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Find hunting property & land with onX Hunt GPS. View landownership maps offline.
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★★★ Voted “one of the most innovative hunting products of the decade” by Field & Stream, the onX Hunt App is the must-have tool for the crews at MeatEater, Mossy Oak, and Realtree Outdoors.★★★

Know where you stand with the most trusted and accurate GPS satellite and topo maps. Use onX Hunt as a fully-functioning GPS navigation app on your phone. View private and public property land ownership data, landowner names, and property lines on your custom maps. Easily view hunting units, mountain roads and trails, US topographic maps, and more.


While the onX Hunt App and many of its features are free, you’ll start a free Premium State Membership trial when you install the App. This allows you to try a full-featured Premium State Membership for seven days.


• Satellite Maps and 24K Topographical Maps with GPS Navigation
• 3D Maps on your phone and desktop computer
• Local weather conditions, forecasts, wind speeds, and wind direction sourced from Weather Underground and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
• Aerial / Topographic Hybrid overlay to see contours with satellite imagery
• Hunting Zones, Areas, or Game Management Units (GMU) for general game species in all 50 states
• Free Hunting GPS app with compass, Tracker, and Waypoints
• Mark Waypoints with icons to navigate back to your vehicle, camp, or stand
• Easily measure distances between tree stands and blinds with the Line Tool
• Measure food plot acreage with the Shape Tool
• Track the distance, coordinates, duration, and speed of your hunt with our GPS Hunting Tracker
• Visualize wind direction at treestand locations
• Desktop version for scouting at home and syncing data to your mobile: www.onxmaps.com/web


The onX Hunt App turns your phone into an outdoor handheld GPS navigator using the built-in GPS to display your location on the sat / topo map. Cellular coverage is NOT needed as tile-saving technology allows you to save basemaps and layers for offline navigation.

▶ DESKTOP MAPS: Memberships also include access to our online Web Hunting Map (www.onxmaps.com/web).

• Scout from the comfort of your home
• Sync markups and tracks between devices
• Print unlimited free maps


With a Premium State Membership, you gain access to our proprietary hunting GPS maps developed by our GIS team. A Premium State Membership costs $29.99 / year. Get all the great features of the free onX Hunt App PLUS the additional benefits of:

• Public land like Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management (BLM maps), Wildlife Management Areas, County and State land hunting maps, Timber Lands, and more
• 3D Maps on your phone and desktop
• Optimal Wind and Wind Calendar for stand locations and hunt planning
• Landowner names with property line maps and land boundaries finder in available counties (U.S. only)
• Search by landowner name or hunting property landowner boundaries to scout and look for new areas to Hunt
• Save private or public hunting land maps for offline use
• GMU or Hunting Units for multiple species (whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, turkey hunting and more)
• Possible Access Lands, Walk-In Areas, Block Management Areas, and private lands open to the public
• The largest database of nationwide roads and trails ever built
* Private land ownership maps may not be available for all counties (U.S. only)


The best tool for the best hunters. With an Elite Membership, you get a complete, purpose-built solution for dedicated hunters and the game they pursue, including:
• Proprietary maps for all 50 states
• Exclusive tools and services from brands we trust to maximize your hunting experience

Easily scout, plan, and master your hunts for any species in any state for one membership price. Available for $99.99/year or $14.99/month.


Have a problem or want to request new features? Please contact us at [email protected].


40 comentarios en "onX Hunt: GPS Hunting Maps MODDED 2022"

  1. J. S dice:

    Terrain elevations, ability to clearly see terrain features, ability to add photos to waypoint descriptions, 3D map option, and property boundaries makes this a much better option than most any other map. It could use some fine tuning in the icons department, map layers and better GPS calibration (my location is all over the place especially when using “Track” mode.) Suggestion: The ability to share locations between selected users would make this hands down the best map on the market.

  2. Would enjoy the app I paid for (premium) if it didn’t have a million annoying pop ups trying to get even more money for elite. This is completely unacceptable. I should not have to deal with constant ads for the “elite benefits” in a paid version of an app. I will be cancelling my subscription as soon as this year is up and look for another product. Also the map is not as up to date as Google maps which is crazy for a paid app.

  3. Great app, with awesome functions. Our business uses it for a lot of land we rent and own as well as for hunting. The only thing I dislike is how old the maps in my location are. Construction has changed how lots look and the shape of woods and the maps do not represent that. Other than that, every function of the app is amazing and I love the app.

  4. Great app for the most part. Use it all the time. However, there’s a few issues I’ve noticed. One, when I use 3d, if I move the map, it zooms in as far as it can go and won’t expand again. Two, some of the land boundaries are incorrect. And finally, the view and/or land owner information take forever to update.

  5. Absolutely love the app, only issue is that you have to manually update offline maps… Why can’t you auto update like every other app (going into downloads and selecting every map chip individually and then selecting update one at a time). Why is there no option to save a entire unit offline, cell phones and tablets have more storage than ever before and I still have to set up 35+ high detail downloads.

  6. Pretty good app. Had some weird glitches where when I try to drop a waypoint or measure distance the “dot” doesn’t drop where I want it too, it drops like an inch further on my screen, which the other day equated to about 5 miles away. Other than that it seems to work well. Pretty good interface.

  7. This app opens a world of possibilities. Recently relocated and hunting in unknown state land. Using onx I was able to navigate the property, mark flavorful areas and easily relocate them. The ability to see abutting properties and the type of habitat, calculate distances and wind direction and so much more. I suggest anyone with hunting camps make sure everyone has this app. With walkie talkies you can plan any hunt and be safer. (A MUST HAVE APP)

  8. This ap is good for what it is. Other than it crashes everytime i scroll quickely in 3d maps. Also, I wish we could refine a favorites list for way points. I am never going to use 3/4 of the stupid way points that I have to scroll through to find the way point that I may need in a hurry. For example I will never mark sasquatch, squirrel or raccoon but I have to scroll past this junk to mark truck, tracks or water source. 2.5 stars for crashing and lack of ease of use.

  9. Functionality is great. The problem is the amount of space it utilizes. Over time, more and more storage (many GBs) is eaten up regardless of how many features you use or offline maps you download. If this is not fixed soon, I will be uninstalling the app. Thank you for responding. Before providing my feedback, I deleted all offline maps and the application is still utilizing 2.6 GB of storage. If it helps, your developers are free to contact me (retired developer) to work through the problem.

  10. Does what it claims. Very useful for exploring, finding public land to hunt, camp, and off-road. Detail view also gives info on privately owned land. Nice to have info. Just be aware of automatic renewal. I forgot and it caught me off guard first time. I am a full-time RVer and use it most to find legal camp spots. Definitely worth getting the full version if you spend a lot of time boondocking in more than one state.

  11. It would be great to be able to auto update my offline maps. I didn’t realize they were out the other day and needed them but couldn’t access them. Also, being able to store these on my SD card would be amazing. Ability to customize waypoints would be cool too. Overall, a great app but updating and storing on SD are huge.

  12. Really good but could be great. The issues I’m having is that when I have the wind direction toggled on it appears on top of the compass & can’t read it Even when I try to toggle it off it still has the F⁰ on top of the compass. Another issue is showing wind direction on waypoints. If I turn the map it can be very confusing on which direction the wind is actually blowing from bc the arrow doesn’t change. A good idea would be to have the arrow turn in the wind direction as you turn/spin the map.

  13. I read about this app on yahoo and thought wow, I need something like this. So, I downloaded the app and fired it up. Thus far i’ve simply checked the accuracy on my property line and it was spot on. I love the ability to have offline capabilities and pre-loading maps for areas you know have no mobile service. This app can literally be a life saver. There are many areas in Texas, in the wild, that have little to no mobile service. This app can literally SAVE LIVES, WITHOUT a data connection…

  14. It’s a fantastic tool for hunting, hiking, and others. With they would be more specific when comes to hunting regulations on specific species, instead of just directing you straight to the whole hand books. Besides that all and all very good and worth it.

  15. I love what this app is capable of when it works. Unfortunately it is slow, inaccurate and often unusable in the field even if you download the area for offline use. It definitely is not worth the annual subscription fee. I hope this app gets better in the future or they get a competitor that does it better.

  16. Really awesome app! The one thing they could improve on is the search feature. When you search, you have to get the spelling exactly right, or else no results will show up. They could add possible result suggestions as you are typing, similar to Google Maps.

  17. The lines are not accurate. I downloaded after finding a hunter trespassing on our property. OnX does not match any of the property lines around us. We go by deeds and survey pins, not sure what OnX is using. Stay far from lines if relying on this app or you might end where you shouldn’t be. It matters in castle doctrine states when you’re armed on someone else’s property, if they feel unsafe. Hopefully no one is counting on accuracy with OnX, in those states, especially if armed.

  18. Sam D dice:

    One of the apps I 5rust in the Cascades of the PNW. Many apps show good gps mapping. However the ability to save topology offline and also see water ways is invaluable. Many times I’ve found myself using this app for camping and hiking as well. It has given a new sense of direction when out in full wilderness and that is very important

  19. Lakers dice:

    This app is amazing when it works. I went hunting for 8 days and had intermittent cell service. I downloaded several off line maps before heading out and made sure the app/maps were all updated. When I was out hunting the app needed an update 2 or 3 times, as well as the offline maps. This caused an issue with the app. I wasn’t able to use it until we drove to an area that had service and downloaded it. This was the only negative from the app. Overall you won’t find a better app!!

  20. Over the past 3 years, I’ve had to contact onX twice for assistance and both encounters have been great. The people I have worked with have been very friendly and helpful and have spent all the time necessary to solve my issues. Issues, I might add, on my part, not the program. I would recommend onX to anyone at any time. Just adding to my previous review, I had a billing/installation issue that the support staff, Andrew, worked hard to resolve the issue and was successful.

  21. This app is great!! I have used it for a few years now during deer, elk, bear, turkey season and hiking. It has gotten me out of the woods a few times when I get turned around. Would definitely recommend it. The 3D feature was pretty cool. I hadn’t used it yet. Only problem I have had was this last deer season. Sometimes when i moved the map around to look at other places it wouldn’t load. I had to exit the app and go back in. I blame 5G for this!!😁

  22. The map was working fine last deer season but it has been acting up several times this season to the point that it froze on me and I was unable to access the map and location where I was. I have a new Samsung Galaxy 22s Ultra and the map should work better than last season but NO it’s worst. The tracking system (indicator line) also turns off whenever the phone screen goes to the sleep mode. It makes it impossible to tell where I just came from. The map is NOT helpful at all. Please fix it.

  23. When I first got this app it was great and never had any issues. Lately my maps don’t work half the time and now they come out with updates weekly and if you’re not staying on top of that the maps won’t work, including the offline maps. Which the offline maps you now have to go in and update them one by one. For being one of the first ones with this kind of app they are falling behind quick and much superior options are now available. I want reliability and you don’t have it.

  24. So far (still using trial), I am very impressed with this app. Will most likely buy. Slight hiccup at first but email support was quick to respond. When signing up, my home state was not an option in the initial setup. When I went back ~24 hours later, it was there. Not sure if everything was still populating or just needed a restart but it started working.

  25. Generally it’s a great app. Sadly they have not updated the maps in the last 2 years it feels like. As a tracker property lines are very important to me. I am waiting to find out if my account is logged on to a 2nd device because there is no sync button on my map lauers. I truly am hoping it is that. I have used this app for close to 8 years and I love it stores all that info.

  26. Great maps, poor map software. The maps are reason enough to use the app. They are standing. But app itself is the most lame mapping software I have used. It’s as if the only purpose of the app is to look at the maps, but not actually use them in the field. It burns my battery, has no usage configuration, the user interface while orienteering is annoyingly lame, the route tracking doesn’t show the entire route until saved, saved routes always show on the map. Love the maps, hate the app

  27. Stu Kline dice:

    Starting to question if I should have shelled out the money. It worked good for the trial period, and seems after that I’ve started having issues. If I use the web browser app none of my waypoints, etc show on my phone. If I select go to for the waypoint on my phone it doesn’t work. Not too happy with it so far, having to manually put waypoints in that I have saved on my browser is pretty annoying and seems to defeat the purpose of having a browser app.

  28. Used the app for my state last year. All was great. Tried this year and it is a disaster. After started the app unable to select existing pin, instead the piece of land gets selected. When trying to put a new pin it always appears half an inch above on a screen. Suspecting both these issues related. Wondering if I get a refund for broken functionality? Also not interested in your garbage ads, if I pay for app, make sure I see non of the ads

  29. Great app. I hunt all over in places I’m not necessarily familiar with. Having property lines and “where not to go past” is extremely important. This app helps us respectfully abide rules, regulations, access areas, etc. Customer service is fast and courteous, whenever I’ve had a question. Love it. It has become an important piece of gear.

  30. Love the app for the most part. But I can’t for the life of me figure out how to access the layer library anymore since it moved. I’ll click the new map layer push button (bottom left, above the toolbar) and then can’t figure out where I can add hunting units or anything new really for different states. I click on the state I want to add a new layer to and it just has the option to turn on or off the one I already have.

  31. Have been using OnX for guiding/personal hunting for nearly 3yrs, but there has been a known “share waypoint” issue that won’t let open a text link for over 10 months that hasn’t had any progress. They say it’s a Tmobile issue, and TMobile says developer must chat with them. Edit: They have corrected the issue. Unsure if it’s the timing on also reporting the error over texting them (no progress over email), or if it’s being addressed now that hunting season is on the doorstep.

  32. I came here to confirm my fears. I have been having a ton of issues with the app lately. Freezes up, closes on it’s own, non-stop removing offline map notifications, directional heading not working, gps location inaccurate. After reading multiple bad reviews it seems I am not the only one having troubles. It’s a shame to see a once top notch app that I trusted and used for years have gone to trash. Will be looking for a refund since my issues have yet to be resolved with tech support.

  33. Constantly crashes. Almost cannot use app anymore. As a hunting app you’d think they would make sure the update released right before hunting seasons start would be up to snuff. Instead it’s buggy. The satellite image map is also grossly outdated. Going to wait a little to see if the issues get fixed. If not I’ll be seeking a refund and going another route

  34. Glitches and crashes often when in the backcountry making reliability a serious issue. Sometimes it takes 30-45 min to load all map features. This delay in loading can ruin a morning hunt when in unfamiliar terrain with lots of property boundaries. It can ruin a multi day trip if you have to leave an area without cell svc to reinstall the app from a crash.

  35. Jeremy F dice:

    This app is great for mapping out the area I want to hunt, reading topography to plan ahead, marking waypoints with notes and photos, and sharing with family so they know where I was last if something happens. I’ve even been able to attend class with the onX staff on how to use the app efficiently. I had a small issue when I got a new phone and my membership didn’t want to convert over, but the onX team did great at getting me active on my new phone. This crew really has it figured out.

  36. I had an issue with the app working (it wouldn’t even get to the login screen). The support folks were extremely helpful and together we figured out that it was due to my local firewall blocking several DNS queries that stopped the login screen from loading. With their help I was able to get the app working again. Overall the app is great, and I use it to mark locations of blinds and tree/ladder stands on my hunting property.

  37. Was working fine all September in oregon but when I went to Idaho for a week even though I had all the area downloaded with the high res maps it would freeze or not show my location for a couple minutes. I’d have to zoom way out then back in to even get the trails to load. This was the first time I’ve had issues but definitely failed when I needed it. The guy that packed us in his worked fine so we relied on his map most the time.

  38. After having this app for several seasons I got great use from it. Now the app is complete junk and unreliable. Maps are always blurry and completely useless. Just to make things work for a small amount of time I have to uninstall and reinstall the app. I have NO faith in this product to use as any sort of navigation or to provide acurate information. I am very disappointed see it go down hill, onX was a 5 start product untill recently.

  39. Certain aspects of moving around in app can be clunky at times. need more options for symbology and more color options for symbols. This app really chews through battery when active, using it in airplane mode helps but still uses a lot of power quickly. One really annoying thing is not being able access SD card memory for storing offline maps. Overall, the app works ok for what it is designed for but there is a lot of room for improvement.

  40. Map layers such as unit boundsries, private property boundsries/ownership, trails and roads have been not showing up while offline outside of cell coverage and while on airplane mode to try to conserve battery life. It was suggested to clear the data and cache in the app so I did and that seemed to help the layers and boundaries to work correctly, but now other things are not showing on the maps anymore such as streams and rivers. The app has become frustrating to use and unreliable lately.

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