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We’ve got ALL-NEW ways for parents to get involved and encourage you to PLAY 60! Parents can create activity plans and track fitness development while kids get to play to earn special PLAY points and mystery boxes!

Be physically active, earn play points, and unlock cool NFL gear to customize your very own PLAY 60 avatar!

Choose your favorite NFL team and PLAY 60!

Accessibility Statement

The NFL PLAY 60 app has been developed to meet WCAG 2.1 Level AA accessibility requirements.

If the format of any material in this application interferes with your ability to access the information or if you have questions or comments about accessibility, please contact us at [email protected].


40 comentarios en "NFL PLAY 60 MODDED 2022"

  1. Before I downloaded this game I was like “Time to play sports” but when I played it I was wrong it just has “Red light green light” “tag” and work outs for the person playing the game when I seen that I was like oh “train ONLY the person your playing as” But I was wrong and when it said Challenge I was like “finally some sports” but when I click on it guess what NOT WHAT I EXPECTED this confused me and wanted me to give up on supporting… NVM think twice before download…

  2. A Fun Excersize Game to play for sports lovers! You can pick your NFL Team, Play Tag amd More!, and when you are out playing for 60 mins, the game gives coins! So, hope you enjoy and don’t forget to PLAY 60!

  3. Tyson B dice:

    I love this game but it some times give you like 10 ads im not even lying play to see its sometimes dumb and its somtime good but today i thinks its good cuz no ads happen yet ya have a good day and next week i deleteing it now bye yall

  4. Good game to keep you and your child fit and healthy. I recommend this app to parents who want their children to get exercise. Thanks for reading my review.

  5. This app is really fun, I play it so much every day and I enjoy it. Please respond to this message

  6. It is fun because I love running and walking and dancing and jumping

  7. TVH dice:

    this is the best signed by theodore van hooks aka the hulk.

  8. I just don’t like this game because I have to do gym and work

  9. I like it because it gives me extra size

  10. Games to games of five star because I love apps

  11. Won’t work on my android phone

  12. No overall tag its all just a race😡

  13. it helps me work out lose fat its realy fun

  14. Im on Samsung and its not loading

  15. Bc it so fun and it for everyone

  16. Cuz my teacher uses this app she sin us uppp

  17. I use to play play60 in my school tablt at helth

  18. Goog you have any idea where it t

  19. poppy yo boy pizza yo boy pizza yo boy

  20. Can I have my phone off while on this app while I’m walking or do i have to have it on for it to work

  21. It’s just a fun game as a whole

  22. This is awesome to kepp active when it is raining and you are stuck inside

  23. Easier than going to the gym and more fun than running on the treadmill!

  24. I do not like this game it would not let me turn so I keep losing….😤

  25. This app is so fun and I love being able to run and exercise through an app

  26. I hate exercising in the hot sun, but now I can just exercise in the house

  27. It’s just like my favorite game subway surfer but ten million times better!! download it now!!!!#no Internet needed.

  28. So epic, Is SOOOOOOOO much better than subway surfers, LOVE IT! GREAT way to get exercise and have SO MUCH FUUUNNNN!!! (Repost if you agree)

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