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The official NHL® app is your one-stop-shop for ALL things hockey. From dekes and dangles, to overtime winners and cellys, to news, scores, stats, and highlights; there’s no other app you need to unleash your hockey fandom.

Key Features:
• View key plays and pivotal moments with extensive game highlights
• Follow every game this season from puck drop until the final horn
• Stay up-to-date with every team’s scores, schedules, standings, videos, and rosters
• Read news updates from your favorite team and around the league
• Set up team push notifications for game start, game end, goals (with your favorite team’s official horn), news, and more

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40 comentarios en "NHL MOD 2022"

  1. Ray dice:

    I liked last years version better. But the recent update separated the stats and live game reporting. Either one or the other but not both. And now that the season has begun, I’m noticing the audio keeps stopping. Audio is now virtually useless. Now, mid December- a new audio function that works better. Not perfect yet, but improved- getting there. Thanks NHL!!!🏒🏒🏒

  2. Natalie L dice:

    This has been fixed! Thanks! >>I’d appreciate this app so much more if the audio broadcasts didn’t drop every five minutes or so, no matter which broadcast is selected! The only way I’ve found to keep the broadcast from dropping is to keep the app on the screen, not switching to another app or to the lock screen while I listen. I have either the annoyance of having to restart the broadcast frequently, or the annoyance of not being able to do anything else on my phone while listening to the game!

  3. So frustrated with whatever changed for listening to game audio in app. There used to be a headphone icon in the corner and all you had to do was click on it to choose your team’s feed. Now you have to go through multiple menus and when you finally get the radio feed open you can’t go back to the game center or it turns off, can’t leave the app running in the background or it stops, can’t turn your screen off or it stops. Since we can’t watch our local teams, make listening easier! Infuriating

  4. Your bug fixes and improvements completely broke this app. Almost never starts, when it does it constantly crashes, and can’t be run in the background anymore. Terrible group of “developers” running this thing, app is complete garbage now. EDIT: 11/30 they finally seemed to have fixed the listen live radio feeds. Seems to be back to how it was before their “update”, where the headphones are back and it has the list of games to listen to again. Thank you.

  5. As so many others have said, whatever you’ve done to the listen live “feature” has been a massive fail. At first I couldn’t find it at all & thought I wouldn’t be able to listen anymore. When I finally did find it, I have to constantly restart it, so not much different than not being able to listen. The game just will not stay on for longer than 5 minutes. I’ve had to restart 3 X while typing this. So frustrating when listening at work, or anywhere really. Please go back to the old way.

  6. Since the Oct 12 update, the App crashes very frequently. It started with just trying to check the scores. Now it will not even load without crashing. I have been using this App for several years and have seen it gets progressively worse with each and every update. Embarrassing App for NHL.

  7. I greatly appreciate that you have made the radio broadcasts free. However, ever since you revamped HOW we access the games, the Radio broadcast of the game cuts out after 30 seconds, especially if you put thr lock screen on. Therefore, this forces me to find the flagship station to listen to the games on my android devices. Please fix this glitch. I will add that this is NOT an issue when I listen to games on my apple iphone or my apple ipod touch. I see I am not the only one experiencing this

  8. Steve S dice:

    They moved the option to listen to radio broadcasts through the app, and made it clunky. Instead of just putting it in the game center for the game you want to listen to, you now have to scroll through a list of every single team to find the broadcast you want. Annoying pointless change

  9. The adds work great, as matter of fact i dont know if the adds ever glitch. Its amazing. Dont try to watch recaps. I live in a Metro of nearly 3 million people and this app dont work like im in the middle of antarctica. But if i had nothing left to watch i could turn on this app and i bet even in antarctica the nhl could get the adds to work.

  10. Your so-called bug fixes and performance enhancements need a thorough going over. When trying to open app it goes to favorite team home page for about 3 or 4 seconds and then just disappears completely. PLEASE FIX this annoying problem. You people need to check your work before disappointing all the others that are going through this as well. As of October 18 app was opened up and appears to be in acceptable working order. Thanks for fixing this!! 4 stars.

  11. The audio option for listening to games is awful. I used to be able to listen with my phone off but not anymore. Shortly after I close my phone the app shuts off. Whoever made the decision to go that route needs to be fired immediately. Bring back the old listening option and I’ll update with 5 stars.

  12. Rarely leave reviews. This has to be my 2nd in a decade. This year’s app is a dismal failure. Game audio broken. Better not leave the audio feed or it’ll stop. Can’t leave app or turn off screen. Game audio in NHL on Android Auto gone. Only shows scores. Both these functions were bulletproof last year. Glorified stats app at this point. Do better. Way better. Please. Also ads? Force me to watch a 30s ad so I can watch an 11s video clip. Good grief. Update 11/30 audio now fixed. Thank you.

  13. I’m really not happy at all with the Chromecast support. I don’t use it often, but when I do need it I’d like it to work. If you are casting, you can’t fast forward or rewind. You have this option when you aren’t casting. I was streaming a live game, but paused for dinner. The game disconnected and I couldn’t get back to the game where I left off. It was still streaming live, but after the end of the game. Then I saw the news feed in the app telling me how the game ended. (I’ve since figured out how to change the home page/screen to not show me news.) I love watching games on my Roku, but trying to cast from this app is terrible. Also, the hide scores works. Unless you click on the game you want to watch on the team page. Then you see the score at the top. You have to click the play icon on the top right and find your game on the list to play it back without seeing the scored. Annoying. Again, this works fine on the Roku channel app. Doesn’t work well enough on the Android app. There are plenty of other wonderful things with this app that I’d love to review, but for me the playback features carry the most weight. If they don’t work right then the app is crippled.

  14. This has to be the most annoying app I’ve ever used. It constantly crashes and I can’t open it again. I’ll try to force stop it, I’ll restart my phone, but nothing works. I literally have reinstall it every time. Also, if and when it does work, the stream is garbage because it will freeze up or the quality gets blurry. There are a few moments where everything seems to work normal and I can watch some of a game but it’s quickly ruined by all the issues I just mentioned. These developers are awful

  15. Awkward video controls. Video does not remember position if you leave video play, so you have to find where you left off if you accidentally leave a game, which is easy to do. Spam and overwhelming amounts of marketing notifications. Video replay is very slow to initialize. This app is very poorly managed, which is a real shame. I’d love it if the NHL had a good video service, but this isn’t it as of Winter 2021.

  16. How hard would it be to have the highlights and ‘must see plays’ this app puts in my status bar open up to stories with videos that will actually play – instead of just load forever or take me to some ad for Verizon wireless. This feature is useless. Maybe you could have the story link to the same video on YouTube, so I don’t have to go there and look it up and play it my self. At least that would be an improvement.

  17. Second season subscribing to nhl.tv, and I don’t think I’ve been able to go through a single game without buffering issues casting to Chromecast. No issues with any other streaming service. Reached out to customer service towards the end of last season and I was told they were working on it but nothing has changed. I’d like to know why they lack the motivation to fix this issue with one of the most popular streaming devices.

  18. I’ve never had a service degrade quite like this one. I bought NHL.tv, but watching live games is trash. It just keeps pausing every 10-15 secs. It didn’t have as much of a problem last year and nearly no problems the year before. If you disconnect from Chromecast it will say you’re logged in at two locations and you can’t start any videos. If you call the tech help they will openly admit to only debugging streaming in the app and will not debug casting issues. It’s pathetic.

  19. Works until it doesn’t and when it doesn’t, most of the time you won’t know why or what changed. Tonight I got a notification that I could watch a goal in a game that the app’s “scores” page doesn’t think has started yet (it’s 9pm ET and none of the 7 & 8pm games show as being in progress). When I opened the video notification, the video wouldn’t play. Meanwhile, the app worked fine 2 days ago.

  20. J C dice:

    I use this app every year during the playoffs to see game times and channels. This year, it’s awful. The widget doesn’t update games and neither does the app, I’ve had to rely on Google for real he scores. Now it won’t even open anymore. It says it’s experienced an unknown error and to force stop and restart the app. I do and still get the same error.

  21. I love that it allows me to watch my favorite team but the fast forward and rewind functions are terrible! The ’80’s has better quality functions plus the score in the bottom left of the screen is never correct! How hard is it to display the proper score with today’s technology! Time to catch up with today’s technologically!!

  22. I would give it 0 stars if I could. The quality of the app has not improved in more than 5 years. Casting the game is a mess and is riddled with errors that drop the feed, the app on the phone freezers more than it should, and every year there is always some type of error related finding your location that doesn’t resolve with out restating the app 3+ times.

  23. Unfortunately with the last update, highlights are much more annoying to watch. For some reason your screen now goes to sleep like it normally would if you don’t touch it for a while even while you’re watching a video full screen. Very annoying to have to tap the screen every few seconds to keep it from dimming and turning off completely.

  24. Love that I can watch every one of my favorite team’s games from afar. Hate that every few weeks, it stops working, tries to make me sign up again, and says it “can’t restore my purchase” of the full season, so I have to uninstall, reinstall, and hope for the best (missing at least half the game. When it works, it’s great… but it doesn’t work nearly enough.

  25. When it works it is great to have. And they do have a month plan available. The problem is their app doesn’t want to work. They blame location services on your phone, on Chromecast, and finally your router. Try to change games and nope, won’t let you watch For $25 a month I expect Netflix, NBCSN or Hulu smoothness. Even Tubi is smoother than this app. What I get is the day ages of streaming. Hopefully next year will be better. 😖😢

  26. Stream quality is good, but frequently buffers despite a strong connection suggest server side issues. Chromecasting works, but if you stop casting it will be awhile before the stream disconnects and you are allowed to use other devices or even cast again (due to onlu 1 stream at a time). Has potential, but current state is unusable. Honestly, its surprising that service would be this bad when they are offering 1-week trials. Hope to see a better product in a few years.

  27. Seems like there’s always something wrong with the app, but as a displaced fan the NHL gets my $130 a year. Most recent issue is with the ads that load when your feed goes to commercial break… since the NHL isn’t collecting revenue from those ads on the native feed they pump in these other ads to make $. This causes an unexpected error to occur at the beginning of every commercial break; requiring a restart of the stream, or cast, only after commercials end and the game has resumed.

  28. 1. Casting to Chromecast disables the 30 second skip buttons, and often loses ability to scrub (scroll to specific time). Terrible video control at the best of times and useless at the worst. 2. Very expensive considering the blackout rules. I live in Iowa (no NHL teams) yet I can’t watch any Blackhawks, Blues, or Wild games. That makes sense…

  29. NHL charged my credit card, but gives me errors on all devices when trying to watch games. Multiple times on hold for hours with customer service and always eventually have to give up. No response to customer support emails either. So basically, you have my money – but I can’t watch games, can’t speak to anyone, and can’t get a response from anyone to fix my account. I sure hope they take into account the number of games I’ll have missed if/when they fix my account. Problems every season!!

  30. Works great on phone/tablet, but forget trying to use it with a Chromecast. Can’t start the games live (welcome to the “game starting soon” screen with NO WAY to go to live action). Constant buffering. Trying to switch to another game? Uh-uh. The app will tell you that you’re device is already being used somewhere else. Yeah it is. ON MY PHONE! Every year I think they can’t make this app any worse. Every year I’m wrong.

  31. NHL.tv is basically hot garbage on the web and this android app. It’s good for about 5-10 minutes of action, then will hang until you restart the app… Oh and if you are having good luck with the stream and decide to Chromecast to your TV, you will lose the ability to rewind or fast forward.. You have to stop casting, restart the video, get to the spot you want to watch and hit cast again. Like I said hot garbage… even after years of problems and complaints, it doesn’t ever get better.

  32. Do not purchase a subscription through this app! Warning! I bought a full year subscription back in Sep. Preseason starts and no access. They have a record of the purchase, they have the money, but no access granted. First support call hangs up on me. Second one tells me, after 35mins, to email them screenshots of the error messages stating I can’t get any games to play. They state they can see the subscription purchase, but it is not active. Will NOT refund the purchase, and will NOT turn on

  33. Streaming for live and archived games lacks features on a Chromecast. You can’t fast forward, rewind, or go to live. You have to watch archived games from the beginning, as it will not let you skip ahead in the game on the interface. The quality of the stream is good with fast internet. Will increase rating once improvememts are made to the PAID service.

  34. I love hockey. I love being able to watch any game I want live from any device. The app works great as long as you’re paying the money. But it’s super confusing that there are multiple subscription packages available from different providers. The app doesn’t let you view or manage your account. The app is only for accessing content. Considering the cost (NHL.tv $25/mo) regional blackouts suck. Getting charged during the off season is pretty cheesy too. Probably won’t renew in the future.

  35. If you have chromecast, I hope you like buffering. I know it can’t be true, but it’s like it’s done on purpose, when the game gets good, a rush scoring chance, guess what, buffer city, right when it gets good, your team is up by 1 and there’s 1 minute to play, they pull the goalie, guess what, it’s buffer time.

  36. The NHL.tv service from top to bottom is poor, and gives the impression that they know we have no other options. The app has glitches-galore, mostly with its casting ability. I have to uncast and recast every time I want to switch games on my Chromecast or SmartTV. I’ve been blacked out several times from games that I verified weren’t televised in my area. I’ve been locked out of my account stating it is in use elsewhere; was untrue. Customer service is a joke, phone and email alike. (more)

  37. Love the app, great work. I have noticed over the last two seasons you have introduced podcasts, and that also us awesome. I would like to suggest making the podcasts available in it’s own menu, like stats, scores, teams, and all the others on the side drop down menu. It would make for much easier access for them, and as a great tool for news, I think its underutilized right now.

  38. I have notifications set for news and my team only. But for some reason I constantly get notifications for videos. Just got one about Ovechkin and Stamkos doing something. I DON’T CARE. There is no way to stop this from the app. And it gets VERY annoying when there are a bunch of games on. Your phone will not stop going off unless you turn off the notifications completely. UPDATE: Just got 3 “ICYMI” notifications. THIS IS NOT NEWS! THESE ARE HIGHLIGHTS! News is someone getting injured or fired.

  39. This app has always been a pain for the 6 years I have used it. Now (Android 10) it constantly buffers even though my internet speed is over 200mbps, and cannot cast to my Chromecast without either giving an error that I can’t stream on multiple devices, buffers even longer, or doesn’t load at all. The website is still the only way to watch the games which is unfortunate for paying so much.

  40. So despite having a setting to “Hide Scores”, that only works on the current game or the most recently finished game. When selecting a previous game from the schedule – it IMMEDIATELY shows the scores (despite the setting). Just uninstalling to avoid it spoiling any more games for me. Oh – and it didn’t look like I had an option to watch the entire game, so spoiled it for nothing.

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