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Explore 15+ levels, play as 10+ characters, & compete with other skaters
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Do you think you have what it takes to be a pro skater? Have you attempted to land new combo tricks and tough touch grinds? What about warming up for skate competitions? Look no further.

Skate Jam is the ultimate professional skateboarding game designed to master your wildest skate tricks!

Explore different skate parks, unlock new boards and compete in global Skate Jam tournaments to become a legend. Download the game now and start your adventure, FREE to play!


Classic Career Mode
🌟 Gain experience, fans, and enter career tournaments to compete against other pros & unlock new regions and gear

Skate Jam Tournaments
🗺 Qualify to compete against players around the world
🎁 Earn Jam Points to climb the leaderboard, at the end the event, the winners get HUGE prizes

The Most Authentic Mobile Skateboarding Experience – crafted by professionals
🎮 Tricks, gameplay, and music have been tuned, tested and optimized for the best possible experience
⚙️ Level up and customize the speed, balance, spin, air, and gear of your skater!

Skate Your Way to the Top
🛣 Choose from 3 different skate disciplines – Street, Park, and Vert
🏞🌆🌉 Combine all three disciplines with great stats to maximize your score

Stay tuned for new content, updates and game improvements still to come.

Need help?
Support email: [email protected]


A new version of Skate Jam has arrived, now with a new soundtrack, updated board shop, and many core improvements thanks to player feedback!

* Support for Google Play Pass
* Choose from 53 new board options and unlock new swag
* Jam to loads of new tracks in our updated soundtrack
* Outfit your skater to shred some gnar with our new shop gear!

Questions, issues, or feedback? Drop us a line at [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Skate Jam – Pro Skateboarding MOD"

  1. It’s okay. Somewhat reminiscent of THPS 1, but not quite as good as 2 was. It’s a fairly simple game, but I do have a couple of gripes. The steering is not very good and can make playing difficult, especially when you are trying to turn tight corners. Also, the game does not display the tricks you do in your combo (or at all for that matter) so it can be difficult to vary tricks to maximize your score, and for completing challenges that require you to do specific tricks. Needs work.

  2. it can feel a lot more comfortable. if feels a lot like tony hawk on the ps1, the characters could feel a little more weighty or something. my character tends to fly off a bit out of control some times. also customizable layouts would make it much more comfortable, it is very hard for me to hit the right buttons when trying to do tricks. also pressing the button to ollie should act more like the X button on the ps1/ps2 games, it just doesn’t feel quite right.

  3. Ok so the game has potential, unfortunately it’s the controls that ruin it. If they can swap out the joystick for a d-pad and add bluetooth controller support, that would make the game a whoooooole lot better. Otherwise it’s kind of unplayable and that’s a shame. Also if they could let us change the music tracks that would be nice but not necessary. Right now I’m pretty sure we all just want better controls so we can actually play the game, because we really wanna play the game!

  4. As a fan of the THPS games from when they first came out I was elated to see him take another shot. But then I actually played this. The controls consist of a single button for each type of trick, as well as the standard analog touch thingy, but none of them are able to provide the responsiveness and precision a game like this should be able to give. Hopefully they can patch in a better control scheme at some point. Also, the game is rife with microstransactions, but given it is a free game.

  5. At first the controls were hard to get used to. Once I got the hang of it, I still had trouble doing tricks that weren’t just straight up down, left or right. Even still, it was a fun game, though the maps glitch everywhere.However, progressing happens very quickly for the first few levels and then stops dead. I’ve gotten several boards to try to check off all the objectives but some of them won’t acknowledge that I did it, like the 540 kickflip to stalefish combo on the Tropics Boadwalk level.

  6. I’ve been a fan of the Tony Hawk games ever since I was a kid,I have very fond memories of them. The sound tracks, the fluid combo heavy and arcade like gameplay,the stupid humor and super 2000’s style. This is not one of those games. This is a slow and clunky reskin and its an absolute mess. The controls are stiff and dont respond half the time,your character is slow and fumbles every where nothing feels right. I’d go more in detail but reviews have a text limit. Don’t play this

  7. First of all, it takes a lot for me to give this poor of a review. This is a lazy effort cash grab trashing the Tony Hawk name. I didn’t think it could get worse than THPS5, but I was mistaken. The graphics are terrible and the response I’ve seen is to “make it playable on as many devices as possible”. Yeah, one look into the microtransactions will tell you why. The controls? No tutorial will fix how broken these controls are. The one upside to this is it’s free. Play True Skate instead.

  8. This game is terrible. It makes Pro Skater 5 look like a masterpiece. – The controls are terrible: I know its limited due to being on a touch screen and all, but the controls are just flatout unresponsive – Lack of customization: Cant even create a skater, which has been a staple on the series since Pro Skater 2 from 2000 – Physics are awful: you randomly speed up or down, sometimes get stuck, cant get air, etc – Its ugly: I know it’s a mobile game, but phones are capable of much better graphics

  9. This game is terrible. I initially reviewed it a while ago and was told by the developers I just needed to get good. This game however is not good. Graphics are poor, map design is ok but the tricks are so limited its laughable. The graphics are horrible, as is almost everything. music is dull, and menus are cluttered. Simply terrible. Even for a mobile game

  10. I think there is fun to be had here. Make sure to turn on tilt, or else the game controls horribly. Tilt seperates turning and board control, making the experience much less disjointed. The worst part of the game are the half pipes. They’re clumsy, especially the camera watching them. I’m disappointed that the game requires grinding or in app purchases to progress i tye game ( your board is too slow to get high scores, and you need certain board types to achieve missions). Overall, could be wors

  11. I was all pumped to play the one game I enjoy playing and discovered it had been update. So I am like cool, let’s do this and…what did you do to my game? Tony rides slower and scoring points is more difficult. Also, I paid the $9.99 to play and Mr. Hawk and now Maple Media wants an additional $9.99 to remove ads. Are you kidding me? Another 10 bucks…so not cool. I told all my friends how good the game was and encouraged them to download it and play. That was before the update. So disappointing that this update was not an upgrade to the previous version. I am genuinely sad that the changes do not seem to be for the good of the game. The one positive is that the balance for Egg Plants and Hand Plants do seem to be better. That unfortunately does not out weigh what was lost. For anyone who has played it for a long period of time knows balancing is difficult but you can still obtain the objectives that require it. The scoring however is effected greatly by the slowness of Tony skating. Where I would score say 500, 000 point, I now score 300,000 and I have not changed anything regarding how I skate in the game since last night. I love the game but love it less now.

  12. I wanted to enjoy it, coming from playing all the previous Tony Hawk games on PlayStation and Nintendo 64 on up. but, the controls are some of the worst I’ve experienced on a touch screen. I understand limitations, but smaller companies have been able to deliver a more satisfying skate experience on mobile. Hopefully updates will improve this over time.

  13. Tekoah F. dice:

    I wish there was more. I love this game. Feels like the 90’s, and I want my PlayStation. Great Graphics, Kool gear and ways to level up. I am always sad when I get through to the end. Their should be secret places and random missions like Skating to the skate competition and you only get in if you get a certain amount of points. That would be sick. Overall great game. The controls can be a bit of an adjustment and your should take breaks as not to damage your hands from playing so much.

  14. Camera needs work. It goes crazy on ramps and tight spaces. Good luck if your character gets stuck between tight spaces. It’ll just bounce back and forth like a ball. Give some setting to zoom out camera. I find it more intuitive to swipe down to skate and swipe up to stop on the controls. Give us that option. Also setting to have character start game on goofy foot stance as the default.

  15. Where do I begin? well let’s go this way graphics wise… it’s decent, could have had a better graphics. But it’s still okay. as for Gameplay you have limited amount of tricks to do, you can olli, grind, and do grabs. But it seems like you can only do grabs in the air along with not having the ability to do a manual. Now for Controls which is garbage. if feels like you’re a bit stiff and trying to pull off combos of any kind, feels impossible. So with all that the game isn’t worth in my opinion.

  16. As a long time Tony hawks series fan, this game just feels sad to play. Weither I’m using a controller or the touch, the game feels just bad to play. The way tricks work just feels so off. Just doing a manual is hard. The soundtrack is meh at best. I guess I can appreciate that the levels are large a d open, but that also has its downside being that they feel empty at times. I wish this could have been a half decent game, but sadly it’s not.

  17. It could be better. It has some nostalgia to it since I played Underground 2 as a kid, but it doesn’t really do it for me. The game itself seems very repetitive (soundtrack, gameplay, etc) and suchlike. I don’t like how the time is limited to 2 min max for each session, and the score objectives are a little bit overkill, because you could only score so much in 2 min. The ingame currency is OK, but why do you have to pay for tournaments? And besides, If you want more than what they give, pay up.

  18. Plain and simple, it’s not good. Unresponsive controls. Garbage controls in the first place. No sense of speed. You jump so high you barely need ramps. It’s a poor man’s Tony Hawk (despite being endorsed by Tony himself) and it’s not good at all. When Tony said he was looking to make more TH games after the activision split, this isn’t what fans had in mind. Don’t waste your time with this.

  19. Your ‘Mike V Skate Party’ from 2011 is better! I’m very disappointed. Why integrate Play Games if the game doesn’t sync across devices!? I want the same profile across every device I play this game on. I don’t want to have to use a different profile for each device!😠🤬 The touch controls are garbage. The graphics aren’t bad and the soundtrack is alright. UPDATE!! 😡

  20. Hex Omega dice:

    Coming back to this, it’s awful. A game like this needs a controller, and while it does have controller support, the controlls are very stiff and janky. It’s next to impossible to keep your balance on a grind. At one point, I actually crashed mid-air doing a trick. How does that work? I came back 3 years later to see what all there was as far as more content, and there’s little to no new content. Also don’t even have my original data. I uninstalled after less than 10 minutes of playing…

  21. Yeah, I have the same response everyone else has. controls are awkward and unsatisfying. The unintuitive gameplay meant the first thing I did was cheat the tutorial because it was easier than trying to figure out how exactly I was supposed to do the thing. I really WANTED to like the game but in the end it’s just not fun with these controls. All in all, meh.

  22. make manual double tap instead of double up joystick. it would help alot. the game starts out very difficult for new players. veterans won’t have a problem but a noob would find the very first goals impossible. also it needs some smoothing, my character has to Ollie like thirty feet away from a rail to grind it without soaring over it. I think the object size is just scaled a bit too small. there could be more character customisation too. frankly this is limited in ways very similar to thps1.

  23. Reading from other reviews I’ve noticed a problem with the controls and I’ve come across a suggestion, try an adaptive make of True Skates control system. Yes the format is fit for a no-rider type game, but that’s why I ask for an adaptive formating of the control system. Along with the character build, this is often used in platform, distance, and small storage based games. Tony Hawk is none of what I stated use a character design with readable faces, not the common polygon from Minecraft.

  24. Okay. So after giving the devs some more time to patch this game, its now playable. That being said, its still not as good as the proskater games. It doesnt help that the controls are still kind of iffy. If I want to grind a rail I should be able to land on the rail and grind automatically. Adding an unneccesary button to press midair just ruins momentum and make me bail more. Also, microtransactions suck. Overall, it still needs a lot of work. Go play Epic Skater 2 or OlliOlli instead.

  25. The game feels and looks like THPS1. the controls are difficult. the controls need custom positions. I can’t swipe right because all the trick buttons are against the right of my screen and too close together. seams quite difficult for a skate game. I’ve played better android skate games with easier controls and better graphics. Did Tony Hawk actually agree to this cheesy game? The original TH games were ground breaking for its time. This game feels like 2005 in 2019. You stole from skate party2

  26. could be fun, mostly frustrating… controls are garbage, way too difficult to manual, stop, turn. The skate parks are all taken from skate party with no added visuals or anything. Then there are the ads, it’s free to play with the option to pay to progress faster but no option to remove ads, no guarantee if I buy 200 coins for 1.99 the ads will stop, not even in the starter pack for 9.99 does it say the ads will be removed. With the branding this game should be much much more. Fun but Overprice

  27. It feels as if I’m playing Skate 2, collect the hawks, collect letters to spell a word, gain a certain amount of points before the time limit ends. The controls are a little difficult and it’s hard to tell if you gained enough speed for anything. The graphics make the game seem older than it is. Improvements can be made to the overall game.

  28. it’s too glitchy, you clip into everything. Even when you try to manual and make sure you do it correctly it still doesn’t manual about 50% of the time. I noticed the controls are wonky you can’t change them, you can’t flip anything around. Also getting stuck between two walls is hell

  29. This game desperately needs controller support! touch controls do not work for this type of game… as it stands right now the game is really really good for a mobile Tony hawk game. graphics, gameplay and features are all superb. But cannot recommend it until they get proper controller support the game will become outstanding at that point and I must have.

  30. this is the only mobile game that makes me want to throw my phone. So infuriating how the game can randomly stop your trick when there is no clear reason as to why or it seems like it just decides “youre not going to finish this grind, off your board you go”. the joy stick needs work as well. too easy to be turning and your thumb os too close to the edge of your phone so you lose control of the rider. Really looked forward to this game, but after 2 weeks, im uninstalling it.

  31. You guys need to fix that glitch/bug where it doesn’t change your points….there have been multiple times where I’ve racked up trick combos and points and my score doesn’t change…its actually frustrating especially if you’re competing and you end up last or with a low score because your total points didn’t change or add up…..its a great game, but there’s little bugs that need to be fixed….. its FRUSTRATING!!!

  32. I may bump it to 5 stars but i havnt been playing it very long yet. my only issue so far is the contrls feel a little stiff. I was able to connect my Game-Sir 3 Bluetooth controller to it and use it without doing any control mapping but controls still feel stiff. But so far game play has been pretty solid. It kinda plays like a classic tony hawk with the objectives to complete in each stage and once all tasks are completed free skate for that area is unlocked.

  33. Freeskate Broken. Completed all objectives in West Coast and Baja stages. Freeskate defaults back to the first map, regardless of selection. I spent 10 bucks on a decent board, please fix this. Edit: Upping my review to 4 stars. The maps are emersive and the challenges are pretty fun. Halfway into Tropics using same $10 board with some grinding for Skill Points.

  34. Right now the game is super glitchy and lags. I will tap on the jump button and 3 seconds later it will jump. On the home screen I can tap the map I want to play and nothing will happen and then all of a sudden it will open. Even when trying to look at boards it won’t register that I’ve tap on a board.

  35. not very good. the graphics are fine but the controls are not good. Manuals are horrible, it’s impossible to sustain a manual. it’s just to clunky. and the menus are way to cluttered. involve some of the fans of the Tony series and make a really great game.

  36. So disappointed in this game this has got to be one of the worst ports I have played for mobile. played Tony Hawk’s pro skater religiousness growing up and to see the state of this game now, even in beta was disheartening. In my opinion the controls are clunky at best.(I’m playing on a Note 9) the buttons are unresponsive making it very hard to pull of any real tricks. And the graphics have much to be desired. And a lot of these maps look like clones of previous game. I hope it gets better.

  37. I’m only giving 2 stars right now because of what the game is supposed to be. It froze up every time I tried to restart/play it. Also, I thought I was supposed to get some type of bonus gift for pre-registering, but I didn’t receive anything. I’m uninstalling for now to save space for games I can actually play, but I will try again sometime in the future when (hopefully) all the early bugs are worked-out. Thanky.

  38. If this game wasn’t another tony hawk game I wouldn’t be so negative, but since it is I’m gonna go out of the gate and say this game needs to fix some things. please add a d-pad option, have the ability to change soundtrack, have a traditional diamond controls, please have it so that I can go forward while holding down the Ollie button instead of pushing the stick forward. This game is ok for a couple of minutes but seriously you can get THPS2 with an emulator and have a better time.

  39. This is a really solid entry in the franchise. Level design is great. Soundtrack is awesome too, if limited. Once you’re used to the controls, they’re honestly fine. It helpled me to move them into a classic PlayStation layout – could this even be a preset? I would say that (1) Android Play Games achievements aren’t persisting, as others have noted. They reset when you close the app. (2) It would benefit from more varied goals like Pro Skater, and it would be great if they involved NPCs too.

  40. I really love the Idea of reviving a old, long loved video game series on the Go on your Phone. But a mix of bad Level design, bugs, clunky controls and a physics engine that feels like you’re trying to skate on a toaster prevents any fun that might come with it. If you’re really missing good old THPS, play one of the original Titles with a controller. Because back in the days, games were designed to give you enjoyment. Nowadays, they want to get your money, as fast as possible for buying stats.

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