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Become the Best Skater, show off your skills with insane tricks!
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Skateboard like the Best!

Choose your board and get ready for a thrilling ride on the Halfpipe! Slide down the ramps at high speed to reach outrageous heights and become the best Skateboarder on the Planet!

Travel the globe on the most amazing environments and leave your Skateboarder print all over the World! Do amazing tricks – Nose grabs, rocket airs, frontside airs – Beat the highest scores and show your mad skills to the World!

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Travel the World and choose your favourite location to Skate! From Miami Beach to Lake Baikal, take on the variety of ramps available for you!


Pick your favourite board from a huge lot of possibilities! Make sure you skate in style! Unlock upgrades for the boards to make sure you maximise your score!


Unlock and Perform insane trick combinations to keep your streak rolling! Beat the highest scores by executing the most dangerous tricks and reaching mad heights!


Unlock & Upgrade a set of super cool characters! Every character as its own stats, make sure you try them all! They are waiting for you!


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This game does not require internet connection and can be played offline.


The BEST SKATER GAME on Mobile has arrived:

- Explore challenging Half Pipes around the world!

- Boost your score with insane tricks!

- Challenge yourself by completing daily quests!
- Collect and upgrade unique skateboards!
- Unlock and upgrade the coolest characters around!


40 comentarios en "Flip Skater MODDED"

  1. It seems like a fun game, but there are WAY too many ads interrupting the pace. After every third run it forces you to watch a 30+ second ad. Sometimes you might accidentally fail after a few seconds of playing so you’ll end up spending more time watching ads than playing the game. Having optional ads to get bonuses or whatever is fine, but the unskippable “ad breaks” kind of ruin the game. I’d even be willing to pay a couple dollars to get rid of them, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

  2. This is a fun game with a lot of potential. The main problems I have found are these. The daily free prize is always coins and never boards, people, places, or tricks. It becomes boring and repetitive very quickly when you don’t unlock new things, but it isn’t good enough to drive me to purchase, it is driving me towards deleting. It is easy enough to get good at quickly but the drive to continue playing is not there.

  3. I enjoy the game a lot. The want to grind to get more tricks, boards and skaters is awesome. However the ONLY thing I don’t like (and this can easily be fixed) is every so often my game glitches and bugs me out in the middle of landing. When this happens I can’t move at all. I can only spin around and do flips but there is no way out of it unless you quit the game. I set a record for myself multiple times but it always seems to glitch out when I go for over 5 minutes. Please fix this!!!

  4. This game is great for killin time and its addictive, I just wish we had options for changing outfits, clothes, hair, and tatoos. Also I don’t like that u gotta pay for new skaters or just win them at random as a prize, but other than that the graphics are cool and so are the controls and gameplay. if it weren’t for the options like I said, I’d have given it 5 stars instead of 4 but other than that it’s great. Keep up the good work!

  5. Dhbroad dice:

    This game has so much potential, ads aren’t too bad either, but the prize machine is completely random so unless you get lucky, you’re stuck doing the same trick over and over and over again. If tricks were unlocked linearly, or in some other way besides the prize machine, it would keep this game from feeling so samey and grindy, but as for right now, that’s how it feels and it gets old quick

  6. It’s ok. Can be fun but the tricks get too hard to land because you’re going too fast to make sure your board lines up perfectly. Would be nice if it realigned by itself. Also I don’t mind choosing to view ads for bonuses which is a nice touch, but very much dislike forced ads especially video ads with sound at inappropriate times, so every single time a forced ad comes up I refuse to watch and close the app for the rest of the day, limiting play time and enjoyment for an already limited game.

  7. This game really doesn’t have many ads at least for me. This game has potential. But, there aren’t many tricks or boards to buy.

  8. Brilliant game only catch is the amount of coins youg get you may play for Abt 10 minutes non stop while only getting a small amount of coins for each round

  9. It’s quick and responsive. There are 1 to 4 adds every 45 min and all the adds can be exited in 4 seconds of it being played. I highly recommend getting this app if you are looking for a game to play that suites any location, literally. This game is perfect for the toilet, the coach, the bed and more. Get it, you won’t regret it.

  10. It’s a good game a.little hard but fun to play I like the game a lot It’s a really good game to play for kids

  11. Love it, but I wish there was another way to “save” yourself other then watching an ad Because if I’m trying to play offline and I need to save my character I click the save me button and it doesn’t work to save it just restarts you again. If the game can tell if I’m offline it should change the ad to a mini game to where I have to tap really fast to or something instead. Just an idea because that one bit is the only gripe I seem to have it’s super fun and quick and easy to pick up. Go miniclip you guys are on a roll with this one pun totally intended.

  12. All of the hearts quickly have to do and I just want more skateboards and because I don’t like ads and for some reason this is kinda hard but I’m very glad that you can just skip to aunt’s when it says break ad I meant to say add break

  13. It is really good but you should ad better graphics

  14. I thought it was good but ads and the stuff u have to get is very difficult to me well I think it’s still a good game how u can pick up the piñatas and do different types of fun tricks very good and very good review from Me so u should definitely get this game but I hate to just need to get like the beach i wish u could just like do the tricks on a park rale like u normally do it’s very cool but as I rate it a 4 because its like a interception game ads come through for ad breaks are annoying.

  15. Rj Mcfly dice:

    Mr Tony Hawk propably wondering why he not being featured in this game(ie. Avatar🏂)…+®️umor has it: Kelly Slater almost gave-up surfing🏄‍♂️ after witnessing the demo. Lol. Hypothetical buzz aside: this game +gamplay really being that 🆒, that the aforementioned statements not being that far-off from the truth… & a possible reality. Worthy depictions, worthy app🎮. 🆒👏

  16. awesome game can do good trick combos and the transitions are seemless, easy to learn how to play too. only thing I would like them to add is a create a character. Also side note so many people have had a problem with the prize machine I’ve only played the game for under 2-4 hours and got all the tricks, half the boards and almost all the maps I guess its down to luck, anothet side note the game doesn’t throw ads at your face most games do this but this one doesn’t.

  17. I love the game and it’s so fun and entertaining but the thing is that some skate parks have glitches such as the Australian one you can’t enter a specific part of the track and there is money there. Also another thing, the speed sometimes I can’t go to the track’s normal speed and sometimes I go more than the regular speed. So please fix those bugs.

  18. The gamer re mind me, one of my games that I used to play, but it’s a little too hard to Land what it’s it’s alright

  19. I can never get the game to open. I click on the app it shows a blue screen that says flip skater but that’s as far as it goes. every so often I can actually play the game but then it’s overrun by commercials. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anybody. I wouldn’t even recommend this anyone even if it was just to waste time. terrible from start to finish.

  20. I have never written a review for any app on GooglePlay. Like Ever. Me actually taking the time to write one should tell you something about this app. It is a great game to pass the time. The graphics are amazing, the controls are simple, and most importantly, the adds are not overly used. There are some games out there that play an add after every round of a game. I absolutely hate that. These developers dont do that. You can get a decent amount of play before you have to watch an add.

  21. Downloaded the game it seemed fun started tutorial first trick went well then it crashed. Tried it again went a bit farther, then crashed agian. Deleted the app downloaded agian but it crashed agian. Restarted phone guess what. It crashed. Agian. Terrible game.

  22. Most enjoyable and best skate game on Android Play in my opinion. Kills time if your waiting and cures bordem and if like me, then it’s a fun concept collecting coins and gems to improve stats and unlock more features and it takes a long time to do. I’ve had this game a few months now and play it a few times a week but I usually find this few times i end up playing for hours because it’s addictive and fun. Maybe a timeless classic that could still be enjoyed many years down the line.

  23. Tim S. dice:

    Overall a decent game. It’s a shame you aren’t able to unlock many tricks to begin with but overall the ads are manageable and the game itself is quite addictive. There is some lag present though which doesn’t make sense as I have a Ultra + 5G and super fast broadband so this should eliminate lag.

  24. Very good game, but there seems to be a glitch on the Nanning stage, also my greatest frustration is that I still get upgrades for skaters and boards that have already been fully upgraded whereas there are skaters and boards that I haven’t even won yet. This is a major problem that needs to be fixed.

  25. love hate at best. Has potential ,>I’m addicted to the IDEA of a cool half pipe game but this one immediately falls short with lack of momentum programmed in, the guy spins 4,5 times but then magically defies physics and always stops spinning mid air with his back positioned to the ground . you cant land it and what’s funny is I tried to just not be greedy , just do some spins but with tons of room left to fall, stop spinning but no they always make you square up with ramp face first or back 1st.

  26. Maybe better on a tablet? Too hard to see the skater and know which direction they are facing. Additionally, the skater continues to turn after you let go of the button or screen, so you can’t play it safe midair. Not fun. Uninstalled.

  27. It’s fun passes the time and all. Couple things..it would be nice if you could arrange the tricks in a custom order to suit your style..noticed all tricks are listed as common…are there more more “rare tricks coming on future updates? Maybe have it where you can disable some to add others..or continue to build the buttons up the side… hope this is helpful.

  28. I’m not a fan. It’s difficult to see the perspective of the skater’s board so even when you think you’ve got it lined up right he will still face plant. It also doesn’t help that when you tap and hold to spin the skater in the air he will continue to spin even after you’ve let go. The graphics are cool but the gameplay and controls are a bit naff. Didn’t play it for more than five minutes.

  29. you can only get tricks, skaters, boards, and maps through the prize machine or purchasing with actual money. if you use the prize machine, it usually gives you coins. it’s less coins than it costs to spin. the graphics are cool. but because you can’t get anything including tricks, it becomes boring real fast.

  30. this game is fun. I do enjoy it as a good time killer,however, the prize machine seems to ever only give out one extra trick to get. I’ve been playing this game for close to a month and have only ever gotten one extra trick to pull off. I’m not the only one to have this issue either it seems. if the prize machine were to give out more tricks then I would have given it a 5 star rating.

  31. Great game. But there are some issues.1: I am not getting any tricks from the spin machine.2: The spin machine gives me the items that are already unlocked. It happens most of the time. Otherwise the game is doing well.!!!! PLEASE FIX THESE PROBLEMS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!

  32. Decent. Not as great as the other flipping games. Ragdoll physics are sometimes glitchy and gameplay isn’t that great. Characters are improved as each character has different stats but I think smaller changes in different characters would be better.

  33. The game is fun and has a lot of challenges, good graphics sound and rewards. But it gets along the way boring because you get to do a lot of repeating the stunts even with different characters. My suggestion is you add more stunts, frequent challenges and more rewards. Otherwise 4 stars is enough.

  34. Fun lil skate game. Good sound effects. Some good attention to details. Few changes i would make would be; Add more tricks like plants, stalls, or lip tricks. Add flip tricks aswell,”not talking about front or back flips” and not just spin grabs. All in all a cool little game. Has a lot of potential for sure.

  35. Don’t get me wrong, this app is super fun. The grafics at first are a little bad, but all you need to do is go to settings and click high detail. One thing that is bad though is that there is a decent amount of adds, which is very annoying. To stop that, I just simply turn my wifi off. But overall I love this game and think it is very fun

  36. i actually like the game. but you guys gotta make it easier to get more tricks. I’ve had this game for 3 months now and still inly have 3 tricks. I have spent money to get more spins, but will either get more coins, board, or map. i would like to be able to get mire tricks without having to spend money.

  37. Its a really good game, and I play it a lot! There is just a couple flaws, though… the coins are hard to come by unless you have good tricks, but you also need coins to GET tricks… also, most of the time when I won a prize it was a skateboard… 95 percent of the time…

  38. So the game is great. Not much ads. But i just have 1 complaint. When you spin the prize machine, you can get the same thing you have already gotten. When that happened to me i didnt get coins back. I spent 150 coins just to get the same board and it wouldnt even let me get my coins back. Otherwise that, its an amazing game

  39. Good way to pass time. Only problem i have with game so far is the spin feature. Constantly given coins or upgrades for boards or riders. Never a trick. All after playing game for about 2 weeks now. Definitely not 1 of those game you want to delete but!.

  40. nice graphs, good sounds and music, fun to play and to come back to. only thing bad is all the coin grabbing to get new stuff. So far I’ve got one trick only and it’s really disappointing. but it’s still good fun. skipable ads are also great.

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