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Dominate your fantasy football draft and win your league!
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Dominate your 2022 fantasy football drafts!

Created by FantasyPros, the #1 fantasy sports advice and tools provider in the world, Draft Wizard® gives you the ultimate edge in your fantasy football draft:

Mock Draft Simulator™
Fast snake and auction mock draft simulations to practice for your fantasy football draft.

Live Mock Drafts
Mock draft against real LIVE opponents on-the-go, using settings from your league host.

Expert Advice
See who the experts would draft at every pick to help you make the best possible decision.

Cheat Sheet Creator
Customizable cheat sheets, based on our ECR (Expert Consensus Rankings) and ADP (Average Draft Position). Use our default cheat sheet, or build your own!

Draft Assistant (Live Sync) (MVP/HOF users only)
Syncs with your live draft in real-time, automatically tracks taken players for you, and gives you expert advice on who to pick in each round! Works with most major league hosts, including Yahoo, NFL, & CBS!

Draft Assistant (Manual) – (PRO/MVP/HOF users only)
Manually enter draft picks during your real fantasy draft to get instant expert help on who to pick for your team.

Assistant Notes:
1. Both the Manual and Live Draft Assistant features support the following league hosts: Yahoo, CBS,, DRAFT, Sleeper, MyFantasyLeague, RT Sports, Fantrax, and NFFC.
2. ESPN leagues can be imported into the app, but only the Manual Draft Assistant is supported. Use our Chrome extension on web for ESPN live sync support.
3. Auction Draft Assistant is not available in the app.
4. The app will not make the draft picks for you, selections must be made in your host’s draft room interface.

Draft Analyzer
Get a draft grade and detailed analysis to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

More Features

Draft History
Review past draft grades to fine-tune your draft strategy. Save an unfinished mock draft to pick up where you left off later.

Let our algorithm make mock draft picks for you so you can sit back, relax, and analyze the draft results.

Pick Predictor (PRO/MVP/HOF users only)
Don’t draft your sleepers too soon! Pick predictor analyzes your draft in real time to show you the odds of each player being taken before your next pick.

Custom Draft Configuration
Configure your own league settings and select the number of teams, players, and positions.

PPR and Half PPR Scoring
Nail your PPR or Half PPR draft with our customized rankings and advice, or use our web version for custom scoring.

Custom Cheat Sheet Tags
Easily tag your sleepers, targets, and players to avoid!

Stats and Projections
See player stats and projections for the NFL season while you draft (works with Standard, PPR, & Half PPR leagues)!

Fantasy News & Expert Player Notes
See the latest fantasy news for every NFL player and find out who the sleepers & busts are.

Import League Settings
Simulate your real draft by importing league settings from your favorite league host.

Keeper League Support (MVP/HOF users only)
Track your league’s keepers for each team, so you can mock draft with settings that match the real thing.

Accurate ADP
Our ADP factors in each player’s average draft position at sites like Yahoo, CBS,, ESPN, and more, so you’ll know where players will be drafted.

Up-to-Date Rankings
Unlike many draft kits, our expert rankings are updated every day, so you’ll never have to worry about outdated player rankings or advice.

FantasyPros is a leader in the fantasy sports space and has won several awards at the FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association), including Best Service/Tool.

Make sure your fantasy team dominates the 2020 NFL season. With mock drafts, cheat sheets, and rankings, Draft Wizard gives you the ultimate edge for your fantasy draft. Download now and win your fantasy football league!


This update includes a lot of small updates, including 2022 projections, to get Draft Wizard in shape for the upcoming fantasy football season.


40 comentarios en "Fantasy Football Draft Wizard FULL"

  1. The app is ok. Lots of bugs. Won’t sort players properly at times, revert doesn’t work as players are not out back in the pool, crashes as times, etc. They used to have a random position option and that appears to be gone. Needs a lot of work and QC testing. Draft scoring makes no sense. I drafted 3 top 10 QBs and QB was not listed as a strength. App is a real mess. I’m on the newest app as of July 2022.

  2. This is the kind of app you use off season and manage in season. Truly fun to try different combinations and starting positions. The in season recommendations are good too. You can be as hands on or hands off your team as much as possible. I’m hands on and I like looking at my trade values. Overall, great app and will be looking for another successful fantasy football season.

  3. Awful experience for ESPN draft. Would not follow the draft order I entered. Had to manually assign all 160 picks. Would not allow corrections if an error was made. At the culmination of the draft the results were not saved. I had no record of my team until it was posted on ESPN. I paid for the premium version and I feel like I was duped. I used this app a few years ago and felt comfortable with it. I will not be back again.

  4. I’ve used this app for several years and it’s been great. This year the mock draft does not work properly, if you select a different position to view e.g. Switch from All to RB it does not always switch then if you swit h back to all it does not show you available players. Really frustrating and I haven’t finished any mocks yet due to these errors. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  5. Use to love this thing. But every since this off season when I try to mock draft, it won’t let me draft anywhere that isn’t pick 1. Especially since we’re a keeper league. Super annoying and would love for this to be fixed. Edit : Contacted support and all you have to do is duplicate the league in order to change the draft order on Mobile. Small inconvenient work around, but it’s out of their control. Keep up the great work!!

  6. Awful. Been using this App for years. Never had a problem until last night (Draft night!!). Everything went haywire. Couldn’t add keepers, players selected were randomly added to different rounds. Couldn’t import my league from ESPN. Complete waste of money. I’d ask for a refund, but I can’t be bothered with the headache. Last year for Fantasy pros for me.

  7. Update: Found out cheat sheet lets you see every player. MUCH better, thanks! Still annoyed with having to upgrade though. Don’t like that you have to upgrade for extra features. Also, don’t like that ALL of the players don’t show up when drafting. Just 4 that they suggest, and then you have to hit a button for them to show 1 more at a time. Super annoying!

  8. Incredibly unreliable. I bought the MVP for the draft sync to use my new Z Fold 3 at the draft last night. Too bad the app wouldn’t sync with the draft at all, even after it was registered! Left me holding the bag and scrambling all night when I had been marking up the cheat sheet in the app – couldn’t keep up fast enough to swap between the league app for my picks and this app. Big waste of $15.

  9. So there I was at my draft yesterday using the draft tool. Clicking along with the pics when it started putting the draft picks in the wrong spots. I clicked back and boom lost everything. Had to panick add all the pics for the first 2 rounds and then it happens again! Tried 1 more time and was about 4 rds in and yet again. Clicked back and it exits me from the draft. No warning asking me if I’m sure or not. Complete garbage.

  10. Be careful. When you were doing a manual draft, there is no way to save your progress and if you hit the back arrow too many times your draft will be wiped. This is really nice when you’re in the middle of a draft with 10 guys. I do not recommend using this for leagues that use paper because there’s no way to sync the draft online. There needs to be a way to save your progress.

  11. Ray Irani dice:

    when it syncs up, this app is great, unfortunately it has not synced up in 2 out of 4 drafts which makes it difficult (but not impossible) to keep up. Correcting a mistake (my fault) though IS impossible. All rankings are subjective, but a lot of good information available.

  12. The Fantasy Pros Draft Wizard is slick and easy to use and one of the most comprehensive tools available for free. The draft wizard app however, is the lite version of the already lite version of the product. You can sync a league but can’t mock draft by importing its settings. You can create a custom draft ranking but can’t access it during a draft and you cannot customize the experts/adp rankings you want to draft against. It’s a decent app, but it’s not the mobile version of the web app.

  13. Good not great app. I use the app for mocks against the computer and after just a couple drafts the same players always get selected at the same place and after using this for several years I have noticed that for whatever reason it is not realistic. I do however like the flexibility to go crazy on whatever roster size or stats you need to.

  14. Way better than sleeper mock drafts, they give a grade after each draft. I like the experience but I don’t always agree with how they rank the team standings. It is fun to try and get an A, but I wouldn’t necessarily use that strategy in a real fantasy draft. However, trying out different strategies from different draft spots is really helpful.

  15. Works intermittently…ok app but crashes frequently, cycles a lot or just will open with nothing on the screen…can’t turn off idp so that shows up in searches, the searches in the premium portions are not set up well and don’t allow you to navigate to players that aren’t immediately on their preferred pickups.qhen you do search for players, only defensive players come up, which needless to say is pretty useless to me since I don’t do would be great if the issues were ever addressed addressed but judging by the looks of the reviews…this is sadly not the case…

  16. Been using it for 4 years. Upgrade to get the advanced features, if you’re looking for the best personalizable customisable ranking /cheat sheet. You can get it almost for free if you sign up through draft Kings or one of those apps, I forget. Look it up. Absolutely worth the investment of pocket change and your time.

  17. So many bugs. Not sure what happened to this app. It used to be solid but now randomly crashes, doesn’t sync correct settings from Sleeper App, mock draft with League settings is assigning me to wrong team or not syncing with draft order correctly. Thinks the league is a keeper when its not and vice-versa. So disappointed with this.

  18. I struggle with a very limited view of available players. I linked a 2 QB league and they only have me drafting one. Total cost for the whole years is charged to your card for premium use. Premium tools would only be needed for 2-3 months max.

  19. Keeps having an issue importing my ESPN league. I deleted and reimported the league as well as uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

  20. Great app. Still a bit clunky in spots but works now that I know where to look. Thanks to the support team for responding to my inquiry.

  21. I paid for a subscription but it still says basic. The payment went through and everything. Not sure what’s going on.

  22. Paid to upgrade to mvp so I could use keeper function. But still asks me to upgrade to mvp or hof to use keepers.

  23. Great app…. until it updated… now It won’t do a linear draft to save its life even when thats what its set up for. I’ve tried over and over. Was working great before. Still use it because its a great tool. Once this is fix, 5 stars easy. Although I don’t like that I paid for it and now it won’t do what I paid for it to do. Hoping a fix comes soon.

  24. Not very user friendly. Paid 95.00 for the year and can’t get the app to load my teams that I have drafted. Would happily take a refund and spend on a less expensive site that is easier to use. Can’t find any info on the app other than thing that are easily available on ESPN. If someone could get back to me that would be great.

  25. Subscribed prior to my draft. Service didn’t sync with my draft on the app, or on my PC so I paid $13 for an app that was useless to me. When I immediately attempted to collect a refund, I was asked for screenshots of the issue. Pretty difficult to do several hours after the draft.

  26. You gotta fix this. Every mock I see at least one team draft 6-8 straight WR with only one RB on their roster. What’s the point of a mock if it’s not at least semi-realistic?

  27. I’m new to fantasy football, this has been a great application to help get me started! More features are available if you own a computer! Including ESPN draft link for draft assistant as well as a fail safe that auto picks top suggestion if something happens and you wait too long to pick.

  28. Predatory cancelation practices. Can’t cancel through their web page, they direct you to their app, their other app directs you to this one, and this one doesn’t show the manage subscription button. Also, the subscription doesn’t show in Google play, so you end up having to email them to unsub. This is the second year I’ve had to email them to unsub, I wonder how many people have not noticed their subscription still taking money out each month due to this crappy practice.

  29. Had to reset it multiple times to link with my paid pro account, but that ultimately didn’t matter since it’s next to useless even with a paid subscription. Found out at 11th hour that they want even more money (a premium account) to make it functional…so i paid for nothing (we’ll see what help the full season Playbook app is…i was on the fence last year).

  30. Zero stars. Completely ruined my draft last night as I assigned players to teams in the manual draft assistant they would not go to their correct teams once I started round two and through the end of the draft. I’ve used this app for many years and it’s suddenly terrible and has me scrambling for an alternative for my next draft on Tuesday.

  31. I’m a HOF member. I don’t expect this app to match the features on your website, which is robust and well-designed (outside of Auction features that are complicated and unclear–sort of the standard in this industry though). I do however assume the features you include in your mobile app at the very least match the content on my account. It does not. I find the app useless outside of the news feed.

  32. Tom Mock dice:

    They do an amazing job of bringing tons of analysts so you can pick who you like or believe has better takes. Or use them all for a well rounded approach. Super fast mock drafts against the computer, you can do one in 5 min if you want, and not like ESPN, everyone leaves and you’re stuck there for the whole time

  33. It’s great! Quick and easy mocks, spectacular and informative podcast too. Check them out. If I had one thing to ask of them it’d be a setting where the computers have randomized draft strategies, one who drafts a qb early, one who reaches for boom bust guys, one going for a 3 rb or a zero rb strategy. Stuff like that. Maybe they have it, most of the mocks feel fairly chalk but there is some variety. I’m not complaining at all, like I said its great :).

  34. BonBon dice:

    I had everything set up, the draft assistant was linked to my yahoo league, but it never joined in on the draft and was completely useless. Update, I was eventually able to sync with my league correctly and it is functioning now thanks to them reaching out immediately to correct.

  35. O Hagans dice:

    Honestly… Froze during my draft. I use to use the Draft Dominator app until they started having problems. I like the information on Fantasy Pro’s so I decided to pay to give their app a spin.. Wasn’t clear on some settings, doesn’t work well with ESPN (I would suggest entering everything from a customized standpoint instead of syncing anything if your draft is offline like mine was) I wish I could have my money back. Likely canceling my paid subscription.

  36. I love this fantasy app! It allows me to setup the draft the way I need it and it’s not too complicated to figure it out. The analysis is very helpful to show me things I might need to improve on! If I had one suggestion it would to be able to connect to friends and do a mock draft with friends as practice!

  37. The best draft simulator on the market, fast, efficient, automatically adjusts roster and scoring settings, if you use the main draft sites such as ESPN, Yahoo, etc, just select your site of choice, League size and go also you can draft with other people in a live lobby.Clean custom rankings, easy drag and drop UI, so simple to adjust as player news comes out.On the main website in-depth analysis, great articles, piles of information.I use it every year and win more than i lose.

  38. I thought I was getting an app to help me draft – thank God I tried it beforehand. It doesn’t show any wide receivers and you can’t edit the picks after they’re made. Anything worthwhile is another upgrade – no thanks. I’m requesting a refund and downloading something else.

  39. The app is trash and not worth $15 a month. It wouldn’t link to my draft which I found out later on that manual input of players doesn’t work with ESPN App at all. It makes it extremely hard to select a player for each team and then doesn’t snake draft it. I want my money back

  40. The rankings and tool would be great if the app wasn’t so buggy. It doesn’t load the players available some times, often times you click draft and then it just hangs until time runs out and you have to revert the pick. Sometimes you draft player a and receive player b. Honestly just REALLY buggy

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