Idle Five Basketball tycoon MODDED 2022


Swipe, collect tons of cash, craft your dream team and build your sports empire!
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Ready to be a basketball millionaire? Or a billionaire, perhaps? Welcome to Idle Five!
Create your personalized basketball club, recruit the most valuable players, swipe to earn tons of cash, grow and manage your dream team and become the best sport tycoon… EVER!

▪ CREATE the basketball club of your dream (city, name, jersey, logo)
▪ RECRUIT top players in the transfer market to build your dream team
▪ COLLECT the money generated by these players (casual and easy swipe based gameplay)
▪ RECEIVE idle cash, even when you are offline
▪ TRAIN your players and upgrade their basketball skills (shooting, passing, dribbling, defense…) to multiply their value and the money they generate
▪ PARTICIPATE in business events to earn amazing amounts of cash
▪ TRAVEL through the world and challenge the best basketball teams
▪ PLAY and WIN intense tactical matches in a NBA‘s atmosphere
▪ MANAGE the formation of your dream team
▪ SHARE your unique main five with your friends and the world!
▪ PLAY ANYWHERE! – Free to play online or offline, no connection required.

If you like idle games, clicker games, tycoon games, tapping games, basketball games… you will enjoy this casual management clicker!
Idle Five is a unique, free, easy-to-play game different from all the other basketball games, where you can be both a basketball manager and an insanely rich business tycoon. Manage the recruitment and finances of your club (through a super intuitive “swipe and tap” gameplay), deal with your sponsors, find the right business strategy and turn your small team into a giant basketball empire! Time to write your success story!

💰💰💰 Become the greatest and richest basketball tycoon of all time! 💰💰💰

Believe us, you’ll love to create amazing clubs such as New York Kings, Los Angeles Bakers, Miami Pirates, Chicago Galactics, and make them legendary! Available for many smaller countries and cities too 😎

Got any problems or suggestions?

Feel free to send a message to [email protected]

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40 comentarios en "Idle Five Basketball tycoon MODDED 2022"

  1. Okay, the game is not that fun. Its the same thing over and over for four difficulty modes. But as someone who is competitive and wants to be number 1 I keep playing and bought the VIP because that’s the way I am. I’m a sucker Things that would make the game better – being able to use the reserve tokens on any player, inter changeable. – 4x and auto memory – legendary players (Jordan, Bird, Bryant, Kobe, Iverson, Johnston, Carter, Kidd, Shaq, etc and where we don’t have to buy them wit real$

  2. The game is really fun a little ad heavy even with the vip pack purchased but overall great time! Only complaint is no story passed a certain point I keep beating teams moving my teams rank up but no means tweets to read tbh that was the highlight of the game lmao

  3. I really enjoy the game but it a shame you can’t convert signing tokens or swap them because I got over a 1000 of one kind that keeps going up that I can’t use anymore because the players take different tokens now

  4. This game is so fun. I been playing this game for so long. I like how you can get new players to get better. I wish they made a ldle five football tycoon. Over all this game is awesome.

  5. Pat Ryan dice:

    Took one star away for unbalanced opponents. I should not need a 100+ skill point advantage to get 3 stars. Took another away because vip still has ads. Just give the paying customer the additional rewards we paid for without the ads. Surely you can do those two things to get a better result, no?

  6. I have everything upgraded and I no long receive golden bars from my HQ. I sent an email to the developers, but never got a response back. The progression without the bars is very slow and its too time consuming to want to stay committed. I also paid for the VIP package and it was not worth the money spent still WAY to many adds for an ad’less purchase.

  7. OFF Rusty dice:

    Great game but it’d be better if you added managers to buy and if its only for gold. Me and my friends were talking about it and managers that collect your players money even if its only for 1 position. Also adding small passive buffs to the players would be cool too just something me and my friends think is a good idea also add more to the map. Im only on the first part but still a fun game itll suck to only have the 3 continents to beat maybe 5 i dont know you plans but good game so far.

  8. You’ll consistently experience no button to press after upgrading players, which requires a restart of app. You should memorise my previous settings in battle, if I put it on auto or 4x speed I’d like to play my next fight on the same settings. As far as I am aware skipping time via settings stops the hq from producing gold bars and club tokens.

  9. Mr Beee dice:

    A response to the developer… I did, last week. No cloud save so lost all my progress and purchases. Any game that forces advertisements 1*. But a good price to remove adverts, so 4*. Stale gameplay so removing 1* and surprisingly expensive to progress, remove 1*. Grinding is slow!

  10. The game was ok, would have played longer but the forced ads were too much. They gave plenty of opportunity to watch ads for bonuses and I did, but then having a forced ad was too annoying for me to want to keep playing.

  11. Game started out lovely, n then just got harder, to the point where u can’t progress unless u spend the moola! Its also energy driven, which takes 70% fun away.. overall, started good, then had to uninstall, sorry! Just not enough playability for me..

  12. Game mechanics are off, please fix this! All my players are high level and upgraded. Stuck on level 131 for 4 months. My team is more powerful yet we always lose.

  13. Very good game but I want a refund of the vip I bought it said no more ads infinit energy and and extra player and gold didn’t give me anything at all shoking want my money back right now

  14. Don’t bother unless they finish it. I paid for VIP membership, hammered through the levels until I’m 20th then boom “more levels coming soon”. I’ve been waiting a long time, just why release a game I can’t get to number one?, make 20th place 1st place then add more leagues or something rather than leave me sat on 20th for a year.

  15. So I rate this really a 3 and a half but I’ll give it 4, the game is fun, I really enjoy it, and I keep finding myself distracted for long periods of time playing this. I am a VIP and relish in all the exclusive content, however I feel the game needs a little more. The game seems partly unfinished and could do with some more things to do like a multiplayer or build your own player for the VIP’s. Despite that I do recommend the game to anyone giving it a glance. (Also ads need fixing in the game)

  16. Like the game but my building has stopped giving me gold or the building coins which is making me not want to play it anymore. Can you fix this?

  17. It’s a fun game but it would be cooler if they just fought for the ball like the soccer game they made.

  18. You want me to rate your game, fine, I’ll rate your game. WAY TOO MANY POP UP ADS ASKING ME TO BUY THINGS!!!. There are at least 4 when I launch the app, then more as I play. NO, I DO NOT WANT TO BUY THINGS IN YOUR GAME!!!!!

  19. I loved this game. I wound up with a new phone. I was logged into my Google play account to keep my progress. I get my new phone and download the game again and sign in all my progress is gone. Everything gone.

  20. I bought vip which said NO ADS and i still get them. Waste od money, i requested a refund.

  21. Jay Choi dice:

    Ur game is broken. Every time ur ads show up and if I click. Ur game is restarting and I lose all rewards for the ads. Is this ur scam? If not please fix it.

  22. I like it but I watch my players maxes and it goes down after I upgrade them and then as I max them out the player starts to make less money as I let their bars reach max level.

  23. As interesting as the game is, I don’t like the fact that I bought ad-free service only to be hit with ads. On top of that, some of the ads glitch and take forever to load or not load at all and then I have to close and reopen the app only to find out I have to watch the ad again or I had lost that reward. FIX THAT!!!

  24. I LOVED the game, the way that we can build a team with any kind of power and to combos with that… I’m only having problem with the Counter-Offensive skill (sorry if that’s not the name, my game is in PT-BR), where it says that all my team will take the ball and gain throw speed until the ball is lost… But after a brief moment (7 seconds I guess) all the team losses the bonus??? I bought a legendary for no reason aparently

  25. It is fun game it can randomly lag and kick u out though

  26. It’s OK but once you’re mid way through you can win 1 or 2 new matches then you just have to AFK gold farm for 1 week just to level 1 character

  27. Horrible game. Do not download. It was ok at first. I did enjoy it and I put money into it. However I did take a break from playing and when I returned, the game makes me start all over again from the beginning.. I had an awesome team that I invested in and now it’s all gone. What a HUGE waste of time and money. Highly disappointed.

  28. It’s an idle game, I don’t understand some of these reviews. I’m not a sports fan at all, but I love idle games & thought I’d try this one. It’s one of the best idle games I’ve played, granted there are improvements that can be made, but all in all I’m happy. I had to contact support about, what started out to be an error on my end, but then an error on their end, And they emailed me very quickly & fixed the problem. It takes time to make these games, & I’m appreciative of that. Thanks

  29. Fatty Jay dice:

    This is a great idle game to grins and come back to, my only issue is I’ve hit the end of the content that is out so am left with little to do. This happened right after I bought the vip pass so I was a little frustrating. Looking forward to more content e.g leader boards, achievements with rewards, special events and maybe a few more skills and game mechanics.

  30. It’s a fun game, however, I am currently experiencing freezing of the game every time I rank up a player

  31. J W dice:

    Game is good and all. Enough user input needed to keep it interesting. Where this game fails is when you get to white walkers/black walls stadiums. Have to play the same team over and over just to get enough coin to upgrade a player a minute amount. Can only do that three times in 15 minutes. Need to ditch the energy bar. Its stupid.

  32. Good game, no bugs or issues. Just wish more options to customize your team were added such as The Clippers, The Bucks, The Nets, The Knicks, and The Lakers (this is someone who is not a fan of those teams, Let’s Go Suns). Edit 1: Now there are a lot of bugs after the last update. The app crashes a lot after ads, and it will take my Club Coins and will not upgrade buildings; FIX YOUR GAME! Edit 2: Bugs fixed, will raise to five stars when more customization teams are added.

  33. Energy system that recharges over time which gates progress. No thanks.

  34. Changed my review from 4 to 2 stars. Here are a few of my issues: 1. It’s odd that when you get to higher levels, it’s basically impossible to level up your highest player. You basically have to continually ‘recruit’ the new highest player. 2. Hitting the highest level is super abrupt and makes farming for lockers nearly impossible. Basically strategy is to keep beating your second highest level to get item drops. Currently highest level is x3 more expensive so not enough energy without ads.

  35. Boomer L dice:

    enjoying the game. one of the few games I paid for the extras..(vip). and im glad I did. Think it needs a little tweaking. Got a new phone so lost my team. Emailed support and they were great in helping me get going again, giving me ‘x’ number of coins to develop my new team close to what my old team was. Well on my way of getting back there. Top notch service! Now just get rid of having to tap to see the rewards, just have them all come on screen! thanks guys.

  36. (updating my review) the developers reached out quickly and fixed my problem. it is a very entertaining game with MOSTLY ads you can skip (very few you can’t). as far as time wasting idle games, i found this one pretty cool. thanks for being attentive developers. i am conteny. keeping it installed

  37. This game would be ok if it wasn’t a shameless cash grab. There are a ton of ads, fine. But the fact that everything is still limited in order to get you to spend money on top of all the ads is absurd. It’s a simple game, easy to lose for no reason. Your team just doesn’t steal the ball enough and bang, you lose a game for no reason. But again, that’s to get you to spend money.

  38. Leon Ler dice:

    This game hs so much potential.There are 2 thing that are completely ruining the experience for me: 1.There is no progress when I’m offline, so why do you call it an idle game? At least collect the money automatically when I’m not playing. This will speed up the initial progress and I’m sure there will still be a lot of grinding. I will happily turn my review to 5 stars when that happens 2.Ditch the forced ads,there are enough ads to watch as is,you don’t have to randomly shove them in my face

  39. It’s a great game but they need more color options in color 1 like brighter colors or an actual black option that way people can show support for their favorite teams by matching the uniform colors. Also it would be amazing if vip players get 1 free player a month. Also it would be awesome if you could give your team a custom name and not just the options given. And it would be cool if you could sell tokens you don’t need or trade them or give passive traits to anyone if you have them please add

  40. Same thing that broke idle eleven for me the ads that randomly start. Especially when you first load game. There are so many boosts to watch ads that I gladly will do but to force more above that when you already have short double earning timers is a punch to the gut in what starts out a fun game. Likely done quite both.

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