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Skate like a pro in the most realistic multi-touch skateboarding game ever!
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“Touchgrind Skate 2 blossoms into a world of enjoyment [..] Illusion Labs does it again!” – TouchArcade

Just like in real skateboarding or fingerboarding, Touchgrind Skate 2 is a game of skill that takes 10 minutes to understand but a lifetime to master. Learn the tricks, complete challenges, and unlock new skateboard parts.

Get the highest score in time-limited Competition mode, rip freely and complete challenges in Jam Session mode.

True innovative finger controls together with real physics simulation let you pull off tricks like ollies, pop shuvits, kickflips, heelflips, impossibles, powerslides, lip tricks, stalls, drops, 5-0’s, 50-50’s, crooks, tailslides, bluntslides, darkslides etc in endless combinations, or why not do them in nollie, fakie or switch? – Only your skill and imagination set the limit!

Get a maximized experience with a real skateboarding feeling – Skate like in real life on your device!

*** Important for Huawei users! Please disable HiTouch to avoid annoying popups! You can turn it off in Settings -> Smart Assistance -> HiTouch -> OFF ***

– Realistic physics and stunning 3D graphics
– 3 free roam game modes: Training, Competition, Jam Session.
– Tutorial videos – watch and try yourself!
– Natural multi-touch controls, evolved from Touchgrind and Touchgrind BMX
– Tilted camera view, similar to Touchgrind BMX
– Three different skateparks with bowls, ramps, curbs, boxes and over 2.000 meters of rails
– Complete the 100 challenges to unlock decks, wheels, grip tapes and stickers
– True skating experience
– Trick name detection

Note: Touchgrind Skate 2 comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App purchase.

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- New Skate Park: The Office
- New special boards.


40 comentarios en "Touchgrind Skate 2 2022"

  1. It is a really good game, the parks are nice and there are some cool tricks, tre flip, varial heel/kickflip etc. But the controls kinda suck. For example, the steering is really wobbly, so when I try to go down a specific ramp I swerve. It is also annoying how you have to pay for every single exept the backyard. So I pay for one but then because of steering issues it wasn’t worth the money. Could you please fix these problems.

  2. Would be cool to have an update. I bought all the levels and it was pretty fun but the motel, unfortunately didn’t seem worth the money, I have completed all the goals in every level and the motel doesn’t make sense for what is required to do. Maybe we could get some kind of incentive to play the game more with daily goals or new unlockables or secrets maybe? I keep wanting to find something like a secret area, something along the lines of the old Tony Hawk games. Overall fun game though

  3. Definitely a good option if you don’t feel like paying for True Skate. Tricks are simple to do, and the gameplay feels very smooth. Completing challenges and winning free stuff takes skill, but is very rewarding. The thing that doesn’t make my review 5-stars is the fact you have to pay for all of the other maps. I get it how this is a free app, but it is annoying when the game constantly pressures me to buy the 6.99 deal. Anyways, great game!

  4. Great time killer, controls are great and easy to learn. No ads, which is amazing. However, and im not sure if its a glitch or if I’m doing something wrong, but I keep losing my line during a grind. I thought the timer was running out but realized that’s not the case. The score is still going up but starts a new total with no multiplier once I land it.

  5. tiBUOY _ dice:

    This game is pretty good, the controls are a little hard at first but after learning a little bit they get pretty easy to use, the game is overall just simple fun to chill and skate around. The only problem is that there is a lack of content blocked by a pay wall, you could do everything (without spending money) within a week or less and the only way to unlock new content is by spending money on maps. This can easily be solved by just making it so that you can unlock certain maps. Decent game.

  6. The gameplay is super tight, and feels great and satisfying. Very Tony Hawk-like. however, to get all the stages it costs $14! That is a little much for a full mobile game. Even though there is plenty of content in each map, which can be purchased individualy, it still too much for a mobile game. As a game as a whole, it is probably worth it, but I do wish it was one transaction just to get the game. So rant over. Please make it one smaller transaction and I’ll add 2 stars

  7. Ethan dice:

    Very Fun Game! I love to play it and its pretty easy once you understand the concept of the game and its great for when your board and want to kill time. The Only Bad thing I would say about the game is that after you unlock so many things for your skateboard it takes a super long time to unlock anything more. And I dont like how it only gives you one map and makes you pay quite a bit of money for the other maps. The one map does get kinda boring over time cause there is only so much you can do!

  8. Really awesome time killer and overall game, the controls are great, I really enjoy it. I’d live it if there were a few more free environments, and there’s some practical problems with the camera merging with the larger/expansive environments so it’s hard to see what’s happening. There’s more to develop in the aspect of camera and overall view, which is why I refunded my purchase on some of the environments. Overall, really good though

  9. Sophoster dice:

    The game was fun, but the fact that you have to pay for the other levels isn’t very good. 3$ for a single map? There were also a few glitches with the hitbox of the skateboard, but otherwise the gameplay was fine. Graphics are quite nice, and I can see that a lot of effort was put in to them. One reccomendation I have though is maybe, once you finish all of the challenges, you can unlock the next area? It would be a good alternative to having to pay. Ads are better than paying.

  10. Love the game. Would have given it 5*s but the controls could be a little smoother but its still the best skate game on play. My only problem is that you cant do manuals. Adding that would make for so much more you could do in your line. Better combos/multipliers. please add manuals. It would be so simple to do so, and im curious on how the devs would go about it. Thanks for the great game.

  11. Dhbroad dice:

    This game is just missing a few things; better steering, manuals, and a way to unlock other maps besides in app purchases. I love the ease of doing tricks even if it takes a bit of getting used to after playing TrueSkate, but the super wide turns make it so hard to just ride and have fun. Also, if some how you could design nose and tail manuals, it would take this game to another level. Great start, but just missing the mark

  12. It’s a great game. With plenty of tricks and customizations, it brings a lot to the table. Only problem is, only one map is provided. There’s only so much repetition a person can handle before they get bored. All other maps cost money. The game would improve greatly if more maps were added free of charge.

  13. I like the concept of the game but the tricks are unrealistic in some aspects, and hard to control the board. I prefer the first touchgrind but couldn’t download it. guessing it’s not available anymore but I like that game a lot, same problems though. In example in this game you flick a kick flip to the right or heel to the left(goofy stance), on a skateboard you would actually flick off the nose to get either trick. The other thing I dont like is the controls are entirely too sensitive.

  14. This game would be so amazing if it did not crash all the time. For example, I would be doing a certain tutorial and the game would just stop. Please fix this. Edit: Nice game! They fixed the crashing issue and has amazing graphics. Hopefully, more free maps will be availible and challenges are created more often.

  15. If you’re going to make an app that you have to pay to get maps, at least make the controls better. You should make the area around the board slightly larger than the board to control it. And the maps are laggy in themselves. I can’t even ride up or down the mega ramp without wiping out out of nowhere and respawning somewhere completely different. The concept is pretty cool, but the controls and bugs are a definite thumbs down. AND I PAID MONEY TO PLAY THESE MAPS.

  16. This is a great game. Even though I have no other levels it is still a great game. The controls are smooth and you can do your tricks with ease. I found a bug when grinding into a wall if you press repeatedly on the tail before you hit the wall you will clip through it. Please fix it.

  17. Very smooth gameplay, it is a simple game, but at the same time there is a somewhat deeper complexity when playing it with more and more experience. I really think that if an online player based system was introduced, the game would be much more popular, but the game also needs more settings, and board customization, otherwise it is an exellent game to play!

  18. Awesome game but there is no way to win other maps without paying for them with real money, you should be able to unlock the next level by competing all the challenges of the previous level, but after spending a whole day struggling with the last 2 challenges I got them completes but there is no reward for it… I refuse to spend any real money on this.

  19. Great game, very fun, only problem, you are limited to only ONE map and that gets boring, you have to pay for the rest. Three dollars for a map is insane! That what’s prevents me from giving 5 stars. Maybe instead, if you get gold in competition mode, you unlock a new map. Just a suggestion keeps the game interesting.

  20. Ramen God dice:

    It’s fun but it takes time to get used to controls, also I should mention that unless you want to play on the same map the entire, you’re gonna need to spend money, and that’s my main issue, you CAN NOT unlock another maps you have to spend money on them. The cheapest maps are 2.49 USD and the most expensive are 2.99 USD. Doesn’t matter if you have done all of the training, all of the challenges in jam session, get gold trophy in competition, you can’t unlock it, also it’s real glitchy sometimes

  21. The game was fun because it wasnt like any other skate games where you randomly swipe and magically do crazy tricks. Its a little more realistic, however the only issue i have is how horrible the riding is in this game. You have to put two feet on the board for it to move anywhere. Why dont you just add a pushing feature where you could just manualy push? Also the turning is horrible, the trucks are so tight on the board steering is useless. Please fix these issues.

  22. This game is really great time killer, I’ve played this game for only 1 month, and I’ve seen a lot of things that HAVE to be done. First, I really want a mode where you could make your own skatepark, or the option to edit. Second of all, add a multi player because me and my brother want to have a game of Skate. Lastly is please make a city stage, with obstacles, builtings, etc, pretty much like an open world skating game

  23. Best game in my personal opinion, I love it. Good gameplay controls are easy and ect. But I could go on a rant while playing this game about the flaws. 1 you have to pay 3 or 2 dollars for a map, I think there should be a currency system and a shop where you can buy new things like boards trucks barrings and everything else. Maybe even more griptape. Also can you please add a highschool or a school related map I’d love that 🙂

  24. If there was a way to add manuals to the game as well as more maps I’d definitely give it a 5/5. Also more customization options for boards would make this game better. The game is a cool and realistic skateboard simulation but can come off as difficult for people that don’t skate. However doing specific grinds in the game is rather difficult compared to doing specific flip tricks.

  25. Add More challenges I have complete all of the challenges for the My Backyard map. And I want a quicker way of being able to unlock more decks, wheels, stickers ect. Overall though a very fun game once you get used to the contols and is a very intuitive time killer. Please add more challenges and update more and also maybe more free maps the first map gets a little boring after a minute.

  26. Overall it is a great game. The decks and the griptape had kind of childish graphics. The only problem i have is that you have to pay if you wanna ride any other maps other than the default. And the training doesnt cover how to treyflip impossible flip and darkside and so much more. Gotta figure it out your self. Good game overall.👍👍

  27. Great game, its really fun with endless possibilities. I wish i could do 4.5 stars, because i definitely would. My only issue is that the other areas cost money. A good way to fix this issue woukd be to have at least 1 area unlocked when you complete every challenge in the current area. Its not a big problem, just my opinion.

  28. Ive been a fan for a long time. 100% this game multiple times. So happy you guys are adding maps, boards, challenges and all that. Some of the tricks are a little off though. And it’d be change a little a few things with gameplay to make it a little smoother and accurate.

  29. This game is awesome the controls are difficult at first but I got used to them the tricks are easy to do and the combos look super cool.and the best part about it is that there are NO ads, its exactly what I want from a game. But in future updates it needs more skate parks or even add a street skating mode that are free. Not all people can pay for more gameplay

  30. Awesome skateboard mechanics, wish we could access the other levels without having to pay for it, but it’s fun for when you’re waiting around. It would be more fun if it had multiplayer, I would put my star to a 4 if it had multiplayer. 5 if it had both multiplayer *and* more free levels. Just small levels would do nicely, I just get bored of the same skatepark and the same tricks.

  31. Game is very great. Only problems is that the background textured are kinda scuffed but that’s very nitpicky. Sometimes I think that different grinds can be a little tricky to do. And I have also done tricks by accident that I dont know how I did. Maybe add some kind of trick book thing. Also game runs out of content very very fast. The only map is the backyard, I beat all the challenges and got 3 million points on each mode but no new map. Maps are 3 bucks each which is a rip off I think.

  32. As an intro, for accreditation purposes, I have been skateboarding for 20+ yrs. You could make the UX more realistic by adding kick pushes instead of using 2 fingers on the board to roll. Lean turn with just the front foot would be more intuitive, kick turns don’t make the board stop As for the maps, the runups to rails etc are too short to set up. The maps biggest problem is the non-skatable filler used for the map theming. It’s abundant and hitting it is inevitable. keep it simple.

  33. Game is very fun, although any time I want to do any game mode, it crashes and I have to re download it. Please fix this game-breaking glitch. Edit: Especially annoying when I get a very good score, such as the 1m I got in jam session, then having to restart all of that to play for about a day before having to uninstall and reinstall once again. Again, please fix this.

  34. I think this game is one of the best games I’ve played but the thing is that there is only one map for free and people would want to have more maps that are for free. I get that ur trying to make money but make some free maps so the experience can be better for other users and me as well and just to clarify I love this game cause it gives me the confidence to try tricks on my actual skateboard… (PLEASE ADD MORE FREE MAPS)

  35. It’s fun for a while. After you’ve completed the challenges and bested your high score past a million it gets boring. You have to pay a few bucks per map or $7 to get a map pack to skate in anything other than the free one you start out in to progress farther to unlock decks, wheels, stickers and griptape. I’ll still play the free map for a few minutes then stop playing if i need to keep myself busy briefly. I will look for another skateboarding app entirely soon enough.

  36. it’s ok I mean I dont like how you have to pay for all the maps and I also don’t like the “get a 6x multiplier and darkslide the benches” challenge because it is too hard but besides that it’s pretty fun. But if you not going to add more maps than atleast put more things to do in the backyard map like more ramps more bowls etc. or even a new map thats free. All in all I would say this game is a 4 out of 5.

  37. I dont really want to ruin the rating or anything but the controls are really bad. When you slide your finger a little bit off the board everything stop working and sometimes when you go to grind or do something like that you just lose your line even though the board lands upright. Other than that I think it’s a pretty great game and could be better than a lot of other games in this genre. Just make the controls better👍

  38. The skating controls are mostly pretty satisfying and the graphics are fairly impressive for a mobile game, but where I take issue is with the game’s monetisation. To acquire every level in the game (i.e, buy the complete game – the “free” version is basically a demo with only one level) would cost a total of £13.96, which is absolutely insane for a mobile game. To put that into perspective, you could buy almost any game in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or Skate series for less than that price.

  39. The games rilly fun I love it not a lot of glitches or bugs. The only down side is that there’s only one free map and it gets pretty boring after you beat all of the challenges and play it for a while. I say either make more challenges or make it so you can unlock at least one or two of the maps.

  40. Now the game is pretty much amazing but you got to pay for somethings you only get one map, a few choices for your skateboard and that’s it you have to pay like $6 for a map may I add now the game would have been amazing but they dont actually tell you how to do some tricks so I have to learn them myself honestly a good game but the game is pay to play. disappointed ☹️

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