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Get NFL football scores & sports news on Baseball, Golf, Soccer, MMA, F1 & more.
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Get sports news, scores & live results & updates on Yahoo Sports so you don’t miss a second of the action.

Get scores & live results from all the sports you love – baseball, basketball, football, college football, soccer, F1, golf, boxing, MMA & more, whenever & wherever you want!

Sign in with your Yahoo account to watch highlights, sports, get scores & live news updates & more.

Get sports scores, live sports news, schedules & more from the NFL, MLB, MLS, PGA, F1 & others. 2 reasons you’ll love Yahoo Sports:

1. Set custom alerts – Get the latest news & live updates about your favorite teams & players.
2. Keep up every season – Get sports scores, schedules, stats, & updates all season long.

With Yahoo Sports, you’ll get:

• Home
Set your favorite teams to get schedules, game highlights, sports news, & live updates in your own personalized news stream. Whether your sport is football, baseball, golf, or soccer, you can customize the feed however you like. You’ll also find original news from Yahoo Sportswriters like Dan Wetzel, Chris Haynes, & Charles Robinson, plus a stream of top news across all sports.

• Get scores
Keep up with NFL & college football scores from kickoff to playoffs & follow other sports scores, stats, live updates from college football, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL & more.

• Watch highlights.

Get NBA & MLB & soccer highlights when you stream sports directly to your phone & tablet. Throughout the season, watch sports highlights, top plays, & game recaps – all in one place.

• Stories
Get exclusive content from Yahoo Sportswriters, along with the most important headlines in sports.

• Play
Check out Yahoo Fantasy Slate, our prediction game where you have the chance to win cash prizes every week!

• Sportsbook
Our hub provides users with access to everything betting* at their fingertips. Whether it’s betting odds, expert analysis, editorial content & video, Yahoo Sports users will be able to find everything in one place. New to sports betting? Yahoo Sportsbook has everything new bettors need to get started from betting guides to matchup breakdowns from trusted experts.
Note: Yahoo Sports does not offer real money gaming. It includes sports betting content & data, but no gaming/betting takes place within our app. All transactional gaming/betting takes place within a separate app, BetMGM, not the Yahoo Sports app.

• Alerts
Set alerts for your favorite team & get alerts to watch sports – live. Get scores, live updates & sports news when you want them. Follow every scoring play or only when a game starts.

Follow & watch sports:
– Football: Check out college & NFL football scores, highlights, breaking news & stats.
– College Football, College Basketball, Women’s College Basketball
– MLB: Baseball scores, MLB highlights, breaking news & stats
– NBA, WNBA: Get scores & live NBA results, NBA basketball highlights, breaking news
– NHL: Scores, highlights, breaking news & stats
– Soccer: Premier League, Champions League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, MLS, Italian Serie A, La Liga
– Golf – PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions, PGA, PGA European,
– Auto Racing – NASCAR Sprint, NASCAR Xfinity, IndyCar, Formula 1
– MMA + Boxing
– Tennis – Men’s Tennis, Women’s Tennis

Want to get updates & news for your favorite sports? Download Yahoo Sports to get live results.


40 comentarios en "Yahoo Sports: Scores & Updates MOD"

  1. First of all they sucked you in to using the app by giving you free streaming last season. This year they removed all streaming of games. That’s not even the real issue. I don’t know if they’ve lowered the amount of support going into the application but it does not operate smoothly at all. For example, the app lags by about 10 minutes versus real time. Standings are very inaccurate and do not update properly. This app is trash with a capital t.

  2. Best sports app imo. Only a few things bother me with it though. First formatting of scores page. I’d personally like to have more distinguishable banners for the sports and the ability to completely hide leagues you don’t want to see. Everything seems to run together and makes it slightly difficult to read. I think other apps are better at this. Second, the ability to remove the sports book page. I find it annoying. Third, the ability to follow individual mma fighters. Edit: Also AHL & USFL

  3. Wow. Wasn’t great last year with keeping up with NFL content. Worse this year. The first round of games are well into their 3rd quarters and yet all the games starts are stick in the 2nd quarter and not updating on the main screen where you can scroll through all the games scores. Once you click on a specific game, the stats appear to be on time and accurate.

  4. The best sports app for keeping up with scores and monitoring games live. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t have the major flaws, performance problems, or annoyances of other apps. The secret to this app is Yahoo has kept it simple and clean and doesn’t bombard you with constant pop-ups and ads like other apps or a bunch of unwanted notifications while the app is closed. Yahoo does a lot of things, most of them poorly. But Sports and the Sports app continues to be one of their few successes.

  5. This really is a great app. The reason for my low rating is to hopefully draw attention from the devs to a bug regarding video playback. When reading some articles, audio from another article’s vid will play in the background, and I never clicked on that particular one (article). I believe it has something to do with the ability to swipe from one article to the next. Please fix!!!

  6. I was completely done with “the four letter network” and their poorly performing apps. So yea, it was on impulse one day, but I’m so glad I switched. No turning back…AND NFL games now with Yahoo Sports mobile? That’s amazing in itself. The streaming is great. The app design is clean (and doesn’t give me anxiety like others have). All the notifications and alerts meet or exceed expectations too. I have no complaints.

  7. I like the app but, if you’re an android user, the widgets leave a lot to be desired and fall short of many other available sports apps. A widget for my favorite teams (across all sports) is pointless to me. Depending on the season, many of the teams are not playing but are still represented in the widget. A widget with the ability to see all scores for a given/selectable sport (i.e. NFL, MLB, NHL, etc.) would be far more usable.

  8. The app comes in handy when you’re not home and want to watch live games. My only issue is the buffering and time zones. The buffering happens often, even when connected to WiFi. And when it buffers for more than a couple minutes I have to shut the app down and restart it. The time zone doesnt update for me even with my location on. Says game starts at 12pm but I’m on West coast time and early games start at 10. Other than that, good free app

  9. I really want to like this app … I really do. In particular, I love the way Yahoo displays stories. The story and news feed pages are clean without clutter and stupid cover up ads at the top and bottom. But ease of reading is nice only if you actually have something to read. The selection of news sources is dismal. Worse, the sources are almost entirely liberal media outlets. Conservative news sources are seriously lacking. We need both!

  10. Excellent app for watching NFL games for free, including MNF and TNF: no extra ads (other than what you would have if watching the game on TV), buffering is nonexistent, and picture quality is fantastic. You’re limited to watching only those games that are considered “local” to whichever TV market you happen to live in, but I suspect this is more of a licensing issue on the NFL’s part and it wouldn’t be fair to hold that against Yahoo (I suspect the same issue is at play regarding the inability to Chromecast games to your TV). The app’s homescreen widget is great as well. Same for your ability to find stats, schedules, etc. across all sports. 5+ stars.

  11. The app never works anymore. For the last week or so it doesn’t load scores, refreshing the page does nothing… the only time it’ll work is if you close the app altogether and restart it which is extremely frustrating especially when you’re trying to check a score every couple of innings. I really liked the app until recently now I’m going to find a different one that works to find scores.

  12. can’t view the scores on the main page anymore. used to be able to follow multiple games and now have to go to each one to view the scores. please fix. in the meantime, uninstalling and looking for a different app. also for those that don’t enjoy updates make older version available. actually, uninstalled and reinstalled. now app is working. however, I still think you should have older version available.

  13. I really want this to be a 5-Star app. The idea of being able to live stream sports is great, but this app needs improvement. Everytime I try to watch a game, the video lags big time. the audio stays in real time but for some reason video goes to slow motion and doesn’t stay in sync. Based on other responses I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, I’ve tried clearing the cache, and I have bounced between wifi and cellular data but nothing helps.

  14. I didn’t expect to like this app as much as I do. It’s great. It’s the easiest to use of all the main sports apps I’ve tried. Loads quickly and is very customizable. If you go through the process at the beginning of adjusting all the notification settings (there are a lot), then it will update you for each sport and team with whatever depth you like.

  15. The app works fairly well. I just want things to be faster with less hangup moments because the data is large and cumbersome… Internet service is a factor of course, but theres gotta be a way to allow basic service to be smooth and constant with the app… Future goals and endeavors. But I love the app. 5 stars is a perfect situation if I rate it that way.

  16. Overall, a very good experience! You’re able to list your favorite teams in multiple sports, if you so choose. Doing so means updated articles on your teams are provided and in a lot of cases, a recap video can be accessed. The highlight of this Yahoo Sports app was the fact that certain NFL games were broadcast live. Excellent streams!This included all NFL playoff games!! I decided to keep this app on my phone even though the pro and college football games are over for the 2019 seasons.

  17. Edit: Yahoo – Where? I just checked for the fifth time and no XFL option anywhere. This is, in my opinion, the best and most comprehensive sports tracking app that exists. Every menu is intuitive, and you can see everything from a team’s schedule and results to their roster and stats with minimal taps. The ONLY section I’ve found that I feel needs improvement is golf. You simply can not find much information at all about the PGA outside of what’s happening while a tournament is going on.

  18. This app is lacking one of the most important features of every app particular sports apps. We need to have the ability to select our own notification sound and not have to rely on the stock sound coming from the phone. It becomes very difficult to differentiate when you get an alert from Yahoo sports vs getting one from everything else on your phone. I can’t believe in the year 2019, this feature allowing us to select our own notification sound for alerts is not in this app.

  19. I was excited to finally be able to watch some football since any other streaming service cost $40+ just to watch local channels. Almost the entire game, it said ‘could not play video’ or the screen was frozen. I have tried all of the trouble shooting issues, but nothing worked. Do not waste your time! And yes, I do have the most updated version and my device is updated as well. Just fix your app. It’s not us users, it’s your app that is the issue.

  20. Picks tracker was supposed to be fix. And now is worse, since you can not see the end result. So I keep my picks updated, and notepad with teams picked up. My reason for a low review. I have several leagues in top position, and some of them on the bottom, but it was a cool feature. And soccer stats and picks needs adjustment. Some totals don’t add up when picking up a winner. 57% win – 40% to loose, leaving a 3% maybe for a tie, but not available for pick. Looking rigged and manipulated. And the game at times end tied, but it doesn’t give you a win on the aggregated score. So you loose even though you pick the team that wins on aggregated final score.

  21. Works great the majority of the time, with useful notifications and a clean interface. I do occasionally get the feeling that some parts of the app are not entirely in sync with the whole, but there is a lot going on here, and it does seem to keep improving. The variety of available live sports feeds (prime time NFL games!) is a big plus as well.

  22. I have used this app for 4 years and it was a 4 star most of the time. Recently the picks for NCAAB and NBA have not been updated in a month. I updated everything, reinstalled it and finally went to the help forum and someone told me they were going to get in touch with engineering. That was two weeks. Nothing. I will give it until the new year and if not fixed delete it. PS: Recently it has not even been showing ones picks on a day to day basis.

  23. The font color on the Android app blends into the background of the pictures in the “Stories” too much. It is very difficult to read some of these “Stories” because the color of the font blends in so much. Also, in the “Stories,” for some reason now there is a vertical blue band on the left side of the screen (with the words “Tap to Rewind”) that blocks about 20% of the left side of the screen. This is incredibly annoying because it covers up so much of the “Stories.” I really wish Yahoo! would delete this feature from this app.

  24. For keeping up with sports scores, this does pretty much everything I would want. I wish I could rearrange the order of sports in the left nav, and it sometimes gets stuck when trying to launch video. But overall this app has been a mainstay on my phone for more than 3 years for a reason.

  25. If you’re downloading this app to watch football I would not recommend it. It’s a waste of your time. They obviously don’t have enough servers to keep it running smooth. Example of my experience. Wait for initial load (no big deal) game starts pixelated as bad as pacman from 1980, wait about 5 minutes in until it clears up and right when it does it buffers. Then it tries to throw in random ads to make it seem like the buffer is for the ad. The problem is it’ll give you about 5 seconds of 3 different ads then finally give you 15 seconds of 1 final ad. Then back to the game, pixelated buffer, clear, then a big play and it buffers during the big play. Not once, but over the course of 30 minutes I saw maybe 3 minutes of unbuffered gameplay. Mostly huddles. Tldr: dont download this app

  26. Taylor K dice:

    The app is atrocious. The browser is terrible, has no available options or settings, no forward or back button to use, no long press actions enabled, and there are usually MORE THAN ONE autoplaying, un-mute-able, and un-pause-able videos that start up at the same time. The overlapping audio is almost as awesome as how hot my phone gets, and how much data gets eaten up THE VERY INSTANT I dare tap one of the clickbait articles. Well done yahoo, well done

  27. Streaming live football games is so easy and convenient. The games look crisp and clear and I can watch them anywhere. My favorite football watching app. It even goes into a “picture in picture” type screen version so I can do other things on my phone at the same time without interrupting the game. Fantastic!

  28. I used to really like this app but I got a new phone, the LG V60 Thinq, and now it won’t play any videos. For some reason, it seems to think I’m constantly screen mirroring when I’ve never done so. Any help would be appreciated. Edit: detaching the dual screen gets it to stop. This is very irritating and inconvenient. A patch or fix would be great

  29. Promising app, however very disappointing. I would prefer they not offer live sporting events, rather than a link that returns, without fail, a “could not play video” error. If your phone is not the latest model forget it, this app performs poorly. Not a big fan of forced obsolescence when the device I own, I like, and functions perfectly with every other app I have encountered.

  30. The layout is not the best, should be easier to view scores like onside sports app. There’s only 4 1/2 games I can view at once when there’s 11 games going on at once. We the user should have the option to change layout. When I select Scores I should be able to see every score of every league I follow. Instead you have to click scores click league scroll down. We are usually using this app on the go, that’s too much to just view scores. Yahoo sports has the slowest score update. Great for news.

  31. TERRIBLE NEW UPDATES. If you want to see schedules, stats, or anything except the home screen, expect to have to scroll past advertisements for random products and tickets to every single upcoming sports event. It’s all sales and very little info on what most people want to see. Also, make sure you go onto their privacy website and turn off the 17 different categories they have to collect data on you. No, you can’t turn them all off at one time, you have to do it one at a time. Never again yahoo

  32. Best app I’ve ever used to stream live NFL games. The video quality is top notch. I’m new to this app and have only used it three times but I have had zero problems with sound/video lag and zero issues with videos going into “low definition” mode (when the screen looks like you’re watching a TV from 1950) due to insufficient network loads/speeds or whatever. This app is kick ass. Please keep up the good work and please don’t get greedy and start charging people money. You make plenty of $ 🙂

  33. I have this another shot, and it seems slightly improved. It remains about 1-2 minutes behind similar apps. I can’t quite figure out how to turn off all the political nonsense notifications, and gossip masquerading as news. A suggested improvement would be to move games with selected notifications to the top of the list, as in other apps. If this could update faster, would be 4-stars.

  34. I love this app. Being able to stream most of the games for free is awesome. The only issue I have with the app is how the screen rotates so much while you’re watching the game. Just the slightest movement and it will rotate the screen and takes like 7-8 seconds to unfreeze. There’s no option to turn off the screen rotation. So I’m constantly battling this issue.

  35. Tried multiple times. App won’t load and constantly crashes trying to load. EDIT: in response to the reply… yes, I had already uninstalled and reinstalled and tried again before you commented. Still just hangs. I even told my device to just wait it out for minutes. None of my other apps are having any kind of syncing, loading, refreshing, etc., problem. But I’ll download it again, restart my device and give it another shot.

  36. I recently dumped the ESPN app and started using YAHOO SPORTS. I was so frustrated because I couldn’t even check scores without adds causing the the page to scroll back to the top of the page every time I tried to use it! So far I haven’t had too many issues with YAHOO. I’m hoping that I will continue to have good results because the app appears to be user friendly so far. Please don’t ruin it with popups and advertising! I understand that some adds will show up from time to time in order for the app to continue to operate. I just don’t want to deal with constant adds making it unusable! 🤞

  37. This is absolutely the best sports app period! I’ve been using it since they were still broadcasting college football games, about 3 1/2 years now, and have never had a problem. I have it for the NFL. Shows most games live and it had all the stats you could want. It also has live NBA games but not sure how many they show, (probably most). Plus its all 100% FREE!! This had been a life saver for me when I’m away from a T.V. and the Steelers are on. I NEVER miss a game! Thank You Yahoo!!

  38. I really enjoyed this app. Keeps you updated on your favorite sports news and has its own original content that is just as enjoyable as ESPN. I do have one major gripe with Yahoo Sports. It literally makes you disable your WiFi to stream NFL games using 4g LTE data. If you don’t have an unlimited plan you will be out of data in no time. Constant frame rate issues, games crash at least twice per 30 minutes. Not good for when a critical moment in a game happens (say a kicker misses his 3rd field goal) and you have to restart the app because the stream froze for the 6th time. Maybe when 5g comes out it will be more stable.

  39. This app has a good selection of Games to watch and the live score summary is always helpful. My biggest problem is buffering. It buffers every 5 seconds, including during the excessive commercials. I can barely even watch one whole livestream because the buffering is so bad. I would not recommend this app unless you have incredibly fast WIFI.

  40. Overall, not bad. Coverage of major US sports is good. News and changes for international sports is decent but not great. One suggestion: if a user does not have a sport listed in the favorites that they follow, they probably don’t care about fantasy for that sport either. Its very frustrating to get fantasy alerts for sports I don’t follow or care about.

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