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Easier to make clearances,more joyful pool game on your phone.
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Infinity 8 Ball will provide the best gaming experience for 8-ball lovers! In Infinity 8 Ball, you can challenge opponents from all over the world anytime, anywhere! It’s a shining star in sports games!

Today, let’s download and play this billiard game For Free!

Key Features:

[Authentic Gaming Experience]
Infinity 8 Ball has the best physics engine that provides a 8 Ball shooting as realistic as possible. You will enjoy the most authentic billiard clash experience with us.

[Exquisite Designs for Tables & Cues]
Infinity 8 Ball has a variety of Stages, each with exquisitely designed pool tables and cues. Improve the cues’ abilities by upgrading them, and you will make a perfect shot in this 8 ball pool game!

[Online Games with Friends]
A perfect multiplayer match system. Link Infinity 8 Ball to your social network accounts, sign in with Facebook and play against your friends. You and your friends will play fun games together!

[Various Challenge Modes]
Besides multiplayer online game mode, we have fun and creative single-player challenges that you can not resist! Let’s get high scores in Challenges, reach the top of the leaderboard, and gain all the rich rewards! You can also complete the high-level quests to prove your skill!

[Multi-Device Login System]
Login Infinity 8 Ball by your Facebook and synchronize your progress on different devices!

If you are a Pool Game enthusiast! If you are looking for the most fun and creative Free Game online! Join us in Infinity 8 Ball and play with your friends all over the world! Come on and master in it!

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If you are a Pool Game enthusiast! Join us in Infinity 8 Ball and play with your friends all over the world!


40 comentarios en "Infinity 8 Ball™ Pool King MODDED"

  1. Dude Man dice:

    It’s pretty much an accurate game as far as the geometry goes. A few things i have noticed though is the side pockets are too loose and too easy to get into. And it’s also too easy to to make unrealistic slice shots. It needs some way to make it harder and harder to hit the more drastic the slice is. Slicing a ball in real life at 90° is not an easy thing to do. This game somehow allows the shooter to slice over 90° with ease everytime. And finally the canned chat is corny give me my keyboard

  2. A very nice pool game, lovely game play and graphics. It’s full of all sorts of awards, prizes, and things to win, coins jewels and doo-dads to gather, which have nothing to do with an actual game of pool, but I guess that’s how you rank up as you progress to new tables and challenges. I do like how you get to play real players. The jazzy trumpet music is most annoying. I know you can turn the music off, but they really should have a series of background tunes, not just that one silly song.

  3. The good: very playable, fun, engaging. Lots of activities. Reward loop is finely tuned. The bad: resource leaks, and pay-to-win. If you play more than 2 rounds, or collect any rewards, or watch any ads, you end up with glitches, frame loss, disconnects etc. Have to restart game every 5-10 minutes or it’s unplayable. And, as others have pointed out, you can’t advance beyond certain points without paying. And the additional reward levels aren’t just for cosmetics, they add capabilities.

  4. This is a well made game. A bit too much buy this buy that, but it is bearable. The game is captivating and fun. One problem I see with it is the break. If it were more equitable, it would be better, but I have olayed and won 7 of 8 games in a row and had the opponent break all 8 games. The game I lost I didn’t get a shot because after breaking my opponent ran the board. Not breaking in 8 games is just not fair.

  5. Nope dice:

    This game is fairly fun. The physics are pretty accurate and I did really enjoy this game until I got stuck in a loop: I opened up a chest I unlocked, collected the contents and opted to watch a video for an extra reward. I keep getting a message saying that no videos are available, but I do not have enough gems to skip the video…and every time I restart the app, I get sucked into the loop again with no way to get out of it. Looks like I’m uninstalling and moving on.

  6. I love this game. However it is ad based for extra gifts or additional turns during play. For some reason my game won’t load the ads and I lose out on alot of features because of it. Customer support was unable to help. Then one day it worked. But that only lasted 1 day. Back to unable to load ads and frustrated with missing out on opportunities to make the game more fun.

  7. As close as you can get to real life. Without the aiming aid aid it would be awful tough! Great aid to sharpen your game in my opinion. There’s always going to be those slop shooters that just shoot hard and hope for the best. Once they learn English and position it changes. Which I don’t profess I have mastered yet. It’s a really good learning tool to play against players who have obviously taken this game seriously!!

  8. Visually appealing graphics but so rigged. It’s designed to suck you in, and oncr you get to a point, the only way to advance is to make a purchase, otherwise you remain at the same level. Also, the number of scratches is ridiculous. Almost comical. Almost every game I have a scratch on a critical shot and shockingly the “opponents ” rarely, if ever, have one in a game. It’s a good distraction and waste of time if bored, but don’t be fooled that this is real in any way, shape, or form.

  9. The computer shots seldom miss even when they are extremely difficult shots. When I shoot, the ball can go directly square into the hole and just bounce out. It is better if you find a pool game that plays against a real opponent. Just played a game and the computer ran the table. Did not get a shot and lost 100.000. Deleting the game until it gets realistic.

  10. The game does not have natural algorithms. It will intentionally skew outcomes of events to force you to pay. The eight ball wheel for example has spun over 60 times for me and I have never once received the one in eight chance price. Play it for free, but don’t spend money because it is a bottomless pit and the levels go up as soon as you do making previous purchases irrelevant.

  11. Lose the promo pic guys… no one shoots with their finger on the cue ball at table level! Way too many bots as opponents with ridiculous shots. Takes forever to upgrade cues unless you’re willing to spend a small fortune. Played solid 3 weeks before I could upgrade. The game only tells you that you don’t have enough cue parts, but when you win parts, it gives you hundreds of parts you don’t need with no way of getting the parts you need… lame!

  12. Although there are a lot of critics out there complaining about the game, this is by far the best pool shooting game I have found. But they must remember is there are challenges, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose sometimes as long as you complete the challenge. For example, use different shocks is a challenge. Do not complain if they’re opponent is using different shocks! Great game love it!

  13. The game is great, but there are a lot of times when opening the rewards that you get a msg indicating that there are “no ads available, try again later”. Wouldn’t be so bad, but very often, you have to try 4 or 5 times to get an ad. If you are going to “charge” me an ad, then either have them available or give me the reward if none are available. Don’t waste my time making me click more than once.

  14. I absolutely love this game only two issues I have… If your cue ball ends up over by the power bar rather be on the right or the left it doesn’t matter, it is super hard to aim your queue and not accidentally bump the power bar and if you try to move out further away to aim your queue your aim line just goes all over the place and it is impossible to do a perfect aim! Also, reward’s don’t even come close to fees to spin the wheel or enter challenge’s!

  15. I don’t spend real money. There are many ways to cut corners IF you do. As for ads… you don’t HAVE to watch them, but if you do you can sometimes get a retry or extra reward. One beef I DO have is spinning a wheel for in game rewards. You would HOPE it were actually random, but it’s essentially predetermined. The first spin is free. You can spin when you’ve pocketed 20 more balls, but you have to spend in-game “coins.” But the things you need to upgrade your “equipment” NEVER come up early.

  16. It could’ve been the best game ever if it was more like an actual pool game. A scratch, or cue ball is pocketed, this is ok, however when a shot misses the intended ball, one would play the shot from where it is, not move it to the player’s best shot. Instead of being close to pool, it seems as if the game is actually “anything goes”.

  17. Maintenance for over 6 hours just to return afterwards to a game that is unreadable, uncollectible rewards and you have to reset game after every match. Awesome job on the game. Chalk advantages? Well I’ve beaten most of my opponents with start up chalk and love when opponents use advanced chalk. Don’t like that I’m being forced to make a purchase to upgrade cue to level 8 now because parts I need now are unobtainable.

  18. Well I love it honestly but the constant adds and buy buy buy pay to get stuff is thick here … Now you can play without watching adds. … But there is situations that make you want to have to click on one everyware. … Not bad for free to play … I’ve gone a good chunk … Now it appears the grind is super long to get anyware … And it’s all about subtle pushes to spend money … But if you just want to play it’s fun anyway

  19. Fun, but it would be better if you could immediately challenge the last player played. Also, when your shot is up against the cue stick, and your attempting to make a shot, that sometimes activates the cue prematurely. In addition, there’s no explanation for all the coin rewards and treasure chests. It’s a mystery as to how you progress to the next level. It’s annoying. But overall it’s an entertaining game.

  20. Everyone is a great shot maker in this game due to the direction arrows of the object ball. Not everyone is able to resolve trouble balls easily. (That’s where the fun comes in) it would be better to not have the directional arrows. (More like the real game) or at least make the object ball directional arrows minimal and indeed equal to all players. Some have a huge directional arrow that unfairly hinders their opponent. But all in all it is fun to play as you learn the ins and outs.

  21. If I could put negative stars, I would. It’s crazy how rigged the game is. It’s the opponents turn until you have no cues left…then it’s your turn to break. Even then, I’ve counted over 20 times that I played without ever breaking. Most of the time never getting a chance to shoot. You have to spend money to progress or you’ll never upgrade. It’ll purposely make you scratch and use gems. But that’s games for you in 2022. They’re all scams, basically.

  22. TIM Perry dice:

    This game is not skill nor luck based. It is all about algorithms. If you’re in a winning run it will take exceptional opponents and have them scratch every other shot or miss on an unmissable shot. If you’re in a losing run you will be the one scratching, or missing ridiculously simple shots. All outcomes of this game whether matches or random prize drops are rigged from the get. It’s a fun enough time killer, but gets old pretty quickly because of the above mentioned flaws.

  23. Can’t practice with out paying. Then the clock starts and I am struggling with aiming 50% of the time. Otherwise the game is cool and fun. There should not be a time limit at first, or should be a little longer. In the last match played I had my shot lined up but needed a small adjustment. I struggled to line up the shot, it just needed small adjustment, that’s when the timer buzzer went off. I used my earned coin & Jem’s. All gone due to time out. Time needs adjustment related to payout.

  24. Lee Hardy dice:

    Love the game all around! It is absolutely one of the best Billiards games! — I just wish there was either a practice mode, or a way to disable the countdown timer to practice with the chalks. I’m trying to get better at trick shots with use of the chalks & am still struggling on how to use the Stickers & Carom & Bank shots. If I could slow down the game play by either disabling the countdown timer or by having a practice mode, I would have extra time to figure it out & could b more competitive

  25. Once you hit level 7 it’s impossible to progress to level 8 without paying. They have a “chance wheel” you can spin but it’s programmed to never land on what you need to get to level 8, the other option is to pay to get the item you need. Would like this game more if it just flat out said “you can only get to level 7” instead of trying to hide it.

  26. Awol Gina dice:

    definitely for those who don’t know how to sim, or to practice aiming, it’s fun even for great players, just a different experience than say 8 ball pool for ex. the one thing I truly love are the challenges, daily x2-5 different ones, some with odd table shapes i love. so there’s plenty to keep experienced players happy too. the one thing I dislike is all the pop ups & how much it takes to upgrade a cue or buy chalk. lots of in app pop ups too.

  27. Frustrating! There is nothing better than starting a match to watch the opponents break 5 or 6 times in a row and run the table without you even taking a shot. You get to break probably on average every 4th time. Also there is nothing more insulting when the bot you are playing (not real) take blatantly poor shots so that a ball always blocks your shot forcing a kick or banked shot. Servers, I assume in China, are always timing out and can’t keep up with traffic. Quality of play is terrible.

  28. After playing the game for a while still think it’s a great game but being unlucky sometimes means that the cue ball may change direction for no reason speed up and jump in a pocket. I would rather have pure physics. After playing for a while you’ll see that the wheel spin is not a random and usually ends up on the lower value items.

  29. It’s statically impossible and borderline ridiculous how many times you pocket the cue ball. You can barely tap the cue ball but it takes off like it’s rolling downhill and rolls completely across the table or changes direction to go in a pocket. It happens frequently in a star challenge when you have built up a lot of points. The game crashes constantly causing me to time out and lose games. The crashing has continuously gotten worse making the game no fun. Uninstalled.

  30. Love the game, my main gripe with it is in the call your pocket stage, you need to be able to look at the shot before you call the pocket instead of calling the pocket first. Sometimes in pool one pocket maybe better than another depending on which way you need to move the cue ball and you don’t have the option of looking at the shot before you choose a pocket. Also ease up on trying to sell me stuff. I do buy things but I’m almost discouraged based on how much its shoved in my face.

  31. Fun game, but eventually expects you to spend money on it. You can only level up so far and upgrade your pool stick until it requires one specific badge to do so in each level, and despite having a spinning wheel that contains this badge, it will cheat essentially and be the last thing the wheel lands on. If you just want to play pool, it’s a fun game… But if progression is your thing, have your money ready!

  32. Its all fun but has waaaay too many problems and glitches. Too many. I thought updating it would have helped, unfortunately it didn’t. I wanna give it 5 stars but it kicks out the game while playing, when you load the game again it picks up where you left off but you lose your because your time has expired. It’s so annoying

  33. If you can’t wait to spend some money this is the app for you, Pay money to level up Faster, pay to have better opportunities to win, basically pay to win, There’s this thing call “Talent” it’s almost as cheating but ok, Adds are optional if you want free stuff, Over all the Game play and music is really good. But Upgrading your Cues is trach in this game, I also don’t understand why cant I use all cues for any table

  34. Nice graphics with lots of different games to play. My main complaint is the amount of scratches in Star Challenge. The pockets are black holes and the cue ball is a white star that gets sucked in from all (impossible) angles. It’s laughable! It’s actually programmed that way to try to get you to spend gems to continue.

  35. Overall it’s a fun game. There are issues, though. The rewards that require me to watch a video to claim don’t always have available videos for me to watch. I can’t get the daily coins and gems. I can’t clear out my prize chests completely. It’s costing me a lot in game currency. Also, I’m pretty sure the wheel spin game is fixed. I should collect a legendary part about every eight spins. After hundreds of spins, I have yet to win one. I really enjoy your app otherwise.

  36. This a very fun and addicting game but it has major flaws. First of all it’s servers are absolutely horrible constantly kicking you offline and major lagging issues, especially after watching an add video to continue or after using gems to continue it’s impossible to continue bc of the lagging issue. Also after you hit level 7 it’s impossible to level up without paying. The wheel prize is also rigged never lettin you get the legendary item needed to level up, ive spun it over 100 times n nothing

  37. J Howell dice:

    Game has nice graphics and is very realistic. Just got the game so still under further analysis. The rewards are really cool. And the competition is pretty challenging. On the other hand, there’s no solo or practice mode. The format of the main menu and some of the tabs take some getting used to, because there so many of them lol and you have to learn them to understand how they function.

  38. Does not follow APA rules. Tons of pop up ads for in-app purchases, when I just wanted to play a game! It kept glitching, so i would make a shot, then it glitched back to before the shot, but oh, by the way you only have 3 seconds to shoot. Also, it’s completely unrealistic in how the ball moves. It seems so rigged sometimes, it’s not about skill but about luck.

  39. I enjoy playing just for the sake of playing. I’ve had very little experience with real-life pool. The in-app purchase ads are unnecessarily frequent. The one thing I dislike most is that you reach Lvl.7 and then you have to pay for the rare items to level up further or just play ’til you have enough coins to spin the CLEARLY RIGGED prize wheel. I don’t mind playing more, but it is very aggravating and I won’t give a single penny to level up.

  40. This is a distraction but also a trap to buy more gems. I’ve been playing this for months and each time it’s more fraudulent then before. From spinning the wheel and landing on 200 gems to NEVER landing on it again. From upgrading cues for accuracy to no accuracy at all. And the list goes on. I’m so disappointed that they’re so greedy that I’ve stopped playing and moved onto a different game. Hard pass.

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