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Put on your sneakers, and get ready to go onto the court in this brand new basketball game! Experience basketball like never before, in this fresh and easy to play basketball game. In Mini Basketball you will enjoy a casual gameplay experience, while still remaining loyal to the original game. It’s time for you to get the crowds roaring in the arenas, score some amazing 3 pointers, and build the strongest team that ever existed!

Pick up and Play
Welcome to the first casual experience of basketball. Mini Basketball has a casual pick up and play feel that still remains true to the original sport. No need to waste time on endless mechanics, just pick it up and jump straight into the action

Build, Upgrade and Customize Your Team
In Mini Basketball you will be able to win players, from common to epic ones, and upgrade them to turn your team into the most feared opponents on any pitch. Not only can you build your team, but you will also be able to fully customize it to your image with more than 100 customizable options from:

Unique logos, jerseys, shorts, sneakers.
Personalize your gameplay experience by choosing the ball you prefer, mascots, cheerleaders and dunks!
Name your team
Win the rarest pieces of equipment and show them off!

Play through Different Tiers and Tournaments
Unique and original arenas and courts that will get bigger, louder, and more impressive as you progress through your basketball career. Several tournaments where you will go through playoff stages and win a trophy at the end of the road!
Whether it’s on your court, or in an international setting, every game will feel different. New and more impressive arenas are on their way, so keep an eye out for future updates.

Rule the World
Climb up the leaderboards to win amazing prizes and always be on top of the competition. Every week you will have a chance to move up the leagues, from the Brass League to the All-Stars League, so make sure that you grab those promotion spots by the end of the week to win bigger and better prizes!

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40 comentarios en "Mini Basketball 2022"

  1. Very entertaining, but you play against the computer, not other players. I know this after 250+ matches because I NEVER had to wait for other players to finish their replays; I NEVER saw an opponent make a mistake like making an accidental shot from far away; and more hints that won’t fit here. Also, the difficulty level varies DURING the game – against much stronger opponents, it’s impossible to steal the ball unless you are losing. Individual player stats don’t matter much in those cases.

  2. This game is fun. The mechanics are decent and it is overall easy to learn. However. You get matched up with opponents after your first like 5 games that are 20 overall higher than you, and I’ve won one of those because of luck. You spend all of your coins just trying to get a fair game, and even if you do, you’ll never get to shoot a shot because even if your open they’ll either block or steal it in a couple seconds. Every “player” is an a.i. You don’t actually go against anybody.

  3. Games fun at first until it starts sabotaging. Go in to games and you will miss 10 shots in a row with a 70% chance each time and on top of that it starts doing this thing where your character will glitch out and cause you to start running back up court away from your basket. When you try switching to players on defense it will switch to random players who aren’t even close to the ball and when you try to block a shot the opponent player just pushes you away like there’s an invisible f. feild

  4. Highly addictive but has major inconsistencies. As you go up levels all of a sudden you become almost incapable of stealing or blocking the ball. Shots all of a sudden dont fall like they once did and players run right thru you even if they arent rated high. You can time a block perfectly and you can press steal 20x and the player runs right pass. i barely play the game now because of those inconsistencies and the time it takes to upgrade players even THE ONES YOU PAID FOR!

  5. Definitely a pay to win game. Very entertaining and fun to play. However, I’m disappointed in lack of a single player season mode, would be a nice addition or stand alone game in general. Perhaps an option for pick and roll/pop would also be nice, or something to create movement on or off the ball anyway. Defense is far too easy, literally looking someone’s direction results in a steal.

  6. AJ Wilmot dice:

    Initially fun, but somewhat easy. Then, all of a sudden, around level 5 the AI becomes nearly unbeatable. Stealing the ball if you try to move, intercepting almost every pass or blocking nearly every shot (if you manage to get close enough to take a shot). It’s almost unplayable I was enjoying the game and actually planning on putting some money into it. I’m glad an appealing deal didn’t come along until I learned about the insane difficulty spike.

  7. It’s fun at first, but once the newness wears off, you’ll be frustrated at the similarities with other games in this category-like the lootbox mechanic designed to get you to spend money (to be expected, of course). But the most frustrating aspect is the gameplay. Simple mechanics, but really little control over winning or losing at the higher level tournaments/leagues/1v1s. You don’t actually play anyone, it’s a computer-controlled version of a user team a lá Boxing Star. Fun fades fast.

  8. I originally had 5 stars for this game. it was fun in the beginning, ads weren’t crazy at all, and had a little challenge. Now after reaching level 9, its literally impossible to win. I will push pass when I’m scored on and the ball is then taken from me instantly and they score. I am not able to block a shot since leveling up, and none of my players can make it anywhere near a scoring position. Games before this were close games, now it’s just pointless to play. It’s a shame.

  9. Joey West dice:

    Give it a shot….. 🙂 The flow of the game keeps it interesting, graphics are awesome, hundreds of options to choose from, get a set, mix it up the choice is yours, not many ads either, just typical ones to gain extra rewards, but those are optional as well, you don’t have to do them, even chosing to watch an ad run pretty quick as well, I think its a great game, I’ve played it everyday,since this is been downloaded to my phone…… And still playing today….. See you on the court 🙂

  10. Game is fun, but my players are straight 🗑 at the time it counts the most. When I play a more challenging player for more money, my players won’t make or block a shot. My best shooter can’t hit a shot, even in the sweet spot and it just won’t go in. The smallest player on the opposing team just walks down the court and dunks on my biggest player like nothing over, and over again. When I go to block a jumper, the player on the opposing team bumps me out of the way in mid air to avoid the block.

  11. Wanted to rate this game higher, but unfortunately it has the same problems as mini soccer. Not surprising I guess as it’s made by the same developers. Anyway problems are as stated by others in their reviews. Players seem very inconsistent the higher you level them. Which makes no sense. I’ll have wide open shots with my best shooters and all I get are air balls. Can’t tell that the shot meter has any bearing on making your shots. On the plus side? Graphics are good…

  12. It’s amazing how I can shoot the ball and it is in the dead center of the green zone and it will almost always airball or hit the back side of the backboard, and then also every time I go up for a dunk on a fast break, mine somehow gets blocked, bur if I try it, they still make it, and that is the same with steals, I can press that stupid button as many times as I can nothing will happen over 80% of the time, but every time I drive down the court it get stripped as soon as they are near me

  13. Could be better if not designed for money grab because when you first start playing you hit all kinds of shots and then you get epic players with much better stats and they constantly miss. It’s almost like the bot level exponentially grows at times. It’s fun if you aren’t a competitive person and like casual games with no real chance of fair game play. If you are a casual gamer, give it a try. If you like games where you win based off your skill level, then try something else.

  14. The game is fun up until a certain point where you start bidding 5,000 coins. After that point, you could literally time you shots slightly late, slightly early, or even perfectly and it will air ball and go straight out of bounds or clank completely. Shot contesting is a non-factor unless it’s a block, steals are luck of the draw after 10 swipes at the ball handler, even perfectly timed dunks can clank the rim at times. This game has some potential, but unfortunately it’s basically pay 2 win🤷

  15. At first this game was fun. All the upgrading and ranking made me seem like my team was amazing. My first 4 or 5 games were blowouts. I WAS DOMINANT. But after that things went down hill. The defense could steal the ball from me without effort and after the thousandth time I click steal we finally get it. Their running through my defenders. I miss open three that are in the green. All in all, if you like coming back every 20 games, I recommend, other then that, a utterly waist.

  16. As a whole I do enjoy the game its probably the one game I’ve spent the most time & money on. Pro’s- easy controls to learn, variety of characters, shoes, jersey combinations, dunks, celebrations, etc. Con’s- it’s obvious if you are ahead it’s easier for the opponent to steal & block a dunk, player ratings don’t seem to play a big role bc lower teams can still beat you consistently, (opinion) not enough game modes. Like I said already I do still enjoy the game.

  17. It’s fun, but I can’t give it 5 stars. The passing can be very frustrating. You can see someone open and not be able to target them. Or, the cursor switches to a new player as you are passing, so you pass into a double team instead of an open man. Also, the shot meter is a pretty good idea. It really helps with shot selection. However, it can be very frustrating to have three shots in a row rated 50% and higher, and miss all 3, only to make a 30% prayer late in the game. that said – Fun Game!

  18. J.C. Bice dice:

    I enjoyed this right out of the gate. But the inconsistencies are showing bad now. The stealing/tackling is ridiculous. That needs to be addressed asap. Also, I would like to be able to edit the button size and location like other games have. I’d like the option to move the shot button a little further from the pass button. *Additionally. After playing it more, the passing is bad. They seem to want to pass between to same 2 guys over and over. I can’t ever seem to pass it to who I want to.

  19. Broski, the “defend” and “shoot” button are the same thing. So right after i get the steal, its an auto shoot to the other side. Don’t even get me started on the mechanics. The steal is just a waste since it works like 10% of the time, and the other team its literally leads to an easy point for them. When I shoot, instead of the green timing is a better chance of making the shot, its an airball. I’m better when it lands the yellow timing. The game is decent but so many flaws.

  20. A M dice:

    Pros: great graphics. Cons: gets boring because of inconsistency. You can do everything perfectly, with shots lined up in green, and still have tons of missed wide-open threes, layups dunks and free throws. This usually happens in games where you stand to lose the most money. They give you no chance to win these games. Also, you are obviously playing the computer and not real players as the other team can make anticipatory moves with reaction time far too quick for a human.

  21. JUST ANOTHER PAY TO WIN GAME Fun at first, but all of a sudden it’s like a switch flips and you can’t steal or block, your passes get intercepted more often than not, and the bot’s defense becomes so top notch you can barely get out of your own half. And if you do manage to get into shooting range, you can never make it, despite landing in the green. Clearly a ploy to force you to pay to win, which is incredibly disappointing. I uninstalled after barely a week of playing pretty consistently.

  22. Fun game with great graphics. Controls and flow of the game are good. However, the player positions as listed are unrealistic. Please change them to center, power forward, small forward, shooting guard and point guard. It would be nice to have an option to set various lengths for game periods instead of having to play such a short game each time.

  23. Minute long games, no stats, and literally just pushing buttons as fast as you can with little to no strategy. Plus, all the other team does is foul you when you are shooting with no fouls called. When you hit the shot perfectly in the green it somehow misses, especially on free throws. Needs a lot of work. I am deleting the game after less than 2 weeks. It gets boring with nothing really to play for.

  24. LA Mo dice:

    It’s gotten pretty predictable, I can tell in the first few seconds the games I have no chance in. Some games they will let you come back so you lose a close game at the end hoping you will play again. The shooting is unpredictable from free throws as well as 3’s, midrange and dunks. Some games the opponent is so fast you can’t keep up, but it is what it is I guess.

  25. Allan dice:

    An absolutely terrible game. It is basically impossible to win a fair game. The opponent who is almost always an AI gets a steal at every angle and they are faster than you. Even if you shoot in the green bar you can miss whether its a dunk or a 3 pt shot. If you try to steal or block the opponent it doesn’t affect them at all. It is the most frustrating game I have ever played.

  26. CCor Jr dice:

    This is a fun app if you like basketball but doesnt live up to it’s full potential. As others pointed out the main issue I have with this app is the inconsistency with the shooting gauge, excessive steals and games that you can tell you have no chance of winning from the start, even against lower level opponents. Passing controls are glitchy resulting in many steals since it passes to players you don’t intend to. I would consider spending some $ if the gameplay was more consistent/stable.

  27. Fun at first but constant stealing is an issue. Some games you can’t control the ball for a second and it’s stolen, over and over. Update: switched phones and can’t get my account to link to my new phone. It seems it’s almost impossible to backup your account unless you have facebook (I hate FB). Thank God I didn’t spend much money, can’t secure my investment. I recommend you think likewise.

  28. You can build a good team with no $ spent & compete until you reach later levels, 15 and up! Buy the seasons pass or get past by everyone who does. Suddenly your stats drop off & u can’t make a basket to save your life. The thing I hate most about this game which is easily fixed, though it benefits you too, is the green shot zone. When u nail it at the midway point it should be automatic goal but it’s not. You can be way off & make the shot. So thats CPU assisted scoring not human skill level!

  29. You hit a wall pretty quick unless you want to pay real money. Takes forever to get enough cards to upgrade a player. The gameplay is inconsistent as well. Sometimes you can’t are a shot despite hitting green then you’ll make one where it’s not even close to being an accurate shot. Defense is a joke too. Sometimes you play defense perfectly and it won’t allow you to steal or block the shot. Game has a ton of potential they just need to allow you to aquire upgrades and fix the gameplay a bit.

  30. I want to like this game but there are too many things wrong with it. I think everyone is a bot. There’s no way everyone in this good. As you level up it becomes pretty much impossible to win. You have to shoot almost immediately as soon as you get it otherwise the other team will get a steal. You can barely pass without the other team getting a steal and the shooting is inconsistent. Even my best shooter with a 35 outside shooting rating airballs a lot.

  31. T B dice:

    Like others have said…a lot of fun but definitely off balance. I have some games where I hit any three I toss up. I have other games where I literally can’t buy a bucket even if I get the slider in the green. Steals are crazy. Some games the bots are relentless and you can barely get a shot off. The passing mechanics are off. I’ll have 2 guys pass back and forth and ultimately get it stolen when all I want to do is pass it to some open player down the court. It does have its fun moments

  32. The first three reviews I read were spot on. Exactly what I was going to type. What’s the point in having a shooting slider if it goes in when you miss the green area but even worse it doesn’t go in when you stop it right in the middle of the green area. The game should have never been released when that was realized until it was fixed. I’ll beat a team that is 20 or 30 points better than me however I’ll lose to a team that is 20 or 30 points worse than me. Great idea but these have to be fixed.

  33. I wanted to get some decent playing time before I reviewed. I will say, graphics are good, even the matchmaking is good(which is surprising for a “clash” game) but there is one Huge problem. What is the point of having a green section in the shot meter if it doesn’t make a single bit of difference. I have two rare players on my team which has been upgraded and when releasing in the green they BARELY make the shot. This is annoying. Will rate higher when fixed.

  34. Cool game, well graphics, simple enough.. but lacks in control, of players and options, poor transition from defense to offense unless a shot made, and game seems pointless after you level up. You play against weaker teams, but they seem better in shooting, speed, rebounding, and stealing the ball. But after a few weeks, I dont see the point of playing if no season, can’t upgrade your starters, nor the point of spending money on upgrading your bench players just to make the team even.

  35. It’s a fun game but you do play against bots and not real people. It does get harder as you go. When the computer wants you to lose you will miss everything including wide open shots, layups, and dunks. Amazingly I’ve lost a couple games right at the end where the cpu will get a miraculous steal and put up a shot at the buzzer to lose. I still have not shot a foul shot but I foul almost every game. That’s how you can tell your playing bots

  36. Your team can have a 100 point better rating then the other team yet they stay with you during the game. They can steal the ball from you at will while you can barely play defense. The shot meter doesn’t seem to mean anything, can land on green and miss while getting a less % and make it. The controls are iffy, but better with a controller. Feel I have to play cause I bought the starter pack, yeah I’m a sucker.

  37. I really was enjoying this game. I threw some money toward it because I like to support the devs for a good game. Well after I did that the game crashes in the middle of matches and I lost a massive amount of coins because of it. There was no way to reenter the match after restarting the app. Highly disappointed with that. I’d rate the app higher if this didn’t happen Edit. Still crashes during high value matches. Lost at least 100000 coins because of this and no response from the developer.

  38. Although this game is fun, there is some room for improvement. For instance, the defend button is the same as the shoot, so when you steal the ball, most likely you are going to shoot it. Also when you play games, the options are usually in the order of least expensive to most expensive. Season 3, the changes the price from 2500 to 15000 and left it in the location, I ended up losing 4 games in a row (60000). Again, fun but lots of room for improvement.

  39. Chuck N. dice:

    The gameplay and controls are solid and I like the cartoony graphics. However, this game is pay-to-win at it’s finest. It starts out a lot of fun even with your below average players. After a few games the difficulty ramps up and you won’t win unless you spend $ on players. It’s really too bad as the game has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the PTW elements are so strong I had to uninstall. I’ve been there and done that. I wish folks would just charge $10-20 instead of PTW.

  40. A. Pintor dice:

    I do not recommend this game at all. It reels you in by letting you win in the lower levels. As you progress, the opponents MAGICALLY always make a comeback toward the end. This hooks you to spending comes because you “barely” lost. Eventually it’ll cost you coins and next thing you know you’re broke. This occurs regardless of your team’s strength. This is just like a slot machine. Some one should investigate. I want my money back

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