.Theyy have way too much going on they tried to copy miniclip pool in the worst ways.

  13. The purpose of these reviews also involves you listening to US. Every response from you has been canned, promising you’re doing all you can to make the game better, but you aren’t really listening. First, in streak stages, making us rent a cue even when we win is ridiculous. If we win the round, the rental needs to remain with us til we lose. Second, the latency of the server has lost me way too many matches. It’s not robust enough. I’ve tried on all 3 of my devices, all bad. Fix it you get 5 **

  14. Cue control is possibly the worst I’ve found after playing at least a dozen similar pool games. New update every week that has to be redone 4 or 5 times in a row. Opponent matching is inconsistent. Also seems strange how these problems are less severe after making in-ap purchases? Hmm! Don’t bother with this game. Total waste of time and money!

  15. The graphics in the game is very good. The only thing that I don’t like about this game is in the tournament part. They shouldn’t let players who has levels over 100 to play. They do not let players with lower levels chance to win in the tournaments. Those players with 100 plus levels should have their own tournaments. To me doesn’t make any sense to have those players come in the tournaments to play with their high-powered pool sticks.

  16. if you like slops and no strategy, this game is perfect…. just hit the cue ball as hard as possible….in addition, ball in hand on 8 ball, and the timer is way short per short. if you want a rematch, the player is always, “Nah, I’m good”. if there was a negative star, I would have clicked that

  17. My internet connection is fine, until I go to play a game with someone, then it says internet unstable, then I lose, when sometimes it happens in the beginning of the game, or sometimes in middle of game, I am winning, but I lose because internet becomes unstable, which is not true, I have no issues anywhere else with my internet, only on your app, if not fixed I will be removing it.

  18. Dave Sipe dice:

    They have figured out a way to where you have to end up spending money in order to keep playing. The higher the ranking of your cue stick the more repair kits it takes to fix it. I’ve had this cue stick for 2 years and now all of a sudden I can’t use it. If I continue to play with all of my other cue sticks they will all run out of ability so they’re forcing me to spend money to fix them. I don’t think so. It was my favorite game and now its my least favorite game.

  19. I downloaded this app, played it for about 5 minutes and decided it wasn’t for me, i uninstalled it from my phone, it destroyed my phone, the navigation bar quit working, i tried restoring my phone twice, nothing worked, i had to call Verizon and have them send me a new phone, i ended up losing all the information in my phone, i strongly recommend not using this app if you value your phone and the information in it, it doesn’t even rate a single star.

  20. Raj Kumar dice:

    Beautiful Game of Pool. Ball4 and Ball5 ARE COLOURED WRONGLY. Because of this it is quite difficult to differentiate between Ball4 and Ball5. Also, the efforts and resources allocated to ‘Quest’ could be used to start ‘Clubs’. This will enable players to connect personally with this game. This will be the Rebirth of this game!! Choosing and buying a Table does not help because your game could happen on a random coloured table on which sight impaired cannot even see properly.

  21. wayne moore tells the truth i have lost several championships because of it saying unstable network. Not including all the money i have spent on here for it to be wasted. I even sent messages to the creaters of the game and i never get a message back letting me know if they even read my message. I give it one more time of acting up and i will uninstall it also. The only reason i havent yet is because as of game play and effects its the best out there. I hope it gets fixed.

  22. Sad to say, but I have to stop playing for a while because of the new update, why? Cue stats (POWER, AIMING, SPIN, Time) is GREATLY reduced, what’s the use of upgrading your favorite cue to max level if you cannot even use it the way it suppose to be.. Others spend real money to get the best cue, but then it is now unusable because of game balance as developers say. Then remove all cue upgrade across all category (Normal to Legendary) that is real balance.

  23. It’s a great game, really nothing to do with the game, alot of prize options to win coins its good. I will Wright a review if for some reason I start getting any issues asking you to fix the issue, until then all good.👌👍

  24. This game has been ruined by all of the changes sad to say. Last year i loved it this year its one of the worst pool games out there way to destroy it guys and never answer my complaints. Good to know you guys do not care about what people say unless its good. I guess you guys dont like or want people that were dedicated to it spending and time/money on it any more. One last thing you guys did an excellent job of making it almost exactly like all of the rest of the crappy pool games out there!

  25. When I first downloaded this game, the box rewards were plentiful. Now the rewards are lucky to be more than 500 chips. Also, why am I betting 25,000 chips to win 50,000, but when i win i only receive 45,000. Where are the extra chips going🤯 took away daily rewards and replaced with a break that never increases in odds. This game is being ruined, not improved.

  26. Game could be wonderful if it didn’t have all the click here click there. Your constantly clicking for slow slow movement and cue will not move proper. It really could be a good game but way to much clicking we know how to play pool all the rat pool and instructions ruin it ALL WE WANT IS TO PLAY POOL!

  27. Okay it’s not worth one star as far as gameplay it is but this is the only game I have made purchases that not only took the money but freezes up and the server kicks my kicks me out the minute I start playing until it’s fixed I wouldn’t recommend it to nobody it’s costing it’s costing me over 300,000 coins in one week. I have written I have written a request in an email to the company and they still refuse not to answer my request.

  28. I love playing this game I play it everyday, but I did the lady update on the have on the 19th or 20th of December and now I can’t play anyone in the ternaments or 8 ball Hall and 9ball hall. But it will let me play the Masters challenge and that is it. Would someone please fix this problem as soon as possible. Cause I also spend my money in this game and I feel like if I can spend my money in this game then I should be able to play other players.

  29. Great game. Great graphics, great controls. Hours of fun. Would have rated higher but after reaching lvl 16 I noticed a MAJOR shift imbalance in the match ups. Lvl 64 against lvl 16 player? No chance of winning…. C’mon!

  30. When playing a shot from the lower, right side of the table and applying right-hand spin to the cue ball, it spins in the opposite direction, the LEFT. Most infuriating!

  31. After Christmas update I can’t play a match everything to do with friends is turned off I can’t turn them on. The response I get back is they want me to send screen shot of problem there is no way to do it so I’m deleting going back to 8 ball pool. Wish I could get my money back I’ve payed in this game

  32. love this game but there is one thing u could do with the game and thats to be able to upgrade more then one pool cue at a time atleast 3 at a time be better just have it split the chalks with them thay u get out the crates its very hard to upgrade them obe at a time a for 2 more pool stick cues to buy thanks for making such a great pool games love playing it…….

  33. Used to have a 5 star with me. Now the game that i thought was the leader in understanding and appreciate customers, has just started this repair kit thing where u have to continually use ” repair kits ” to keep your pool cues stability or use to have them the way it was bought or earned without having to purchase repair kits to use the cue that took 4 or5 months of shooting your ass off to earn the pieces of your cue that now has to use repair kits constantly to maintain what was alredy earned

  34. takes 2 long 2 accumulate the required silver things 2 upgrade a cue nkt fair, should take way less time 2 get the amount u need. 2nd issue no option to message other players in a game. 1st big deal i keep getting screwed out of my items i win or unlock or buy and achieve from the treasure chests and scratchers and spin wheel, 2-4×’s day or more daily explain,show u the itms n then gone erased idk. 20+ times lost n som ledgndry,epic item gone,so need 2 b credited 4 it all. Then ill give 5⭐.

  35. Crashes turns off my music and take 20 years to find an opponent. Way to many updates and they keep changing things. Personally it doesn’t deserve a single star. UNHAPPY one PISSED player.

  36. This game was really fun but its tripping horribly, I spend a lot of money on this game,and it’s always someone wrong with it. Like I uninstall it twice and it’s still not letting me play the Christmas challenge are the games

  37. Great update… you really screwed up the game. I went from winning 5 out of 6 games to not winning any because I have to guess in order to hit the ball because my actual touch is a quarter inch off from where It should be congrats.

  38. The object balls and the cueball slow down way too unrealistic and the cueball top spins automatically when no spin is even added when shooting slow straight shots. Also i played a high coin game and the pool table didn’t even load up.. couldn’t even see the pockets smfh!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  39. PestyOne dice:

    it boots u as soon as payment goes thru, log back in an loss of items, complain and told “u got your stuff” no proof, complain again booted and now locked out, for 3 weeks now, this is bull, i have spent over 300 USD in-game purchases, and now can’t get in to play what i have built, complained to FB they haven’t messaged me back either, can’t get any help. My advise, don’t play to pay any chinese game, you can’t get help, and FB lets them run on platform but wont help. STAY AWAY DON”T PLAY

  40. this game is decent for a top down billiards game. the mechanics and ball roll are wrong which takes a star off and some players are money spenders not the games fault just makes it difficult to those of us who cant do microtransactions. Other than those 2 things it’s a decent game

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