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Track & improve fishing trips with GPS, waypoints, fishing maps & logbook data.
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A fishing app for anglers who want to improve their fishing, ANGLR transforms your device into a powerful fishing intelligence tool. Review fishing reports & catch fish based on historical data to constantly improve.

ANGLR offers three convenient connected integrations. Log fishing trip catches, waypoints and more with Abu Garcia Virtual Rod, Bullseye, or Lowrance electronics that instantly record fishing data.

Drop over 15 waypoints and review fishing conditions before you go. Map GPS routes, mark catches in a fishing logbook, and automatically capture fishing conditions. Analyze your activity using your personal fishing analytics dashboard. Share fishing points and collaborate.

Fishing spots are 100% private forever and can be explored within the app, review the fishing forecast based on your past data. ANGLR is 100% free and private by default. Your spots are your spots.

Freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, bass fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, kayak fishing and more – ANGLR helps track & map all fishing trips.

Fishing intelligence with ANGLR – 3 ways to fish smarter:

Fishing App with Fishing Intelligence
– Fish Spots: Record, track, and measure fishing activity.
– Fishing Trip Planning: Trip analytics, historical fishing data & stats.
– Fishing Tracker: Detailed fishing profile, video fishing reports, private and public sharing.
– Fishing weather conditions and water patterns using minute by minute trip breakdowns.

Fishing Tracker
– Fishing is easier with automatic tracking of weather and water conditions.
– Fishing GPS trip & route tracking.
– Fishing Journal with detailed trip & catch logs (locations, photos, length, weight, notes, tackle).
– Fishing Logbook is improved with optional devices for convenient data recording.

Fishing Trip Profile & Insights
– Fishing Map: Store fishing locations, coordinates, and waypoints privately.
– Fishing Stats tracker to compare fishing performance over time using trip, catch, and tackle statistics.
– Fishing forecast based on your historical fishing data, on mobile and web.
– Fishing video reports and fishing trip analytics.
– Share fishing waypoints, trips, & catches privately with your friends.
– Fishing spots & experiences to share.

Anglers of all kinds can benefit from ANGLR:
– Kayak fishing
– Bass fishing
– Drift boating
– Powered boat fishing
– Saltwater fishing
– Fly fishing
– Ice fishing
– Bank fishing and wading

Fishing Accessories
– Fish tracking accessories can be purchased separately
– Lowrance plug and play integration
– ANGLR Bullseye instantly records catches and waypoints
– Abu Garcia Virtual Rod automatically detects and records important fishing info

More features
– Fishing trips & reports with video
– GPS route of fishing trips with all catches & waypoints
– Fishing analytics: review fishing data trends
– Waypoints: Add, edit, delete or share waypoints
– Tackle: build a virtual fishing tackle box for valuable insights on fishing tackle
– Fishing pictures: photos are securely stored and searchable by fishing trip, catches, or in a combined gallery

Catch fish and track your fishing & trip data with ANGLR. Download now to plan, record and improve fishing.

ANGLR is a fishing intelligence platform (app+devices+community) created to help avid anglers constantly improve together. It consists of your free fishing profile across devices, optional fishing tracker accessories, and a community of passionate anglers.

ANGLR uses GPS to record activities during fishing trips. For some devices, the fishing GPS does not work properly and ANGLR will not record accurately. If your recordings show poor route and location behavior, update the operating system to the most recent version. There are some devices which have consistently poor performance with no known remedies.

To contact us and see frequently asked questions, please visit


Big Feature Update

Your profile has gotten an upgrade!
Enjoy a clean simple layout for everything you need in one place. Editing your profile is available in the settings area to give you more control of your account.

In-app notifications
Keep an eye out for notifications letting you know your friends are fishing, new friend connections, and when your friends are on the water.

Bug fixes
We've redesigned some areas and went bug hunting. Overall, the app should look and feel better!


40 comentarios en "ANGLR Fishing App for Anglers MOD"

  1. Tony H dice:

    It has lots of potential! I wish there was a waypoint for “had a fish on but got off.” It happens a lot, and I don’t know if I should count it as a catch because I want to map the lake for honey holes but also want to know my weekly/monthly/yearly total catches. Also, a waypoint for “partner catch.” Same reasoning, it helps map the lake, but I personally didn’t catch it, so I don’t want it in my catch log Easy 5 stars if this is implemented

  2. I like this app. It has a lot of great features to record atmospheric conditions, river flow conditions, wind, moon phase, and more. There is a section to add your gear to include rods, reels, baits, and lures. You can record catches and it saves all associated data with the catch. I can’t wait to use this more. I can’t say enough good about the developer who worked hard to help me resolve an issue I had initially.

  3. Installed around the beginning of 2020. I did my first trip to try it out. On the web, it was showing zero time even though it showed the whole trip. I took a look at the phone and it was showing that it was still recording even though I had stopped it at the lake. When I stopped it again, it added the distance back to my house in a straight line; it obviously had not really been recording after leaving the lake. I am absolutely positive I stopped the recording and said Yes to end trip at the lake. Absolutely sure, because I waited to see if I would also have to name it and save it like Strava. Before I stopped it again on the phone, it did show the whole trip on the web with no extra distance logged. So I was hoping to edit the trip, like I can in the sports logging app I was using before, to remove the erroneous part. I can’t do that, or at least I can’t find it. My phone battery went from 97% to 3% while using the app. I have a Motorola with high battery life, one of my priorities when picking it. Most days it only uses 30% or so. It’s often above 70% at the end of the night after taking it off the charger at 5:30 that morning. If I watch a movie, it might get below 50%. Yesterday was the first time I have seen it in the single digits ever. I had the screen off all day. One of the things I really wanted to see was my speed while paddling to troll. I don’t see that anywhere. I don’t see how to position at a certain point in time other than replay, which is pretty painful for a 7 hour trip. My gear is not appearing on the web, but is in the app. I am very disappointed.

  4. Great potential with the system. Button logs input only most of the time so not confident enough to not keep checking the connected devices yet. App is buggy and slow and just needs work. Adding pictures is hit and miss. Once they upload you can’t edit orientation so they come out sideways. Water temp does not show. It tells me to choose a temp gauge and I can’t figure out how. Outside temp and pressure are awesome features. They work well. Can’t figure out how to add notes. Waiting for update

  5. This app is really addressing an issues in fishing, logging data and allowing us fisherman to uncover hidden patterns. The app is easy to use and walks you through all of it’s features from the start. Pairing with the Bullseye only enhances the experience allowing you to zero in on the exact time and location of your catch. This app won’t guarantee you catch more fish but it will open your eyes to the bigger picture of what is really making the fish bite.

  6. R J dice:

    I like this app, but need work Logging with thebullseye is spotty and slow. If it’s raining/the fishing is hot, only some will get saved. Recent update fixed bullseye, but you have to wait approximately 1-2 minutes between fish entries with bullseye. You can’t add or move waypoints after trip to correct inaccurate placement on the map. (which is often) You can’t add or edit water/weather info You can’t edit cover photos of trips so many of your trips are just grey boxes. I like this app.

  7. I love the idea of the app and the Bullseye to log my catches. I got the Bullseye and have been fishing 5 times. I don’t know if my use case is ideal for what it wants to do. I am a flyfisherman and the locations can have sporadic cell coverage. You don’t get full utility of the weather, wind, water, etc, even if you drop to 3G coverage. On the third trip with the Bullseye, I had to keep reconnecting the device to the app and missed a good 1/3 of the catches being recorded on a slamming fishing day. The folks at ANGLR are nice to deal with but not being able to export your GPS coords needs to dealt with, too.

  8. Had to give it only 3 stars because trying to load the feed results in a “No data” error, even though I have a strong wifi signal. Seems like it’s trying to only use cellular. That’s fine when you’ve out on the water, but when you’re out there you’re probably not reading any articles.

  9. It isn’t often that the market sees true innovation, this is it. I saw it in use, but didn’t truly understand the capabilities until I got it and used it myself. If you have ever wished you logged your time on the water, species caught, and all the other important data but never had the time, that problem is solved with ANGLR! Don’t take my word for it, click it for yourself, worth every penny! Tight Lines UL2

  10. Customer Service is Great. I had an issue with the original bullseye I bought. Without hesitation ANGLR sent me another, as a replacement, and it rectified the issue. I’ve had no issues with the app(andriod) as it seems to be accurate for me. I wish they had regional map packs for download though. Quite often the app won’t auto-locate the water way I’m fishing.

  11. I really wanted to like this app, as the concept is a good fit for what I am interested in doing. (two stars for the conceot). However, the app is extremly slow to navigate and very unstable. Couldn’t even get my tackle or profile updated properly. At one point the app stopped opening up. None of the lakes or resevoirs I fish here in NJ are listed for critical information. I had downloaded this app at least 4 differnt times, and it never changes. Glad I didn’t purchase the Bullseye add on.

  12. Stopped working, I emailed support on January 7th and have not heard back from anyone. The app was working fine a couple weeks ago. The passed 3 times out it has not tracked me but the fishing time is still recording, ie. records everything except tracking my movements. Also, I upgraded to the premium membership thinking that was the issue but that did nothing. Please help

  13. Adam Hunt dice:

    Just downloaded the app last night and it does not find any photos of fish on my phone. I know I have at least three. Tried to open the app today and it tells me to update from the app store. Google play shows last update was April 16th. I uninstalled and reinstalled and get the same error. Update: catching it mid update would be my luck. Used the app to track a trip this afternoon and it worked as expected. Will update again once backtrack works properly.

  14. I have just started using the app. So far so good! I’m just backdating my photos. I spent time adding my lures and a lot are not added like chatterbait elite for example. Would love to start using it more but I always forget to activate my rod. I can’t seem to change my catch location in my pictures.

  15. Had trouble getting this to work for me at first. Had some freezing issues at sign up. The Anglr team was super responsive to my message to them on Instagram about this issue and assured me it will be fixed shortly. However the app started working for me on its own. If you’re having issues with this app, get in touch with them and I’m sure they’ll do everything they can to help.

  16. great product paired with the Bullseye, but the app is absolute trash. super slow on mobile data, crashes often, and after a crash the app is borderline impossible to relaunch to end a trip. I’ve had a ton of skewed data after not being able to end an outing until I connect to wifi hours later. maybe should have stabilized the app before launching money grab premium features.

  17. I love this app it is a very cool concept, but it doesn’t have every lure for the brands it’s hard enough trying to remember what brand it is but then you find it in the app and it only has like three options hopefully soon there will be more options. Edt. Thank you for replying but I have also been trying to use the map but all I see is a grey screen and I’ve been letting it load for 15 minutes now and nothing hope this is just a temporary problem

  18. App doesnt work, freezes on profile page. The idea is amazing and they could really have something here, but the app is a failure. I see more complaints about freezing than anything else. I’m on galaxy s9, not an outdated phone by any stretch. Disappointed. My tracker is useless without this app, $90 wasted.

  19. Michael H dice:

    Really wanted to use the backtrack feature to import photos. Yet it can’t find a single fish photo? Out of hundreds with clear images? Odd. Edit: Reached out to support, never heard back. Support gets a solid -10.

  20. As advertised so far. Great app for kayak and bank fishing where it’s hard to have tech and track data. Will probably purchase the pro version with the button for ease of use in the future as long as all continues to go well the next few trips.

  21. I have tried for over a month to get in contact with someone. I’ve sent numerous emails and even set up 3 different service tabs to get some Answers. I have the pro service and pay for it and can’t even get a response. Will not recommend this product to anyone due to poor customer service.

  22. Great app the fish mode is amazing and the bullseye makes it even easier. Only giving 4 stars because it keeps “kicking me out” of being a pro member. And secondly (nothing agenst anglr) but they do not offer depth maps. If they where included the app would be unmatched

  23. downloaded and went to sign up for an account and app won’t allow, keeps freezing and not responding at sign up page. ill hang onto it for a week and see if bug is fixed. phone: LG G One I uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and it started working properly. Thank you for responding quickly. Updated stars for good service to users and will update again when i get the chance to use the app some. Thank you.

  24. App works well. Wouldnt mind an added icon to save tackle and baits shops on the map also a seperate icon for timber and structure.

  25. Good app so far. Button connections are odd. It tells me it’s still searching…but is connected. Works great so far.

  26. App all in all is solid but customer support would get a -10 if I could give it. Bought the Pro version which comes with a free Bullseye device, after 1 trip the device failed and I’ve made 5 tickets to try and resolve the issue with 0 response from the company. I’ve since stopped using the app entirely. $30 wasted.

  27. I’m glad I pay for an app that doesn’t load all the maps. Or in the case of some of the finger lakes, doesn’t have a depth map

  28. You can only put so many characters here so short and sweet. I had problems creating an account and it wouldn’t tell me what the issue was. Finally got registered. Sitting still my location changed 3 times in 5 minutes within 25 ft of the last. I understand gps tech isn’t pin point precise but that kind of defeats the whole idea of marking precise way points and fish catches. This is all initial review issues and no actual time spent on the water using the app yet.

  29. So much potential! Needs work though. I dont think Anglr realize how close to amazing this app is! It needs more work on the stats section, and friends section. When I click my friends I can’t see the pics of there catches, or there fishing trips. This app is good, but it really could be epic with some updates.

  30. Basically useless for android. Backtrack doesn’t work, app crashes. GPS super inaccurate, records about half the trip and yes GPS on other apps work just fine and all the permissions are enabled. Great idea wish it worked but just doesn’t, was going to buy a bullseye but dont see the point now.

  31. App is really, really slow and froze on me when trying to add waypoint. Seems like they just copied fishbrain. Much better app. Wont be installed long I’m sure. ##Just received response from developers, which was fast I’ll hang in there long enough to see the update. Hope it fixes things.

  32. Really wanted a fishing app to log my spots and catches. It could not even log my settings. Tried to use but crashed on me 3x. I got tired of filling in my tackle. Unless you want to get skunked I would pass on this app until the conditions are right and thr programmers are ready to spawn.

  33. John B dice:

    Needs some more work. You should be able to click on the the graph that shows air temp, barometer and wind speed to show a more detailed view. Wind needs to show direction also, this is a must!

  34. I see that a lot of units are showing up dead. I think that’s the case with mine. I got it in November and have not tried to use it until recently and it will not connect to my Galaxy Note 8. This is not the first time that I have tried to pair something to my phone! I like to think that I have the technique down. anyway, I really wanted this to work, but now I can’t even sign into the app. I get an error message saying that the servers are busy, and that’s after updating the app. Sad.

  35. I compete in shore fishing tournaments 9 months of the year. By documenting my trips it is helping me to become more competitive. And if I take a friend or family member fishing it will help improve there enjoyment if they catch fish more consistently. By using this app, comparing conditions and water Temps, and what worked you can get there much quicker.

  36. Great app and awesome customer service. I had a problem logging into my account after an update, Anglr was very helpful in resolving a problem I created but I didn’t know I had done something wrong. One missed letter in my e-mail address. My bad thanks Anglr for taking the time to fix my mistake. The app is very useful and will be an asset to any angler.

  37. Absolute Game Changer. I recieved some EXCELLENT customer service from these guys. my bullseye wasn’t working. after trying several other things to try and get it to connect, the team was not satisfied and decided to just send me a new one. What a wonderful experience with this company. This tool is an absolute game-changer on the water.

  38. Used to love the app until recently. Looks like ever since they implemented the new subscription service I can no longer use any of the bullseye that I own. Ridiculous to start charging for a service that was already offered for free after paying for the device @$20 dollars a pop. Now want an additional $30 a year so I can use the bullseye feature? Talk about the good old bait and switch. Disappointed @ ANGLR.

  39. They host challenges with prizes to get you to download the mediocre app that is nothing compared to FishBrain. Then they select winner based on social media followers rather than a random fair drawing. If the app was at least good then whatever, but the app is garbage. Edit in response: I suggest you develop a worthwhile app. 🤙

  40. updated 4/14/19: can now add photos, still a little buggy but it hasn’t force closed yet with this new update. records gps of trips and catches with the bullseye, only if you have cell service. took a while but i was able to get a refund for the trackers i ordered as they were wildly unreliable. i really feel that this company cares about customer satisfaction and developing a useful product, and i would be confident in purchasing another tracker if they work on updating and improving the tech.

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