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Choose your Rumblers🐔🐺🐼, challenge friends⭐, use clever combos🔥 and be #1🥇
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🏆 – Google Play Best of 2019 Winner: Most Competitive category

🔥 Explosive multiplayer soccer with crazy physics and easy to learn but hard to master gameplay!

Assemble your epic team of Rumble Stars and rise through the leagues in this action packed real-time PvP soccer game!

Sling your Rumblers into the perfect position, master your timing and build strategic combos to outwit your opponents and make some serious goals! Then upgrade your team and take on the world in the rankings.

⚽ Play football / soccer against friends and other players around the world in real-time
🐔🐺🦊🐯 Epic characters and unique physics-based gameplay
🔥 Make clever combos and outwit your opponents
🐼 Build your perfect team & unlock new Rumblers
🏆 Progress through the divisions & leagues and rise to the top!
💬 Join & create Clubs, chat with other players and work together to rise in the ranks
⭐ Challenge Clubmates and friends to private matches
🎦 Learn new tactics by watching the best players on Rumble Stars TV (in-game)

A network connection is required.

Are you having problems? Visit or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support.

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- New Rumblers!
- Balanced Rumblers
- Bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Rumble Stars Football MOD"

  1. really enjoying the game! yes it’s a play to win type of game, but as you get into higher leagues, it becomes more about fast paced strategy and a balanced team. I don’t mind paying for it. Developers should get pay for a free download game. Good graphics, fun music. And a great time killer when I’m on breaks at work. P.S. those people complaining about certain characters (Frog, Hippo etc) you need to find ways around them. 😁

  2. Ignore everyone who says that this is a pay to play. I don’t spend money on mobile games and I never will unless it’s a donation for the devs. This game is fairly balanced with minor issues, but everything else is great. The gameplay is fun and not too repetitive (all you do is score goals but it’s against real players and there is a practice mode with AI). When you level up with chests, your goalie is the only thing that gets a small upgrade. It’s free and definitely worth a download.

  3. Dhbroad dice:

    Update: 5★ to 3★. Really fun at first, but at higher levels, matchmaking for standard matches makes the game unplayable! Otherwise, creative characters make for interesting combos. Some are overpowered but devs balance them sometimes. Daily events are free to enter and some have preset lineups to give everyone a chance. No popup ads is great. Every clicked ad watched always gives a reward. Daily free rewards, including gems, and the option to level up characters feels like a good progression

  4. Could be amazing game if the pay to win/character progression system was eliminated and players just unlocked new animals and they were good off the bat. Unfortunately the unnecessary p2w progression ultimately makes playing against other players frustrating. The core gameplay is great tho!

  5. Very buggy, there’s a bug where the newest card i unlock isn’t selectable and all the other cards when I press info or use display a different card instead if the one it should be. It’s very annoying please fix

  6. Aaron Max dice:

    This game is so bad… I’ve won many matches and it rarely gives me any new players from the chests. It seems like you have to buy their packages to get new and better players. And the match making is so wonky. You will get a opponent who is much worse than you and then you’ll get an opponent who is 10x better than you with players that you can only unlock in divisions higher than you’re in. Wish they would fix it.

  7. Pretty fun game. There is one issue though. When I click to use a rumbler a different one from the picture is selected. Now this wouldn’t be a big problem, butt I am unable to use the most recent rumbler I get, which is problematic. Please fix!

  8. Sam Lee dice:

    Too much time waste in the menu upgrading and opening cards and so on. And in the match its like a kids game for 5 year’s old kid’s. Just too dumb game.

  9. FexliT dice:

    It’s a great game fun and challenging, it’s probaly the best game I have in my list,u can choose many rumblers to do goals and attack others, but two problems:1 its THE CONNECTION ISSUE I cannot even play! Sometimes my WiFi becomes a little bit slow, the game always stops! 2 the game is pay to win, there are too many things to buy and instantly become good without playing! Everything else is ok.

  10. Was a great game with much potential. Spent 100’s of hours playing and now It looks as if the developers have given up support for rumble stars. Will eventually die out.

  11. Ranadeep dice:

    Introduction of wild cards and option to trade cards needed. More range of emotes and expressions. Boosters are a pathetic feature spoiling the game play experience. In rumble tv the emotes sent by players during the matches, should be shown with 5s rewind feature. At times game lags. Emotes are not animated which is a bummer. Once a card is maxed, players should have the provision to donate that card unlimitedly. Opponent club stats, opponent profile should be shown.

  12. I really enjoy the game it’s highly addictive. I hate the frog but that just means I’ve had to experiment with ways to count it. If there was a system in place to ban one card though I would choose that. Only suggestion I would make is to have a bar to show either the player themselves or other players when the goaly is coming back after being destroyed.

  13. This game was amazing at the start. I could quickly apply skills and concepts from other games but still took a long time to master a lot of combations, positionings and counterplays. Unfortunately, much like other games that work on a trophy system the matchmaking ends up incredibly unsatisfying for good players. My highest rated unit is the lazy panda, level 9, and I am around 6k trophies. Now I have to play against people who have up to level 17 units. Not fun.

  14. Downloaded this game for the first time and found that the game has bugs. The newly found rumble characters didn’t show in inventory properly so i cannot select them for my team. Also, the rewards in shop are incorrectly displayed which is another inconsistency, a possible error ☹️

  15. It’s a good game but it keeps crashing unexpectedly. It gets on your nerves at one point.

  16. It has a bug where the app closes after I try to open it. It generally happens when my connection is bad. This is very annoying.

  17. The game is great but PLEASE NERF MEGA BOT. He literally scores hat tricks on my team almost every time he’s summoned unless I have hippo ready or 2 damage dealers.

  18. Very fun game, lots of strategy. Unfortunately it’s pay to win, and the matchmaking after a while becomes unwieldy, where opponents’ characters are many levels above mine. This difference is substantial in the gameplay, and to gain these numbers of levels for multiple characters either costs a lot of money-hundreds+ USD, lots of time, or a boring, game-defying strategy of focusing on a single group of characters – fully ignoring different strategies and fun.

  19. RumbleIQ dice:

    Great game in overall. I pretty much love this game (I literally upload Rumble Stars bids on my channel just for fun haha). However, I feel that I lose a huge amount of trophies every season compared to other similar games, so maybe you can work on that? But on the good side, I ‘hangout’ with my friends and family members just over this fun and addictive game. There’s also this new 2v2 mode that which you can play with your friends that is SUPER fun (like really). Thanks for making this game! =)

  20. video ads from Ironsource didn’t give reward most of the time (watched to the end, back to the app and show splash screen)

  21. I hate the booster restore . i accidentally hit it and waste so much gold .. Just stop with the gotcha . i really hate this game

  22. this game can either make it or break it. out of 10 games, it is guaranteed that 7 games will have pop up “Connection Lost – Retry” which is beyond annoying when you are playing on a highspeed WiFi. i came across several instances where the sling failed to work, while the opposition kept throwing rumblers at me and kept scoring while i watched in disgust. Overall when i can get the game to work and use my rumblers without lag, its a fun game to play.

  23. The core gameplay is fun and exciting. Absolutely perfect, would not change anything. (Except maybe a bit of balancing… but it’s a heck of a lot of fun as is.) But the metagame is terrible. It’s a direct clone of Clash Royale circa 2017. In particular, the chests. You can only open one chest at a time, and they take 3-8 hours to open, which means that players who log in 4-8 times a day get a LOT more rewards than those of us who would rather play a longer session once a day. Only being able to open one chest a day makes progress painfully slow and takes a lot of fun out of the experience. But stopping work to log in every 3 hours is exactly the sort of tedious slog I don’t want to have to do for something that is supposed to be fun. So, I’m done with this game for now. Will gladly come back if they implement a better progression system. Can’t recommend it unless you have a lot of time on your hands and the flexibility to play every few hours.

  24. Interesting concept and fun-ish game. But I keep getting kicked out mid game saying that the connection is lost. This happens both on LTE data and on an incredibly fast and stable wifi network, so it’s definitely not the connection on my end. Maybe the server is overloaded, but regardless, these frequent connection errors make this app unusable.

  25. great game, well worth the download but it doesn’t give you much incentive to play unless you pay. and leveling system is based on loot boxes which you wait hours for. I believe they had another game that was simmilar that had soccer players, and this adds another level to it. not gonna lie I believe these developers deserve the money for their work, but they took a great game and made it pay to play and it spoils the fun when paired against uneven players constantly. but kudos to the challenge.

  26. Quite fun, except the A.I. can be terrible at some points. My goalie will constantly give the ball to the opponent rumbler right next to my goal, allowing him to score easily. Or there will be a clean shot with the opponent goalie dead and my rumbler will somehow miss it. The rumblers rarely pass, allowing for next to no teamwork. Just a bad version of Clash Royale and soccer.

  27. Edited Review – With recent update, where you can win new legendary characters, the game has become interesting. But the Devs do not have any new abilities for new characters. It’s just repetition. Also, there should be an option of substitution now and it’s still senseless to loose trophies after losing a game !!

  28. It was a really fun game until the last update. They changed the balance of the rumblers. Now the team I built up for months is completely worthless. I had to change my entire strategy with rumblers that are under developed. I went from playing really good to struggling to even win a single game. I’ll give 5 stars if it goes back to the way it was before the update.

  29. Overall, this game is wonderful. It has simple controls, but so many different characters that do different things, which makes the game delightfully complex. The controls are to simply sling the rumblers onto the map, but you can use them to work together, and do complex teamwork, which is the big reason why I love this game.

  30. Really good game been on it since the start but there needs to be more ways to stop the hippo from running in the goal as its a free one for the opponents. Also the sniper wolf scores way to easy as well. Hope these issues get fixed to make the game more enjoyable.

  31. very fun and addictive game. You can still compete and advance without spending a single dollar. The game requires a bit of strategy amd is all about placement, timing, and countering. Definitely worth trying! 5-stars if there were more rumblers and prices were a little cheaper on the paid shop.

  32. I will change to 5 stars when you fix the matchmaking. The cards should have the same strength for eaxh player. Currently the game is just unfair and quite frankly it gets harder to stomach over time. Edit: A couple months later I have uninstalled due to these problems. It just doesn’t feel like a game of skill and it will frustrate you. To top it off, instead of fixing this they made a copy paste game of hockey to do it all tye same again. They only care about money.

  33. Easy, and fun. No intrusive ads (yet)! Only played for 30 minutes so far… EDIT – while entertaining, and a good time killer, the reward of new characters has stalled. Initially you receive them just often enough to add something new to the game, but that well appears to have dried up, and now I’m almost exclusively receiving upgrade points for the least useful characters.

  34. this game is an ok game. it has a lot good qualities, such as the roster, or the events. the only problem i have with this game is the matchmaking. i would win 3 games in a row, and then get paired up with a guy who has way too many trophies, and it just wouldnt be fun. if they could tweak the matchmaking to put players up against soneone of their own skill level after 3 wins in a row, the game would be a 5 star, for now though, its a 3 star for me.

  35. – Actual gameplay is pretty solid. – Either the UI is Clash Royale, or Clash Royale ripped off this UI. I suspect it’s the first case. – The music and sound are subpar. Lots of buzzer and sawtooth beep music that is distorted instantly by cell phone speakers. – Long story short, yes, it’s a Clash Royale copycat, but the soccer concept us inspired, and enough to merit sticking with the game for now.

  36. I’ve been playing this game since it came out back in 2019. It’s a good time waster for me. I really do love collecting the new rumble stars and building a team that works well together. very few of the rumble stars can actually beat your opening line-up but they are still fun to use. This came actually takes a surprising amount of critical thinking and strategy. It’s not perfect and has it’s flaws… but it’s very enjoyable.

  37. Highly rigged game. The moment you win a couple of matches, you start on a loosing streak in games you can tell are clearly rigged. No matter what you do, even in the last 10 seconds, opposition will score 3 goals and you’ll loose. Also, too many updates and no backward compatibility.

  38. After having played for awhile, almost 3 months, I did have fun at first. However once you get past a certain point unless you really invest money there will be what feels like 9 losses to your 1 win due to pay for win. It isn’t every player but when you play some of those players multiple times in a row and haven’t put any money in the game, you will have a hard time continually playing due to frustration. If you reach a certain point be ready to pay for some wins

  39. Getting sick and tired of the connection issues that seem to plague you just when you’re winning. Reading everywhere that this is rigged. I’ll think about changing my rating if/when they bother to sort this issue Ok, I’m done with this game. The connection issues appear only when you’ve leveled up quite far. Usually causes you to lose a game you might be winning. Sly fox is a joke, completely overpowered, almost unstoppable. Very poor balancing. Don’t bother downloading.

  40. It’s an ok game, would be better if you could go back and play on previous fields to get the other Rumblers. If you could get a little more gold for upgrades would be nice too, I know it’s suppose to keep you playing or to buy gold but for people like me that don’t spend money on phone games it would still be challenging but make me want to keep playing.

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