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Quick-fire golf duels! Master your golfing skills & become the Golf Clash King!
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The sun is shining and it’s time to play the real-time, multiplayer golf game everybody’s talking about!

Tee off on beautiful courses against players around the world, as you compete in tournaments, 1v1 golf games and challenge your Facebook friends! Upgrade your clubs and unlock tours as you master your golfing skills, in the quest to be the Golf Clash King!

Enjoy quick-fire duels in this exciting free golf game!

‘Best Mobile Game’ – BAFTA 2018
‘Game of the Year’ – Mobile Games Awards 2018

– Quick-fire 1v1 real-time gameplay
– Revolutionary shot system that’s easy to learn but difficult to master
– Dozens of golf courses – new courses added every month!
– Progress through more advanced tours as you “raise the stakes”
– Earn promotion in weekly leagues to win club card bonuses
– Global golf tournaments every two weeks – be the Golf King!
– Try the Golden Shot – win prizes by showing off your deadly shot accuracy
– Unlock new clubs and balls to gain power, accuracy, spin and curl
– Save and share replays of your jaw-dropping shots
– Banter your opponents with chat and emoji during the game!
– Golf Clash clans can chat, share replays and work together to earn clan rewards

This is not your average sports game! Thousands of live players are online, waiting to be challenged to golf games.

Download Golf Clash for free today and show off your golfing prowess!

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Here's what's new in the latest Golf Clash update:

Improvements to the Checkpoint Challenge
Performance improvements and bug fixes

Thank you for downloading the latest Golf Clash update and happy swinging!


40 comentarios en "Golf Clash MOD 2022"

  1. Can NOT connect to Facebook, which runs several of the features of the app, for close to a week now!… Overall, the app passes the time, but asks for rates too much. Basically pay to win, winning is rewarded with harder opponents, usually with far better gear. Makes you wait for opponents during tournaments even though it has zero effect on the tournament itself.

  2. This game is clearly rigged against you. I watch the arrow stop on perfect shot, and it obviously skips over to great when I have a perfectly lined up shot. It never does this when the game knows I’m hitting the rough or a bunker, I hit perfect shot everytime. As well as you are clearly playing against old replays of other players who make ridiculous shots to keep you on a losing streak.

  3. love the golf experience. courses are incredible. But, every world class course has a driving range where you tune in your clubs. give us somewhere to practice!!!! I made this post years ago. Now that the Facebook app has crashed and I can’t recover my account. I’m not happy. I was in the middle of a tournament and I couldn’t play to qualify for the weekend,

  4. Getting worse and worse. This game is riddled with issues that apparently can’t be resolved. Constant connection issues and flawed play make this game frustrating. A lot of times the game is just not fair. I am not sure if it’s an algorithm issue or they reward people that spend more money. It is no longer how well you can play the game when it’s working but rather the luck of the algorithm. No skill involved. You are subject to connection issues during play leaving you kicked offline.

  5. Intermittently glitchy. You will definitely throw your device across the room! When taking a shot, I will hit a perfect one good shot, but the arrow continues to go all the way to right or left, causing you to hook or slice badly. Of course this ruins your ability to score as low as you should be able to. Explain this to me Please!!

  6. Nate Nie dice:

    It’s a fun game but the events are suspect. For example, there is an event called golden shot where your objective is to get the ball inside the bullseye for a reward crate. I am not a ptp player, so I only get the free attempt.. In my experience, everytime I hit a perfect shot, (like the instant it displays perfect shot) the game will display a connection issue and bring me back to main menu. No more free attempt. It’s the only time I experience “connection issues” doesn’t happen for good shots

  7. Ace42 B dice:

    Definitely a pay to complete app. Always crashing or glitching. Every tournament has balls to purchase that are designed to give players a better advantage for that specific tournament. If you just want to play to play, it is for you. If you really want to be competitive and not have to spend money to do so? It isn’t for you. The multiple account option allows skilled players to create second and third accounts. They will keep these accounts at low levels. Sand bagger accounts.

  8. Still trying to recover an old account through Facebook, it’s been inaccessible for almost a week. #2 my old account was heavy needle lag and constantly kicking me out of the game. Customer support said it’s a connection issue. Its not. I’ve had no problem under this new account. But I lost over a million coins. Lots of clubs and upgrades. Fix it please

  9. It’s a skill game with alot of pay to play, but the pay to play only helps with the skill or against high level opponents later on down the road. Its a chill atmosphere, great controls, great for a short play when ever or to relax for hours (as long as you don’t lose all the time). It’s competitive, but supportive at the same time. One of the better games I’ve played on a phone.

  10. C Hamlin dice:

    Definitely a pay to win game. Wind is not accurate one time a 5mph wind does little next time you miss by a mile. Also shootout is not the way to keep players. If they want to keep people happy and playing then get rid of the shootout and make the game harder so you win more out right holes. I would rather lose out right rather than by some lucky shot. Would not recommend this game unless you are willing to pay. Thought things would change when EA took over,but think it’s actually worse.

  11. EA has had a problem with connecting to FB for 3 weeks. I have fellow players who have poured money into their accounts, that can no longer connect. Money. Really world currency they have used to buy clubs and balls, that they no longer have access to. One of our top 10 players had to create a new account. I have played for years. I buy the seasons, I buy balls, I buy clubs. I’m thankful I haven’t had the issue. I’m here to share the experience of my team mates, and it’s not a good one.

  12. This game is full of bots, don’t ever connect to your Facebook, if you no longer have Facebook, there’s no way to keep you account and character. The wind is inconsistent from course to course, if you stay at one level, trying to upgrade the clubs, after so many games the algorithms play against you and you can’t win on that level anymore.

  13. I’m getting really tired of pulling back the shot, getting a blue flash indicating I’ve got the perfect back swing, then releasing my shot to get a perfect swing, and seeing the ball go off on some trajectory that doesn’t remotely resemble the shot that was made. It’s a fun app, but the number of times I’ve made a shot and had my opponent comment “unlucky” is off the charts. The wind system seems inconsistent.

  14. I really like the game! The graphics are amazing and the little extras that we get are fun! But what you have to pay to upgrade equipment is really ridiculous! It starts out great until you get to 4 or 5 and then it triple $$$ on some and that’s not cool when we don’t even earn that much $$$ per game! You can’t get any where when you spend everything to be able to play better on the higher greens but then you can’t play them because it took almost every to level up equipment!

  15. Absolutely terrible servers. Constant lag issues. Game crashes every 20 minutes or less. Support is worthless. When you tell them what happened, they can’t do anything besides give you the coins back. You still lose the trophies and if it’s during a tournament you get a par whether you would’ve had eagle or not. Used to be fun but now it’s just a cash grab with poor service and greed.

  16. Now I’m pissed! On a shootout I put my ball .90 from hole. The opponent puts the game on pause until there is 4 seconds left, then comes back to the game and does not take his shot. The time runs out on his timer and the game says “state time out” and does not give me coins, a win, or any of my progress on accomplishments. I am just about ready to uninstall this damn game! 😠 😡 I just went back to the game, it gave me a freakin loss!!!!!

  17. mike B dice:

    A couple of issues . Any internet feed problems can ruin your shots. This is not on my end. Motions can be jerky in the middle of a shot. There should also be contour markers on the greens. Not for putting but for setting up approach shots. A third issue of sorts is the cost to play good. Nickle and dime things to buy to get better tools. Update … Now that I’ve played over a thousand games I’ve seen one of the big issues continues to be internet feed problems. I’m now quitting the game.

  18. Laggy! I don’t know why this game is so laggy, I play several golf games and none of them are laggy as this. I think they have the swing meter actively communicating with the server while swinging and playing. That’s a mistake. The swing meter needs to be divorced from the server until the shot is completed, and then the information from the shot is sent to the server, not during the action! I don’t know if that’s the answer but this game is extremely laggy, especially the swing meter.

  19. white3265 dice:

    First, The game doesn’t have a great ranking system when trying to place you with another opponent. Second, it really feels rigged… when I do get an opponent at my starting level with the same amount of games played… they have clubs that even high ranking players don’t have. Bots or a person who has payed a lot of money? Up for you to decide.

  20. The game is okay if you just want to hit some balls around but have no chance of being competive without spending a boat load of money. And then when you play the tournaments, you compete with the players that have been here for years, have thier equipment fully maximized and are still allowed to play at the rookie level. Then there is the connectivity problem that almost everybody has been complaining about for months, but nothing gets done.

  21. Bill dice:

    I’ve played this game for 2 years. When you pay to play (season pass), you break even on coins with a narrow window to advance. You have to constantly funnel cash into the season pass or you will start to experience “needle lag.” Needle lag intentionally forces your shots off course. It will bleed your coins and force you to buy micro transactions during tournaments to keep your coins up to keep playing. The algorithm is transparent AF, uninstalling today, don’t waste your time or money.

  22. This game was very fun to play I had a good amount of years with it. I also spent tons of money probably around 1500 and played for 4 years. In the beginning customer support was good but once electronic arts took over the game drastically went downhill. Tournaments started freezing glitching and they always blame it on your internet connection. However some of the times they even took blame but in the end barely give anything back and you’re out of the weekend. Don’t waste your time.

  23. Matchmaking is completely unbalanced. There’s no way to report suspected cheaters. For example, a master level player at 90% win rate, a bag full of pay to win clubs and ~ 1k games played albatross’s a par 5. And the pay-to-win vibe ruins the experience. The inconsistent physics is also a problem. I’d like to update a continual problem with the network connectivity. I’m on wifi, backed by a business class connection, and for some reason, I losing in game cash due to disconnects? Fix your network

  24. Should be called golf crash , that’s what he does to keep you from winning. This crashes when you’re playing high stakes games to keep you losing to keep you spending money . Very seldom happens when you’re playing for small stakes . It will tell you that you have lost internet connection and shut down restart and by the time you reconnect you have lost your shot and you lose. This is no mistake , I have played this game for sometime now . No stars for this game . Scamming

  25. Jumpy, lagging needle has me on the verge of deleting the app. Followed all support advice. Phone isn’t charging. Plenty of free space (over 100 gigs) on the device. No apps running in the background… It’s almost impossible to hit a perfect shot. I’m so aggravated with it, I’m ready to quit the game.

  26. The tournaments allow players that are extremely good with professional ranking enter at the novice levels instead of their player rank level. Example: one player Eagled and Albatrosed every hole yet was entered as an Amature. This is typical and makes it very hard for beginners to advance. Designers need to create a filter so people must play touneys at the same level as their game play.

  27. Bo Eason dice:

    This is a really fun game so far! I really get frustrated when I keep getting knocked off the game so very often. Usually when you are about to take a shot! Then when you finally get reconnected, you are running out of time. The game is really really fun if you can stay connected!!!!!! And I have read all their advice about what might help, and have followed all they said to do!!!!! Doesn’t help at all!!!!!! Makes me very sad to find such a great game and can’t play because of it crashing!

  28. I enjoyed playing the game for the most part, was in a really good clan, had over $100 million in the bank and had built up my clubs for 2 years. For the last FIVE days I have been unable to access my profile because of sync problems. Because of that I have lost money and tournament results and I am back to playing as a beginner as if I’ve been playing a few days. Worse yet, there has been zero communication from EA sports. STAY AWAY UNTIL IT IS FIXED WHICH COULD BE A WHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I play this game a lot, and when it’s working, I really like it. There’s an issue with it at the moment, and I can’t recover my account, I qualified for a tournament on expert and am unable to play the opening round, which is really frustrating. I try to save my best balls just for the tournaments so lost 9 of them plus the entrance fee and don’t know how many potential clan points

  30. Looks great, good UI, but the cynic in me makes me feel it’s rigged. If you’re winning too much, I’m suspicious that, for example, it adds a few mm to your shot in play-off games after a tie so you lose by a narrow margin, with the aim of encouraging you to spend money to improve equipment.

  31. Must have something, cos I keep going back to it. Real potential to be a great game is spoiled by developer tinkering and a grossly unfair algorithm for finding opponents. Way too many games lost before you play your 1st shot due to opponents vastly superior club levels. If you play well and get to the shoot out you have no chance unless opponent screws up

  32. Decent game at lower levels, but as you advance the experience is spoiled by players who know the algorithm and can calculate the wind to perfection. You can tell them immediately because they zoom in on the target and make tiny adjustments and get the hole 90% of the time. It’s cheating and spoils the game entirely. Until the developers do something to stop this, I doubt I’ll play for much longer. I know I could probably find how to do it online. But why would I? Sort it out Golf Clash

  33. I like this game but I somehow go through really long periods of losing especially after experiencing long periods of consistent winning. I would be happy to admit if this could be completely chalked up to my skill alone but there have been too many times where this has happened and it just doesn’t seem to add up. I don’t spend a lot of money on this game and I can’t help but wonder if these “losing streaks” are designed to encourage me to spend more money on the app.

  34. Makes you lose & never get to build your coins up they take them away and your back to zero. If your win ratio is too high they will start sliding your shots. You let go on center a perfect shot and it releases it slightly off. You can see it stop for a second then slide a bit off to screw your shot up. Tested theorie with other people all over the world via reddit & guess golf clash sliding shots. Made me lose 14 games in a row until win was ratio was below 50%. RIGGED Done with this Game

  35. Lost my account after playing this game for 6-7 years. Somehow the Facebook attachment, deleted my account. I wish they were able to help recover my account. I’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled it because I have my Google account attached and it should bring up my account. But unfortunately that did not help. So going forward I’m gonna stick to old fashioned video games on console so I know I won’t have any issues with my progress and achievements as well including money and time.

  36. Ross dice:

    I’m changing my review to 3 stars because I think there’s a problem with the ball guide on some clubs. I just lost a game where I hit perfect and I had set the ball guide to pass across the hole, but the ball stopped just right before getting into the hole. How’s that possible? It’s really annoying when the ball doesn’t match what the ball guide shows.

  37. Cee Becks dice:

    I’ve been playing Golf Clash for years. Recently the Gold app disconnected from my Facebook account and is not allowing me to reconnect.. I’ve lost EVERYTHING! All of my titles, rankings, etc.. most important, ALL of my PURCHASES! ($100’s of dollars)!!! What on earth is going on?!!! I have every receipt statement dated. My question is, are you guys doing anything to resolve this issue?

  38. As much as the game is good for graphics & game play & it keeps me coming back to play I still feel the game is floored, you say you strive for fairness & always match people up at similar levels but I constantly am pitted against players at higher levels with better equipment & they always have less wind to deal with, they consistently hit their shots that aren’t perfect but always get the perfect outcome regardless of wind & where they aim, this needs to be addressed if people are to stay.

  39. Decent golf game, not quite as good as Golf Rival. The main issue is the golf swing controls are very confusing and user unfriendly compared to other golf games. These need to be made easier to determine strength, using the system similar to that used in other golf games. Also have to select 1-to-1 every time before selecting the course. Overall good fun, just a shot or two behind Golf Rival.

  40. What the hell… I have been played this game more than 4 years, suddenly it unable to sync with facebook.i played around 10000 games lots of balls are there all gone . Kindly look into the matter. One more thing lots of time GC have connection issues sometime opponent hit shots like computer is playing. So kindly clear all issues.

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