Tackle Football Playmaker X MODDED 2022


Tackle football playbook design, playbook printing & wristband printing
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Tackle Football Playmaker X is a playbook design, collaboration and printing app. We’ve built on the foundation of our coach-favorite Playmaker app and added cloud backup, multi-device syncing, advanced diagramming, deeper printing options and more.

• One tap to animate any play.
• Fine tune animation speed for precise route timing.
• Show football movement with the new animated football annotation.


• Intuitive touch controls make it easy to set formations & draw plays.
• Name plays & assign them to formations & categories for instant access to the right play for any situation.
• Collapsable roster panel lists all team members with drag and drop position assignment.


• Make changes to existing plays on the fly.
• Flip any play instantly.
• Draw up a new play in seconds to take advantage of schematic opportunities as they emerge.
• Switch between offensive, defensive & special teams playbooks with one touch.


• Assign names to positions to save time in the huddle & keep players focused on their responsibilities.
• Customizable colors & labels clearly distinguish positions.
• Optional field lines for precise alignments and route depths.
• High definition graphics make play diagrams easy to see under any lighting conditions.


• Playbook settings for 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 & 12 player per side teams.
• Customize your dashboard with your own team logo and color.
• Identify an intended receiver, choose smooth or straight lines, show zigzag lines for pre-snap motion, show dotted lines for pitch & pass and draw zone defense responsibilities.
• Add text annotations to provide on-play notes.
• Add option routes for more advanced offensive diagrams.
• Add a ball icon to show handoffs and ball movement.
• Choose between three end caps for your routes: arrow, T (for blocks) and dot.
• Choose between dark & light backgrounds for optimal visibility under any lighting conditions.
• Set up custom Personnel Groups. Great for play-specific position assignments, depth charts and mass substitutions.
• Design unlimited offensive, defensive & special teams plays. Have your full playbook at your fingertips & add new plays whenever inspiration strikes.


After your free trial, you can choose between a range of app options to suit your team’s needs.

• App access for you
• + Cloud backup & sync on multiple devices

• App access for you
• Cloud backup & sync on multiple devices
• + Print wristbands, playbooks, call sheets & more

• App access for you
• Cloud backup & sync on multiple devices
• Print wristbands, playbooks, call sheets & more
• + App access for your whole team


Improved support for in-app purchasing.


33 comentarios en "Tackle Football Playmaker X MODDED 2022"

  1. This is the best app for play writing. I have recommended it to every coach I meet and they have loved it as well, I have wisp won 3 championships because of it. Only thing I would add is color bar at the top of the play on the call sheet to visually separate short pass, long pass, and run play or 1st down 2nd down and 3rd down. Hope that makes sense lol

  2. Phenomenal for Coaches and players. It allowed me to easily make my playbook digital and have my players access it(they now have no excuses for not knowing plays since they all have smart phones or computers). It’s beyond easy to input any formations/plays(O/D/ST) and share with coaches and players. Also, their tech support team is next level if you ever have issues. I never give reviews on apps but this is top tier. 11/10

  3. This is unbelievable app!! Great features, great optics, and great tools for both us coaches, and our players! Easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to build playbooks and wristbands! Which I might add, having plays that our players can ACTUALLY SEE MOVE… BRILLIANT!! By far the best on the market!! THANKS!! Coach Tim

  4. The best tool I’ve used for making plays. Easy to use and edit. Easy access for the players because they havre it on their phones!!

  5. Simple and the app has everything you need to draw up your set of plays, and if you pay for the premium features they offer things like printing formats for coaches, great app!

  6. In of the best playmaking apps available I’ve seen as a coach with 20+ years experience coaching and price is reasonable for any budget. Support was quick and knowledgeable. I very happy with this app, online version Available with the subscription, all versions for all devices are the same user interface. Easy and anyone can be up and creating plays within minutes .

  7. Absolutely amazing app. Coaches sounds the world have the ability to make on the spot corrections and show their player what’s going wrong and how to fix it. Support was super fast to fix the issue that i had and great at communicating through it.

  8. This app is not good it is so hard to even put players in the correct spot and impossible to create a c kean play. The only thing I like was that I could print out the plays in multiple layouts but you have to pay $9 for that. Way, way way not worth that.

  9. Greatest platform out right now for coaches, and football programs! Love it! Also, I accidently deleted my main playbook, and the response time was impeccable with a resolution. Recommending to every Coach I know! 💯

  10. This Tackle Football app is BY FAR the absolute BEST and easiest to use. I’ve been using it for the past 7 seasons. No other Coaching app comes close. (PERIOD).💯🏈

  11. Worked great until today, won’t even open now. Before that, kept syncing and relaoding everytime I tried to edit a play.

  12. Great app, fills all my requirements for developing an offensive playbook. Haven’t even utilised most of the capabilities yet and would still definely pay for it

  13. Has everything a coach or coaching staff need. If one addition was able, would only add a feature where a coach can add voice commentary to any play card(s)

  14. Awesome app for creating and sharing plays. Enabled our coaches to quickly and easily collaborate and share.

  15. Jarman dice:

    Great app!! Easy to use and with a website too makes it easy to use on the phone and pc.

  16. j tizzle dice:

    it’s a great app the only problem I have is I have bigger fingers so I wish I could zoom in on plays to be more accurate

  17. Way to use, and if needed, help desk respond promptly and very helpful!

  18. The app keeps freezing. Awesome app, please fix this bug!!

  19. Great app for teaching!! Very helpful customer service as well!!

  20. I would give it five stars but you need a zoom in option to see the plays and notes. Please add

  21. App is amazing everything you need first year coachong very useful and easy to learn

  22. This a GREAT app and tool for football. Gives us an advantage. Thank you!

  23. I really like the app it works well for what we are doing on a semipro level

  24. Ben King dice:

    Great app. And great support for the app.

  25. I have used this in semi pro football for 3 yrs now , love this app !!!!!!

  26. Mike G dice:

    Good a for coaching

  27. Very detailed. What I have been looking for

  28. Awesome for first time coaching

  29. Great app highly recommend

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