3D Pool Ball MODDED 2022

Play 8 ball pool and 9 ball pool in 3D view as it should be played in real world
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This is authentic 3D pool experience like you’ve never seen on mobile. Unlike other pool games, 3D Pool Ball offers playing pool (a.k.a pocket billiards) in 3D view as it should be played in real world.

Capture the spotlight in the pubs & pool halls and build you legacy in the most realistic pool game on the planet. Compete against other real players from all around the world or enter tournaments to win trophies against skilled pool players. How about a nice game of pool?

Game Features:
– Impressive visuals, great animations and double fun
– Play 1-on-1 and 8 player tournaments in online 8 ball and online 9 ball
– Play against computer AI in offline 8 ball and offline 9 ball
– Big bets. Big wins. Play like a pro.
– Realistic physics in 2D view and 3D view

Tips: The goal of eight ball, which is played with a full rack of fifteen balls and the cue ball, is to claim a suit, pocket all of them and then legally pocket the 8 ball.


Fixed some minor bugs in the last update. Thanks.


40 comentarios en "3D Pool Ball MODDED 2022"

  1. The play action isn’t realistic. I bought the “Hat Trick” cue for $9.99 and no matter what I do the force coming off the cue ball is like I’m slamming the shot. I can’t hit a “soft” shot, it just doesn’t work. Then apparently I can’t even change back to the Beginner cue. It doesn’t show up. Then the only way to safeguard progress (in case I change phones or whatever) is to sign in on Facebook. There’s no option for signing in under an email address. And I don’t use FB becuz it sucks…

  2. Kion dice:

    This game is horrible. Graphics are awesome but the functionality is way off. Trying to position your que stick will make you accidentally take a shot. Trying to line up a shot can be so difficult b/c the stick won’t move at all or glitches & moves to much and you lose a turn. The power meter is misleading AF… so is the angle of the que ball. Game is trash.

  3. I play this game quite a bit, but there are a few things about it that brought my rating down. 1) the AI opponent displays wildly fluctuating skill, sometimes the level of an expert then, more maddeningly, like a human who never picked up a queue before, sometimes in the same game. It’s apparent the AI intentionally misses game ending shots. Not interested in winning that way; 2) The sound effects lag behind, so they don’t correspond to the images on the screen; 3) no way to pause the game.

  4. Truly superb pool/billiards game app. The degree of potential fun in pool games is highly dependent on the way controlling the cue feels, and this is where many others fail– it’s either too easy or too hard or too frustrating to play by touch. Not here, where the controls are surprisingly refined and damn near perfect. Throw in decent graphics, add a little prize money to play for as you work your way towards the championship, and you have a great game by the developer.

  5. The graphics are really impressive when you move into 3D mode and my only complaint was the awkward game control. It was such a headache to get the camera angle just right to be able to SEE and get my shot properly lined up. The countdown clock certainly wasn’t effective in helping me get accustomed. It just made me feel rushed and annoyed. Ended up going back to my old faithful billiards app.

  6. The graphics are nice, the ui and menu layout isn’t quite so bad…. but the controls flat-out suck. The aim of the cue stick is so loose and slides around when I’m trying to aim it accurately, it’s frustrating to think of what I’d endure to try to play a whole game on this app. Stiffen up those controls for it to be worth anyone’s time playing this game, cuz it takes me forever to aim one shot to go where I want it, cuz the controls are so slippery, they’re just simply horrible to use.

  7. Joe K dice:

    I’ve yet to find a better pool game than this, especially if your looking for a more realistic simulation. The physics are spot on, framerate is good, the size of the balls are correct and the ads are reasonable, but the 3D is what really sets it apart. I also love the fine tuning wheel which makes lining up the perfect shot quick and frustration free. Every other pool game I’ve tried just seems like a clunky cartoon compared to this one. Kudos to it’s developers. I wouldn’t change a thing!

  8. This game is alot of fun! could only rate 3 stars because of time limit and sometimes the pool stick doesn’t move where you want it to go.Pool takes precision, which takes time so you can make the right move. I hate that this app puts a time limit when it’s your turn to shoot,real pool isn’t like that, and it just makes me have to rush which ends in me playing a sloppy game and not playing my best. Get rid of time limit or give at least a minute and a half to make the shot then I’d rate 5 stars.

  9. Been playing this game over a year. Now you have to have perfect wifi or you loose connection. I’ve lost close to 1 million in chips due to this. When playing the (lower level) computer because no one is playing, get ready to loose no matter what. The game was fun at first, not anymore. Also the free spin you get the same 3 spins all the time. Don’t get your hopes up on getting anything good from it. To many adds and other issues. Stay away!!!!!

  10. This is by far the best pool game I’ve played on my phone! Graphics are great. It feels super smooth and extremely accurate compared to other pool games. As trivial as it may seem, the ability to communicate with just little comments is great. And also able to add them to a friends list is awesome. And lastly, the coins you can earn in this game by spins of a wheel and or having to watch a few videos, actually MEAN something unlike so many other phone games!! It’s a must DL 😉🤘!!!

  11. This game is cool, I love it. Great graphics, please can you fix some errors as: – My friends appear as playing when they’re not, I know because I’m texting with them in the game, therefore I can’t invite them to play because they appear as playing. – Also, sometimes I can’t select the pocket when it’s my last ball, it appears in green color. Other times the pool table looks as “freeze” when I have to select the last pocket. But it’s a great game and the best graphics ever for these games.

  12. Gameplay is quick and easy for the most part. At times the aiming mechanism becomes to finicky, taking wide sweeping strokes instead of just fine tuning to the point you indicate. At one point I saw the game cheat and deny my 8 ball drop, gave it to the opponent and cost me the game. Overall, this app plays better than Billard City. I was frustrated with the aiming mechanism in that app. This one I enjoyed several seamless games with no frustration with the game controls. I do miss my Virtual Pool.

  13. I’m sorry but the graphics and controls are so bad on this game that I had to rate, review and uninstall immediately after playing 1 match. Yes, it was that bad. how is the performance that bad on a phone like an S9+? Trying to aim was painfully jittery. The sounds effects sounded like they were for a Sega Genesis game. I just couldn’t deal with that level of bad. The 3D aspect looks nice and actually looks better than the 2D in terms of quality but more difficult to actually play this way.

  14. Really enjoy this online multiplayer pool game. Ball also rolls faster and easier than in another popular pool game I’ve played. You can earn points and win good cues without spending money as well. Just takes longer. I have found a problem recently though. The game was keeping up with my wins and losses but now I just see zero wins even when I’ve had a 5 game streak. Hope there’s a fix.

  15. Fairly accurate with aim and shoot abilities. Decent graphics in both 2 and 3D. But your pool terminology needs some serious work . i have repeatedly seen a shot made that does NOT hit the rail be referred to a bank shot. that is false, if you miss a shot due to another ball being in the way, it’s labeled as an illegal break and gives the opponent ball in hand. An illegal break can ONLY happen on the first shot of any match, not on a missed shot during regular play.

  16. The 3D is great. But I dont like I only have so many seconds to hit the ball when all the cue animation keeps swinging the stick around and I’m trying to play the game and get the shot exsact and pop …. your opponents turn. Sorry… I dont see very well so speedy pool is NOT for me… sorry. If you change that and give us ample time like the fb game does… I’ll download it again

  17. Awesome game. Excellent 3D. It’s what pool games have been missing. So addicting! Camera is a little cumbersome in 3D though. Perhaps buttons to quickly change the viewpoint from 1 side of the table to another? Also, ghosting of the cue would be helpful as sometimes can block the view of the shot. A favorite cues tab would be nice. And Please, more promo cues!

  18. Love this game. A few things have changed recently that makes the game not that enjoyable as it used to be. But overall I love it. Also for everyone wondering how to call yr pocket on the 8 ball. You have to go into 3d mode then switch back to 2d mode to make your shot. Hope that helps everyone that is struggling with this matter. But overall great game.

  19. New update! Decent gameplay, at times seems like I’m playing AI (I always play online). However the physics changes on a per-match-basis making this bad long term because of mathematical continuity. *Huge bug on this version of the app where I am not able to listen to my favorite music app while playing matches and my Developer settings permit multitasking. *SNEAKY 20 MINUTE COMMERCIALS!?!? (1st time I watched patiently)…am I getting something in return, no?…I’ll gladly skip those, Thanks!

  20. The only way to get enough coins to keep playing is to purchase them. The game doesn’t put you against a player of equivalent skill, but against people 10 or more levels higher than you are. Worse, you can only level the playing field with a good break every eight or so games, as the breaks aren’t evenly split, either. Even if you do get to break, you won’t sink a ball unless you purchased a high end cue. Total scam!

  21. there are games that I cant adjust the view. it shows a view of level behind the cue ball which makes it impossible to aim. some games have a 2d or 3d choice some do not. very hard to win in those and no instruction on how to change the view. also on those games the aim works opposite to those with the 2d 3d choice. In those games without the 2d 3d option you run out of time while trying to aim your shot as the table seems to move all over the screen.

  22. Terrible. The 3D pool table is about half the size of your phone screen. It is damn near impossible to figure out which balls are high or low due to their extremely tiny size. Aiming gets two thumbs DOWN! The tiny little table rotates wildly and pivots up and down while you are trying to line up your shots, then it shrinks so you cannot see. Uninstalling.

  23. decent pool game but the timer is annoying. I’ve never played a game of 8ball in real life where you have 30 seconds to figure out your next shot, aim, and shoot…. either get rid of it, or extend it to a minute (or 2). I’d rather play Pool Billards Pro, no timer when playing offline against the cpu at least. more realistic shots in that too. i skimmed the edge of a ball in this (like a 90 degree shot) with the cue ball at full power and the ball i hit moved like two inches. In PBP it worked.

  24. Great game. Love pool an a great way to pass the time. Lagging is really bad sometimes. You make a shoot an it repeatedly brings you back to the same shot till you time out. I have lost tournaments because of this. Also getting kicked in the middle of a game an losing all the chips you bet. Should not have to forfeit my chips cause of your platform stability. Would be a 5 star game… Fix the bugs please.

  25. Kinda hard to get the hang of it, but that’s what got me staying to try to get the catch and hope I could concore it.😁 In my opinion this game has got a good, graphics for being new, and interesting for just on the market. I have to say I am surprised the graphics are more better than I thought that they would be and I was able to get entertainment for how long it takes to get the hang of it, but nothing is ever perfect on the earth. Still 👍 for an interesting new game to check out & play.

  26. Terrible game, 3d mode is obsolete because all players have the ability to switch to 2d overhead mode with ball guides. Like playing in a bar but you have the ability to float freely above the table and know exactly where the balls will go after you hit them. Thanks to the developers for wasting my time.

  27. I like the gameplay but what I don’t like is that you have to be on Facebook in order to save your progress. When I changed phones I lost everythingand had to start over. There should be an alternate way to save one’s progress other than Facebook. I despise Facebook. There should be a separate sign in method. If not for that I would have given it 5 stars. FIX IT!

  28. I think the game play is really good and I enjoy playing regular opponents. I think there could be more cues and tables to buy. I like the league set ups and tournaments and I hope in the future bigger and better competitions happen. We could have a live competition on a set date and time. Also different bonus games for rewards like trick shots and a game where you have to pot as many balls as possible in a set time.

  29. A Law dice:

    Game constantly glitches, either when trying to pick a pocket or place the cue. Several times I’ve lost coins due to absolutely no fault of my own. Yes, I had connection. No, the game didn’t freeze, because the timer continued to countdown on both players. Don’t waste your time with this 💩

  30. Fun game but lots of bugs and cheaters. I have seen balls stop inside the pocket like an invisible wall,balls on top of each other,balls half buried in the rail,just to name a few. Also the consistency in shots is not great. A 1700 could act like a 3400 or a 200. If it is your turn to lose. The game will make sure you do. Also turn off the chat. They installed lots of ways for others to be trolls

  31. If I could give this game s 0 rating I would! Only because it doesn’t matter which game room I’m playing in that requires me to call the pocket for the 8, it will NOT ALLOW ME TO CHOOSE A POCKET!! I’ve been playing this game almost 3 months love the graphics and the random selection of opponents. But, not 1 time have I ever been able to play the 8 ball in the pocket that I want to choose. I’ve sent messages to support… No response. EVER I’m not upset about losing games I’m upset about glitches

  32. A Jay dice:

    I’m changing my review and giving it 4 stars I really like this game and I play it alot and i did end uo spending real cash that’s much I actually like and play this game..would have been nice to get my chips back but it’s ok,no live lost here..great game guys…there’s a few things I’d like to see added to the game ..call all pockets on higher level tables and full chat at table from one’s on friends list and maybe some 9ball tournaments but ..now then owners won’t even reply to us..ok watch

  33. Tina dice:

    Nope I tried lasted about half way thru the 1st level I can’t do the opponent which felt like a bot pretty badly but they were so terrible at pool ot almost felt offensive at some point so fyi but that 1st age has to kill it & just didn’t for me at all the controls were ok but the accuracy playing wasn’t exactly great either so idk needs work imho

  34. You have a MAJOR ISSUE…. I cannot select a pocket to win a game. The only pockets I can select are the center pockets and I end up losing. How can possibly win with those restrictions. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and STILL get the same issue.

  35. Malik Von dice:

    This is a gret pool game. can you add a feature that allows you to rank in order just the pool cues that i want to use the most. Need to add an ability to reset cue sticks owned

  36. Awesome game!! Love the camera movement and the realistic features of pool cue effect couple little things I’d change but not major enough to keep me from playing.

  37. As usual, updates are always a 50/50 lucky call. The update version is somehow okay, but one major issue I noticed is, when calling a pocket to pot in the black ball, you have to continuously tap on the pocket (like more than 10 taps most times) before it responds. Glad I backed up the old version, so I had to reinstall it. Also, make the live chats more realistic. One needs to choose his/her words. Fix the two errors, and I’ll change my rating to 5 star because the game is fun anyways.

  38. Fun game! But it has control issues. I lost several times because it wouldn’t let me choose the pot, or I got timed out, and I saw it happened to others (the internet connection was fine). Also, I don’t think it has the physics right, because when two balls hit each other, they suppose to go in the opposite directions, but sometimes the balls go in the same direction (causing you to lose the game).

  39. It’s excellent, I’m level 22 now. I wish there were more 2D games, the 3D has very confusing angles. One thing that drives me crazy, it that you can watch videos for coins and one bar, only for videos but takes like 10 ads, as you lose WiFi signal, which is wrong as I only lose signal watching those ads. I had one of the best internet connections in my big city. This isn’t right. Please fix issue.

  40. This game sucks! When I play for 1K I can score all my balls and when I’m left with only a black ball, it tells me to pick where am I going to score it…when it’s time for me to pick a hole where am I going to score my black ball, it doesn’t allow me to do so….until the time runs out…when I pick the hole that seems to be impossible to score in, it then allows me

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