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Officially Licensed MLB Team Management Simulation Game
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# 2022 season opener, new GM and returning GM events are now live!
– Beginner guides massively improved and user event rewards greatly increased!

– Experience the vast history of MLB, from the 30 major league teams to retired legendary players.
– Build your own team with MLB players.
– Scout players through realistic trade, scout and FA markets.
– The realistic photos of active and retired players from 30 teams are applied.

– Experience the essence of a management game with a sophisticated and realistic data-based simulation engine.
– Manage realistic games in the palm of your hand.

– Bring out the best from players with various year, all-star, dual team chemistry effects.
– Instruct detailed tactics for each player and strategically determine your batting order and defense.

– Create your own powerful players by combining various skills to bring out their true potential.
– Upgrade players and activate the records that the players actually achieved to test the limit.
– Upgrade your player card grade from Normal to Ultimate to further increase stats.

– League/Ladder Mode: Take on the role of a GM and lead your team to become
World Series Champions.
– Tournament: Compete against users from around the globe in real-time to emerge
– Club Match: Share strategic information to make your team stronger and face off

Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of Major League Baseball. Visit Officially Licensed Product of MLB Players, Inc. MLBPA trademarks, copyrighted works and other intellectual property rights are owned and/or held by MLBPA and may not be used without the written consent of MLBPA or MLB Players, Inc. Visit, the Players Choice on the web.

* Minimum Requirements:
– Runs on any device that has at least 1 GB memory.

* Network Game
– The game requires online connection. Please note that there will be a 800MB
additional resource download when installed for the first time.


* Access permission notice for gameplay
· STORAGE: The authority is required to use an external memory storage for additional downloads.

※ You’ll be able to enjoy the service except features related to above authorities even if you don’t give permission to the above.


* Minimum Requirement
– Runs on any device that has at least 1 GB memory.

* Network Game
– The game requires online connection. Please note that there will be a 800MB additional resource download when installed for the first time.

* Language support : English, 한글, 中文繁體 and 日本語.

• Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.

• For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, visit
– Terms of Service :
– Privacy Policy :

• For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting


- Team Chemistry System Renewed: Synergy System Introduced
- Changing Players Screen changed
- Ladder entry conditions changed

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40 comentarios en "MLB 9 Innings GM 2022"

  1. I really enjoy MLB 9 Innings 20 and decided to give this a shot since i enjoy manager games. Pro: It’s a stable game. Lots of players. Many player upgrade options. Solid strategy options for both players and teams. Lots of free goodies. Con: There is no “back” button to return to a previous screen. The layout feels cluttered and unintuitive compared to MLB 9 Innings. There is no color-blind option which makes differentiating between certain player grades difficult.

  2. There needs to be a way to guarantee upgrading players, like using coins vs AP in regular MLB 9 Innings. Coins are too hard to come by and too expensive to buy to waste every time I want to try to upgrade someone and watch it fail 80% of the time. It’s impossible to get your players to a level to compete in the higher leagues unless you want to spend a small fortune on a mobile game. I was having fun for a while, but feel like I’ve hit a wall of not being able to win without paying up.

  3. Love the game, don’t love the developers. We’ve been waiting forever for the new patch and unfortunately this game is extremely pay to win. Regardless, once you get started you need to keep grinding to get a decent team, but at times the struggle seems worth it. It’s tough sometimes to compete though, tons or players in who pay for this game hardcore or hack and get away with it.

  4. Its not a bad game for what it is. Definitely needs to be fixed and little things need to be worked out to make the game smoother, but I unfortunately will probably be uninstalling due to every ten minutes my game kicks me out, and it’s usually in the middle of roster movement of card trading. Good game but I’m back on the search.

  5. This could be such a good game, but it won’t be because of how damn expensive all the items are. It’s so hard to advance your team once you reach a certain point.

  6. Dh L dice:

    Like a teash, 1. Not enough players. This game only has less than 1% of player in MLB history. More over, the company continue to delete core players. (Just week ago more than 700 players are deleted. This means that the players you put effort and times can be deleted anytime without any notice). This game is insane. 2. Forcing to use player who equipped record. Due to its crazy record update, gamers are forced to use players equipped award record. This makes all the decks are same.

  7. It’s fun and allows you to enjoy lots of time playing.

  8. Want to completely delete team and account and start over from scratch but do not see an option to do so. I like the game but the fact that there isnt a “reset data” or “reset game” in the options is horrible. every other game that i have played has had something like that except for this one.

  9. 9/27/22. I don’t like the newest update. Can’t figure out how to do anything. After 3 years of playing, I’m deleting the stupid game

  10. Don’t get me wrong, game/graphics are great but spending 96,000 in game coin currency to get ONE level upgrade out of possible 10, bit ridiculous! I do like & enjoy the game/graphics but nearly 100,000 in game currency to move ONE player up ONE grade level? Seriously development or rather, the people who really get the money. Game is entertaining, hoops to jump, not so much. Point being, do NOT spend real life money on the game, it’ll only lead to disappointment!

  11. This game can be a ton of fun at times. However, the poor explanations and awkward phrasing for tips makes it hard to understand how certain parts of the game works. There are frequent “temporary errors,” that become tedious to both with. Additionally, MVPs in league seasons heavily favor pitchers even when a batter had an objectively better season and stats.

  12. Its a very complex game with a huge learning curve. I love baseball and wanted to like this game but in the end its just a hot mess of simming garbage. I dont feel the need to spend hours grinding and learning something when I cant determine the outcome through my play. I downloaded the game on 2 separate occasions and both times i felt cheated. The core of this game seems to be simming games and upgrading players and thats not enough to hold my interest. Uninstalled this simming junk.

  13. garbage I had so much stuff in my head at how good this game could be but when I clicked the app it took over 30 minutes to just get to the game part.The tutorial was awful it’s hard to know what to do in the game. When you play in a game you cant be a base coach or a bench coach. You don’t say when a new pitcher comes in or where to shift your players in the infield or outfield. This game is a disappointment and I wouldn’t play if I were you.Its a waste of time and takes up a lot of memory.

  14. I downloaded the whole game and all the additional files and was super excited to play. But then it wouldn’t load past the user verification. I waited 1 hour and nothing. I don’t think I’m going to waste my time redownloading the whole thing again. You should fix this so it doesn’t happen to other users.

  15. The most enjoyable MLB manager game. It’s not a real manager like ootp, but it’s a fun game, with lots to do and keep you occupied. Graphics are fun. It is pay-to-win, so don’t take it too seriously. I hate that player upgrades are a gamble. I worked for that gold, money, and upgrades, and now they just gamble it away, and put up ads for the store. Very scummy. They should make it fair play, and just sell things like ball parks to make money.

  16. I’ve been playing this for 2 years now and the main thing I want to see put into this game is a market to list our players to sell to others. There have been lots of players that I have “traded” and got nothing useful, when other users could complete a team with something I don’t need. One of your previous games had this option, so I know you can add this.

  17. Yes needs to be away to guarantee of upgrading players. It’s disappointing when you buy gold and use it to upgrade for it to fail. You just feel like your try to suck more money out of the players. Apart from that good game for me.

  18. TheBoss dice:

    If you like games of strategy, this game is very good and programming is well managed. They stay on top of in game glitches and resolve them fast. Customer service has improved. Alot of the problems with CS can be improved with fluent English understanding reps. The game is the best MLB card & simulation game on the mkt. Its affordable for P2P and free accts can survive with hard work. Negatives are lack of roster spots to collect cards, and offerings get stale. Recmd game to all.

  19. I thought it was a great game, till i noticed that my team keeps losing, i’ve trained my players put only Pittsburgh players in my line-up with 4 classic players and still not able to win. I have a good pitching staff, with a good bullpen, and closer but still they give 8 or runs a game. Fix this please. At this time i would not recommend this game.

  20. After downloading the game and all the additional files. I logged into the game with my Google account after that it said the upgrade is done. The game closed and I opened it again and now it is stuck on user verification. I was so looking forward to it because I love management games.

  21. There is a lot going on in this game. You have scouting reports, analysis for up coming games, players condition, upgrades out the wazoo, and a lot of other things that keep you playing. Might seem a bit daunting at first but play a game or two and mess with your teams roster and things will start coming together. So far my STL Cardinals are doing pretty good, just wish they could get some of the players I have in real life.

  22. Couldn’t log in after last update (2/2/2020).,then uninstalled and reinstalled but still no response. I can’t send you an inquiry with my hive ID# cause I can’t open the game to find out what it is. Losing a lot of rewards from events. And I’m sure my club dropped me because I haven’t been playing. I see others are experiencing the same issue. I hope the upgrades you made were worth losing so many loyal players.

  23. Since last update it only gives a black screen when opening the app. Uninstalled, cleared cache, reinstalled and still not working. It’s a shame as this was enjoyable when it would function properly.

  24. Everyone DawnIaod (WHAFF) App for FREE MONEY Now. Absolutely, Lovely game!. Really It’s veryenjoyable Cool level game. I am in level m.put one annozing thing about this game is that therest team had got much better weapons thanthe left team. I’ve been getting more feed back whatsoever regarding my game that freezesi out of m games to play. I lost a lot ofpoints because of this issue, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my internet con-nection. The game completely freezing. Please mix this hug, this has been going on the new.

  25. Would be a much better and more enjoyable game if player upgrades could not fail. You play for a week just to upgrade a player and it fails. Lame part not simulated well at all they just want you to pay up to try again.

  26. Lots of potential but the match making is t even close to competitive. You’ll never be put in a league that has you rated better than 5th. If your team is 1500 points there will be atleast 4 other teams way better and one that’s over 2000 points. You’ll always make the playoffs and always play those teams and always lose every game against them. Maybe if I put real money into it I’ll get put in a league I can compete in

  27. Well i would rate the game.mich better but there match up system is very very terrible. And trying to complete the weekly stuff is almost impossible as i can not even finishnit because they pair me up with people who have alot of ultimates and not a very good team chemistry while i have a high team chemistry and all elites and i loose left and right input my ultimates in and loose even worse. So i rate the game as terrible play unless youbare a big money spender then you will do fine

  28. I really enjoy this game. I would give it 5 stars if it weren’t a pay to win game, though you can occasionally get lucky if you have the right players and strategies in play. They do well to give lots of chances to get you a good player, it just takes awhile to get them really good. You do play in groups of the same skill level during a season. The strategies and skills are unique to any baseball game I’ve encountered, so it has a rare appeal factor that I enjoy. All in all this really fun. TY

  29. After updating on February 3, the game no longer loads. Black screen only. Cleared cache, re-installed, etc etc. Not very happy given I played daily and spent a bit of money on a game I can no longer play.

  30. This game gets boring. It has to be more gun.

  31. I got the playgame now and the twist and turn of building the team. Technically best and the Graphic is good also. Please fix the the necessary return button. I keep on going back to main page and return to player roster.

  32. i tried playing this game a while back after wanting to try something new from playing the other 9 innings game and i gotta be honest, this game ha alot more stratagy put into it and it makes it alot of fun. not as good players have a hcance at being better based on your chemistry and team composition. i really recommend this to anyone who wants the full general manager expierence and have fun time doing so.

  33. Loved this app until the 2/3/20 update. Now app wont start at all. Very dissapointed. Had to unistall app😤 will reinstall app, but it takes forever…..but fixed issue with reinstallation and playing as guest and hive so 2x the fun. You guys are good in my book!!

  34. Good game but wish you could trade player to other players and do better at upgrading players. I have two players of the same color and it won’t merge them together. Kinda of frustrating, but still a good game.

  35. Potentially a very good game but ultimately the game is stacked towards those who spend. Offers you odds of 84% to keep an elite when trading yet I have lost as many as I have won at that rate. Don’t waste your time or money on this tripe.

  36. Gameplay in leagues was okay, even though people had all star lineups in Rookie leagues, but upgrading players was horrible. There’s a glitch where it will overlay a card from the shop on top of your player to where you can’t give points to the attributes of a player.

  37. Tyler C dice:

    Great game but need to make it where you can have more than one classic/legendary and season player in your lineup. You end up with all these awesome cards you can’t put in your line up. Other than that the game is great.

  38. PURELY Pay 2 Win. The game is purely RNG and way too many times will you lose to teams that you are far surperior to for no reason at all as it’s all simulated, so the player has no direct control over anything at all. If you face any Asian teams , you’re screwed altogether since they all paid to have OP players/teams

  39. E- roc dice:

    Its ok. After playing for over a year there’s no good rewards …just low grade cards. Hard to enjoy when you keep getting low grade rewards. Even after training your players to max levels.

  40. Horrible, if I could give it a negative I would, cheating assed game,f&&$ing bad. You lose to teams that are 100+ points lower than yours , and never get any of the the elite players on your team. 12/28/19 reinstalled after a month or so, and thought I would give it another try, nothing has changed in the sense that you lose to teams that you should have no problems beating, I’m a level 2300+ and lose to teams 2000 and below. I honestly tried to like this game.1/2 star outs 5

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