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SLAM DUNK! Ardent Story Never Die! Fight for the National Championship!

《SLAM DUNK from TV Animation》is a Real-Time 3v3 Basketball game adapted from the Japanese Anime – “Slam Dunk”. The production is supervised by Toei Animation and distributed by DeNA. Meet the original characters, watch the orginal story and those classic scenes. You will be able to use those familiar skills like “Hua Hua Defense”, “Akagi Dunk” and “Lightning Fast”; experience the strength of each high-school basketball team. Let’s ignite your passion for basketball and feel those touching moment through the competitions. Enjoy creating and developing your very own playing technique!

.Official Licensed by Toei Animation! Completely Revive The Classic Story!
Enjoy watching more than 10 chapters of the original scenes through the Story Mode. Reminisce that youthful summer, and watch the development pathway of the Shohoku Basketball rookie – Hanamichi Sakuragi.

.Real-time Battle! Various Ways to Emerge Your Basketball Skill!
Apart from Half-Court 3v3, you may enjoy numerous styles of playing such as 1v1 Solo Match, 2v2 Duo Match, Full-Court 3v3, Full-Court 5v5. Don’t forget to form a team with your friends to double the fun!

.National Tournament Begins! Dominate National Champion!
Form a team with your friends and start the road to champion! Participate the 3-minute match tournament. Demonstrate your very own basketball technique, and challenge nationwide players. Fight to become the new No.1!

.All characters Assemble! Original Japanese CV!
Official Licensed by Toei Animation, meet the whole set of Slam Dunk characters here.

.Basketball Genius is born! Challenge The Whole Country to Become The Winner!
Those unique skills of Hanamichi Sakuragi, Kaede Rukawa, Akira Sendoh and Shinichi Maki are revived. Unbox your basketball ability, defeat the challengers from all over the country and become the champion.

.Cross-server Battle is Ready! 3 Minutes Fair Play!
Enlarge your group of friends; tab one button to receive all friend requests at once! Enjoy the matches with your friends anywhere and anytime. Don’t forget to select Honor Division, which represents your city before compete with the others to become the strongest basketball player in the country.


※Fix some known issues


40 comentarios en "SLAM DUNK from TV Animation MODDED 2022"

  1. I just started playing this game a week and a half ago, and I already have a bunch of characters unlocked, with my Mitsui one upgrade away from fully maxed. Early game they throw lots of free progression items at you, and it is greatly appreciated, but be warned, they slow down significantly later. So try to find an online tutorial on how you should start your game to avoid wasting precious resources. All in all, its a great game. Theres occasionally bugs, and some menus can be confusing. 8/10

  2. Gemster dice:

    I would rate this higher but, there’s really some problems I have with it. Spinning on the diamond roulette 30 times just to get nothing good. So your going to have to spin 40 times until you get the automatic legendary crystal from scratch. I’ve completed the main story and almost for the side. Nothing more for me to do there, there can be more missions added. Not just the same repeated for the same loot but a little more. And some skill card/characters are pretty pricey. But pretty fun game.

  3. Gameplay wise this game is amazing. I love how each character is unique and has a combination of different moves and skills. I do wish that there was a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter to make the match longer or at least a 1st and 2nd half. Getting Characters in this game via gems is a nightmare. I have spend more than 2000 gems and have yet to gain a character. Although I do admit it’s only 60 gems for a roulette spin, it’s almost not worth it. I hope the developers can be more user friendly.

  4. Sean Tan dice:

    I can’t seem to play the game, the loading screen is stuck and never goes beyond to the landing page. Do help, I really like the game but can’t seem to play it at all, down time seems to be a constant issue of the developers.

  5. I hope the devs fix this quikly, I have failed to enter four times in a row i cant play it just stuck in the screen before the match started and freeze more than 5 minutes, Even though after that I managed to get in I always get an afk warning and then the system deducted 3 points.

  6. Always lag. Developer never make improvent on lagging issue since game was launched. In solo rank matches, always set to team up with very lower rank and noob players. Its better to wait longer in queue rather than team up with weak teammates. Was once lose 13 times in a row due to having weak teammates. Gonna stop playing soon

  7. James Ha dice:

    Please limit the waiting time for a Rank Match to a maximum of 10 minutes for those that are in a high rank. 20 minutes wait for Superstar Rank is too long. Over one hour wait for Ultimate Ace Rank is too long. This is for North America Server 1. Rank Match Mode. Just limit the waiting time for Rank Match to 10 mins max. We do not want to wait a long time finding a match successfully just because there is no players that match our rank and performance.

  8. The game couldn’t allow me to log into the game after the recent update. I have to uninstall and install the app to able to play the game. It will stuck at the loading front page of Sakuragi and Maki. I am using Huawei Mate 20 and using Facebook login. Please fix this….

  9. Asuka 06 dice:

    Stuck in the loading screen. Cleared cache and uninstalled the game. But still stuck in the same thing. Please fix it. I’m losing daily rewards

  10. It’s very nice to play😁 but that’s why I put 3 stars because I would like in the next update to remove the weekly buy 200 diamonds from the cards, before you can buy 200 cards per day, but why did you do it weekly?😔😔 I’ll only make it 5 stars when you remove the weekly buy in data mall😒

  11. Dave Pan dice:

    Make to reduce a lot of leveling equipments like Abilities, Skins, and Attributes it may causes of overpowered, unfairable matchmaking, unbalanced and make it seems pay to stronger or win gameplay style that so buy the expensive price on the shop, many player can play this to try only not make it continuing to play, instead to make leveling the SLAMDUNK players only and depends on players gaming skill. Hopefully, Full court 5 vs 5 playable in Rank match on next many updates.

  12. Liyo ooo dice:

    The game itself is good, it accurately portrays the traits of the characters as seen in the “anime”, with that being said it has a small scale number of characters to obtain. However, you offset this by putting the so-called ultra/advanced characters still, hope that there will be some sort of crossover or collaboration in the future.

  13. Ron Luna dice:

    The only SLAM DUNK game on Google Play. It contains all scenes and theme songs of the anime. English and Japanese CV can be chosen as the voice of the characters in the app. It doesn’t contain video ads but contains lots of in-app purchases options.

  14. Why it take so long to update? You update in playstore, then, after when you open the app, another downloading again. So much hassle, not like before.

  15. Most player frustrations about this game can be traced to 1 ultimate problem, MATCHMAKING. This is what created the atmosphere of toxic player behaviors. Those who mock, throw games and curse other players are products of this broken system. And with the SDM devs’ low IQ, the best ‘solution’ they could come up with was to implement a ridiculous RNG. It achieved nothing and only punished the weaker team even more. The game also punishes solo players by pairing them with low ranking players.

  16. I loved this game consistently since S2, bought season pass and M value card, because you can grind you favorite players. BUT the moment you added advance cards and locked behind a paywall is a definite NO-NO, this is where casual players will have NO CHANCE against Whales. This is the beginning of a dying game as of early 2023

  17. I was kick during a ranked match, went back into the game forced to reenter the match, 5-10 minutes pass and I’m stuck in the loading screen, I closed the game and turn it back on same thing happens. FIX IT!! 😡

  18. Ralph dice:

    At first, I enjoyed playing the game. But as you play more, you always get to team up with selfish Uozomi and Mitsui bots. Fujima bot doesn’t move. Matchmaking always puts me with a selfish user, instead of the opposing team. Bots are surprisingly better than you. The game also takes so much of phone storage. Beginning to lose interest. I might delete the game soon.

  19. What happened on this app?after the patch update.i cant open it anymore? I have reinstalled it twice but still no response.

  20. After last update i cant login to the game, eventhough i reinstalled the game. Its day 2 already.. Maybe its time to leave this game

  21. Mechanic almost like fs1 but char have their own skillset. Not much P2W. (2020) Hav a lot of lagging issue and bug after maintenance lately, new advance character turning game into a bit P2W, F2P can still compete but take lot of grinding time, matching system isn’t good now due to lower in population and there a lot of toxic player who will ruin your rank (report system can’t help). (2022)

  22. still, the queing for UA to Hall of fame takes too much time. the problem is if your UA you will only find match against UA also, same goes to LEGENDARY you will be only matched with LEGENDARY so if there’s an season reset if you got rank up fast you will not have a que on rank. AND PLEASE DONT REPLY AND TELLING ME THE SYSTEM IS BASED ON SKILL OR SOMETHING CAUSE ONCE YOU GET TO FSD (Highest rank) you will get matched against UA which is 3 rank below. your matchmaking is broken FIX IT!

  23. why it doesnt proceed to the game since the latest update i think theres a bug were im stuck in the loading screen. please help me

  24. Please fix. Reaching level 10 force the player to tap Team but the Team page does not show in full. The button inside is not accessible because it is more than half hidden.

  25. popipop dice:

    worse after the update.. my training card shard suddenly gone.. and the lag is still the same after the update.

  26. This game sucks 😔 I like to play these but since this game got updated it lag a lot and go home on its own I’ll change this review if you fix the bug 😒

  27. I’ve been playing this game for a year now and this was my favorite game up until the latest update. Recently, I’m always teamed up with a Kenji Fujima that acts AFK, which I suspect is a bot. Not just in battle but also in rank games so it’s always a 2 vs 3 scenario while i’m playing. I’m so disappointed.

  28. To all player .You can fix this bug login by register Dena id and re-login by Dena id.Ready to play enjoy.

  29. To many bot matches. Fun game to play, just want to play real people

  30. danny Ech dice:

    cant log in the game after exit the game start from yesterday..even reinstall the game,still same…

  31. Ok. This game deserves roughly 4 stars to me based on gameplay, graphics, enjoying using different characters etc. Reason it being 1? I can’t start a match. The game hangs and freezes after a few clicks notably in the ‘shop’ and ‘slot’ recently. Happened twice in 2 months. Deleting and reinstalling isn’t an option anymore, by doing that, I have to reset some functions such as the settings/quick chat etc.

  32. The only problem is the lag I suggest you add network boost somesort. And you do something to make me lose, first the game doesnt load even my wifi is good second thing the prompt just keeps on going that lags my game devs pls stop these schemes

  33. The game is good. Gameplay is really fun. One think that I dislike the most. Main page is too crowded. Too many things happen in one screen. I even forgot what quest i’ve been doing because there is quest all over the place, and mode is too crowded. Its messy. Make it simple man. Take brawl star UI and u are good. Don’t make it too complicated. Make it fun first from the UI.

  34. Addictive and fun, matching making could be improved, character balance needs work as there are some really OP characters. You don’t need to pay to winn if you’re willing to grind it out. Lately there is a lot of gameplay lag and jittery character animations during matches, it throws you off with lots of missed opportunities for wide open shots.

  35. The game is fun in all but my sg is maxed lvl and still missing open shoots at the 3s

  36. Please fix the “Freshman Training”, I cannot finish the tasks even i played it for hours, And in rank there’s a bot teammate doesn’t do anything just standing in the corner.

  37. The game is good and challenging to other players and graphics to the anime character. There are also 5 vs. 5 in mode, I still need to unlock the modes here. But I noticed something, the one you shoot in court. Do not shoot stuck somewhere. And I hold the shooting, I still don’t want to. Maybe my internet is not stable or the game is delayed. It’s fun to play, when you’re with your friends here at Slam dunks. Also enjoy the game. And I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time.

  38. The game mechanics are really fun and enjoyable.. the character skills and traits are also diverse.. technically it was a super fun game to play even one of the best sport games ever.. However I really need to complain about several things: 1. Everything is too expensive (characters, abilities, traits) 2. Ability, traits are super hard to develop and certain characters are super hard to get.. 3. The AI are too strong at certain levels, making the game a lot less enjoyable for casual players..

  39. As a huge fan of slam dunk I really love this game. Personally I’ve had no problems with bugs and have enjoyed being able to play as my favourite characters without having to be ptp. I mainly play ranked but I also have fun playing with friends in casual games. The fact you can use silver coins for new characters is really good as well and also how you get to use some new characters for free for a short period of time is fun. Would be really cool if there was a tournament for people in Europe!

  40. As of now, it needs more optimization. There are so many tabs. Also, sometimes the game is having a hard time loading and keeps on saying tjat there is an error. I’m stuck om tje downloading video resources. But the experience is nice. I hope that the game will be better! Goodluck creators! I will recommend this to my friends once it is optimized and I hope to play with them. ♥️

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