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Play the #1 free golf game by Topgolf Media, as seen on NBC Sports, Golf Channel, DIRECTV and FOX Sports. Featuring full stroke play on Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes (Golf Digest #1 rated resort), Chambers Bay and St Andrews from the PGA Tour. This sports game is a full game simulation built with the best GPS and 3D technology.

• Experience more than 15 championship golf courses, including: Pebble Beach (five-time U.S. Open host), Bandon Dunes (Golf Digest #1 rated resort), Chambers Bay (2015 U.S. Open), Bethpage Black (2019 PGA Championship, 2024 Ryder Cup), Celtic Manor (2010 Ryder Cup), Congressional Country Club (2011 U.S. Open), Kiawah Island (2012 and 2021 PGA Championship), Olympic Club (2012 U.S. Open), Pinehurst Resort (2014 U.S. Open), Royal St. George’s (The Open Championship 2011 and 2020), St Andrews (The Open Championship 2015 and 2021), Valhalla Golf Club (2014 and 2024 PGA Championship)

• Compete head-to-head against friends or other players with live chat and competitive leaderboards in multiplayer games
• Single-player full 18-hole stroke play and quick 9-hole closest-to-the-hole golf games
• Get the Topgolf experience on the go by playing Topgolf mode, competing with up to six players and scoring points by hitting targets in the outfield
• Free tournaments including the Virtual U.S. Open (in collaboration with the USGA, featuring a grand prize trip to the real U.S. Open Championship), WGT Virtual Tour Championship (in partnership with Golf Channel) and many more

• Equip your golf bag with virtual golf equipment including drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters and golf balls
• Choose your shot type from options including full, punch, pitch, chip, flop and putt
• Read and play various (and some challenging!) golf lies from all over the course including the tee, fairway, rough, fescue, bunker and green

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• Upgrade your virtual golf clubs and golf balls to improve your game
• The WGT Pro Shop features equipment from your favorite golf brands including Callaway, Cobra, Odyssey, Ping, Scotty Cameron, TaylorMade, Titleist and more

• Invite friends to compete in multiplayer games with live chat
• Join a country club to meet new people, improve your skills, compete in events and private tournaments, and more
• Gift friends virtual equipment and boosts from the Pro Shop

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WGT Golf Mobile requires a fast internet connection. Game is free to play with option to purchase credits to upgrade equipment or compete in challenges to earn credits. World Golf Tour players can login and use their existing accounts and virtual golf equipment.

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* Support a great cause and compete for a prize by playing in the JDRF Tournament
* Get your free WGT player-designed Turkey Hand shirt just in time for turkey season
* 'Tis the season… of the Pumpkin Spice Showdown
* The first Gameday Drive jerseys have arrived
* The DP World Tour: Global Finals is just around the corner
* WGT website surveys are changing platforms
* As always, bug fixes and improvements


44 comentarios en "WGT Golf FULL"

  1. Morgan Sherritt dice:

    Game has so much potential but is terrible. Coins should buy you better clubs, balls and equipment but they dont. People can abandon a match, which freezes the game and causes you to lose. No consistency with shot distance, wind effect, elevation change. The views are terrible, you should be able to rotate manually around your avatar to achieve better viewing angles. And you cant hit a driver off the deck.

  2. Dennis Gehrke dice:

    The graphics are great, but the mechanics are terrible. Putting is almost impossible when the game tells you your putter can hit 30 feet and only 15 feet from the pin, no up/down hill. I set my swing at 50% and the ball only goes half way to the cup. Rhe nest green is the same so I beef up my swing by 25% and I end up 6 feet beyond! Everything else in the game is great.

  3. Ed Batchelder dice:

    This is the best golf game Application I’ve played. Other ones are arcade style and to easy. This one takes images from the actual courses as if you were playing in a simulator and distance control and putting Takes a lot of practice. Some people might find it frustrating but I love it. The effort is worth the reward. Only issue is that It’s hard to get very good at this game without putting some money into equipment and premium balls and they are bit pricey as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Michael Grenier dice:

    I’d rate this game 4/5 stars, but there’s 1 thing that makes me rate it a 3….in order to get to any higher ranks and to be competitive against other players, you have to spend quite a bit to upgrade your clubs, balls and apparel for your avatar. Other than that it’s a really fun and enjoyable game to play. I Iike how there’s tons of courses to choose from from the very begining of the game. You don’t have to unlock each and every course.

  5. Fantastic game. Been a member of this community since 2009. Still sensational after all these years. Amazing courses and spectacular selection of equipment! *Edit: Changed fom 5 stars to 3 due to extreme changes in the game. Can no longer achieve weekly packs due to alterations in the achievements and goals mechanics. Some of the changes were good, but ultimately it’s more difficult to acquire apparel and equipment now. Daily spins and tournaments seem questionable.

  6. Tim Burley dice:

    Game is preset to control the outcome of games and higher level players are handicapped by the game. Game has many glitches and if you lose money, balls, or passes, they won’t refund or respond to messages. The game is fun, the graphics great. Save yourself the frustration, play for fun, spend no money, and when a shot you’ve hit 300 times at the same distance goes 20 yards past the hole, know it’s not you, it’s the game.

  7. This game freezes up all the time! Very irritating when youre in mid swing! Froze up once for 24 minutes. If they could fix this freezing problem it would be a much better game! Now the game freezes up and when you exit to come back into the game they make me update the game that isnt working??? Not only did I lose the game but sponsorship bonus as well????

  8. Overall this game is fun, and playable. However, there are some notable UI shortcomings. Camera angles on greens can be deceiving, and despite the alternate views that help determine green pitch the grade of uphill and downhill putts can easily be estimated completely wrong. It would be nice if there was a zoom-out feature to allow a more distanced third person view from a level perspective. The camera angles on drive follows sometimes lose track of the ball. Pretty minor stuff.

  9. Really fun, realistic, golfing game. It does have quite a steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of all of the mechanics, it’ll still take a bit of getting used to & learning your personal “groove”. If you enjoy golf, & realistic, challenging games; then I would highly recommend this game to you, but if you’re looking for an easy for beginners, easygoing game, this isn’t the game for you.

  10. Very realistic game. Several things to improve upon. When one forfeits the game, the winner does not receive a win, only the money. Need to tell the speed of the green before teeing off on the first tee. Playing from a fairway bunker is almost impossible to reach the green, which isn’t true in real golf. Some players have found a way to prolong the game when they are losing, which frustrates the leader into quitting or waiting longer. Otherwise, an enjoyable game of golf.

  11. J G dice:

    I have to say, I’ve played most of the golf apps in the playstore. This one is the most realistic one I’ve played. It takes some time to get used to putting. There isn’t any line when you putt, you actually have to read the green.Which is difficult but more realistic. It’s not like arcade, like most of the golf apps. The game is on point accurate. I’ll put it this way, if you have actually played golf you’ll love this golf app. Frustrating,and Loads of fun. Love this 1 Great time killer.

  12. Nick N dice:

    Most amazing golf game ever. I’ve been playing WGT for years. It’s about as realistic as it can come for a game. The multiplayer option is phenomenal. There is one improvement I would suggest. That is I wish they switched pin placements on holes. The pin is always in the same location and that’s just not real and if it were to move to different spots on the green it would make competition more interesting. Other than that it’s an incredible game. Been my favorite for years.

  13. The game is very glitchy, I found that when I paid for upgraded clubs, the game worked very well for a time. Then it became very glitchy with the speed meter jumping all over the place. I upgraded to new golf balls, all of a sudden, the game worked well again, at least until the ball upgrade ended. Now the game is glitchy again. WGT, it’s not the internet service or the computer. I’ve got 1g speed direct connect, not Wi-Fi, and the computer works fine on all of my other games.

  14. AnOkAlias dice:

    I installed this game because supposedly there’s a single player mode. Seemed nice. But, you’re essentially forced to make certain choices for a while and so far, they all include playing an opponent. I don’t mind tutorial rounds and so on. But, when I can’t even access the game settings, until I’ve “advanced” a certain amount or whatever? Well, that’s just asinine.

  15. The graphics are great, but the emphasis is on buying clubs and golf balls. Otherwise, even after countless rounds of golf, it only gets more difficult. Shot making becomes totally unpredictable. I’ve hit the exact three times under the exact same conditions and got totally ridiculous results each time – long, short and off center. Enjoy it, but be prepared to spend money or become frustrated.

  16. Graphics are awesome, as is the variety of courses. It falls down in its application of physics and consistency. Sure, they want people to spend money, got it. But cutting a 227 yard 3-wood to 50 yards because you’re in the first cut off the fairway is ridiculous. Greens are completely unpredictable, and the tell-tales used to denote the lay off the greens are useless. At times, aiming left, shots go directly right. Frustrating and addicting.

  17. Being an avid golfer and fan, I really want to like this game. But unfortunately the frustration is not worth the effort. The real courses are well done and the graphics draws you in but the inconsistencies in playability are awful. It’s really not golf! It’s trying to stop a moving bar graph on a thin line, almost impossible on a mobile phone. Also, unless you plan on spending lots of your own money, don’t expect to be competitive. This company wants your $ and lots of it!

  18. overall very good app. Some trouble with occasional freeze up during game that can be frustrating. The short game hits also, on occasion, do not react accurately. You make a hit that should go 20 yards and it goes two or three yards. It also lacks complete game instructions. That being said it is the best golf game available but it could be better.

  19. Great game. Upsides. A lot of variety in courses, shots, and competition format. A pretty realistic feel. Lot of nice people and good sports flying different flags. Very responsive support. Downsides are paying for balls that you can lose on the first shot – which is wrong and unfair. Results occasionally inconsistent with conditions of a shot. A lot of in app purchases, but not that much required. And the occasional player who squawks if you take too long on a shot, but you can block them.

  20. Great golf game. I think it’s the best one by far. At times there are issues with the power meter speeding up right when go to hit the ball. I noticed that on birdie putts, no matter how perfect you line up the putt, it usually always misses to to low side. I think there should be a ball mark option available. At times, you will encounter your opponents ball directly in your line. There are a plethora of holes, when you hit your approach shot, there is usually only a few yards to stick it. Boo.

  21. Dan Barone dice:

    Best golf game I’ve run across. Challenging courses, outstanding graphics and realistic sounds and images. Just wish I could spend the coins and credits I’ve earned on some clubs, etc. Seems like they’re pretty much worthless at this point unless I’m missing something. Always being prompted to spend money instead of using them. What a shame. Big detractor from a higher rating. Even the most experienced players have tons of coins and credits also. Puzzling to me!?

  22. Os Moore dice:

    It needs some work on the actual gameplay and matchmaking. Its a really fun game but has some factors that drags it down. I would like a first person view for putting because reading the greens would become easier instead of trying to read at a weird angle. I would also like to add that during any shot, the perfect shot meter should be bigger to allow for better shots. The sweet spot and club forgiveness is a non factor in shots. That itself is designed to make the player fail.

  23. Game is slow at times. U can tell when the game puts your ball where it wants it. Even when the wind is strong and u have done the same type of shot lots of times. It’s easy to see. Plus the swing meter starts and pauses and takes off fast mid way and that’s b.s. it should be smooth every time that’s where you set up your profile. I give a 2 out of 5 stars. Plus equipment cost way to much.

  24. If there was any consistency AT ALL from one shot to the next, this game would be absolutely perfect. I didn’t realize it until after I played half a dozen games or more. You can literally make the exact same shot, same set up, same swing, same wind, and have COMPLETELY different results every single time. Extremely frustrating dealing with that. Fix it and I would change my review. So close to great, but this issue makes it far from that.

  25. This game, while entertaining, is inconsistent with it’s distances and “wind.” The credits are way too expensive to buy. You can literally buy a real set of clubs for what you would pay for a decent virtual set on here. Not to mention the speed of the swing meter being ridiculously fast of course you can purchase balls that slow it down, but it’ll cost you.

  26. This is the best mobile golf game I’ve played so far. Graphics are very good and the controls are well done. The ads aren’t distracting and don’t intefere with gameplay. There is however a pay-to-win aspect that prevents me from playing competitively. In order to get the best equipment is to buy severely overpriced microtransactions ($100 for a gold putter? seriously??). Until they drop prices, I’m not spending a dime.

  27. Arguably, one of the top 2 online golf apps. The graphics are as good as it gets. There are loading issues to the point where the screen freezes, causing me to delete and reinstall the app. Also, when the ball is buried in the side of deep, Royal St George type bunker, the avitar’s stance is as if he’s teeing off, not the one leg straight, foot-anchored-in-the-sand-for-traction type of bunker stance. Maybe somewhere down the Road, that can be addressed. Other than that, a pretty cool experience.

  28. graphics are good and gameplay is ok but the camera angles and visibilty absolutely SUCK! Most of the time the only way you can see where you are hitting the ball is with the reverse camera angle which also sucks most of the time. Stevie Wonder could play this game as well as anyone else. The lag time is hit and miss and that is with a very strong internet connection. There are MUCH better golf games on the play store.

  29. Finally got the game to load. Had to restart my phone 3 times, but finally got it to work for me. As for the game, I absolutely love playing the game. Swing meter is quite difficult to hit just right. I’m either slicing it or hooking it on almost every shot, but I still love to play. If you could slow that meter down a little, that would make it even better

  30. This is a good game. There are a few bugs to work on though. Sometimes the game doesn’t make the changes you make, or it will show wind speed that doesn’t effect the flight of the ball, curve on a green that has way too much effect, or club distance that’s grossly inaccurate (a 7 iron, 195 yrds into 20-24 mph wind?… really?)… now for the “this is a good game” … the bugs mentioned are sporadic, and if you remember that it is just a game, shouldn’t be enough to make you rage quit.

  31. The Bad: inconsistent learning curve. What you do once doesn’t apply to next time. Putt meter extremely hard to judge distance on. Very inconsistent swing meter. With great Internet it still gets choppy. Wind is difficult to read. The game is more like a real simulation that if you don’t do everything EXACTLY perfect you will not do well. Will ruin the casual player. The Good: It’s fun. It’s pretty close to real golf. A nice relaxing golf game for a couple hours.

  32. I like the realism, and different accuracy options that can effect the shot. But for some reason the 1 out of 6 shots is completely inaccurate. I’d use the same power, accuracy, and start off point. And still that one shot that goes out wack messes up my score.. its frustrating. But it’s a great app/game so far. I recommend for beginner golfers. It really opens up your eyes to the real game.

  33. Not Worth Your Time and Money. As you move up in rankings, you MUST buy clubs to even have a chance to win, for the distance becomes greater and greater accuracy is essential. You also need coins to play each match, and if you want any control over the meter, you have to buy balls which also improves distance and accuracy. Finally, good lick figuring out distance. The inconsistency there is ridiculous

  34. As a golfer, I absolutely loved this game when I found it on the play store. Unfortunately I’ve noticed after the last couple of updates, there is some flaws. When I hit left the ball goes right. Everytime I putt, no matter how perfect the line up is, when the ball gets to the edge of the cup, it vears right or left. Also noticed when you line up a good chip in on the power bar, the ball either drops short or over shoots the cup. Just to name a few. This game is fun. Dynamics need attention.

  35. The game looks great and has smooth game play but the reason for the low rating is that the physics of the game are all over the place. Back spins and wind either have no affect or too much. You can take the same shot twice and have different outcomes. Putting is terrible, some greens are so big and at 100% power you still only make it half way across the green. It too bad because this game has great potential. Fix those inconsistencies and I’m hooked on this game…

  36. I like playing the game because of the realistic golf courses. But I think the actual gaming is not so realistic and becomes very frustrating to play. Specially when playing good or real good in tournament play, you’ll find the game locks up on you and will state ` lost connection with the server’, you lose all your thousands of coins!! Don’t waste your time in buying coins for better equipment.

  37. WGT is great on a computer or tablet. Not on mobile phone. Graphics and gameplay are pretty much the same. But its impossible to hit the ding consistently on mobile. I dont know what the issue is. Its must be registering the tap too late. And to make up for it you tap too early. So on comp WGT is the best. On mobile it blows. If the meter and ding could be fixed it would be the best golf app on mobile. But until something can be done its a waste of time. Fix it!

  38. Uninstalling. Way over priced to buy better clubs and perks, with lot of bugs and glitches to iron out. $49.99 for a diver? Seriously? I can buy a really good new one for that price. In head-to-head matches I am placed with opponents who are at a higher level who have much better equipment than mine and I will lose everytime. Just another pay to get ahead game. It gets so booooooring dealing with these money grabbers playing these types of games. It’s a shame, I enjoyed playing it at first.

  39. This game is okay, but could be better. Buying clubs would be expensive and, yes, it feels too slow sometimes… A bigger issue is that I am ALWAYS paired against a player at a much higher level, so I can’t seem to get anywhere. As a “hack” and now an “amateur,” I’m usually matched with a 90+ “master” or a “tour pro.” This happens even at lower tier matches, but it’s a bigger deal when you save up enough coin to try a higher level match. I get immediately shellaced and lose all of my coins.

  40. It’s one of the best golf apps; however, there are number of deficiencies. 1) the cost for the clubs are extremely high; 2) too much lag; 3) the latest has too much bugs. Also, don’t get fooled into taking surveys. They won’t give you the credit and when you contact the customer service, they will pass the buck to “third party”. It’s completely waste of time.

  41. Love this game, have played over 100 days straight. But the mid level rating is do to a couple of factors. First is the inconsistencies in yardage either uphill or down and playing with wind. I can have a downhill shot with the wind behind me and I’ll go down a club or two depending and instead of being realistic it’ll come up way short. For those of us who play the game in real life, we know better and it’s frustrating. And my second major issue is the games slow or lack of loading.

  42. This is the most realistic golf game that I have found and played on my smartphone. I’m definitely enjoying the game but I wish they would address a few things. For instance, allow you to zoom in on their different camera angles to help you deal in your shot better. Also when an opponent forfeits it would be nice if you had the option to play through for your personal stats or just the the money and run (so to speak).

  43. Can be a fun game…keyword is can. Shot compensation and forgiveness let’s this game down a ton. I would love to play it and take time to learn it but the controls lack any kind of forgiveness. Driving the ball is all easy enough but when you get on the green it becomes a 6 shot put to get it in the hole. I’m sorry but lack of any kind of controls let’s it down a ton. Horrible controls. They need to be refined. I would play more I’d rather delete the game at this point.

  44. When you first start playing this game is very addictive and loads of fun. The graphics are great and you have many real world courses to play on. But as you continue to play and progress it becomes clear how flawed this game truly is. To start there is no consistency in reading the greens in order to make puts. You cannot become a great putter in this game. Next selecting the right club is a guessing game. Even though you have the right club for the distance and wind speed you ball will land way short or sail over the green. And lastly the load times is horrible. They also throttle the connection speed when your sponors are activated and you are eligible for the free apparel and rewards. Shame on them for doing this. The main thing is there is no other golf simulation out there so what kind you do.

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